Building Sites Like Boston Commons High Tech Network or Using Our Algorithms to Summarize Information/Do Research

A large number of writers, authors, professors, and students are using our software to help them do research, write reports, publish books, etc. Business people use our service to add quality content to their websites.

You provide us with a list of search terms or phrases. These will be the titles of your blog posts. For a small fee, we will provide a list according to your website/SEO needs.

Our software is used by corporations and institutions to summarize large amounts of unstructured data. We have provided this software through a partner to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). DHS analysts have used our software to quickly summarize large amounts of data to find the proverbial “needle in a haystack.”

Our reports/summaries can also be published to the internet. An example of our reports/summaries in action can be found at This is a high tech site and we publish about 45 posts a day.

A significant number of our articles end up on the first page or pages of search engines. This has driven traffic to our sites helping us to improve ad revenues and monetization.

We use the content found in these reports on a “Fair Use” basis.