A Primer on Sign Language

A Primer on Sign Language
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  • Have you ever wondered how American Sign Language (ASL) is different from English?(More…)
  • Kanzi also picked up some American Sign Language from watching videos of Koko the gorilla, who communicated using sign language to her keeper Penny Patterson; Savage-Rumbaugh did not realize Kanzi could sign until he signed “You, Gorilla, Question” to anthropologist Dawn Prince-Hughes, who had previously worked closely with gorillas.(More…)


  • Human beings are symbol makers, and as we grow up the first challenge in life is to learn how to use our most basic symbol system, which is language.(More…)



Have you ever wondered how American Sign Language (ASL) is different from English? If so, then this primer is for you! Easily walking individuals through the basics of English – grammar, nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, metaphors, etc. – and then through the basics of ASL, the author perfectly exemplifies the differences and similarities these two languages share. [1] Minds and Signs is a primer about cognitive linguistics designed for preteens who are curious about how the mind works and about American Sign Language. [1]

The complex use of symbols, the stringing together of signs, and the complex recombination of strings in a sustained and highly functional language is something that defines the experience of being human. [2] Philosophers would correct me and say that I really should be talking about language as a sign rather than a symbol system, but I use the word symbol in this case with some deliberation. [2]

Primers Primers provide tips on ways to integrate “Learn the Signs. [3]

Kanzi also picked up some American Sign Language from watching videos of Koko the gorilla, who communicated using sign language to her keeper Penny Patterson; Savage-Rumbaugh did not realize Kanzi could sign until he signed “You, Gorilla, Question” to anthropologist Dawn Prince-Hughes, who had previously worked closely with gorillas. [4] She gained international fame after her primary caregiver, Francine Patterson, taught her a variant of American Sign Language known as Gorilla Sign Language (GSL), while also communicating with the gorilla in spoken English. [5]

A team of students from the NYU Tandon School of Engineering recently built a prototype mobile app that translates spoken words into sign language to facilitate communication between deaf and hearing people.ARSL (Augmented Reality Sign Language) is part of Verizon’s Connected Futures challenge which, in partnership with NYC Media Lab, supports new media and technology projects from universities across New York City. [6] Having said that, I have a linguist PhD friend who specifically studies sign languages, and he says the whole Koko thing is complete bullshit. [4] If after being taught some sort of rudimentary sign language, the ape points to something they don’t know the ‘word’ to, let’s say water, and makes a wiggly motion with their fingers, it’s probably easier to continue interpreting ‘specific wiggly motion’ as water than it is to re-teach the proper ASL sign. [4] Its not even proper ASL. it’s (conveniently) a sign language only the trainer speaks. [4]

Upon review, most language experts consider Koko’s communications to be more of the handler’s than Koko’s ability to sign really anything at all. [4]

Berkshire Museum: WeeMuse: Littlest Learners, explore the world through a child’s eyes while reading stories, singing songs, learning sign language, and stretching bodies and minds, for ages 6 to 18 months and their caregivers, included with regular museum admission, 10:30 a.m., 39 South St., Pittsfield. [7] Though she was most famous for learning sign language, did you know Koko already knew a few hand signals before any human taught them to her? And that she understood symbolic events like holidays? And that TV commercials could affect how she viewed some of her toys? This 2015 article from The Atlantic reveals all of that and more about the late great ape. [8] Babble praises Sign Language: Fun Learning for Kids for being comprehensive yet child-friendly. [9] Having a sign language app for kids is a testament to that fact. [9] YouTube videos are available in English and Spanish and American Sign Language. [10] A flight attendant made an announcement asking if a passenger on board knew American Sign Language. [11]

In our house, we’re big fans of Signing Time (sign language + music), PBS Kids (especially Peg + Cat ), and School House Rock. [12]


Human beings are symbol makers, and as we grow up the first challenge in life is to learn how to use our most basic symbol system, which is language. [2] Religion, history, culture, language, and politics are all very significant to the human experience because they are all symbol systems. [2] Language as a symbol system relates to culture and history: language is the character of culture and the record of its history. [2] Language, in this sense, is a sign-system that operates to create relationships between people and to reality, but the words, of course, are neither people nor reality. [2] This book briefly explains how both languages impact the mind of an individual, and it also touches briefly on cognitive linguistics. [1] Some non-CDC partners have translated materials into other languages including Haitian Creole, Russian, Turkish, French, Indonesian, Bengali, Urdu, Greek, Bosnian, Swahili, Arabic, and Portuguese. [3]

Your translated materials must reference the original “Learn the Signs. [3] Act Early.” materials (e.g. “Content provided (in English) by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Learn the Signs. [3] Minds and Signs by Rebecca Rose Orton can help you to learn a lot more about the mind. [1] If all of this sounds interesting to you, be sure to read Minds and Signs. [1]

Neither my friend nor I can experience the object in an absolute or unfiltered way; we can only create a relationship to the object employing thoughts, feeling, and impressions through shared signs. [2] My words are signs because they create a relationship to the object about which I speak. [2]

Signs are like symbols, but we can say that symbols carry a sense of character that signs do not hold. [2] Both signs and symbols stand in place of and represent things absent. [2]

When my son was about 20 months old, his most common sign, by far, and most helpful was the sign for HELP. We used a common modification to ASL to teach it. [13] What are sign approx-imations? Well, just like your baby is not going to have perfect articulation when she begins to speak, her signs will not be perfect either. [14]

Any higher mammal can learn ‘sign language’ from their trainer, that’s literally what training is, a vocal or physical indicator linked to a behaviour or object etc. A lot of the interpretation may be anthropomorphised, but Koko like any other intelligent animal would absolutely be able to understand what these hand signs meant through training, which she will have learnt by copying. [4] I remember reading one article that Koko loved a certain movie, but when she would watch it, she turned away from the screen during a sad part of the movie and would sign “sad” or something akin to that. [4]

It was claimed that she understood about 2,000 English words and had a GSL vocabulary of about 1,000 different signs. [5] Combining her individual signs into sentences in a very selective way. [4]

He is the first known primate to learn language passively, like human children. [4] It appears (to our current and most certainly limited understanding) that humans are the only species with language. [4]

The course material is comprised of principles found in the American English language. [15] Language experiments with apes under scientifically rigorous conditions have failed to reproduce the results that Koko’s handlers have claimed for years and any independent inspection of Koko herself also failed to reproduce the claims. [4] Here is a Stanford professor talking about Koko (and other experiments with Chimps and language). [4]

Bari is the Nilotic language of the Karo people, spoken over large areas of Central Equatoria state in South Sudan, across the northwest corner of Uganda, and into the Democratic Republic of Congo. [16] For communication to become language, it must be generative. [4] Basically “language” is extremely hard if not impossible, while “communication” is a very low bar to pass. [4] Yea there’s a difference between language and communication. [4]

They did many experiments during the initial gorilla language hype. [4] Generative Lexicon (GL) is a theory of linguistic semantics which focuses on the distributed nature of compositionality in natural language. [4] Panbanisha (November 17, 1985 – November 6, 2012), also known by the lexigram, was a female bonobo that featured in studies on great ape language by Professor Sue Savage-Rumbaugh. [4] Kanzi (born October 28, 1980), also known by the lexigram (from the character ?), is a male bonobo who has been featured in several studies on great ape language. [4]

In this course, you will learn how to use the 7c’s in all your communication whether written, spoken or even body language. [15] Now you will learn how to adjust your verbal communication when you observe negative body language in your audience. [15] In this session you will learn what to do when you spot negative statements through body language. [15] In this session you will learn the importance of your own body language when negotiating or even in an interview. [15] By observing others you will learn how important it is to know the person before you try to read their body language. [15]

Our body language is based on our experiences in life and one non-verbal expression might not mean the same thing from three different people. [15] That would be all of us! The course covers spoken English, written English, and body language and how important a knowledge of all three is to communicating effectively at work and in life. [15] In this session I tie it all up and teach you some down to earth practices and principles in the art of reading body language. [15]

It’s pretty much a conclusion that Apes dont/wont use language the way we do. [4]

By that logic though, kokos trainers should?ve been able to produce an easy to follow along with primer. [4] Here’s a primer to help those on the fence determine a stance. [17]

Aramaic, which may be learned by reading a primer or being tutored. [18] Studying the language with a being that has Aspect: Tutor in that language. [18] Vak, the language of the Mansus, cannot be learned or taught in any mundane way. [18] Technically speaking such operation is done through Data Definition Language statements (CREATE, ALTER, DROP.) [19]

Generally eschewing politics through the spoken word if not via body language, the Prince will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and his wife and with President and Mrs. Reuven Rivlin. [20]

Berkshire Paint and Sip: Home Sweet Home wood sign, $30, 6 to 8 p.m., American Legion, 41 Wendell Ave., Pittsfield. [7]

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