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by Regina Sutton

The acronym "PS" is abbreviated as Play Station, and "4" refers to its modified latest version of the previous play station. It is a game console that has been introduced by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Being a reliable and reputed brand that Sony Interactive Entertainment is, Play Station is supposed to be a go-to gaming rescue for the gamers. You can download and play as many games as you like, on it. However, you should make sure that the file is supported by the PS4.

Why a Need to download from PS4 faster ?

Being a PS4 owner comes with a few disadvantages. Slow downloading speed is one of the said disadvantages. Nowadays, game developers are developing new games with greater size than others. Every gamer wants to keep up with the latest release of their favorite game series. However, the slow downloading process can become a hurdle in the way. This can be annoying and hectic. If you are also one of those gamers who are bothered by the slow downloading offered by PS4, we have brought to you some amazing, effective and innovative ways of speeding up the downloading process.

To know of those methods, read this guide till it ends. Every bit of it is going to be helpful for you!

Let's get started!

Best Ways to Speed up the PS4 Download

1. By Paying for a Wired Connection

If you want to go for the most reliable and relevant method of speeding up the downloading process of PS4, pay for it.

  1. If you are using any common internet service, try switching on to a better one. For example, you can go for fiber broadband.
  2. Instead of getting your PS4 supported by a Wi-Fi router through signals, switch to a wired connection. Connect it directly to the device.
  3. To ensure that you can use the wired connection without any difficulty, try using powerline adapters around your house.

2. Check the Limitations of your Router or Modem

In the market, many routers and modems that come with minimum bandwidth limits that can be a trouble for many. This would limit the internet speed. This is why you should get yourself the routers and modems with higher bandwidth speeds.

3. Switch to DNS Servers for Faster PS4 Downloads

If you want to turn it up a notch, alter the DNS settings of the router. These changes not only speed up the PS4 downloading speed, but it will also improve the performance of other devices sharing the same settings.

To do so, follow the easy steps mentioned below:

  • In the main dashboard of Settings, on the top-right, locate an icon displaying a briefcase.
  • Click on it. Now open the Network option.
  • Once you have opened the Network settings, choose the option "Set up Internet Connection."
  • Now, you would be asked to choose between two options, Wi-Fi and LAN Cable.
  • If your PS4 is connected to a wireless connection, choose Wi-Fi. Otherwise, choose "Use LAN Cable" for modem.
  • Once done, select the Custom option.
  • Now, to alter the DNS IP address, select the option of "Automatic," then "Do not specify," and finally, select the "Manual" option.
  • To enter the Primary IP Address, type: Google - However, for Secondary IP Address, type: Google -
  • Open DNS - ("Primary" field); ("Secondary" field).
  • After entering the above details, recheck the actions, then you may continue.
  • Click on "Next."
  • Click on "Automatic."
  • Now, retry downloading any file on PS4 and check if there is an improvement in the performance or not.

To know about the best DNS server for PS4, watch this video:

4. Don't Download More than One Item at a Time

If you are downloading more than one file at a time, then this might also cause a problem in the downloading performance of PS4. Not just PS$, but in general, if you would download more than one file at a time on any device, this would end up in a slower downloading process than usual.

Hence, always make sure that you are downloading only one file at a time. Be patient, and be wise!

5. Don't Play Online while your Download is Active

If you put a file on download, and start playing an online game meanwhile downloading another file, this will result in the most annoying experience of playing PS4 ever! How? Doing so will not only affect the downloading speed of the other file, but it will also affect the online gaming experience for you.

To avoid any such clash, make sure that you are not downloading a file while playing an online game or vice versa.

Applying this method to your regular use of PS4, you are going to have a positive impact on your regular gaming life.

6. Pause and then Resume your Download

When you are using your mobile phone, and it suddenly stops working, the instant thing that you do is power off the mobile phone, and restarting it a few seconds later.

Similarly, when you are using a PS4 and downloading a big file on it, if the process takes longer than usual, pause it, and then resume it.

This would work just similar to the above mentioned mobile phone example.

7. Make Sure that your Wi-Fi Network is Not Crowded

If you are facing a speed problem while downloading a file on PS4, then also make sure that there aren't a lot of devices connected to the Wi-Fi. Otherwise, this would result in a slower experience of downloading a file on PS4.

We suggest you download the file while there is no one at home, and absolutely no other device connected to the same network. Better performance will be evident!

8. Update to the Latest Firmware

It is very important to keep up with the latest updated firmware of PS4. This is going to improve the overall performance of your device. On connecting your PS4 to the internet, you'd be asked to update the firmware to its latest version. Make sure that you don't skip! Try out this method, and a better experience as a PS4 user is guaranteed!

9. Put your PS4 into Rest Mode

It is best to put your PS4 into rest mode while a file is being downloaded. This will bring an effective recovery to the slow speed of your PS4 downloads.

To do so:

  • Go to the Settings of your device.
  • Furthermore, select Power Saving Settings.
  • Set the available functions into Rest Mode.
  • However, make sure to allow the device to stay connected to the internet connection, because, without an internet connection, your desired file would be failed to finish its downloading process.

Moving on, we are also going to discuss some FAQs about PS4. Stay connected!

How is PS4 better than PS3?

Sony Interactive Entertainment has modified this device into such features that are way better than that of the PS3. New features mean a better experience. Who doesn't want that?

The developers of this game console considered the requirements of the gamers, while they worked on this amazing console. Not just that, but they also kept the criticism in mind, just so that the gamers aren't disappointed.

Apart from that Sony claims that PS4 is about 10 times stronger than PS3. Comparatively, the processor of PS4 is stronger and more reliable than PS3's. Even if we talk about the graphics, PS4 is just simply a better creation in terms of horsepower graphics. The x86-based chip is similar to the Windows' and Xbox's.

It is time to say goodbye to your oldie PS3. Let's say hello to PS4! Better and bolder!

How to keep PS4 Protected?

Well, to do so, try following these tips:

1. Set your Messages to Private

By enabling this setting, you would be protecting your PS4 from receiving malicious messages from unknowns.

2. Don't Accept Friends you Don't Know

Only connect with people whom you are familiar with. Don't trust every other person that you come across while playing an online game.

3. Two Factor Authorization

To make sure that no outsider gets access to your PSN account, switch the login settings to Two Factor Authorization. Not just on PS4, but this hack works on pretty much every other platform where your account details demand to stay a secret!

4. Turn on Passcode for your PS4 Account

You don't want anyone to login to your account and start playing, invading your gaming zone. To make sure that no one does it, set up a passcode as a security check on your PS4. Now, even if someone manages to know your account logging in details, they won't be able to cross the initial security check.

Here is a video tutorial:

5. Turn on Purchase Verification

If you live with hacker roommates or curious kids who might ruin your PS4 settings without your permission, we suggest you turn on the purchase verification. This way, if someone is purchasing an item on PS4, you will be asked to verify the request. This way, you can protect your PS4 perfectly!

If you found this guide helpful, don't forget to share it with your friends and family who are also willing to troubleshoot the slow downloading on PS4.

We hope that you are benefited by the information that we have put together for you to make the most of!

Thank you!

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