Best 1337x Proxy List 2023

by Regina Sutton

Best 1337x Proxy List 2023 - With the increasing popularity of torrent websites, the usage of the 1337x has grown. 1337x is a website that offers a listing of torrent files and magnet links; it transmits information to another with the use of a central server via the BitTorrent protocols. 1337x got popular in the year 2016 due to the sought-after torrent website and thus became the most used torrenting site. It is attractive, simple, intuitive, well ordered and trusted. Leading torrent websites includes 1337x, it is the best website used to download the latest games, movies, music, apps, Television series, and software along with apk files.

Why the Need for Best 1337x Proxy List 2023?

The banning of 1337x in a few countries such as China, Canada, led to a few restrictions in its use. These restrictions have led to the creation of proxy servers for 1337x.

A proxy server acts a medium between the client and a server, sending requests between the client and the other servers. A proxy server provides levels of privacy, and functionality depending on your use. Proxy servers used for 1337x collects the data and resources you need from the 1337x website and forwards the request instead of you. An Internet service provider (ISP) can prevent you from accessing a blocked site, but with the use of a proxy server, access is not limited, because you don’t visit the site yourself, the proxy server accessed the site for you and sends your request to the 1337x site instead of you. This way, observers do not know when the proxy server is transmitting data from 1337x to the client.

Proxy servers 1337x is often mistaken as a 1337x proxy mirror, while 1337x proxy servers act an intermediary server, 1337x proxy mirror is a simple duplicate of the existing site with similar interfaces and other features, but, have distinct domain names and site. Yet, they both allow access to 1337x. Mirror and proxy sites are used when 1337x does not allowing access.

How to Access 1337x via Proxies and Other Methods?

Even with the amazing uses of the 1337x website, some users are still p revented access to 1337x and here are some of the reasons

· Prohibition of the site in the country where you are trying to reach 1337x from

· An Internet service provider (ISP) had blocked the site

· The site is not reachable because it is down

· Your network firewall is preventing access to 1337x

When this happens, you can attempt different ways to gain access

Official 1337x Proxy List

Try the official 1337x domain; they are

Main 1337x Proxy Site


1337x .to (Main Domain)

Very Fast

1337x . st (effective as at October 2017)

Very Fast

x1337x . ws (effective as at December 2017)

Very Fast

x1337x . eu (effective as at March 2018)

Very Fast

x1337x . se (effective as at May 2018)

Very Fast

1337xto .to

Very Fast

After trying all the official domains and you are still blocked, it is likely because 1337x is not allowed access in your country. Don’t stop trying yet, there are still other ways to gain access to this website.

Other Common Best 1337x Proxy List

As explained earlier, proxy servers prevent the ISP from blocking your connection to the website due to the privacy that proxy servers have. There are free proxy servers with different locations, some are in the United Kingdom or other countries and have different features,

Here are a few proxy servers you can try

Proxy servers are quitefast, a great alternative and comfortable. Yet, they are complaints about pop-up advertisements and slow connectivity sometimes.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Another way, you to gain access to the 1337x website is with the use of Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is one of the top ways to access the internet without showing your IP address, so ISP won’t block you. It is gives 1337x users a way in to the site without showing IP addresses. Using VPN software such as NordVPN, PureVPN, and Buffered VPN and so on allows access to 1337x without showing your IP address. VPN software comes with different characteristics, and grades, budget. VPN comes at a disadvantage, to enjoy the full services of VPN, such as excellent security, privacy, and high browsing speed, a premium VPN service is purchased, which comes at a cost. NordVPN Service is one of the best VPN first-class services, it comes with military-grade encryption, Domain Name System (DNS) leakage protection, great browsing speed and many other features that make it the best VPN service to use

TOR Browser

TOR Browsers are at an advantage to VPN, because it is completelyfree. When using a Tor browser, your IP address is not shown, instead, it is hides in 2-3 Tor IP addresses. And it does not store user information while browsing. Tor Browsers are also legal, so don’t be afraid to use it.

Best 1337x Alternatives to 1338x Proxy Servers

Some countries have devised great methods to prevent access to the 1337x website, so VPNs, mirror and proxy sites may not work. When this happens, the best option is to try alternatives to the 1337x websites. Alternatives include the pirate bay, extra torrent, kickass torrent, YTS, EZTV, Isohunt, lime torrents, torrentz2, monova, and torrent9.

The Pirate Bay - Proxy Link

This is part of the best alternatives to 1337x. It has contents such as videos, games, software, and so many others. It also the peer – to- peer file distribution via BitTorrent file protocol. The original domain name is thepiratebay .org. But, it is also blocked in many countries and it has proxy sites as well. The table below presents some of the proxy websites..

Kickass Torrents (KAT) as the Best Alternative to 1337x Proxy - Proxy Link

Kickass is a torrent website that shows you how old a file is, unlike other websites. The site closed in 2016 by the actions United States government, but, it has gained its online presence back and it is up and running with great user experience and magnet links. The original website is Here are some of the proxy sites



Kickasstorrents . cr

Very fast

Kickass . sx


Katcr .to


Katcr . co


Lime Torrents as the Common Alternative to 1337x Proxy - Proxy Link

This website also uses the BitTorrent peer to peer file transfer protocol. It is less popular when compared with the pirate bay. It also has a lot of proxy sites.

Torrent9 - Proxy Link

This website is recognized for its access to different movies; it provides more access to a variety of movies than the other contents on the site. If you need vast access to a lot of movies and different varieties of movies, you should definitely try this website.

Rarbg - Proxy Link

This is a well detailed and organized website, it is also popular. The original website is rarbg .to . It is also blocked in many countries and has proxy sites. Here some of the proxy sites for rarbg.

YTS - Proxy Link

YTS has now become one of the top torrent sites for movies especially, it has great speed, the best Rip quality with small sizes, it has both old and recent movies and it also has its proxy site. If YTP access is limited in your country, you can make use of its proxy sites. YTS has the best and needed features for downloading movies.

Magnetico - Proxy Link

This torrent website has unique features. It has a personalized search engine, it is anonymous, self-hosted, and almost can’t shut down. This website is one of the top picks for alternatives to 1337x.

When having a hard time choosing between the best methods to use for accessibility to 1337x, the table can help. Here is a table showing the differences between proxy sites and virtual private network.



Virtual Private Network (VPN)


It doesn’t provide security

Provides encryption, authenticity, reliability, and security to traffic

Works on






VoIP security

There is no VoIP security

There is


It provides some extent of privacy

It provides privacy

Here is a table showing differences between the virtual private network (VPN) and Tor browsers, for better understanding and decision making


TOR Browser

Virtual Private Network (VPN)


It is free

It is not free, comes with a subscription fee


Yes, but only to the exit node

yes, end-to-end encryption

Security features



Domain Name System (DNS) leak prevention.


It is easy to use, but, it requires configuration

It is easy to use


It is slow for streaming, so it is not recommended

It is fast for streaming

Connectivity speed


Great speed

In conclusion, you can always try proxy sites when trying to reach 1337x website, or you can try other ways such as VPNs, Tor Browsers or other torrent websites.

Disclaimer: You would never use these 1337x Proxies to share copyrighted contents. We never encourage to do so. You may break the law law of your country. Please consult with law experts first.

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