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by Regina Sutton

The Android and iOS Operating Software needs no introduction. These two have come to dominate the market for smartphones OS over the years. They also share a kind of rivalry between them. This rivalry is most prominent in the installation of mobile apps. Most apps come from third-party developers, and because of its difference in OS, app developers have to develop a different program for both Android and iOS. This is done to ensure the developed app is available for users of both Operating systems.

In some cases, aspiring app owners with a low budget might be forced to develop an app that is limited to one OS alone. So the owner of the app is left to choose between Android and iOS. This usually ends up creating a problem whereby the apps become famous and are now in-demand by users of the OS it isn't available in.

Several years ago, this would usually represent a humongous problem that could not be solved except the app is built for the other OS.

Today, such problems still exist especially because of the vast difference between the two top mobile OS. The good news is that there is an easy solution than having to build the app for the other OS.

Ladies and Gentlemen meet "Emulator".

The Emulator is a program developed to enable one computer to behave like another. In other words, a program can imitate another with the use of an emulator. The Emulator is used in various devices and very commonly used to run Plays Station games on PC. However, it is its use in iOS apps that is of an area of interest for us today

Due to the fame and popularity of the Android and iOS, various developers have taken the responsibly to develop emulators that could allow them to use their peculiar apps among each other.

In the course of this article, we aim to help you know how to get iOS apps on android. In that case, we would be dealing with various Android emulators for your iOS.

Basic Setup for iOS Emulators on Android

Most emulators are not official tools including the iOS emulator. Because of this, you can't find them on Google PlayStore. You would have to install them from third-parties. Since it hasn't been verified by Google, there is a risk in installing those apps. You would also have to sideload the app and that itself is another risk. We did offer you the links to download this iOS emulator files. Before that, we have tested them for ourselves and found no malicious code. That doesn't mean nothing can go wrong but you should be safe using them.

Before installing them, there is something else to know. Your Android default settings do not allow installation from Unknown sources or third-parties.

So you need to enable installation from unknown sources from your phone settings. You can do this by first opening settings on your Android phone. Click on security and then you'd see the option that lets you enable app installation from an unknown source. Enable it and install the iOS emulator of your choice. Once you're done installing the emulator, don't forget to disable it. It is disabled by default to protect your device from corrupt third-party software.

Settings > Security > Enable the App installation from "Unknown Source"

iOS Emulators For Android


Cinder is widely regarded as the best iOS emulator. It works smoothly and provides you with the perfect tool to run an iOS app on your Android device. The file comes in APK and the user interface is simple to use. Once you download and install the tool, you can then install your desire iOS apps.

However, there might be a slight challenge using Cinder. It can be selective and doesn't support all iOS devices. You shouldn't encounter such a challenge if your Android device is up to the average standard. Cinder also doesn't support smartphones without official manufacturers but we don't expect you to worry about this.

You can download Cinder APK from a third party website HERE

After downloading the app, you can install it by sideloading it.

You will find the instruction to sideload it from the iEMU installation steps.

Once installed, you can lunch and use the app.


There are not so many emulators for iOS but iEMU is arguably the best. It is the most popular too. This emulator provides you with the tools to install iOS apps on your Android. The emulator does not require a lot of space to download and install. However, running games with this emulator can be a bit stressful. Also, not all games run smoothly with this emulator. The emulator is open source and you can easily install it on your Android device.

You can download iEMU APK from a third-party website HERE

After downloading, install the emulator on your device.

Once installed, go to your app drawer and find "Padiod".

Lunch the app and begin using your iOS apps on your Android devices.

Appetize iOS Emulator

AppetizeiOS Emulator
AppetizeiOS Emulator

Appetize iOS Emulator is a far more convenient option than most other emulators on our list. You don't need to run any other software to use this emulator. All you need to do is to browse the name and you're good to go. This emulator not only runs for Android but other devices. The reason is because of its browser-based property. The emulator works perfectly without any issue arising. It works on both HTML and JavaScript. This emulator has the best success ratio to successfully run any App. Appetize iOS Emulator is not only user-friendly both also secured. It is safe from issues that could arise from using third-party APK files. The reason is that you don't have to install anything. This means you can run an iOS app on your phone without having to install anything on your device. All you have to do is visit the link.

You can run Appetize iOS on your Android HERE

IOSEmus Emulator


IOSEmus is one of the most popular emulators for iOS. It is also one of the first emulators along with Cydia Emulator. IOSEmus is not a web-based emulator so it means you have to first install it. The website has a user-friendly interface so it is very easy to install. The installation is also very fast. You'd find the "MobileConfig" or "Profile" on settings. It appears as two beautiful icons on your home screen. You would have to pick one but the icons are small. Once you open the app, you'd awaken the new iOS 11 style User interface. It also has the most "popular section" where it displays apps.

The app has an App tab that comes with a great variety of signed apps. Signed apps are apps that are working and ready for installation. Browse through the apps and click on any one you want to install. You'd immediately be taken to Safari. On the installation page, you'd see the icon with the name of the app you want to install. You would also see a short description of the app. This is very helpful especially when one is not sure of the app's features.

The IOSEmus Emulator also has a "Changes Tab" option. Its feature is a text that lets you know what's new. There is also the "Info Tab". You can learn a lot about the app through this option. The things you can learn include App developers, Web App Version, and more

How to Install IOSEmus

Visit their website HERE

Then select one of two icons presented to you

You would get a pop-up, select allow

You would then be taken to the settings page

Install by clicking "Install" on the top right corner

Enter a password and install once more

Then click on done on the top right-hand corner and you're good to go

The app would immediately appear on your home screen.

All In One iOS Emulator

We would be closing our list with The All In One iOS Emulator. The All In One iOS Emulator was made by a member of the XDA Developers. With this emulator, you can get the iOS experience on your smartphone. All In One iOS Emulator also has features that enable you to use Siri and other iPhone AI apps. You can also download games and apps of your choice. Another key feature is that it lets you download paid apps for free. It offers you apps peculiar to iOS like iOS Camera and music apps.

The user interface of All In One iOS Emulator is good but not user-friendly. It might require a while in getting used to but it's nevertheless decent.

The app offers a search bottom where you can easily search for the app you want to install. Once you find it click on the download bottom to begin the installation of the app.

All In One iOS is a good iOS emulator for Android and is recommended by us

You can download All In One Emulator HERE.

Okay, friends! That's all we have for you on the iOS emulators. We wrote a detailed article to also ensure you get educated on the topic. However, the most important thing is that you should be able to get your desired iOS apps on Android. Enjoy.

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