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Best Music Recognition Apps

by Regina Sutton

So, you hear your favorite hit playing, you love the sound but there is a problem, you don’t know what song it is. Wait! I’m sure you know that this problem existed a long time ago. But do people still face this awkward situation? I mean, with the creation of apps that can now help find the names of songs is just one of the ways that technology has made life easier.

Speaking of apps that help find the name of songs, we’ve compounded the list of apps and sites that does this perfectly. These are apps that know all there is to know about any song.

List of Best Song Finder Apps

Here is a list of apps and sites that you probably haven’t heard of – of course not, isn’t that why you are here?

1. Shazam


One of the popular apps that deserve the spotlight is the Shazam app. It is available in the three major platforms which are Android phones, Window and iOS devices. Interestingly, Siri, one of the popular Virtual Assistant Apps out there uses its (Shazam) database to help identify songs. I know you are probably wondering if we’ll talk about Virtual Assistants that helps identify songs – we will talk about these Virtual assistant apps later on.

Without a doubt, Shazam remains the best song finder app. Why is that? the answer lies in it's simple and easy to use interface. When you launch the app, you will see the popular blue button. To start listening for music, just click on this iconic button.

The interface features what is known as the Discover Panel. What does it do? Basically, the Discover panel displays different news from the music scene. You also get news of the latest release. Some of the other things the Discover Panel does is that it allows you to search for songs, listen to previews or even add them your favorites. Just like most other song finder app, it also features a chart which allows you to see what other users are scanning with their Shazam app.

Once a song is tagged in Shazam, it does its magic; it does this by collecting these songs and lets you access information about the song that you’ve tagged. You can also share the song after listening to it. Just click on the share it button. This allows you to share your results with other users. The app is one of the few song finder apps that let you listen to songs on Spotify or even Apple Music. In addition to all of these, you also get to watch the music videos or find songs from that particular artist.

The Settings gear on this page lets you connect your social accounts and customize a few preferences. How can we forget the Auto Shazam feature? What the Auto Shazam feature does Is it listens for music and identifies it even when you don’t have the app opened.

Are you offline? Not to worry, the app saves the songs it hears and finds a match as soon as you are online. The last feature that’s worth talking about is the Visual Shazam. What the Visual Shazam feature does is to scan special tags using your camera for extra packages.

2. SoundHound


The second app on our list is so powerful that you also get results for a song when you simply hum the tunes of the song – Amazing, right? Yea! That’s how powerful it is. It edges out Shazam app for that single humming feature. It works perfectly, thanks to its proficiency. In a situation where you don’t know the lyrics to a song – trust me, that happens to me a lot! It’s not all the time you know the lyrics to a song. I remember a song I heard on the radio for the first time, I couldn’t stop myself from tapping my feet to it. But I needed to hear the song again. All I did was hum the song and SoundHound ‘sniffed’ (pawns intended) out the song for me. The song finder app (SoundHound) is just as fast as Shazam and without a doubt, one of the best out there.

Let’s talk about the apps interface a little bit. If you are using the app for the first time, it's pretty much easy to adapt to. The interface features an orange button on its homepage (one of the visible things you will notice when you launch the app). For SoundHound, voice control is everything. To tag music, all you’ve got to do is say “OK Hound”, saying this allows you to tag music and use all of its other features handsfree. They’ve also gone further to add their music player feature to the app. This Chart tab lets you play songs from your Spotify Premium or YouTube). Once a song has been tagged, you will be able to purchase. The app comes in two different versions. There is one for Android users and one for iPhone users.

3. MusicID


Want to know about the songs been played around you? One app you should also consider is the MusicID app. To listen to songs around you, all you have to do is enable the “listen at start” option. Once this has been enabled, all you have to do is let the app perform its magic. It works perfectly without hassles. After figuring out the song playing around you, it saves the search for future use. To access the recognized songs, go to the ‘Profile’ section in the app's interface. You can also buy the songs on Amazon.

Other features of the app include the Explore tab which allows you to see information about some songs including notable artists. The only downside to this app is that is doesn’t display the lyrics of songs. But that seems to be the only downside to the app as you can do other fun things with the app. For example, it allows you to add your comments on the song it identifies.

4. MusixmatchLyrics


Once upon a time, Musixmatch used to be paired up with a popular music app Spotify. What it does when it was still paired with Spotify is to provide lyrics. But that doesn’t happen anymore. You might say Musixmatch is a lyrics app rather than one app that identifies a song. But if searching and finding lyrics of a song counts for anything, then, the app is what the try.

Some other things lacking on the app are charts (what you have is a display of new releases). But you can play songs from the app’s library.

One notable feature of the app is the floating lyrics feature. What this feature does is to help float lyrics to a song even while you listen to the songs. Users have to pay $3 every month to make use of this app. This for lets you access some of its premium benefits such as letting you save a music’s lyrics in case, you’d want to read them offline.

GoogleSound Search
Google Sound Search

It seems Google is almost good at everything they do. For android users, the Google Play Now isn’t a new thing. The Now Playing app just like SoundHound and Shazam listens to songs, it then matches these songs to its database. It then displays the title and other information about the song in question. But what sets the Google Sound Search apart is that the application is always on. This online feature means the app would have gotten the information of the songs while the song was playing.

6. BeatFind


The Beatfind is an app that lets you recognize a particular song. What’s unique with the app? Beatfind doesn’t just search for music, it also synchronizes with the particular song and displays a flashing light effect with your phone’s LED Flash. How does it identify a song? You can do this by clicking on the search icon button placed at the bottom of the home section. One other hidden feature of the Beatfind app is that it keeps an archive for the songs recognized and you allow users to listen to songs on Spotify.

7. Genius


This is one of the popular song finder apps on android phones. I say that because of my first experience with a song finder app started with the Genius app. You can get the app on Google Playstore. The simple interface makes it easy to use for newbies out there. What makes the Genius App thick apart from searching lyrics of songs, and the real-time lyrics? Well, the answer to that question lies in its video library and the apps ability to plat videos of songs you’ve searched.

8. Soly

Find The Name of a Song Apps 2023: Soly
Find The Name of a Song Apps 2023: Soly

The last app that’s worth talking about is the Soly Song Finder app. It lets you read the lyrics of a song. To lighten things up, you also have access to a music player integrated to it. This lets you listen to your favorite music. With the app, you can search (though manually) for lyrics.

Conclusion of Best Song Recognition Apps

There you have it. Without a doubt, you will find one of these song finder apps interesting. And for those of us that only know how to hum to songs because we don’t know the lyrics, this should help out. Karaoke night, here we come!

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