Best USB Encryption Software

by Regina Sutton

USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a connecting support used to connect computer devices to printers, cameras, and mostly external hard drives or flash. A USB flash is small, portable, it has various storage spaces, and it is used to save vital information. However, the portable size of the USB Flash allows the flash to get missing easily or probably stolen. To make sure that the important files on the USB flash remain secure, encryption software was made .USB encryption software is used for privacy and security of folders or data present on an USB flash when an USB flash gets lost or stolen, There are various encryption software that can be used for USBs, they are easy to use and operate, they do not affect the computer device of the USB whatsoever and some are even free. They all have different features and are safe to use. You can choose any of the software you need, as they are all available to different users and your privacy will always be ensured . Some main features of encryption software are

· They can be used on various operating systems

· They have small requirements

· Upgrades are made on different software

· Some are free, some require payment plans while some of the software gives users free trials before the payment begins

List of Best USB Encryption Software

1. Gilisoft USB Encryption

Gilisoft USB Encryption
Gilisoft USB Encryption

The simplicity, easy access, and friendly user interface of this software amaze users all over the world. The software is made for windows operating system only. It is functional, it is available worldwide and users are allowed to try it for free 10 times before they start a payment plan.

This encryption software is unique and outstanding. It is really fast and it doesn't require a manual or technical know-how to operate it. The software makes use ofon-the-fly AES-256 algorithm to encrypt all necessary data and it also recovers lost data. However, with all these amazing features, it has its disadvantage; it costs $50 for paid trial currently which is quite expensive for encryption software. But, apart from this, there is nothing else to worry about, you can always try a free trial first before deciding if the software is worth your money. But remember, Gilisoft has a lot of amazing features you don't want to miss and it is one of the best. If you have made up your mind to try the Gilisoft USB encryption software, here is a simple way to use the software

· Start by plugging in your flash drive after the flash drive has been detected

· State the amount of area you want to secure on the drive

· Create an encryption password

· The software application will work out the rest for you

It is quite simple, right. To use the encryption software, click here to download and enjoy all the benefits and features that come with it.

2. Veracrypt


The Veracrypt was developed with new and improved security and privacy features. It is a new and improved version of Truecrypt. Veracrypt has a lot of features that Truecrypt did not have and its new features of Veracrypt gave the software a rise in the technology industry. Customers all over the world compliment the software for its great features. The usage of Veracrypt increases continually and veracrypt has shown that it is here to stay.

A particular feature of veracrypt that gave it an edge is the use of 3 different encryption algorithms which are AES 256-BIT , serpent, and Two fish. With 3 of the best encryption algorithm, users are very sure of their security and privacy. It is an open-source encryption tool, the software is used easily to encrypt and decrypt drives and it also has a special feature in which it creates encryption volume on hard drives and USB drives, that way no one knows there is even en encrypted file or data on your drive. Veracrypt gave its customers special features and users have been enjoying all the benefits and features. You can also be part of the users enjoying its features, just click here and download veracrypt


· It is free for devices with a maximum storage space of 2 Gigabytes

· There are over 30 different languages available for the software

· It is used on various operating systems such as Linux, Windows, and Mac


· The software is not easy to understand, for someone who has never used an encryption software before this software may not be easy to use, you can always ask your friend or someone who is experienced with encryption software to help you out.

3. AxCrypt


Another notable open-source application for USB encryption is the Axcrypt encryption software. This tool comes with some amazing feature such as it is really simple to use and not a complicated as Veracrypt , it can work on various operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS. The GNU General public license allows users to modify , share and run the software, this allows the software to be upgraded by various users giving it an edge over other encryption software. It has some other amazing features such as the presence of shared keys, back up keys, creation of a unique password for each user, a password manager is present and a strong force resistance to attack. It cost mostly $3 per month or $35 yearly for extra features. You can also use it for free and get amazing features like the AES-128-BIT encryption algorithm and shared keys feature and so many others. Other amazing features of the AxCrypt are

· Capability to encrypt folders on cloud storage

· It automatically encrypts newly added files or data

· Presence of an automatic time feature, this feature allows users to set a timer for how long they want to encrypt their data.

. Available integration to windows shell feature

· It is functional , simple and easy to use

· Presence of other features such as password sharing, and, decryption apps for Android devices and iOS.

· To download this software, click here

4. USB Safeguard

USB Safeguard
USB Safeguard

Some encryption software are used on Windows operating system only and USB Safeguard is one of them. This tool is easy to use, the User interface is familiar and it has all the right options present. It is not only used for USBs, but it is also used for Solid state drives.SSDs), hard disk drives.HHD) and memory cards as well . The tool is free for drives with maximum memory storage of 2GB just like Gilisoft software, however, if you want to enjoy more features and you need more space you can pay for the licensed USB Safeguard software which cost $23 yearly. The drivers that have USB Safeguard software in them are automatically locked once they are unplugged from the system, so even if a user forgets to encrypt its folders, the software does it for them automatically. Some other features which you can't afford to miss on this software tool are

· It makes use of the AES-256 algorithm for encryption, this algorithm is by far on pf the best algorithm tools ever

· It is functional, effective, and it ensures maximum security and privacy

· To make use of this software tool, click here

5. Kruptos 2 Go-USB Vault

Kruptos 2 Go
Kruptos 2 Go

The name might seem complicated or too long to pronounce but it is amongst one of the high-rated and USB encryption software out there. It works with the AES-256-BIT encryption algorithm which is known as one of the best encryption algorithms and it is also one of the few software that runs on various operating systems. It runs on Windows, Mac and Android operating system and it is easy and fast to use. Users are allowed to create different passwords for different files or folders or they can use one password for everything. It works on USB flash drives, SSDs, HHD external drives, and memory cards. The features and benefits of this software are not for free, it comes with a price of $24.95 which is a one-time payment or you can use the free trial which runs for 30 days. Other features of the app are

· Drag and drop feature present

· Absence of hidden back doors or secret keys

· To make use of the Kruptos 2 Go-USB Vault software for your USB device, click here

· The encryption process is slow on files with large storage

Comparison Table for Best USB Encryption Software

The table below shows the difference and similarities between the USBs encryption software listed above. This table is to guide to future when selecting USB encryption software and to help you know the features of the software easily





USB Safeguard

Kruptos 2 Go-USB Vault


Free trial/ $50

It is free

Free/ $35 for additional benefits

Free/ $25 yearly for license

30 days free trial/$24.95

Operating system


Windows, Mac, and Linux

Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android

Windows only

Windows, Mac, and Android

Encryption Algorithm

AES-256 - BIT

AES 256-BIT, serpent and Two fish

AES-128-BIT and AES-256 - BIT

AES-256 - BIT

AES-256 - BIT


Easy to use

Quite complicated

Easy to use

Easy to use and requires no installation

Easy to use

Special Privacy features

Auto recovery feature

It can create encrypted volumes

decryption apps for Android and

Instant lock when the drive is unplugged

Absence of hidden back door or secret keys

Open-source software

It is not an open-source software

It is an open-source software

It is an open-source software

No, it is not an open-source software but, It doesn't require admin rights

It is not an open-source software

External devices

USB Flash drives

USB Flash drives

USB Flash drives

USB Flash drives, SSDs, HHD hard drives, and memory cards

USB Flash drives, SSDs, HHD hard drives, and memory cards

Major disadvantage

Quite expensive

It is not easy to use

TheAES-256 - BIT is absent on the free plan

It has a maximum of free 2 GB space

Slow when dealing with larger files

The features and benefits mentioned above have shown you why these USB encryption software are the best, they are all available and you can always click on the software you prefer and you would like to try out, if you don't feel like spending your money on the software yet for the ones that require payment, you can always try out the free trials and enjoy the benefits of each software, if it is good enough for you, you can pay for them after trying them out and enjoy your USB encryption software with ease. Encrypting your files on a USB is sure a very great thing to do and you get to enjoy maximum privacy, so, the software are worth trying out.

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