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  • Besides the traditional functions of television sets and set-top boxes provided through traditional broadcasting media, these devices can also provide Internet TV, online interactive media, over-the-top content (OTT), as well as on-demand streaming media, and home networking access.(More…)
  • For a long time, there were a slew of rumors suggesting Apple planned to debut a full high-definition television set, spurred by Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography, which suggested Jobs wanted to revolutionize the television industry much like he transformed computers, music players, and phones.(More…)


  • There are also restrictions on Malaysian television regarding advertisements for 18-rated films, women’s sanitary products and unhealthy foods which must not be broadcast during children’s programmes, and lottery advertising, which is prohibited during Malay programmes.(More…)
  • Apple programming could be accessed through Apple Music, or as part of an as-of-yet unannounced subscription television streaming service that would be available in the TV app. (More…)
  • Television events like the Olympics or an award show can gather families and friends around in a central location, where they are able to discuss their thoughts and feelings on the particular event.(More…)
  • Come November 1 and you won?t be able to watch television in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai, like you used to, especially if you have cable TV. (More…)


Who Invented Television Set
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Besides the traditional functions of television sets and set-top boxes provided through traditional broadcasting media, these devices can also provide Internet TV, online interactive media, over-the-top content (OTT), as well as on-demand streaming media, and home networking access. [1] In-Stat predicted that by 2016, 100 million homes in North America and western Europe would be using television sets blending traditional programming with internet content. [1] A smart TV device is either a television set with integrated Internet capabilities or a set-top box for television that offers more advanced computing ability and connectivity than a contemporary basic television set. [1] A smart TV, sometimes referred to as connected TV or hybrid TV, is a television set with integrated Internet and interactive ” Web 2.0 ” features. [1] Smart TV is a technological convergence between computers and flatscreen television sets and set-top boxes. [1] Smart TVs may be thought of as an information appliance or the computer system from a handheld computer integrated within a television set unit, as such a smart TV often allows the user to install and run more advanced applications or plugins/addons based on a specific platform. [1]

Additional content standards are set by individual television broadcast entities to accommodate local laws, community standards, and their particular audience demographic; these broadcast outlets examine each incoming advertisement through a process known as “clearance.” [2]

The whole world knows John Logie Baird invented television, don?t they? Ah, but did he? There is credible evidence to show Henry Sutton of Ballarat had done so, sometime before Baird was born. [3] When next asked in a pub quiz who invented television, you have a sound argument in saying Henry Sutton, not Logie Baird. [3]

For a long time, there were a slew of rumors suggesting Apple planned to debut a full high-definition television set, spurred by Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography, which suggested Jobs wanted to revolutionize the television industry much like he transformed computers, music players, and phones. [4] For time being, though, Apple is focusing its resources on improving the Apple TV set-top box and the tvOS App Store, revolutionizing television through the integration of content and interface without having to develop an actual television set and enter a brutally competitive market. [4] As it turns out, Apple’s testing did not result in a product worth manufacturing, and as of 2014, Apple had ceased its work on developing a full-blown high-resolution television set, putting the project on ice. [4] It is not clear if Apple will revisit its television set project in the future, but it is always possible Apple will reevaluate its plans as technology improves. [4] “I’d like to create an integrated television set that is completely easy to use,” told me. [4]

Content providers have continually resisted Apple’s attempts to create a cable bundle or a set of standalone channel packages because it would disrupt the television industry and upset existing revenue streams. [4]

PITTSBURGH, June 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — “I wanted to create a simple way to clearly and comfortably watch a television program,” said an inventor, from Detroit, Mich., “so I invented the MJ TV STAND.” [5]

The Tesla coil, which he invented in 1891, is widely used today in radio and television sets and other electronic equipment. [6]

“The government has made amendments in the Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act, which makes a Set Top Box (STB) compulsory for viewing your television in the country,” Currently most cable operators provide the TV signals in an analogue form, said Roop Sharma, President, Cable Operators Federation of India (COFI). [7]

The best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry, wrote the Scottish poet Robert Burns–and that was almost two hundred years before live television was even invented. [8]


There are also restrictions on Malaysian television regarding advertisements for 18-rated films, women’s sanitary products and unhealthy foods which must not be broadcast during children’s programmes, and lottery advertising, which is prohibited during Malay programmes. [2] It is important to choose a television production company and advertising agency with pertinent expertise in these two areas, and it is preferable to choose an agency that both produces advertisements and places air time, because expertise in broadcast quality production and broadcast standards is vital to gaining the advertisement’s acceptance by the networks. [2] The first TV ad broadcast in Asia appeared on Nippon Television in Tokyo on August 28, 1953, advertising Seikosha (subsequently Seiko ); it also displayed a clock with the current time. [2] At the end of 2008 22 percent of UK households had a DTR. The majority of these households had Sky+ and data from these homes (collected via the SkyView panel of more than 33,000) shows that, once a household gets a DTR, they watch 17 percent more television. 82 percent of their viewing is to normal, linear, broadcast TV without fast-forwarding the ads. [2]

Since television was introduced to the Philippines in 1953, they used imported TV advertisements until 1960, the same way in which they used billboard advertisements during the American period. [2] In other countries, such as France, political advertising on television is heavily restricted, while some countries, such as Norway, completely ban political advertisements. [2] Commercial advertising in Argentine television (including cable channels operated from the country itself) is limited to 12 minutes per hour. [2] In India, the Code for Self-Regulation of Advertising in India, established by the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI), is applicable on Television Commercials (TVCs). [2] Similar to the European Union, advertising on Australian commercial television is restricted to a certain amount in a 24-hour period, but there are no restrictions on how much advertising may appear in any particular hour. [2] A television broadcast of the 101-minute film The Wizard of Oz (1939) for instance, could, in the early to mid-1960s, take two hours even with advertisements. [2] The other Danish television network, TV2 shows advertisements only in blocks between the programs. [2] The Danish DR -channels are funded by a television licence, so they do not show any advertisements. [2]

From March 2014, advertisements shown on Argentine television began to use the phrase “Aviso publicitario de producci nacional” ( Advertisement for domestic product ) and “Aviso publicitario de producci extranjera” ( Advertisement for foreign product ) for local and foreign advertisements, respectively. [2] Advertisements of this sort have promoted a wide variety of goods, services and ideas from comparatively early in the history of television. [2] On television, RT. cannot carry advertising on RT. News Now and RT. jr ; they do not carry advertising on programming for the under 6s, RnaG or their Digital Radio services. [2] Advertising breaks on public television can be broadcast only between programmes, except for live events (mostly sport) that contains breaks which can be interrupted. [2] The Advertising Standards Council of India has defined the principles and guidelines for individuals, corporate bodies and associations engaged in or otherwise concerned with the practice of advertising for medium such as television. [2] Australian television has one of the highest proportions of advertising content in the world. [2] Online video directories are an emerging form of interactive advertising, which help in recalling and responding to advertising produced primarily for television. [2] Advertising revenue provides a significant portion of the funding for most privately owned television networks. [2] Apart from being linked to data networks, one key point is its ability to automatically download necessary software routines, according to a user’s demand, and process their needs. The mass acceptance of digital television in late 2000s and early 2010s greatly improved smart TVs. Major TV manufacturers have announced production of smart TVs only, for their middle-end to high-end TVs in 2015. [1] Because the box design resembled a rectangular television screen, the product was dubbed the TV Dinner. [9]

In many countries, including the United States, television campaign advertisements are considered indispensable for a political campaign. [2] Lingerie advertisements are prohibited on Malaysian television, but allowed in non-Malay magazines published in Malaysia. [2]

A third might be that television is currently the main medium to advertise, prompting advertising campaigns by everyone from cell-phone companies, political campaigns, fast food restaurants, to local businesses, and small businesses, prompting longer commercial breaks. [2] The Association of Broadcasters of the Philippines, a self-regulatory organization representing most television and radio broadcasters in the country, limit advertising to 18 minutes per hour, a move taken to help “promote public interest.” [2] The current record for an advertising slot on British terrestrial television is quoted at being 250,000 for a 30-second slot during the 2010 series of Britain’s Got Talent. [2]

Web television is a term used for programs created by a wide variety of companies and individuals for broadcast on Internet TV. [1] Internet TV refers to receiving television content over the Internet instead of traditional systems (terrestrial, cable and satellite) (although Internet itself is received by these methods). [1] The addition of social networking synchronization to smart TV and HTPC platforms may provide an interaction with both on-screen content and other viewers than is currently available to most televisions, while simultaneously providing a much more cinematic experience of the content than is currently available with most computers. [1] The addition of an LSI chip with memory and a character generator to a television receiver enabled Japanese viewers to receive a mix of programming and information transmitted over spare lines of the broadcast television signal. [1] Products intended for older consumers, such as certain health products and insurance, are advertised regularly on television, generally during programming that appeals to older adults. [2]

After the video cassette recorder (VCR) became popular in the 1980s, the television industry began studying the impact of users fast forwarding through commercials. [2] Advertisers and marketeers may refer to television commercials as TVC s. [2] The association of achievement by lightening one’s skin is a message conveyed in the TeleVision Commercial (TVC). [2] The first television adverts were shown on December 31, 1961. [2] On International television day, Tuesday, November 21, 2017 there was a rerun of some old television adverts after the 6 and 9.00 news on RTE1 that appeared on the Irish Film Archive on Wednesday, April 26, 2017. [2] Today, television adverts are only prohibited on Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day and between 6:00am and midday on Sundays and Anzac Day. [2]

IPTV is one of the Internet television technology standards for use by television broadcasters. [1] The growing popularity of the internet continues to draw audiences away from advertisers populating just the television platform. [2] The invention for which Henry Sutton deserves the greatest kudos – assuming some of its better uses, perhaps – is television, although the name applied to it at the time was Telephane. [3] This allowed Baird to use the principles and claim television as his own invention. [3]

The number of households using over-the-top television services has rapidly increased over the years. [1] In the early years all were in Black ‘n’ White but in the 1970s came in colour television arrived. [2] July 1, 2018 more old television from years past will be restored. [2]

Charles Jenkins first demonstrates “true” television with moving images. [10] Charles Jenkins’ first public demonstration of television principles. [10] The word “television” is coined by Constantin Perskyi on August 18 at the First International Electricity Congress in Paris, France. [10]

Like Greece, Russia is one of the few countries where the television channel’s logo is retained during the commercial break. [2] This method was later used for mechanical television experiments. [10] Smart TV should not be confused with Internet TV, IPTV or Web television. [1] Smart TVs are expected to become the dominant form of television by the late 2010s. [1] It has been suggested that, in general, television executives believe that advertisers covet the 18-49 age demographic and that older viewers are of almost no interest to most advertisers due to their unwillingness to change their buying habits. [2]

In Greece, where most television stations and channels do not remove their logo before a commercial break, it is mandatory for public and commercial TV stations to separate the advertisements from the rest of the program with each station’s ident. [2] Almost all television stations and channels in the country, whether government-owned, private or pay television channels, broadcast advertisements, with television channel logos removed before the start of the commercial break. [2] Terrestrial television can only broadcast advertisements during the programme that was currently aired except before announcing the breaking of fast in the month of Ramadan, although advertisements may be included during CJ Wow Shop on Media Prima television channels such as NTV7 and TV9 as of June 2016. [2] Since the 1960s, media critics have claimed that the boundaries between “programming” and “advertisements” have been eroded to the point where the line is blurred nearly as much as it was during the beginnings of the medium, when almost all individual television shows were sponsored entirely by a single corporation (the model which was carried over from old-time network radio ). [2] The introduction of digital video recorders (also known as digital television recorders or DTRs), such as TiVo, and services like Sky+, Dish Network and Astro MAX, which allow the recording of television programs into a hard drive, also enabled viewers to fast-forward or automatically skip through advertisements of recorded programs. [2]

A television advertisement (variously called a television commercial, commercial or ad in American English, and known in British English as a TV advert or simply an advert ) is a span of television programming produced and paid for by an organization, which conveys a message, typically to market a product or service. [2] Beginning on January 2, 1971, advertisements featuring cigarettes were banned from American TV. Advertisements for alcohol products are allowed, but the consumption of any alcohol product is not allowed in a television advertisement (for example, an actor in a beer commercial cannot be shown actually drinking the beer). [2]

Because Malaysian television advertisements were controlled by the government department, the Malaysian TV advertising permit number appears during the first few seconds of any advertisement. [2] In many European countries, television advertisements appear in longer, but less frequent advertising breaks. [2] Many television advertisements feature songs or melodies (” jingles “) or slogans designed to be striking and memorable, which may remain in the minds of television viewers long after the span of the advertising campaign. [2]

Television advertising involves two main tasks: creating a television advertisement that meets broadcast standards and then, placing the advertisement on television via a targeted air time media buy that reaches the desired customer. [2] Television advertising advantages are TV reaches a much larger audience than local newspapers and radio stations, and it does so during a short period of time. [2]

Television advertising has become a popular outlet for new artists to gain an audience for their work, with some advertisements displaying artist and song information onscreen at the beginning or end. [2] All major New Zealand television channels, both state-owned and private, screen advertisements. [2] Argentine television channels, used to be required to separate advertising from the rest of the programming using bumpers with the text “Espacio publicitario” (“Advertising space”) from September 2010 to May 2016. [2] In the late 1990s and early 2000s, electronica music was increasingly used as background scores for television advertisements, initially for automobiles, and later for other technological and business products such as computers and financial services. [2] One of film director Ridley Scott’s most famous cinematic moments was a television advertisement he directed for the Apple Macintosh computer, that was broadcast in 1984. [2] The first official, paid television advertisement was broadcast in the United States on July 1, 1941, over New York station WNBT (subsequently WNBC ) before a baseball game between the Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies. [2] Television advertising began in New Zealand in April 1961, ten months after the first official television broadcast, and was initially allowed only on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. [2]

Because a single television advertisement can be broadcast repeatedly over the course of weeks, months, and even years (the Tootsie Roll company has been broadcasting a famous advertisement that asks “How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie center of a Tootsie Pop ?” for over three decades), television advertisement production studios often spend very large sums of money in the production of a single thirty-second television spot. [2] Although this advertisement was broadcast only once (aside from occasional appearances in television advertisement compilation specials and one 1 a.m. airing in Idaho a month before the Super Bowl so that the advertisement could be submitted for the 1983 Clio Awards ), it has become famous and well-known, to the point where it is considered a classic television moment. [2]

In South Korea, a television advertisement is called a CF, an abbreviation for “commercial film”. [2] A number of television advertisements are so elaborately produced that they can be considered miniature thirty-second movies; indeed, many film directors have directed television advertisements both as a way to gain exposure and to earn a paycheck. [2]

Foreign, older television programmes and films are noticeably cut; comedy shows often return from an ad break into laughter, for instance. [2] Live imported television programmes such as WWE Raw show promotional material in place of U.S. advert breaks. [2] A video taking up approximately 25 percent of the bottom-left portion of the screen would show a comet impacting into the moon with an accompanying explosion, during another television programme. [2]

Commercial channels may interrupt television programmes with ads, but certain conditions apply. [2] Promotion of television programmes for sponsored programmes are treated separately from programme promotions, though some channels had the sponsor name being advertised in programme promos. [2]

In any popular vote for the most memorable television advertisements in the UK, such as on ITV or Channel 4, the top positions in the list invariably include animations, such as the classic Smash and Creature Comforts advertisements. [2] The nation’s second-most watched channel – TV2 – is funded by television advertisements. [2]

There is speculation that television advertisements are threatened by digital video recorders as viewers choose not to watch them. [2] Prior to the 1970s, music in television advertisements was generally limited to jingles and incidental music ; on some occasions lyrics to a popular song would be changed to create a theme song or a jingle for a particular product. [2] The Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communications Commission have laid out regulations for television advertising, outlining restrictions on certain products, content, and claims, in addition to mandating minimum technical standards. [2] Television advertising specialist, Nick Illston, of advertising-buying agency Pace Media, states that ITV’s 250,000 asking price for a 30-second slot during the 2010 series of Britain’s Got Talent is currently the most expensive advertising slot on television. [2] The effects of television advertising upon the viewing public (and the effects of mass media in general) have been the subject of philosophical discourse by such luminaries as Marshall McLuhan. [2] The technology that enables smart TVs is also incorporated in external devices such as set-top boxes and some Blu-ray players, game consoles, digital media players, hotel television systems, smartphones, and other network-connected interactive devices that utilize television-type display outputs. [1] A patent was published in 1994 (and extended the following year) for an “intelligent” television system, linked with data processing systems, by means of a digital or analog network. [1] In 2007, Google Executive chairman Eric Schmidt, then CEO, announced plans to enter the television advertising business, despite its lack of any internal video production or network placement capability or expertise. [2] Television programs delivered through new mediums such as streaming online video also bring different opportunities to the traditional methods of generating revenue from television advertising. [2]

Promos for future television programs are considered as an advertisement, and also counted within the quota. [2] In the United States, the Nielsen ratings system measures audience viewership of television programs, and provides a way for television broadcasters to determine how popular their television shows are, so that they can decide what rates to charge advertisers for air time. [2] In the United Kingdom, television advertising is considerably cheaper than in the United States of America. [2] There are some restrictions on television advertising in Australia, such as a complete ban on advertising for cigarettes, as well as advertising during programmes intended for young children. [2] In 2008, Ofcom announced a review of television advertising and teleshopping regulations, with a view to possibly changing their code, Rules on the Amount and Distribution of Advertising (RADA), which regulates the duration, frequency and restriction of adverts on television. [2]

The Indian television channels are widely segmented through Broadcast television, Cable television, Satellite television, Internet Protocol television. [2] There are 857 permitted private satellite stations and also 190 government channels under the list of television stations in India. [2] Vladimir Zworykin applies for patent for an all-electronic television system, the first ancestor of the electric scanning television camera. [10] Some of these ad jingles or catch-phrases may take on lives of their own, spawning gags that appear in films, television shows, magazines, comics, or literature. [2]

Effect: Radio commercials for cigarettes are now followed by voiced over warning; TV ads followed by rumors of warning but only for a split second; billboards newly set up have warning at bottom – small but “readable”. [2] Even in sets that are not configured off-the-shelf to do so, default security measures are often weak and will allow hackers to easily break into the TV. [1]

The United States Congress passed a bill on September 30, 2010, called the CALM Act, to reduce the sound volume of advertisements, and loudness rules set by the FCC are effective as of December 13, 2012. [2] Lasker and Parkes poured the tricks they learned from these hackers–including the idea at the end of the film to set the number of players in Joshua’s tic-tac-toe game to “zero”–into the film, thus forming David Lightman. [11] To do that, five film projectors were set up in the back of the room to project the correct images onto the five biggest screens on the war room wall, while seven other projectors were behind the wall, rear projecting images onto the seven smaller screens beneath the big ones on the same wall. [11]

Henry invented some 20 different forms of the telephone – including a compact device with microphone and speaker at either end, the first handset – sixteen of them subsequently patented by others. (Henry rarely patented an invention, believing they ought to benefit mankind without the restrictions imposed by patents. [3] This winter ski season, the Union Pacific and Sun Valley Resort are marking the 75th anniversary of the world’s first chairlift operation, which was invented not in the mountains but in the flatlands of Nebraska in Omaha. [9]

No one would ever want to experience that, so I hope that the next time someone asks you who invented the telephone, you answer Antonio Meucci. [12] Antonio and the Electric Scream-The Man Who Invented the Telephone This book, written by Sandra Meucci, illustrates the life of Antonio Meucci and acknowledges his status as the true inventor of the telephone. [12]

Apple programming could be accessed through Apple Music, or as part of an as-of-yet unannounced subscription television streaming service that would be available in the TV app. [4] Apple is teaming up with Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television and Comcast’s NBC Universal TV production unit to create new episodes of sci-fi series “Amazing Stories.” [4]

Apple has been trying to make the television watching experience better for many years, but has struggled time and time again reaching deals with cable companies, movie studios, and other content providers. [4] The Apple TV 4K requires a compatible 4K television to properly display content at a 4K resolution, and you also need to supply an HDMI cable for connecting the television to the Apple TV. Apple recommends a cable compatible with HDMI and Dolby Vision, and more specifically, an HDMI cable that has a Compatible Dolby Vision mark. [4] There have been no design changes to the Apple TV, so it continues to look like a simple black box that plugs into a television using an HDMI cable. [4] The Apple TV 4K will also work with a TV that has a 30Hz HDR refresh rate (25Hz in Europe) but lower refresh rates can result in choppy video, so Apple’s recommendation for TVs that don’t support HDR at 60Hz is to lower resolution to 1080p at 60Hz and letting the television upscale to 4K. 4K Streaming [4] The fourth and fifth-generation Apple TVs run an operating system called tvOS, which was built to offer up a simple, easy-to-navigate television watching experience. [4] Apple wanted to make its own streaming television service, offering a bundle of channels for around $30 to $40 per month, but because it was unable to establish the necessary deals, Apple abandoned that plan. [4]

The MJ TV STAND provides a more effective way to view a television. [5] LEDs aren?t small enough to be used as individual pixels of a television – they?re way too big for that. [13] That’s part of the reason why LEDs are used only as the backlight for LCD televisions, with each LED illuminating a small cluster of pixels. [13]

Imagine Television, led by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, will produce alongside Kevin Durant’s Thirty Five Media. [4] Rumors reached a fever pitch over the next few years, and in 2012, news hit suggesting multiple television prototypes were in testing. [4] The Apple TV 4K is meant to be paired with television that supports both 4K and HDR technology. [4] Without an accompanying 4K television, the Apple TV 4K experience won’t be the same. [4]

Description: The Farnsworth Invention is a stage play by Aaron Sorkin adapted from an unproduced screenplay about Philo Farnsworth’s invention of the television and David Sarnoff, the RCA president who. [14]

The first of Apple’s television shows could debut as soon as March of 2019, but it’s still unclear how Apple will allow viewers to watch. [4] Apple first delved into original television programming in 2017 with the release of “Planet of the Apps” and “Carpool Karaoke,” but under the leadership of Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg, the company has been inking deals for multiple original television shows. [4] Apple is said to be aiming to produce television shows with broad appeal that are also tame enough to be shown in an Apple Store. [4]

The company’s first original television show, ” Planet of the Apps,” debuted in June of 2017. [4]

Apple has given a straight-to-series order for a show about the life of famous American poet Emily Dickinson, who is set to be played by Hailee Steinfeld. [4] Aaron Paul from “Breaking Bad” will play murder Warren Cave, whose guilt is in question, with Lizzy Caplan, Ron Cephas Jones (This is Us), Elizabeth Perkins (Weeds), Mekhi Phifer (ER), Michael Beach (Sons of Anarchy), Tracie Thoms (UnREAL), and Haneefah Wood (Nurse Jackie) also set to star in the show. [4]

The Siri Remote connects to the Apple TV using a Bluetooth 4.0 connection, and can also control elements of a TV set like Bluetooth using an IR transmitter. [4]

Television events like the Olympics or an award show can gather families and friends around in a central location, where they are able to discuss their thoughts and feelings on the particular event. [15] The time that is spent watching television could be spent doing something productive like being social with other people, doing physical activity, enjoying the outdoors, reading, chores, or homework. [15] Television time can both positively and negatively affect the viewer, although children tend to be affected more adversely than adults. [15] Those who are opposed to television time might ask if there are any advantages to it at all. [15] Too much television can also make you antisocial, and it is potentially a waste of time. [15]

A percentage of people will argue that television is nothing but garbage, while others will demand that TV is a tool for good. [15] The train (then called ‘locomotive’) and the television were recent inventions, and progress then wasn’t as fast as it is now, there was no internet, hence no chatting or social networking, no video games, no malls, no mobiles and no texting, nothing basically, to keep them occupied, other than sipping tea in the parlor, so I guess 15 mins wasn’t a big deal to them, and they would have had something to do, had this invention taken off. [16] Watching more than 3 hours of television a day may contribute to behavior problems, sleep difficulties, health issues, and lower grades. [15] Hearst Television participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on purchases made through our links to retailer sites. [17] Television also provides a way for people to realize dreams or goals that they didn’t even know they had, and it can give them a push in the right direction. [15] Social Surrogacy is the term used by psychologists to explain how television can make people feel less lonely. [15] He drew up a plan of what the future house would look like, and had included a built-in television, built-in loudspeakers and radio, an electric writer and a built-in tele-newspaper in it. [16]

You do not get a person with every TV set to explain the commercials. [16] DIY, the show, actually began as a feature film idea that Encyclopedia Pictura imagined as live action with a cast of children set in a small town in Pennsylvania, with a bizarre twist: there would be ” Planet of the Apes style cg to turn the kids into animals,” said Saxon. [18] Set an alarm on your phone that goes off every hour! In that time you stand up and reach to the ceiling, on your toe tips with fully extended arms. [15] LivePerson, Inc., a leading provider of conversational commerce solutions, has brought together global leaders in business, tech and academia to launch an ambitious project to set new standards in AI. The initiative, named. [19] “I thought that blinds could be designed differently so that they would add a more decorative touch to the room,” said an inventor from Skokie, Ill. “This led me to come up with an enhanced set of blinds that is highly. [19] Inventors from Piedmont, S.C., have developed the patent-pending GRIP AND SIP, an infant care set that makes it easy for a child or individual with a physical disability to hold onto a bottle, sippy cup or fork/spoon. [19]

“I thought there needed to be a simple and easy way to increase privacy in a public restroom, dressing room and other places requiring privacy,” said an inventor, from Maryland, “so I invented the PRIVATE MOMENT STRIP.” [19]

Come November 1 and you won?t be able to watch television in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai, like you used to, especially if you have cable TV. [7] My art has also been featured on television, NBC’s the Today Show, The Marilyn Denis Show and Canadian Living Magazine, newspapers including the National Post, The Kansas City Star, 24 Hour Magazine, the Vancouver Sun and numerous blogs and websites. [20] While we?re on the subject of infamous television disasters, we can?t forget The Chevy Chase Show. [21]

We all know that the future Mr. Miyagi landed on his feet, but sadly, the same couldn?t be said for his first starring role on television. [21] When I first met Amy Santiago, she was everything I never knew I wanted in a television character. [22]

Twitter was really starting to explode as a place for comedy at the time, and after a few keystrokes of luck, Halpern managed to get a book deal and a television series. [21] It is as real as it can get while being amazing television at the same time. [23]

My art, drafted the old-fashioned way, with pen and paper, was born out of my love of drawing, Pop-culture and television. [20] We?re living in what’s been called “the golden age of television,” but it hasn?t always been that way. [21]

Another Multiple System Operator (simply put, a big cable service provider who operates across cities) an employee said, “You could choose between types of set top boxes as well, standard definition and high definition, and those with HD personal recorder, of course HD ones will cost more and could go as high as Rs 4000.” [7] It’s no surprise that there hasn?t been a show set on one since. [21] I am OK with this, because this is in keeping with how the original sagas were probably composed: the writers would assemble the best parts of stories theyd heard, and leave open the possibility that others could add more. (The phrase thats usually used in Norse for the saga-writing process itself is saman setja : to set together; to assemble. [23]

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