What Is the Second Biggest Tech Hub in the US?

What Is the Second Biggest Tech Hub in the US?
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  • As a whole, digital technology is Scotland’s fastest growing sector, and in 2017 the country’s capital was the fastest growing tech hub in the UK. (More…)


  • According to the 2017 Tech Nation report, there are 30,219 people employed in technology jobs in Cambridge, and on average between 2011 and 2015 353 startups were created in the city each year.(More…)



As a whole, digital technology is Scotland’s fastest growing sector, and in 2017 the country’s capital was the fastest growing tech hub in the UK. [1] The city has a range of tech-led businesses and startups, but it’s IoT community stands out from the other tech hubs in the UK. Indeed, Manchester ranks the highest for startups that focus on IoT tech. [1] One of the major success stories from Oxford confirming the city as a tech hub has to be the computer software company Sophos, which achieved the largest IPO for a UK software company in 2015, and now has more than 100 million users in 150 countries relying on its security solutions. [1] The city has built a repuation as one of the leading tech hubs in the UK, with computing and health tech representing particularly strong sectors. [1] There is a clear trend here that defines a successful tech hub in the UK the presence of renowned universities that attract world class talent, who can be cherry-picked by the technology companies located in the area. [1] Again, the role of universities plays it’s part in the development of this UK tech hub, and the Bristol and Bath area has a number of notable institutions: University of Bristol, University of Bath, University of West England and Bath Spa University. [1] The area is now a thriving, modern tech hub in these spaces and more. [1] Lepe is so convinced by Guadalajara that he started a nonprofit, Startup GDL, to promote the city as a tech hub to other Silicon Valley startups. [2] In general, the tech hubs mentioned have a range of businesses offering a variety of services all with the same goal of innovation. [1] The only thing holding back the continued growth of these tech hubs is the digital skills crisis currently facing Britain and the rest of the world. [1] The significant growth of Edinburgh as a tech hub can be, in part, attributed to the quality of its world-class education institutions. [1] It is evident that there is a healthy mix of both established technology companies and an increasing number of tech start-ups across the tech hubs in the UK. [1] The region is also home to a number of tech hub events or meet-ups, including Techspark, High Tech Bristol and Bath, and Venturefest. [1]

All spread out: Amazon already has several tech hubs around the U.S. including in cities on the HQ2 list. [3] Silicon Valley is still the most preferred destination for startups and venture capitalists, however, the new age global tech hubs are rapidly expanding to match the talent oozing out of the Bay Area. [4] In the IT world specifically, Denver has been ranked as the top city for technology professionals out of the nation’s emerging tech hubs due to the high average wage, steady employment levels, and booming housing market. [5] One of the largest urban areas in the world, Johannesburg has a reasonable average monthly rent cost of $416, making it one of the most affordable tech hubs for young innovators. [4] “London is the undisputed tech capital of Europe and today’s figures offer further proof that London remains a leading global tech hub for investors,” Khan said. [6]

According to the report on global tech hubs, Silicon Valley is still dominant, for the moment, with a big lead in the number of funding rounds. [7] Andy: The announcement of DXC’s new digital transformation center was called “a transformational moment,” cementing New Orleans’ reputation as a tech hub on the rise that has come a long way since the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. [8] A second factor: Beijing and other Asian tech hubs are benefitting from Softbank’s checkbook: “The Japanese tech holding company’s portfolio includes more than 65 companies in our Asian hubs, showing how a single investor has propelled the rise of tech in Asia, particularly China and South Korea,” the report says. [7]

In Part One, we used Accenture’s Openness, Infrastructure, and Leadership chart as a template to discuss five major U.S. tech hubs and how their respective public sectors contribute to an innovation ecosystem. [9] For an entrepreneur operating outside the world’s biggest tech hub, a trip to Silicon Valley can be life-changing. [10] With initiatives like Project Forward and Manchester City Council awarding two £2-million grants to establish tech hubs, it is justifying being in the top 20 European Digital City Index. [11] Brexit made it clear that there is still a high degree of disparity between London and other major cities in the U.K. Working with startups distributed outside London will help close this gap by creating deeper relationships and ultimately more tangible results in tech hubs outside London. [11] Apiumhub is a software development company based in Barcelona that transformed into a tech hub, mainly offering services of mobile app development, web development & software architecture. [12]

The operation makes OutSystems the second Portuguese technology company to be valued above $1 billion, a big boost for Lisbon’s ambitions to become a tech hub. [13] “While London is usually considered the UK’s largest tech hub, there is enormous potential for other cities in the UK to be just as attractive to overseas workers looking to find jobs in the UK. [14] More than 300,000 developers are based in London, making it the UK’s largest tech hub. [14]


According to the 2017 Tech Nation report, there are 30,219 people employed in technology jobs in Cambridge, and on average between 2011 and 2015 353 startups were created in the city each year. [1] Edinburgh is not on Tech Nation’s ‘Silicon Suburb’ list because it along with the other cities in this article are more established technology hubs with strong foundations. [1] On top of the global technology giants making their home in London, the capital has an increasing tech start-up culture. [1] Cambridge’s tech sector is worth 2.4 billion, and is home to 1,500 tech businesses Europe’s largest technology cluster. [1]

Despite not having the largest employee-base, with only 26,999 tech jobs, digital tech business turnover is upwards of 7.9 billion in the area. [1] According to Tech Nation’s 2018 Report, digital jobs in Edinburgh increased over three times the UK average between 2014-2017. [1] International investment is not restricted to North America, and Tech Mahindra, the $4.7 billion IT service provider of digital transformation, recently announced significant strategic investments in the UK. [1]

In 2009, as the economy of Silicon Valley started to recover from the financial crisis, Bismarck Lepe, a tech entrepreneur with a Stanford pedigree and a few years working at Google under his belt, began looking around the world for cities to put his new business, Ooyala, which provides online video solutions for business. [2] San Jose is the other major Silicon Valley metro area, and like its peer San Francisco, big tech has provided much economic activity to the area. [15] As Inc.com reported, it’s the second-most prolific tech area in the world after Silicon Valley itself. [16] This was embodied by ‘ Silicon Roundabout ‘ and now increasingly in the surrounding areas of London Bridge, Soutbank and the N1 postcode, where high tech start-ups have been flocking in their thousands. [1] London is the second most connected tech ecosystem globally, behind only Silicon Valley, and 25% of the world’s entrepreneurs report a significant relationship with two or more others based in London. [1]

Digital skills are developed and the students approached by the incoming and established tech start-ups and companies. [1] Edinburgh was identified in the top five of the UK’s most active tech and data innovation cities. [1] Tech giants like Cisco, Ebay, and PayPal are all headquartered in the city. [15] According to the 2018 Tech Nation survey, 79% of the Cambridge tech community think the scale of tech businesses will expand in the next 12 months, while 84% believe the number of tech businesses will increase. [1] China’s entry into the World Trade Organization at the end of 2001 devastated Guadalajara’s tech industry. [2] Lepe has become an evangelist for the benefits that Guadalajara offers for America’s tech industry. [2]

The Indian-based tech giant is also setting up a brand new office in Salford to strengthen its presence across the UK, while rolling out its apprentice program in 2018. [1]

Manchester is the largest technology hub in the UK outside of London. [1] Charlotte is a major hub of business in the South, with 10 Fortune 1000 companies headquartered in the city, including Bank of America and Duke Energy. [15] Where the city differs to hubs like Edinburgh, is in the talent pool. [1] Silicon Valley remains America’s innovation hub, with cities like New York, Houston, and Los Angeles following closely in its wake. [16] Atlanta’s historically black Morehouse College, for instance, offers a certification in Angel Investing (the first of its kind at a historically black college), while Opportunity Hub offers co-working spaces and mentorship and training with the aim of bringing greater diversity to America’s startup world. [16] Orlando is best-known for being a tourism hub, as the home of the sprawling Walt Disney World resort. [15]

Business Insider combined five measures of labor-market and general economic health for the 40 metropolitan statistical areas with the biggest 2017 populations to get a sense of where those big cities’ economies stand. [15] Virginia Beach had the slowest job growth among the 40 biggest metro areas, with non-farm payrolls increasing just 0.2% between February 2017 and February 2018. [15] Cleveland had the highest February 2017 unemployment rate of 5.7% among the 40 biggest metro areas, and the city’s job growth was the second-lowest, with non-farm payroll employment rising just 0.3% between February 2016 and February 2017. [15] Detroit’s February 2018 unemployment rate of 4.6% was tied for eighth-highest among the 40 biggest metro areas, and its non-farm payroll job growth rate of 0.9% between February 2017 and February 2018 was tied for eighth-lowest. [15] Orlando had the third-highest job growth rate among the 40 biggest metro areas, with non-farm payroll jobs increasing 3.5% between February 2017 and February 2018. [15] Charlotte’s 2016 GDP growth rate of 3.4% was the ninth-highest among the 40 biggest metro areas, and its job growth rate of 2.7% between February 2017 and February 2018 was tied for seventh-highest. [15]

Providence’s metro area February 2018 unemployment rate of 5.3% was tied for second-highest among the 40 biggest metro areas, and the region’s 2016 GDP per capita of $49,610 was sixth-lowest. [15] While Philadelphia’s February 2018 unemployment rate of 4.9% was the sixth-lowest among the 40 biggest metro areas, its 2016 GDP per capita of $70,928 was the eighth-best. [15] Chicago’s February 2018 unemployment rate of 5.2% was tied for fourth-highest among the 40 biggest metro areas. [15]

The metro area was one of just two among the 40 biggest with negative economic growth in 2016, with a GDP growth rate of -1.1%. [15]

Other cities in the U.S. and around the world are emerging as hotbeds of innovation and entrepreneurship. [16] Nine Fortune 1000 companies are headquartered in Pittsburgh, famously including food giant Kraft-Heinz and U.S. Steel. [15]

Startup GDL currently has a long pipeline of U.S.-based small and medium-sized tech companies looking at putting part or all of their operations in Guadalajara. [2] Investment deals from Silicon Valley into UK tech companies have increased by 252% since 2011. [1] The capital has some of the most daring and ground-breaking tech companies at it’s centre. [1]

Unilever Foundy works with over 400 brands across 190 countries to pilot startups and focus on digital marketing and ad tech, enterprise tech and e-commerce, products and ingredients, new business model innovation, and social impact. [17] The UK — and London in particular — continues to be the top European hub for tech investment and innovation, even if the clouds are gathering on the horizon. [18] “This year’s London Tech Week will shine spotlight on London’s mix of thriving start-up and scale-up businesses and a whole range of innovations It’s a fantastic opportunity for London to showcase itself to global investors, entrepreneurs and tech leaders from across the world.” [6] Denver’s reputation as a center for innovation and true partner to entrepreneurs and businesses has helped to attract organizations and drive the tech industry’s evolution. [5]

Even with a massive migration into the city, tech professionals have struggled to keep pace with the growing number of jobs, creating a talent gap that companies are vying to close. [5] The amount of active tech talent in the Denver area is helping local organizations thrive and bringing new companies to the region. [5] The Home Depot’s Innovation Center at Georgia Tech is a collaborative space used to recruit top talent and explore how technology might advance retail, supply chain, and more. [17] Between 2010 and 2015, the tech talent pool in the Denver metro area rose by 29%, adding to the city’s thriving technology community. [5] Coca-Cola innovates its food-and-beverage line from its Atlanta headquarters, but uses its satellite Development and Innovation Lab at Georgia Tech University to fast-track key technology initiatives and accelerate its “technological responses to business issues.” [17] We deliver the top business tech news stories about the companies, the people, and the products revolutionizing the planet. [6] “From Artificial Intelligence to cyber security, EdTech and GovTech, the UK is home to companies that are leading the way in developing and implementing the latest cutting-edge technologies,” Coutu told Tech News. [6] There these experts work on the next generation of disruptive insurance ideas for customers, companies, employers, as well as the bio/med tech and pharmaceutical industries. [17] Its 200-person tech team is housed in a 50,000-square-foot facility and has developed things like the Kohl’s Pay app and other innovations to help customers pick up in-store deliveries faster, and more. [17]

“London’s tech sector is an important source of jobs and growth for the city’s economy and it is vital that we continue to ensure that we can attract the very best talent and investment from all over the world in the aftermath of Brexit,” he said, as noted in the report. [6] In 2017, CBRE ranked Denver #12 out of the top 50 tech talent markets in North America, with nearly 3,500 more open tech jobs than graduates in the metro area. [5] Over the past five years, software and IT employment grew 32% in the Denver metro area, outpacing nationwide tech growth by more than five points. [5] With more than 21 years of leadership experience in Denver’s IT staffing industry, he offers deep expertise in the local tech talent market. [5] The tech industry is dominating the city’s evolution, and as of the start of 2018, Denver boasts the eighth-highest concentration of tech workers among major American cities. [5] The city leads the way by occupying country’s 22% of the job market share in the tech domain. [4] Nor should the tech economy be considered to be some geeky and irrelevant subculture; these are exactly the sorts of high-skill, high-wage jobs that every city and region is desperate to attract. [18]

What’s pretty certain, though, is there are few immediate benefits for tech businesses — either in the capital or elsewhere — that will result from the UK leaving the European Union. [18] According to figures from London & Partners, the capital’s tech firms accounted for over 80 percent of all venture capital money invested into the UK since the country voted to leave the European Union. [18]

As a whole, the state of Colorado ranks sixth among states receiving the most venture capital, demonstrating the heavy investment being made in Denver’s tech scene. [5] The study pointed specifically to the UK’s dominance in the fintech sector as the main driver behind much of the investment in the tech industry there. [6]

Few of London’s tech entrepreneurs will have voted for Brexit: but the way London’s startups deal with the transition now facing them may provide a roadmap for the rest of the country. [18] Delta says it’s not “chasing tech for tech sake” at The Hangar, but rather “looking for real opportunities to solve business problems.” [17] There are a variety of reasons beyond the rising number of skilled tech professionals that are bringing organizations to the Denver area. [5] This should provide ample reassurance to entrepreneurs looking to found a company in Britain, and to established tech firms that may be considering opening a London office. [6] London itself was the cream of the crop of tech cities, pulling in a total of 4 billion pounds by itself. [6] Most of that (4 billion) has gone to tech firms in London — well ahead of Paris (1.14bn), Berlin (814m) and Stockholm (542m). [18] This will be the last London Tech Week before Brexit happens on 29 March 2019. [18]

Visa’s innovation lab within One Market Center is designed to offer increased collaboration for teams working on their latest tech solutions. [17] The Atlantic Coast Conference is an NCAA Division 1 conference of mainly Southeastern college teams, including the Florida State Seminoles, Louisville Cardinals, Miami Hurricanes, Clemson Tigers and Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, Wake Forest Demon Deacons, Duke Blue Devils, North Carolina Tar Heels, NC State Wolfpack, Virginia Tech Hokies, and Virginia Cavaliers. [19]

“Although most flights out of Austin are domestic (97 percent), international service from the airport is growing quickly at 22 percent, likely due to the city’s growth as a technology hub,” added Grant. [20] The new report ranks the region’s fastest growing hub airports (over 20 million departing seats) and midsized airports (three – 20 million departing seats) based on percentage growth in departing seat capacity between May 2017 and April 2018. [20] Newark (EWR) finished as the second fastest-growing hub airport in the region, with eight percent growth and 1.4 million new departing seats. [20]

Johnson & Johnson’s innovation program is pretty much as old as the company itself, but in recent years has taken on a broader approach, combining in-house R&D efforts, partnerships with innovative startups, innovation hubs and incubators around the world, and strategic investments through its venture arm (JJDC). [17] Dallas, for example, has one of the highest concentrations of Fortune 500 headquarters, but it has always been a regional hub for national and multinational companies in finance, insurance, technology and other industries. [3] Amazon has an Amazon Web Services hub in Dallas, its video business is based in San Diego and Boston houses a robotics hub. [3] Neiman Marcus has earned a world-class reputation for retail innovation thanks to the iLab, its hub for evaluating, designing, testing, and piloting cutting-edge technologies and applications for luxury retail. [17] A hub for Delta Airlines, Salt Lake City International Airport serves many connecting flights to western destinations, in particular, ski resorts. [21] Although the name makes it sound like a regional airport, DTW is actually an international airport and is Delta Airlines’ second largest hub. [21] Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) is the fastest growing hub airport in North America, growing 11 percent over the 12-month period evaluated by OAG. [20] The fastest growing North American hub is Fort Lauderdale (FLL), which grew 11 percent, or two million seats, over the 12-month period. [20]

These airports serve as main hubs for big carriers such as United, American, Delta, and JetBlue. [21] O’Hare is a major connecting airport for destinations in the Midwest and is a hub for United Airlines. [21] United Airlines’ largest hub is at George Bush Intercontinental Airport, but it is far from the only carrier that services this busy Texan airport. [21] Although Newark Liberty is located in New Jersey, it serves as one of New York City’s three main airport hubs. [21] In addition to being a main airport for points in the Pacific Northwest, SEA-TAC is a hub for Alaska Airlines. [21] Delta Airlines has a major hub at Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport. [21]

Lululemon’s solution to the constant need for new fashions was to open two in-house labs, one in Vancouver (where their corporate offices are) and one in NYC (a worldwide fashion hub). [17] London’s long-standing role as a financial hub has given its fin-tech start-ups access to customers and know-how. [18] Newark is United Airlines? third largest hub after Chicago’s O?Hare International Airport (ORD) and Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH). [20] Orlando International Airport (MCO) increased its seat capacity by 7 percent, finishing as the third fastest-growing hub airport. [20]

“Low-cost carriers are driving exceptional demand and are the biggest contributors to airport growth in the North American market,” said John Grant, senior analyst of OAG. “These carriers have revolutionized the way consumer and business travelers get around and have opened up additional access to key connecting points such as Fort Lauderdale (FLL) and Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International (CVG). [20] As we approach the half-year mark, nothing comes close to topping the GitHub deal, which ranks as one of the biggest acquisitions of a private, U.S. venture-backed company ever. [22] U.S. companies with large cash hordes held overseas, like Apple and Microsoft, also received new financial incentives to repatriate that money. [22] This year, acquirers have spent just over $20 billion in disclosed-price purchases of U.S. VC-funded companies, according to Crunchbase data. [22] The city routinely ranks among the top on best-places-to-live lists like U.S. News & World Report’s 2017 ranking, which places Denver in the second slot. [5] Located in Huntsville is the Redstone Arsenal, United States Army Missile Command, the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center and many other key government, military, and aerospace agencies. [19] Want a great cocktail? Check out these 10 options at U.S. airports. [21] The Innovation Center for Operations has model factories in France, Germany, Singapore, and the U.S. that are focused on automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies, aka Industry 4.0. [17] A shared language has made it the first port for U.S. tech companies looking to grow into Europe, as has its position as English-speaking but also part of the European Union. [18] W ith Microsoft’s $7.5 billion acquisition of GitHub this week, we can now decisively declare a trend: 2018 is shaping up as a darn good year for U.S. venture-backed M&A. [22] Some that come to mind: Stock indexes are chugging along, and U.S. legislators have slashed corporate tax rates. [22] Miami International Airport is the main U.S. gateway to Latin America and the Caribbean. [21] Visitors to Walt Disney World and the surrounding theme parks make Orlando International Airport one of the busiest airports in the U.S. Many regional and low-cost airlines serve MCO, including Southwest and JetBlue. [21]

Ian Wright, CEO of SmallBusinessPrices.co.uk said, “In a growing industry, tech startups are the future of the business world. [4] Elsewhere the report notes: “There is no doubt that Brexit is having an effect on morale across the London tech startup scene, and it isn’t hard to find stories of companies choosing to locate or expand elsewhere, or tech experts leaving the UK.” [18] Most big cities want to lure tech startups that can bring much-needed high-value jobs. [18] To start, Denver has long established itself as a startup haven, boasting a number of incubators and accelerators that are positioned to encourage growth for new tech startups. [5] The Karnataka government had launched the Karnataka Startup Policy in 2015 with a vision to stimulate the growth of 20,000 tech startups by 2020. [4]

Investor Sherry Coutu told UK Tech News that much of the funding is due to the future scalability and growth of the UK’s newest crop of tech companies. [6] The EU has already decided to exclude the UK from the Galileo satellite navigation system, a project in which UK space tech companies had been expected to play a major role. [18] Despite fears that investment would collapse after the leave vote, UK tech companies have received over 5 billion in VC funding since June 2016. [18]

British tech companies have received more venture capital funding than France, Germany, and Sweden combined. [6]

Most recently, following the global tech startup ecosystems such as Boulder, Bengaluru has claimed the second spot in the list of best locations for launching tech startups. [4]

The United States says the taxes are punishment for intellectual property theft and forced technology transfer — the idea being that American companies must share tech secrets with Chinese companies in order to do business there. [23] Marketplace Tech with Molly Wood Marketplace Tech host Molly Wood helps listeners understand the business behind the technology that’s rewiring our lives. [23] Whether or not the deal comes through, local tech and business leaders express their opinion that even being considered seriously by one of the biggest and most well-known technology companies in the world is an indicator of the region’s growth. [24] When you look at the total cost of doing business in New Orleans, particularly in tech, we’re one of the lowest cost unit-sized markets in America and it’s not only because our labor rates are reasonable and because you can get class A office space for under $20 a square foot. [8] The Digital Corridor is a creative effort to attract, nurture and promote Charleston’s tech economy through a combination of technology-enabled initiatives and business incentives, private business support and member-driven programming. [25] Patience: 2005 is when GNO, Inc. wrote “The Digital Media Incentive,” a policy tool that served as a catalyst for the growth of the tech industry in New Orleans and Louisiana as a whole. [8] The secretary of state for digital, culture, media and sport, Matt Hancock, told the Guardian last week: “I?m in constant discussions with the tech industry about how ? we can have a visa system that both controls immigration, and ensures that the brightest and the best talent from around the world can come here.” [26]

From how tech is changing the nature of work to the unknowns of venture capital to the economics of outer space, this weekday show breaks ideas, telling the stories of modern life through our digital economy. [23]

The Trump administration is set to roll out new restrictions this week on Chinese tech investments in the United States and possibly more tariffs in areas like robotics, aerospace and green tech. [23] VentureBeat meta name”description” content”Amid widespread paranoia about security concerns surrounding China’s tech giants, the city of Beijing is now challenging the U.S. for global tech dominance [7] Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin made it clear the government would aggressively protect the U.S. tech industry. [23] Naturally, those efforts have been met with stiff resistance by the U.S. government, which believes Chinese products pose potential security threats, due to the cozy relationship between tech companies and the Chinese government. [7]

June 27, 2018 ? U.S. trade tensions with China are very much about technology. [23] A new report by New York-based consulting firm Resonance places the city of horse-drawn carriages and cobblestone streets No. 4 on its list of Best Small Cities in the U.S. Up the coast, Myrtle Beach nabbed the No. 9 spot. [25] For its 2017 rankings, real estate website Apartment List decided to look at which U.S. cities are most attractive to young people based on job opportunities, affordability and livability and Charleston, SC ranked #6.and a closer look at the data showed Charleston has the highest livability of the top 10 cities. [25] What the company did was sell to the U.S. military communications services for mom and dad or children that were located overseas. [25]

A new report from CB Insights shows just how rapidly Beijing is gaining on Silicon Valley, a region that has long been recognized as the epicenter of the tech innovation economy. [7] Leaders in the UK tech industry have warned that the government’s removal of a visa cap for skilled migrants may not go far enough to ensure Britain continues to attract the best people from across the sector. [26] In the month of Independence Day, there’s an abundance of great events in Boston’s tech and startup scenes. [27] Eyes across the South have been watching Seattle over the past months in hopes of an Amazon “HQ2” announcement — many believe that the e-commerce and tech giant’s choice of where to place its second headquarters would signify not only a large economic development project, but also indicate the imminent tech leadership of the city it chooses. [24] Local tech giants like Huawei and China Mobile are more aggressively pursuing markets outside of China. [7] First tech job: I was the first female ever hired, the “boys club” was not looking for new members. [28] The Charleston Digital Corridor’s Leadership Profile Series is focused on the individuals who are driving the Charleston tech scene forward. [25] Marketplace Tech is part of the Marketplace portfolio of public radio programs broadcasting nationwide, which additionally includes Marketplace, Marketplace Morning Report and Marketplace Weekend. [23] China is working on building up its own advanced tech economy, one that doesn’t rely on the United States or anyone else. [23]

Accelerating Growth “While there are many opportunities for investment, our fund is happy to make growth capital available for Charleston’s tech companies. [25] A great directory of known tech companies in the #Charleston metro area via @CHSdigital. [25]

Silicon Roundabout in central London, the UK’s technology hub. [26] Peer Networking “The Charleston Digital Corridor serves as the central hub for technology companies in the area and what that has done is create a sense of community around the companies that are a part of it.” [25] The fact that New Orleans was positioning itself with an international airport that is being revitalized as well as additional, you know, transportation hubs into the city, that was one of the key factors. [8] Impact Hub Boston, home to Boston’s social innovators and entrepreneurs, is growing its team! If you’re interested in taking a meaningful role in supporting and. [27]

“Talent is obviously the single biggest concern for any founder and any company being built in the UK right now,” said Ophelia Brown, a founder of London-based venture capital firm Blossom Capital. [26] Todd Olson, founder and CEO of scaling Raleigh-based tech startup Pendo, says Apple is considering the Triangle for the same reasons that big tech like IBM, Google and Cisco have placed operations there — low rents plus good cost of living and quality of life among them. [24]

This support for young startups is coupled with the city housing over 170 companies in life sciences, biotech, digital and creative sectors as well as being the hub for MediaCityUK, home to the BBC and ITV. This year, the Tech Manchester initiative stated it is dedicated to supporting the development of early stage technology businesses. [11] From top companies like Google and Apple to tiny startups vying for your attention, Verge Tech has the latest in what matters in technology daily. [29]

The region’s startups are set to benefit from subsidized space with zero business rates, while plugging into Tech Manchester’s network of mentors. [11] Having helped incubate and accelerate some of the world’s biggest tech ventures such as facebook, Spotify, and Pinterest, has made GSV best-in-class for business growth. [9]

Manchester is rapidly claiming itself as the U.K.’ s second capital and is especially pushing its tech prowess; the city had £2.8 billion in digital Gross Added Value (GVA) last year. [11] For many years Brighton has been pulling in the top creative talent to exciting media and design agencies, and in recent years this has drawn tech talent innovating the latest digital creative solutions. [11] The city can claim a real draw for tech and engineering talent. [11] It was cool as all getout in the ground-floor rec room of tekMountain at CastleBranch as some 350 entrepreneurs, startup founders, investors, tech innovators and [email protected] employees gathered for the first ExitEvent Startup Social held in the Port City, hosted by tekMountain. [9] With significant government investment in tech, this Andean country of 47 million people is quickly finding a permanent toehold as a major contributor to the Latin American startup scene. [10]

On September 13th 14th at the Raleigh Convention Center, the Council for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) hosted its annual Tech Venture Conference, where the Southeast US’s entrepreneurial elite mixed with up-and-comers in a 48-hour innovation blitz. [9] Everybody talks innovation ecosystem, but who’s actually doing something about it? For some nascent tech communities, it’s still a pipe dream. [9]

Girls in Tech Bootcamps are practical workshops on a chosen topic pertaining to technology, entrepreneurship, coding and design, and professional skills. [30] Mentorship Programs for Women and Girls The Girls in Tech Mentorship Program focuses on the engagement, education, and empowerment of influential women in technology and. [30]

It might be known for having its own currency and a music scene to die for, but Bristol is readily becoming the nation’s newest hub for innovative tech. [11] The global IT company will invest $20.6 million in a new technology and innovation hub in Hartford, CT with help from the state’s First Five Plus Program. [31] The IT hub in southern India accounts for 27% of all such roles, up from a quarter last year. [32] With nearly 90,000 vacancies, India is the second-biggest analytics jobs hub after the U.S., a recent study by skilling platform Edvancer and Analytics Magazine India revealed. [32] If London dominates England, there are key hubs in the North with Manchester and Leeds, the South with Brighton and the West with Bristol. [11] Leeds and Manchester are recognized as international hubs for financial and professional services. [11]

How does this line of thinking translate to HR Tech? This is the vital question that must be answered by every business in 2017 and beyond. [9] As the second largest country in Latin America, Mexico is at the center of the region’s tech revolution, receiving almost a quarter of all of the venture capital funds in Latin America in 2017. [10] Connections to customers, capital, and Georgia Tech resources. [33] The Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference is back–and in 2018 we are taking the show on the road! We will be heading to London. [30] Oftentimes, in any tech industry, it’s easy to get stuck talking potential rather than what’s in action right here, right now. [9] Coders are to the tech industry what skilled carpenters are to new-home construction: the framers upon whom the entire edifice depends. [9]

Here’s how one tech company, aRefChex, is succeeding by fielding “the only HR-compliant reference-checking software out there.” [9]

GSV LABS, a modern merchant bank, is the biggest name in business investment and innovation in the world today. [9] Manufacturing companies report the biggest growth in hiring plans, up +7% from Q2 2017, according to the latest ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey. [31] The CEO Roundtables play an important part in the ATDC Signature experience and are often cited as one of the biggest benefits of being an ATDC Signature company. [33]

Mexico has also been an entry point and significant market for global tech companies like Uber, Google, and Facebook in Latin America. [10] Even the world’s 11 largest tech companies average only 30% women in their workforce in a nation whose overall workforce is 59% women. [9]

In February 2018, the Georgia Public Service Commission will decide the fate of the U.S. nuclear power industry. [31] Nations around the world are increasing their defense budgets; the sophisticated weaponry of the U.S. aerospace industry guarantees it will get a big slice of the pie. [31] The U.S. market is particularly intimidating and competitive, and if you?re coming from the Latin American market, you may feel like a small fish in a big pond. [10] As the percentage of college-educated people in the U.S. continues to grow, the job market will get even more competitive than it already isand that goes for employers, too. [9] With the U.S. landing in the middle of the pack when it comes to global standardized testing scores, we often talk about overhauling what we teach and how we teach hit. [9]

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