Top 10 Movies About Writers

There are plenty of movies about writers out there, so it can be hard to find a good movie worth watching. This guide will help you solve that problem and provide you with all the details you need to know about each movie recommended here. Essay writing experts from did a great job finding the best movies for you, so check them out now!

Best 10 Must-Watch Movies About Writers

Best 10 Must-Watch Movies About Writers
Best 10 Must-Watch Movies About Writers

So, you're looking for a good movie that would inspire, fascinate, and captivate you. Luckily for you, there is a huge variety of movies that will complete this task. Check out all the best movies right here:

Kill Your Darlings

If you are a fan of beatniks culture, this movie is a must-watch. And even if you are not and have no clue about who these guys were, you still should watch it. That's an amazing story about the most famous writers from the beatnik movement who were young and had just become a group of young writers. The soundtrack is also amazing and worth hearing.

Moulin Rouge

You either love it or hate it. There is nothing in between. The main hero goes to Paris to experience its beauty and, what is more, the beauty of love. After he goes there, he meets a lot of different people who inspire him to write a play for the Moulin Rouge. That's how he fell in love with the star of the club. This movie is what every romantic needs to see at least once in their lives.

Little Women

This is classics that will always stay forever in our hearts. There is probably no other book that would touch our hearts that way. Of course, this movie (and the book) discuss many different topics and issues in society. However, one of the side stories that are told in the film is a writer's career of one of the main characters, Jo. She is an amazing persona and is very creative, and the actress did a great job showing her character from different sides.

Broken Embraces

Movies created by Spanish filmmakers are always captivating. There is so much this movie talk about and shows that it's hard to choose the best one. This movie shows a story of a blind writer that's trying to heal his old wounds that were caused by the death of actress Lena. It is a tragic and romantic movie that will make you cry.

Shakespeare in Love

That's another movie that combines drama and comedy so well that at some point, you will probably start crying and laughing all together. Of course, you should understand that this is fiction and not all facts and stories told in the movie are true. However, this is still a great example of a movie that portrays famous people in a way that makes us see them from a new point of view.

The Hours

This is a movie about trying to find a new meaning in life. All three main characters, who happen to live in different times, struggle with their mental issues and have to overcome different obstacles in their lives that don't allow them to live a happy life. Fans of Virginia Wolf will definitely enjoy the movie, since it talks about the writer and her struggles. This is also a must-watch movie for people who are going through tough times and need some inspiration.

American Splendor

This movie is so unique and worth watching not only because it's interesting, but also because it includes some elements of animation that make the film so fun to watch. The movie tells us about the story of a comic book author who is pretty popular in some circles. It's a light movie with a simple plot, so it can be a great pick for those who are looking for something light-hearted and chucklesome.


This is a biographical film that's based on the life of the French novelist Colette. Since she lived in the 17th century, it was hard for her to get published, so she was forced to write novels and publish them under her husband's name. She is a fantastic woman that fights gender norms and does her best to become a successful writer.


This movie tells us a story about a poet and his everyday life. However, this isn't such a cool story about a creative person. It shows us how important gratitude is and what its meaning in our lives. A great movie that casts amazing actors.


This movie is a bit different from others mentioned on this list. This is a thriller based on Stephen King's novel. This movie is surrounded by the mystery a novelist got himself into. This film will give you chills.

Movies Are a Great Way to Learn More About the Craft of Writing

Being a good writer is a hard job. Writers are creative people who do their best to educate others and show the world from their point of view. And if you aren't planning on becoming a writer, all these movies are worth your time. These stories are truly fascinating and deserve a special place in our hearts.

Remember that movies can teach us many new things, even not so obvious ones. By watching a movie, you expand your worldview and vocabulary, which will definitely help you become a better student.

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