How to Fix FB Messenger Not Working 2023

FB Messenger's common problems, known causes, and good fixes

by Regina Sutton

 There is no one who can claim that he has not tried the Facebook messenger app in 2023. If you are someone who is not aware of the app, this app has been developed by the social media giant Facebook. Initially, it was integrated into the social media as a chatting feature. Later on, it was released to be a standalone application soon after Facebook released its true potential. Only one Facebook account can be connected to the application while anyone who has a Windows, Android, and iOS device can use the application.

Symptoms of FB Messenger Not Working 2023

All the smart phone users love to use Facebook messenger on their Android or iOS on their mobile phones. But as the user group of the Facebook messenger has increased to a large extent during the past few years, users are able to see the problems on a more frequent basis these days. Some of the common issues that are faced by the users are:

  • Facebook app freezes and then crashes.
  • Chat messages do not get sent out: 1) no connection to the backend ; 2) server maintenance
  • Outgoing messages never arrive at the destination, or arrive on hours later

Despite of the fact that issues are an inherent part of the app, various fixes have also been proposed for those issues

How to Fix Facebook Messenger Not Working 2023: Howto Fix Facebook Messenger Not Working 2023
How to Fix Facebook Messenger Not Working 2023: Howto Fix Facebook Messenger Not Working 2023

The application is definitely going to work even if the user is not interested in linking his account or does not has a Facebook account either. This article is going to guide you in how to fix Facebook Messenger not working 2023.

Once you follow the method explained in the article, you will be able to fix the potential issues that might be hindering the messenger app’s usage. The messenger app offers a variety of features. Apart from sending the text messages to your loved ones, you can also share pictures and videos with other app users as well.

The applications also allow users to make voice and video calls to their friends and family. The app is considered to be a lot more cheap method for contacting people as compared to other communication methods. The users can add their debit card information to their Facebook messenger account o enable the money transfer feature. You would definitely not want to lose the app that is providing a lot of other interesting features to its users.

How to Fix Facebook Messenger Not Working 2023

The messenger applications allow the users to contact anyone they want to communicate to despite the location and time. But still, the app might stop working due to numerous reasons. Apart from looking for the solution forhow to fix Facebook Messenger not working 2023, it is necessary for you to understand the issues that can hinder the usage of the app. It is better first to know the root behind the cause so that you can avoid them in the long run. The users often encounter the following issues.

1. No Access to FB messenger app

Nothing is going to annoy you more than the issue that is restricting you from accessing the favorite app on your phone. It is worth mentioning that most of the users experience the error every once in a while, using the instant messaging app. In some situations, the error may affect the while users or individuals that are residing in a small region or in other cases it can impact a global community.

The technical issues in the main server that is located across the border might be the reason behind the global issues in the app. While the software in the device or some other hardware problems in the device might be the reason behind the errors that are targeting a particular user. The application to the access of the device must be hindered because of the glitches in the device. Unfortunately they may slow down your device apart from the fact that they are definitely going to attack various applications that are already installed. If you are using an outdated version of the operating system, it might be the reason behind the error that is stopping your device from working properly. Finally, we can also say that avoiding software updates on a regular basis is another reason behind the issue.

The app is going to be inaccessible to the users if there are viruses and bugs in the app. If the glitches in your phone are the main cause, you must be the answer forHow to fix Facebook Messenger not working 2023?You won't believe the fact that one of the easiest ways to resolve the error is restarting your phone.

Generally, the if you are a Windows, iOS, and Android user,you will have to follow some simple steps to reboot the device. The device will have to be turned off in that case by pressing the Power Button for a long time. At the end, he has to reactivate the device by following the same method.

An outdated operating system installed in your device is another cause of the glitch that is restricting the device to accommodate the application. Users can easily avoid the situation simply by updating their system to the latest version. Those users who are using the Android operating system will have to follow these steps to update their devices.

· Navigate to the Settings menu

· Click on the About device option

· Finally select the option Download Updates Manually

While those users who are using iOS will have to follow the steps mentioned below:

· Navigate to the Settings menu

· Next click on General

· Now look for an available update by clicking Software Update

· You can see the details for the available update, you have to click on Download and Install

· Finally click Install Now just after the downloading process is complete

Moreover, the users might not be able to access the Facebook messenger application due to the presence of bugs in the device. There is a lot of probability that the app is infected from the viruses. The user has to reinstall the app to remove the virus from the system that is restricting the access.

First, you need to use the uninstall option to remove the application from your system completely. Next, you have to use the Play or App Store to download the app again just after the app is uninstalled.

2. Invisibility of chat messages on the FB messenger app

How to Fix Facebook Messenger Not Working 2023: Invisibility of chat messages on the FB messenger app
How to Fix Facebook Messenger Not Working 2023: Invisibility of chat messages on the FB messenger app

You might have encountered the case when you were not able to see your messages on your Facebook messenger application. Your app will definitely become useless if you face such kind of situation. While there might be a lot of reasons behind that problem. If you don’t have a good internet connection at the time, you will get that error.

Moreover, often the junk files and cache cause low storage space on your device, so you are not going to get access to your messages in the Facebook Messenger. You might also face the condition that your messages fail to load. Here is the solution for those who are looking for How to fix Facebook Messenger not working 2023 error in displaying messages.

The problem in the network settings is often the main cause of the issue that is restricting its users from seeing messages. Here are some solutions for resolving the error in that case. You can restart the application soon after force stopping it. You can even try turning off and on your internet connection.

Moreover, if you are unable to solve the issue by using the above-stated method you have to reset the network connection. The network connection will eventually be configured to its recommended settings eventually. If you are an Android user, you can simply follow these steps to get rid of the error.

· Click on the Settings

· Next, navigate to General Management’

· Next, you need to click Reset

· Click Reset Network Settings

· Finally Click Reset Settings

While if you are an iOS user you can follow these steps to get rid of the error.

· Click Settings

· Navigate to General

· Now you need to click Reset

· Click Reset Network Settings

· Type your password when prompted

· At the last click Reset Network Settings

If the access issue is not resolved even after resetting the network setup, you should try clearing up some storage space after deleting your cache and unnecessary files from your device. Since iOS devices are designed to automatically clean up their storage space by deleting the junk files and caches so you should avoid this method.

But if you are an Android user you can still follow the following steps to resolve the error.

· First turn the device off

· Press the Home, Volume Up, and Power buttons at once and boot your device in recovery mode.

· Move the Volume buttons to scroll through different options to findWipe Cache Partition

· Click the Power button to confirm your choice

· Now just wait so that the process can take over

· As soon as the process is complete click Reboot System Now

3. Inability to Send or Receive Messages on FB Messenger App

Inability to Send or Receive Messages on FB Messenger App
Inability to Send or Receive Messages on FB Messenger App

Sometimes the application is even in dormant and the user is not able to send a new message nor he is able to receive a message from others. You must agree with the fact that even if the condition is short termed but it will still be annoying and disturbing for most of us.

If the user is listed as a spam user or he is experiencing a poor internet connection he will be facing the issue somehow. There might also be a case that the device is not able to receive the new message as there are excessive junk items in your device. If you are experiencing the same issue you might be looking forHow to fix Facebook Messenger not working 2023 in sending or receiving messages? You just need to follow the steps that have been mentioned in the previous section to clear junk items or resolve network connection issues.

4.Inability to Make Payment on the FB Messenger

One of the most useful functions that a user cant avoid to use is the payment feature. The process of money transfer is enabled for the user through this feature. But there might be the case that the feature is not working for some of the users.

The error might be caused both at the end of the sender or receiver and there are several reasons for that. The sender’s Paypal account or the debit card is the reason behind the failure at the sender’s end. When such issue occurs the sender needs to contact the Paypal or the bank.

The transferred money might be rejected by the recipient due to some specific reasons. The reason is the PayPal account or the debit card might not be linked at his end in the application. The feature might also be disabled at his end as well, so eventually, he will not be able to receive the payments using the app. He just needs to link his debit card or PayPal account with the app for activating that function.

5. Inability to Log in or Sign in FB Messenger

Login failure is the most common error that is encountered by the users while using the app. The user might fail to access his Facebook messenger account even if the correct login credentials are entered by the user.

The issue arises if the user has not updated the application that is installed on his device. He will have to manually update the app by visiting the market place if the automatic update is not enabled on his device.

Some possible causes and their solutions have been mentioned in the article that might restrict the usage of the messenger app in different ways. All the methods that have been explained above stated the procedure and answer the FAQ about how to fix Facebook Messenger not working 2023.

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