Top Free Study Tools to Try

by Regina Sutton

These days, all students have access to the Internet. As a result, they can reach thousands of online tools that help study.

If you're a student, feel free to bookmark the post with the selection of the top free study tools to try. They can be extremely helpful.

Udemy - Link


It is one of the most popular platforms for online education. Udemy gathers thousands of video tutorials. Most of the courses on this platform are paid.

However, after selecting the Free checkbox into the left sidebar, Udemy will show you all the free courses on different topics. For instance, there are more than 2,200 free courses in development and roughly 1,000 free video guides in marketing.


Also, video tutorials have a users' rating and a feedback section to select the best one easily. To watch videos offline, you can download them by using the mobile app.

Quizlet - Link


It is one of the most popular learning tools for students. It foresees the ability to gain their knowledge by using flashcards. Using this service, you can improve your knowledge of algebra, geometry, geography, arts, languages, and other sciences.

To start, you need to select a topic and click on the start button. After this, flashcards with questions will appear. To check if you know the answer, you will need to click on a card. Also, there are a lot of tools to learn new terms by passing tests in different forms.

Google Socratic - Link

Google Socratic
Google Socratic

This tool from Google is available on smartphones only. It helps resolve math problems and find helpful guides.

If you get stuck doing your math homework, feel free to grab your smartphone and snap it. As a result, the application will resolve it for you, using the power of Google AI.

You can also ask the app any question so that it will analyze your request and show a guide with visual graphics. Alternatively, it can find the best websites and YouTube videos that can bring you an answer.

Google Scholar - Link

Google Scholar
Google Scholar

It is a very helpful tool for students who need to create a research paper. Google Scholar narrows the search by showing academic publications only. Therefore, students can easily explore the best sources of information without surfing tons of blog websites on the Web.

Anyway, if you want to get a top-notch research paper with no hassle, feel free to place a cheap essay order. These days, there are a lot of online assignment writing platforms that help undergraduates maintain a high college score in a few clicks.

Grammarly - Link


In case you have poor writing skills, this tool will become a great helper for you. It is the niche-leading tool that helps correct mistakes and improves the overall quality of papers.

Unfortunately, its free version functionality is reduced by the correcting mistakes feature only. However, the free version allows you to edit your text according to British, American, Canadian, or Australian English.

This virtual assistant works in Google Chrome as an extension and highlights mistakes in live time. Therefore, you can compose emails, write on social media, and edit your papers in Google Docs with no fuss.

There is also a free extension for Microsoft Word, Grammarly desktop application, and a keyboard for mobile devices that allow writing on smartphones with no mistakes.

Project Gutenberg

If you like reading books, you should bookmark this website in your browser. It is a free online project that provides access to over 60,000 e-books with no charge. The website is very convenient to use as it has a search bar and doesn't require any extra apps. All books are gathered in one place and can be downloaded for free.


It is a great tool that allows creating high-quality papers for free. The tool helps check the text and highlights the pieces of content that require improvements. It shows the type of improvement that the highlighted sentences require. The tool also shows the readability level and offers the option to download a desktop app for more convenience.

If you're an undergraduate who doesn't have enough time to polish your college paper, feel free to hire professional writers at an online writing platform like MyAssigmentHelp. To learn more about this website, examine My Assignment Help reviews on the Internet.


It is important to plan everything not to miss deadlines. Schooltraq is a great planner for students. It has a well-thought-out design. The dashboard shows all the assignments and sorts them alphabetically, by the due date, course, etc. Also, there is a mobile application to never forget about deadlines to not overdue your papers.

Wolfram Alpha

It's hard to find a science problem that cannot be resolved by this tool. Wolfram Alpha is a comprehensive online tool for computing answers online. There are 32 topics that imply mathematics, physics, chemistry, history, finances, statistics, materials, etc.

You can use this free tool to resolve almost any math problem. Moreover, the tool provides step-by-step guides on how to reach a solution. The search bar can help find an answer in a few seconds.

Final Words

These days, there are a lot of great tools for students. Some learners use them to cheat and get answers quickly. However, most undergraduates utilize online study tools to learn something new by themselves or improve their productivity.

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