Games Like Roblox 2023

Best Roblox Alternatives

by Regina Sutton

Roblox is a popular MMO (massively multi-player online) game. Everyone and I mean everyone has at some point heard of this game. And many have certainly played it as well . Roblox comes with a lot of outstanding and fantastic gaming features top of which is that players can create their own game even within a game.

But even with a game like Roblox, you can find yourself wanting a different experience. If you are reading this, then you probably fall under that category. Or for many more reasons wish to play a fresh game that is not Roblox but is like it.

List of Games Like Roblox 2023

In this post, I will provide you with other cool games like Roblox that comes with great, fantastic and juicy features and tools that you would love as much as many love Roblox. Just stay reading to the end.


1. Minecraft


Minecraft is a very addictive 3D game, and this game has numerous awards for its design and content. It is no wonder that Minecraft is top on our list. It is a game like Roblox that I assure you will love very much. It is one of the best-selling games too. It sold over 32 million PC version copies, and have sold over 100 million copies in total for many platforms. It certainly has a huge and one of the best gaming communities out there.

Minecraft is a sandbox styled game. That is, it falls under the category of games set in an open world, and that involves roaming and the selection and completion of tasks. And in this category of game, Minecraft is undoubtedly one of the best you would find. Minecraft basis is players constructing buildings in a 3D world, and they do so by using textured cubes. This game is adventure-filled an exciting as players have to survive while playing, maintain health and stay creative.

The Minecraft offers unique maps and as such no two games have the same location of anything, buildings, or the monsters to beware of. And be ready to craft your weapons to deal with the attackers that spring up on you at dark in this game.

Believe me, when I say, you will certainly enjoy playing this game. It supports a multiplayer mode and players can share their maps and create different maps as well .

Minecraft supports use on play on multiple devices and platforms. It is compatible for use on Desktops - Windows, Linux and Mac. Also, it is compatible with devices like iOS, Android, Fire TV , Kindle Fire and Gear VR. Finally, Minecraft supports playing on consoles like Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, 4 and Vita; Switch and New 3DS.

However, note that although this game is well-known for all its great features, brace yourself for some poor graphics and not very appealing graphics compared to other games.


26.95 USD

Features of Minecraft

Available for multiple platforms - PC, iOS, Android, Consoles

Sandbox style game

Structure and weapon creation and building

Supports multiplayer mode

Offers unique maps

2. Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod
Garry's Mod

Another great sandbox-style game, and similar to Roblox. It is also a top-selling game too. So far, Garry's Mod sold well over 10 million PC version copies. It certainly has a huge and one of the best gaming communities out there.

This is another sandbox-style game based as a physics game. By this, players get to create cars, rockets, or any object that they feel like it. When you create your car, you can drive it wherever you want within the game; or if you create a rocket, you can go to the moon or any other planet you choose.

This game is well-known for its frequent addition of contents to the game to improve the experience. All the new and constant add-ons are the result of a productive and amazing community on Garry's Mod. There are numerous game modes to choose from that the administrator refers to it as endless.

Garry's Mod also supports playing with friends online. Online with other friends, you can co-operate and build something amazing together and enjoy using it.

Garry's Mod supports use on Windows, Linux and Mac.


9.99 USD

Features of Garry's Mod

Available on Windows, Linux and Mac

Sandbox style physics game

Supports friends play online

Constant add-ons

3. Terraria


Terraria is yet another sandbox-style game addition to this list. And it is so popular and loved. It is one of the top games to play and experience. The game so far has sold over 12 million copies and as such has a large gaming community.

Terraria is a 2D sandbox-style game. In this game, players do three things - dig, fight and build. While digging, they explore various unique worlds and gather raw material from various distinct structures and an assortment of biomes. Then they must fight, using armor and weapons to save themselves from destruction. And then they build, constructing and creating the world they want and desire. They can create machinery, simple homes, fortresses, whatever they desire.

Terraria supports use on PC - Windows, Mac and Linux. Also, it supports use on iOS, Android, and PlayStation Vita.


9.99 USD

Features of Terraria

Available for PC, iOS, Android and PlayStation Vita

2D sandbox-style game

Players dig, fight and build in the game

4. KoGaMa


This game, which is similar to Roblox comes completely free, is a 3D sandbox-style game and also browser-based. It also supports online play with friends and ranks top as a social builder. In this game, players get to design different levels and create different games; then they can share with others or choose to play with friends. Best way to describe KoGaMa is - it is a user-centered gaming experience, and users can create their own game and build relationship with friends.



Features of KoGaMa


3D sandbox-style game

Supports online play with friends

Great social builder


5. Trove


This game is very much like Roblox, and it mixes both sandbox-style game and massively multiplayer online (MMO) game. This game offers players the opportunity to create, building their homes that they call "cornerstones". It offers adventures, as there are many and different worlds to explore. It also offers multiplayer play and also players can customize their characters and purchases items to switch things up now and then. Also, the game offers different classes and depending on the class, the characters abilities changes and improves.

This game is entirely free, and it is compatible for play on Windows, Mac, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.



Features of Trove

Available for Windows, Mac, Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Sandbox style and MMO game

Supports character customizing

Offer multilevel play

6. Blockland


Do you enjoy playing with Lego? Were you a big fan of this brick building activity as a child? Well, Blockland will undoubtedly remind you of that. The game is a multiplayer game that involves brick building similar to Lego but this time online. This game is creative and creativity-promoting with building and structure design.

Blockland is compatible with Windows XP or higher and Mac OSX.


9.99 USD

Features of Blockland

Available for Windows XP or higher and Mac OSX

Lego-like online game

Multiplayer game

Promotes creativity

7. Terasology


This cool game which is similar to Roblox is an open-source game, that is, it is completely free. This is a 3D game that is similar and also based on the popular top game, Minecraft. Although it is new in the game field, it is showing great potential for a game still in its early development and becoming addictive.

Terasology basis is players constructing buildings in a 3D world, and they do so by using textured cubes, just like in Minecraft as well . The game is adventure-filled an exciting as players have to survive by crafting their weapons and armor while playing, maintain health and stay creative.

It is compatible for use on Windows only.



Features of Terasology

Available for Windows only

3D structure and weapon creation game

Completely free

Very similar to Minecraft

Other Games Similar to Roblox Worthy of Mention

Of course, there are many games like Roblox. Some are coolest than others. We have told you the absolutely cool games, but some are also worthy of mention. Here they are

Lego Worlds - ever thought of making your wonderland from Lego? Then this game is just for you. It is also a sandbox-style game. And for 29.99 USD, you can enjoy it on Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Block N Load - this completely free game battle-based. It involves a lot of strategizing and action all happening fast-paced and swift. It offers solo (one player) gaming mode and also provides group mode up to five players.

Rising World - although this game release is still very recent, its developers keep adding content frequently and improving the quality of the graphics and gaming experience. It goes for 14.99 USD, and it is compatible with Windows and MacOS.

Conclusion of Best Roblox Alternatives

So, for whatever reason you are in search of more cool games like Roblox; well, now you have it. 7 of the best and coolest games like Roblox and more.

What are you waiting for? Dive right in and begin discovery your next addictive game to enjoy.

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