Best Kickass Torrents Alternatives 2023

by Regina Sutton

Best Kickass Torrents Alternatives 2023 - We know that looking for the best torrent site can be a daunting task. It's quitechallenging to land on a legit page without the fear of facing a virus or a malware attack. There are tons of torrent sites where you can fall a trap to online threats.

Why Looking for Kickass Torrents (KAT) Alternatives?

Kickass Torrents was once one of the most popular torrent sites. It even behind the famous Pirate Bay. After falling a victim to US law enforcement, we lost our most favorite site in 2016. Many internet users still search for the best alternatives for Kickass Torrents. In fact, it is one of the most used keywords in Google search engine.

To make your search for your movies easier and accessible, we have some top and secure picks for you. You will find our list secure, easy and open-source. Let us go through each one of them in detailand find out whether they are the best alternatives.

Important Points about the Alternatives to KickassTorrents ion 2023

We want you to take care of a few precautionary measures before you start using any torrent site. You need to make sure that you are using an excellent VPN service. There are many VPN services out there which don't provide the largest security and may also leak your IP. Thus, you must be careful with the VPN issues, or else you can fall a trap to many risks.

Moreover, we will also tell you to keep your antivirus running while using any torrent site. Also read the user's comments to get an idea about the validity of that site.

Top List of Best Kickass Torrents Alternatives 2023

The best options of the Kickass Torrents are the following:

SeedPeer - Alternative Link


The first Kickass Torrents alternative on our list is SeedPeer. It has tons of movies, shows, games, software, and books. Thus, this website is a complete source of entertainment for you.

Other than the vast collection of various movies and shows, this website is usable. The user interface is simple and clear, and you won't need to spend much of your time learning it. Moreover, it is a legal torrent website with a unique design of more than 700 subcategories. Thus, it is the easiest to use website which tons of subcategories to make your search easy.

EZTV - Alternative Link


Let's talk about another tremendous Kickass Torrents alternative known as EZTV. As the name suggests, this website is easy to use. You can find all your entertainment stuff from movies to TV shows.

We won’t claim that this website has the best user interface like other popular torrents like YTS. But it is enough to fulfill its purpose and provide you with everything you search for.

YTS - Alternative Link


One of the most popular and amazing sites where every movie of your choice is within your reach is YTS. This free website revolves around films, whether it is sci-Fi or action or any kind you prefer. The only drawback we found with this website is the absence of game and software. But that isn’t a big issue when your primary concern is movies.

Moreover, YTS provides you the option of downloading the movies in any quality you like. If you love to watch crystal clear graphics, then you can go for the 1080 display option. There are also options for downloading 3D movies as well.

Not only this but YTS also comes with the perks of getting your favorite movies with a single click direct download button. So, all you need is to click the button and wait for the magic to happen.

With the most accessible and usable user interface, you can explore anything you want.

Torrent9 - Alternative Link


Torrent9 is one of the hubs of marvelous and top-rated torrents. This website is authentic and contains millions of your favorite movies, games, software, and shows.

Moreover, as a layman, you can use this website as it has an engaging and easy-to-use user interface.

This website various sections, each dedicated to a particular genre of movies.

In short, if you want to get the complete variety of entertaining films and shows, then you should Torrent9 a try.

Dirty Torrents - Alternative Link

Dirty Torrents

Dirty torrents is another excellent website. It is the best alternative for Kickass Torrents. From the most recent to the oldest, you can get any movie, games, show, and music from this website.

The search engine of this website is, and it allows you to search other similar torrent websites as well. Thus, you can get any of your favorite content from any torrent site without the fear of any virus or malware attacks. It is safe and secure to use and contains tons of your desired content.

01Torrent - Alternative Link


A not so famous but helpful Kickass Torrents alternative is 01torrent. Because of its unpopularity, this torrent search engine often has a lower rating as compared to other torrent sites.

You will find many reviews on Google claiming that 01Torrent is a scam, but that isn't true. It’s a legit, trustworthy and a safe website with lots of films which areeasy to download with an easier to use interface.

Not only movies but this website will give you a range of books, anime, music, and software. Thus, this site is a must try for you if you are looking for the best Kickass Torrents alternative.

YTS AG / YTS LT - Alternative Link


It is not possible that you are a fan of torrent and you haven’t checked out this fantastic site. It is the most popular Kickass Torrents alternative known as YTS .AG. If you are mixing with the great torrent search engine YTS, then let us clear your misconception. This site, although shares the same name, but has no link with YTS. YTS .AG is an independent and legal torrent search engine which has zero affiliation with YTS.

This website contains all the recent movies and provides you various options for downloading them.

Moreover, this site has a user-friendly interface, unlike many other torrent search engines. With eye-catching and appealing graphics and usable interface, YTS .AG wins the race of being the top-most and friendly Kickass Torrents alternatives ever.

Torrentz2 - Alternative Link


If you still miss the fantastic Torrentz which gave all us an incredible experience of navigating and downloading awesome stuff online, then Torrentz2 is here with the same great features and excellent content.

Torrentz2 is the best alternative for you when you can’t find any other option of fulfilling your entertainment needs. After Kickass Torrents, the new Torrentz2 has no match.

Bit Torrent Scene

Other than the top-rated torrent sites like 1337X, The Pirate Bay, Lime torrents, and many others, there are still some grounded yet amazing torrent sites like bit torrent scene with easy to reach and secure content.

This site is only as old as 2017, but in this short period, it has a collection of over 7 Million torrents.

This site is in the middle of gaining popularity now. We are sure that because of the variety of genres, it will reach the height of fame shortly.

Demonoid - Alternative Link


Demonoid is another famous name in the list of best Kickass Torrents alternatives. This website doesn’t have a very appealing interface or vivid graphics. But, it is easy to use and provides you with several search options. It is quiteold, and that is why it is much reliable and trustworthy platform to download your favorite content.

According to the survey, this website has over 12 million users, and its limit of torrents crosses over 900,000 files.

You can find a vast range of movies, music, books, TV seasons, software, and games on this site. Yet, the only issue with using this torrent search engine is a lot of wait time sometimes because the site experiences quite a lot of political pressure, which results in its downtime.

Torrents Group - Alternative Link

Torrents Group is another much younger site which dates back to the year 2016. Within two years, this site became so popular that it became the home of over 2 million torrents.

This torrent search engine has a huge index of movies, music, games, and animes. It also contains a wide range of documentaries and applications unlike many torrent sites out there.

Although it doesn't support instant download or direct links, yet, that is not a massive hurdle which can make anyone stop using the site.

Moreover, it has a usable interface which further makes this an ideal site and the best alternative for Kickass Torrents.

RARBG - Alternative Link


The last but not the least one on our list of the best Kickass Torrents alternatives is RARBG. This site is the safest, secure, and accessible site which enjoys an excellent rating. It is free of phishing scams and malware which are a normal part of many torrent sites these days.

Moreover, this site is serving us with a variety of entertainment options for over ten years. The site is organized with various subcategories to make your search easier and quicker.

That is why we recommend this site to all those who are looking for the most secure option for downloading their favorite stuff.

Disclaimer: The above Kickass Torrent Alternative list is solely for information. We would never approve nor endorse any illegal sharing of copyrighted media. You can be in deep trouble with your local authority by committing such uploads. Find out about your local law before proceeding.

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