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by Regina Sutton

Kickass Proxy's Terms and Definitions

Any file which is sent via BitTorrent protocol is a torrent. This file can be of any type, from movies to games, it varies.

The difference between Kickass Proxy Torrenting and Downloading

The basic difference is that in torrenting, you are allowed to download the file from more than one person, your peers. Whereas, in the regular download, you are solely dependent on one source.


The people who have downloaded the file already or the person who downloaded the file initially, is referred as seeder (s). You can also say that they are the peers who have already downloaded the file.


There will also be people who wouldn’t have all the bits of the torrent, thus not being able to share the required part any further. Such people are said to be leechers, in torrenting.

Peer-to-peer Sharing Via Bittorent

Who does not like a quick access to P2P sharing? That is why BitTorrent was introduced. Allowing the users to download the files for free, it got quitefamous. As much as the youth was enjoying it, it was illegal on the copyright levels. Thus, the cyber security governance took it down from the internet, leaving the users in disappointment.


If someone copies another person’s original content, and publish it as their own, it comes under the label of plagiarism or piracy.

Is Piracy Illegal?

Any copyright infringement is illegal.

Government Policies Regarding Piracy

SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Personal Information Protection Act) are the two rules which effected the torrent sites, resulting in the shutdown of the sites which supported P2P. Otherwise, the United States’ government did not have any authority over the pirated content.

Accessing Kickass Torrents Proxies

After the BitTorrent shutdown, KickAss Torrent (KAT) was the next to entertain the users. Unfortunately, the original website (KAT) shutdown in many countries, too. That is when the mirror sites were introduced. The core reason behind inventing the mirror sites of KAT was to still provide the access to the torrent files, similarly. It was launched in 2008 as a community forum. It became the most visited forum, eventually. It enabled the unauthorized file sharing. It is still in progress of regaining the best site reputation.

Using a Proxy Server

Although, there are several proxy sites available to run the banned site, most of the people face difficulties in making the most of the proxy servers. They either don’t know how to use it properly or the access gets limited.

But, don’t worry! We have got you! We searched for several alternative sites for Kickass torrents. After checking the validity and making sure that the users can rely on it, we made a list of the sites which can be used asa substitute of the previously pulled off torrenting sites.

Kickass Proxy Sites

Mentioned below are the Kickass alternatives which work just as fine as the original one. Isn’t it why they are referred as the mirror sites?


































PROS of Using a Kickass Proxy

· It doesn’t let you be dependent on a certain source. You can always rely on other sources to get your desired file downloaded.

· Sometimes, in the middle of a downloading process, your PC/MAC shuts down or the internet access gets lost. Don’t worry! One of the pros of using torrents is that you can continue the downloading from the same percentage, once you restart the device or troubleshoot the connection.

· You are able to download the files faster than the other mainstream downloading sites allow.

· By using torrents, it gets easier to find your desired files.

CONS of Using a Kickass Proxy

· It is must to have a seeder or else, you will not be able to download the file.

· You would never know what you are getting yourself into, unless you scan the comment section, even then, you would only know their perspective.

· Slow internet connection can get in the way of you and your file downloading.

· Everybody downloading the torrent file as same as you, can get an easy access to your public IP address. The seeder can invade your privacy, too. But, do not worry! We have always got your back! We will tell you how to secure your personal information using VPN service.

Using VPN Services for KAT Proxies / Mirrors

VPN is typically a paid service which is used to secure your IP address and web browsing. Be it the seeder or the peers, VPN will keep it safe for you!

Using the VPN is 100% legal in the United States, yet any illegal activity which the user might carry out online will stay illegal, regardless.

Why Should You Make The Vpn Service An Important Part Of Torrenting?

· By using a secure private network, VPN reroutes all the traffic.

· The data is encrypted, and the IP address is hidden.

· Your online activity does not get tracked.

Why You Should Choose The Best Vpn Service?

Every good thing in the world has some downsides, too.

· If the chosen VPN server is not reliable, it will slow down the internet speed.

· Paid VPN servers might get costly for the users.

· As much as the idea ofusing a free VPN excites one’s interests, free VPNs might get you in trouble. Many users have reported that their personal information was stolen and sold to the third parties.

· The bandwidth limit often exceeds.

Following are the links to the best ranked VPN providers. We have also got the prices mentioned for you, just to make it easy for you to decide.




1 month - $12.95 (30 days money refund warranty)

6 months - $9.99 per month(30 days money refund warranty)

12 months - $8.32 per month(special deal and has a 30 days money reimbursement warranty)

· It supports all the major platforms.

· It is not bandwidth limited.

· It supports unlimited server switches.

· 99.99% uptime.

· Includes best-in-class encryption.

· Enable 3 simultaneous connections.

· Allows 30- days money back guarantee.

· Enables split tunneling.

· Zero-knowledge DNS.

1 month - $10.95

1 year - $3.33 per month (save 70%)

2 years - $2.88 per month (save 74%)

· Serves the users with a neat member’s area layout.

· Be it severs, live chats, invoices, it places all the important things intuitively.

· You can always take the safety measures if you don’t want to provide your personal information.

· Gives you an extensive insight into your previous activities.

· If you need any sort of help, the setup guides are always available.

· It doesn’t cap your bandwidth, while giving you the access to streaming a fairly wide range of geo-restricted services.

Free - Limit to 2GB Data Transfer, 1 Connection, 5 Locations

$5.41 per month - Unlimited Data, 5 Connections, 56 Locations

· Provides IPV6 protection.

· The bandwidth has no boundaries.

· The speed is limitless.

· Enables multiple VPN protocol.

· There are no logs.

· Enables you to do torrenting, anonymously.

· Enables port forward.

1 month - $11.95

2 year plan - $3.99 per month or $95.75 every 2 years (save 66%)

3 year plan - $2.99 per month or $107.55 every 3 years (save 75%)

· Your payments are safeguarded. You can do online transactions without any worry.

· Your confidential information is always protected from the third parties.

· There are no boundaries for the access to the internet, and thus, the companies which are willing to test-drive the server’s products can surf anonymously.

· The identity or the location of the field researcher is not revealed.

· The online experience is going to be a very secure one.

· It has user-friendly and smart apps to keep up with the protection of the Android and IOS devices.

1 month - $10.00(save 17%)

3 months - $8.99(save 25%)

1 year - $6.49 per month or $77.99 yearly (save 46%)

· The robustness of encryption is guaranteed.

· Wi-Fi protection is enabled

· There are no logs.

· Since, the ad blocking is enabled, there won’t be any ad to show up on your device’s screen, irritating you.

· The conversations and transactions which you make are going to be secured, if you are a user of the respective VPN provider.

· You can take full advantage of lower rate shopping by using IPVanish.

· It supports various devices, without any limitation.

· It provides an enormous platform for various customer types, such as freelancers, large enterprises, and etc.

· The deployment is on premise.

1 month - $9.95

1 year plan - $40 every year (save 66%)

2 year plan - $54 every 2 years (save 77%)

· The performance is solid.

· There are various advanced features.

· Supports live chats with a limitless speed.

· It offers good security speed.

· It is ranked #2 out of 78 VPNs.

· It is fairly easy to use if compared to other service providers.

· P2P and torrenting is allowed.

· The no logging policy is very strict.

· It unblocks Netflix USA.

· There are 800+ servers in 50 countries.

The Safety Measures Before Torrenting With A Kickass Proxy

You should always make sure that the server which you have chosen is an authentic source, because if not, instead of getting the product, you will become the other party’s product.

There is a wide variety of content which can be downloaded legally, considering that torrenting is not illegal in itself. Although, certain pirated contents have copyright issues which might get you in trouble.

Search about the chosen server, before using it. It would let you figure out what you are getting yourself into.

Disclaimer: The provided Kickass Proxy List is for knowledge and usage information. By all means, we do not encourage illegal copyright infringement. Doing so may cost you legal issues with your local authority. Your ISP may disclose your complete browsing history as required.

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