Will Biotechnology Boom This Decade?

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  • Eighteen of the top 20 drug companies now have a major presence here, as well as all 10 of the top medical device companies, according to the nonprofit Massachusetts Biotechnology Council (MassBio).(More…)
  • The gene therapy development boom, a rapidly expanding biotechnology space at the intersection of experimental therapies and the latest advances in genetic engineering, is patient-focused from the start.(More…)


  • STAT Plus is a premium subscription that delivers daily market-moving biopharma coverage and in-depth science reporting from a team with decades of industry experience.(More…)


Will Biotechnology Boom This Decade?
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Eighteen of the top 20 drug companies now have a major presence here, as well as all 10 of the top medical device companies, according to the nonprofit Massachusetts Biotechnology Council (MassBio). [1] Therefore, there is a recruitment rumble in the biotech sector, and this will continue to be a trend in the biotechnology landscape. [2] Experts and innovators from the region’s large and impressive biotechnology community are contributing their big ideas and lessons learned from initiatives across multiple sectors. [3]

As expected from a “young mature” biotechnology company that is moving into a deep and long clinical pipeline, the operating costs almost exceeded $10M for that quarter. [4] Advances in modern biotechnology have made it possible to diagnose, control, and treat diseases. [2] According to the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council, in 2012, venture capital firms invested about $900 million into startup companies here. [5] One area of interest that pharmaceutical companies will look towards is Russia’s increasing prioritisation of biotechnology, with a dedicated programme that is set to receive 31$ billion in financing through to 2020. [6] Reach Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology professionals through cost-effective marketing opportunities to deliver your message, position yourself as a thought leader, and introduce new products, techniques and strategies to the market. [6]

In July 2003, the government established the Science Foundation Ireland on a statutory basis to promote education for highly skilled careers, particularly in biotechnology and information and communications technology, with the additional purpose to invest in science initiatives that aim to further Ireland’s knowledge economy. [7] It recently granted $220 million to Aeras, a leading biotechnology non-profit, to accelerate the development of safe, effective vaccines against tuberculosis. [8]

Janis Naeve, Managing Director of Amgen Ventures, joined Amgen in 2005 and directs the company’s corporate venture capital fund focused on early-stage biotechnology companies discovering and developing human therapeutics as well as digital health and healthcare IT. Janis came to Amgen from X-Ceptor Therapeutics where she was Director of Corporate Development and supported the acquisition by Exelixis. [9] At Bain Irina was an advisor on healthcare due diligence and post-acquisition projects, and has worked directly with pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and healthcare services companies on strategic initiatives including growth, business models, R&D and innovation, M&A, organizational development and operational improvement. [9]

Rob also serves on the board of directors at Life Science Washington (formerly Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association) and the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) and is a member of the American Leadership Forum. [9] In June 2017, he became a member of the Board and Health Section Governing Body of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO). [9]

The gene therapy development boom, a rapidly expanding biotechnology space at the intersection of experimental therapies and the latest advances in genetic engineering, is patient-focused from the start. [10]


STAT Plus is a premium subscription that delivers daily market-moving biopharma coverage and in-depth science reporting from a team with decades of industry experience. [11] “It’ll be decades of exciting science and exciting technology.” [12]

“First of all, the universities: It’s MIT and it’s Harvard that invested decades and decades ago in building great biology departments. [1]

More than 11 million square feet of lab space has been built in the last decade, bringing the total to more than 28 million square feet. [1]

Sector fans certainly know that such booms are usually followed by sharp corrections. [4]

In the shadow of Boston’s biotech boom are other problems — like income inequality, aging subways and packed highways, a dearth of skilled job candidates, and the inconvenient fact that many of these innovative companies create incredible drugs that prolong lives but often cost $100,000 or more. [5] Remember the early days when legalization was first announced? THC biotech stocks were lightning hot, with investors desperate to find out where the next stock market boom was going to come from. [13] The return of the boom in 2004 was claimed to be primarily the result of the large construction sector’s catching up with the demand caused by the first boom. [7]

Many people in Ireland believe that the growing consumerism during the boom years eroded the country’s culture, with the adoption of American capitalist ideals. [7] Electric car sales continue to boom in Q1 2018, with sales up 59% on last year. [14] The colloquial term “Celtic Tiger” has been used to refer to the country itself, and to the years associated with the boom. [7]

Profits are high due to a commodity price boom in 2003/2004 caused largely by increased demand in China. [15] Inflation brushed 5% per annum towards the end of the “Tiger” period, pushing Irish prices up to those of Nordic Europe, even though wage rates are roughly the same as in the UK. The national debt had remained constant during the boom, but the GDP to debt ratio rose, due to the dramatic rise in GDP. [7] The boom was dampened by a subsequent property bubble which resulted in a severe economic downturn. [7] “You were limited by the number of suppliers, but on that front, there has been a tremendous boom in competition, we have better providers, and folks that are providing the raw materials to scale up these therapies. [16]

Asia is the site of some of the world’s longest modern economic booms, starting from the Japanese economic miracle (1950-1990), Miracle on the Han River (1961-1996) in South Korea, Taiwan Miracle (1962-2012) in Taiwan, economic boom (1978-2013) in China, Economic boom (1986-present) in Vietnam and Economic boom in India (1991-present). [15]

In 2013, in a once-in-a-decade party leadership reshuffle in China (change of Hu-Wen Administration to Xi-Li Administration ), the Chinese economy experienced a significant slowdown in the GDP growth, slowing down from the unprecedented decades of 9-10% annual growth to around 7-8%, which has significant effect in some developing economies, particularly in Southeast Asia and India. [15] Despite China’s focus on manufacturing, in the last two decades, China’s service sector has doubled in size, accounting for 46% of China’s total GDP. In 2011, the Chinese government instituted a five-year plan to prioritize the development of the service economy. [15] As India’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate became lowest in 2012-13 over a decade, growing merely at 5.1%, more criticism of India’s economic reforms surfaced, as it apparently failed to address employment growth, nutritional values in terms of food intake in calories, and also exports growth – and thereby leading to a worsening level of current account deficit compared to the prior to the reform period. [15] The country is classified as a newly industrialized country, one of the G-20 major economies, a member of BRICS and a developing economy with an average growth rate of approximately 7% over the last two decades. [15] The Indian economy has the potential to become the world’s 3rd-largest economy by the next decade, and one of the largest economies by mid-century. [15] The Irish economy expanded at an average rate of 9.4% between 1995 and 2000 and continued to grow at an average rate of 5.9% during the following decade until 2008, when it fell into recession. [7]

The team has decades of experience within the CBD sector, and experience dominating consumer markets with brands like Monster. [13] Over the last two decades, Russia’s pharma market sat outside of the world’s 10 largest pharma markets, but this may change in the coming years. [6] Earnout payments have been nearly ubiquitous in biotech M&A transactions for the past decade. [17] Despite the volatility of biotech stocks in the public markets, the VC-backed private biotech ecosystem has been in remarkable equilibrium for much of the last decade. equilibrium. noun. a state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced. [17]

The term “undruggable” has entered common industry vernacular over the past two decades to describe biologic targets that couldn?t be addressed via narrow conventional pharmacologies involving catalytic-site inhibitors and antibodies. [17]

Host Warren Olney draws on his decades of experience to explore the people and issues shaping – and disrupting – our world. [18] Frank is a business journalist with more than a decade of experience covering various aspects of technology and life sciences. [19] Your experience of AI predates IBM Watson’s party trick on Jeopardy by several decades. [20]

In the 19th century, it took about six decades for U.S. wages to recover after the first industrial age automation of the 1810s. [21] Prior to Sapient, Hoyt worked for a decade building and leading provider organizations focused on managing the cost and quality of care. [9]

An annual report from Syneos Health shows 2018 could be the second strongest year for dealmaking in the last decade. [22] Gabriel has spent most of the last decade working on big-data healthcare applications to opportunities in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry and healthcare delivery. [9]

AI was already 30 years old, and it was experiencing a boom of interest. [20] June 8, 2018 – WBUR, the largest of the three Boston NPR-affiliates, produced a series on the biotech boom in Boston this week, coinciding with the 2018 BIO conference that took place at the Boston Convention Center from June 4-7. [9] We’re entering a new, robot-fueled tech boom that is already disrupting the world’s balance of power, and is changing how we fight wars, stay alive, drive, work, shop and do chores. [21]

The gold-mining boom in Finland has largely been led by foreign companies, many of which are coming from Canada. [23] The KIFC was one of the first state-level intelligence operations set up post-9/11, and it began with the intent of working “left of boom,” or prior to an event, versus “right of boom,” or after an event. [24]

Its sudden ascent is emblematic of the dramatic shift in the fortunes of China’s pharmaceutical industry, which for decades made only cheap copycat medicines. [25] Even this year’s softer growth is better than the freight downturn that hit early in the decade, caused partly by a surplus of belly space in the increasing numbers of passenger planes. [26] If these or a number of other plant or animal pathogens were used to target the U.S., it could cost hundreds of billions of dollars and take decades to recover from the consequences. [24]

Their plans are getting a boost from the government’s move in 2015 to overhaul regulations that had for decades slowed drug approvals and stifled innovation. [25] A native of the Chicago area, he has nearly a decade and a half of experience creating journalism and marketing content for the news media, public safety and higher education. [27] The population is projected to rise by an additional million in the next decade, and downtown commuters could swell by 25%. [28]

While not historically considered a major gold miner, Finland has become the European Union’s top producer of gold over the last decade, with much of the gold-mining activity taking place in just the past couple of years. [23]

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