Best Bookzz Alternatives in 2023

by Regina Sutton

The world is divided into various types of people who love to read. Some people enjoy themselves relaxing while reading a book. Then some people claim to find spiritual enrichment through reading as it expands their worldview. Not just that, but some people also say that they enjoy being mentally challenged by books.

How Bookzz Came About

For the sake of love for the books that people have, they tend to buy as many books as they can. They never waste their time after finishing reading one book, because they always have the next one ready to be read.

But, this is only possible if you have enough money to keep up with the latest releases of your favorite authors. This is one of the reasons why people prefer eBooks.

For keeping up with eBooks, readers used to prefer as the best source of downloading free eBooks from. Due to its wide range of book collections, scientific articles, and user-friendly interface, it gained so much popularity!

Unfortunately, in 2017, the owners of the website sent an email to its subscribers, letting them know that the website would no longer be available as it had been ordered to shut down its domain.

This sad news disappointed many of the readers. They were left out without any hope of making a comeback on the internet.

This gave rise to the acceptance of various other websites that can be used as an alternative to

If you don't know about any reliable alternative website, don't worry! We have got your back!

But before moving on to the main topic, let us discuss some of the basics about eBook that every reader should know.

What is meant by eBooks?

An electronic book or eBook is a softcopy of the book that you can easily open and read on a computer, e-reader or other electronic devices.

Why you should switch to Bookzz?

To help you in making up your mind, we have put together some basic benefits of using an eBook. Read the following pros, and decide whether you should switch to using an eBook or not.

1. Save Money

Money doesn't grow on trees. You earn it by working hard. If you start reading your favorite books instead of buying each one of them, you can save money. Remember that every penny counts!

2. Portable

If we talk about the actual books, you can take them with you wherever you go, but how many do you think that you can carry with yourself while traveling from one place to another?

Whereas on the contrary, there is no limit of books that you can carry on eBooks. You can carry thousands of books wherever you go!

3. Sync of the Reading Spot

Unlike books where you have to go through pages to find the exact spot where you left off, eBook syncs the last reading spot. On eBooks, if you stop reading for a while, and decide to read again from exactly where you stopped, you don't have to search for it. Thanks to the synchronization feature!

4. Save the Mother Nature

Not just the above, but switching on using eBooks is also going to save 8 million trees that are cut down each year just to produce papers for books.

Trees are living things. Let's save millions of lives!

5. Less Book Storage Issues

All that an eBook occupies is a little space on your phone storage. You don't need huge libraries at your home, no more space hunting in the closets! You can save and download as many books as you want by using an eBook.

6. Searchable

Let's say that you want to read 1000 pages long book called the incredible Story of Civilization by Will Durant. You don't have to pass hurdles for finding out the respective series. You can simply search 'China' and the eBook interface would show you the relevant results for every book that discusses the history of China.

Save money, save nature, save time! What else do you want?

7. Customizable eBook Fonts

If you are visually impaired and find difficulty in reading a book that is printed in small fonts, eBook is the best option for you! Why? This is because, on eBook, you can customize the font size according to your will, large or small.

List of Best Bookzz Alternatives in 2023

What are the Best Alternative Websites of to find your Favorite Books to download for Free? To make it easier for you, we have mentioned some of the best websites that you can get free eBooks from. You can use these websites as an alternative to, because the domain of each of the alternatives is quite similar to that of the

All that you have to do is keep reading!

1. Library Genesis

Library Genesis
Library Genesis

Library Genesis is a Russian-based website. It has a huge collection of eBooks! The collection ranges about 3 million books, including both, fictional and non-fictional. You will be amazed to know that each of the 3 million books is free to download. Not just free, but easy, too. Thanks to its user-friendly interface!

Although, the website may have to change its domain in a short period of time, you can still find its mirror sites.

By using Library Genesis, you can get free access to scientific articles as well. Not just for reading a mysterious novel, but you can also use it for academic purposes.

2. Textbook Nova

Textbook Nova
Textbook Nova

Textbook Nova provides a good collection of books for free that usually cost you a considerable amount of money on other websites such as Kindle, etc.

If you want to find your desired book without wasting any time, type the title of the book in the search bar, and that's it! If for some reason, you don't remember the book title, you can also search for it by typing its author's name, any keyword, or ISBN in the search bar.

3. Open Library

Open Library
Open Library

If you are looking for a website that has a well categorized eBook library for you to pick from, Open Library is the one for you!

We understand that as a passionate reader, you might want to explore new and different genres every now and then. This is why we suggest you visit this website because on Open Library, you can find any genre of your choice.

All the books are available for free! Open Library even provides its users with the account facility where they can sign up as an official member of the website.

The user interface is also very elegant and simple to understand and use. You don't have to do many efforts! Open Library has made it easy for you!

4. Free eBooks

Free eBooks
Free eBooks

Not just eBooks, but on Free eBooks, you can also find audio-books of authors from all over the world!

Just like the other websites that we have mentioned, Free eBooks also provides its users with a good variety of books to choose from.

However, all the books are not free. IF you want to get access to every book that the website has, you would have to subscribe to it.

After signing up and proving your identity, you can download as many books as you want. There is no downloading limit!

5. Booksc


Booksc is a website where you can find the largest collection of scientific articles from all over the world! Not just scientific articles, but Booksc also offers 49,39,944 books for its users. Every article and book is free to download.

You can also signup to Booksc if you want to make donations. To know more about it, visit the website.

Being a part of Z-library projects, Booksc is considered as a reliable and relevant website to download eBooks from. There is no fraud or scam.

6. Free Book Spot

Free Book Spot
Free Book Spot

As the name makes it obvious, this is a book spot where you can get access to your most liked books for absolutely free!

The user interface of this website is quite a very understandable one.

The genres are well-classified. You can choose whichever genre you want to explore. You can also search for your desired books by simply typing the name in the search bar of the website.

7. eBook 3000

eBook 3000
eBook 3000

If you are willing to find magazines online for free, this website is a must to try! Here, you can find and download almost any magazine.

You can also find adult magazines on eBook 3000. You just have to make sure that you are an adult.

The collection is also a really good one! The interface is also very user-friendly. The website keeps up with the latest releases as well as the old content.

8. Internet Archive

Internet Archive
Internet Archive

Internet Archive is the website where you can find over 230 billion web page searches. The books that are available on the Internet Archive are more than 50 million. It is an enough amount to cover almost every genre of books ever discovered!

Not just eBooks, but this website also offers free music to listen to. If you want to make most of the internet, you should visit Internet Archive. You are going to love it!

9. Gutenberg


On Gutenberg, you can also review any book of your choice. You can now become the critique, and let others know what you think of a certain book.

Gutenberg is one of the most popular websites that offer a wide range of eBooks. By using Gutenberg, you can read the best books, utilizing electronic devices.

Gutenberg is also one of the most reliable websites. You can trust it with all your heart! There is no scam or fraud.

The collection of books is updated time-to-time. Hence, you can also find the latest releases by your favorite authors.

10. Bookboon


Bookboon is one of our main picks! Here, you can find business-related as well as academic-related articles and books.

However, the business books are available for the subscribed members of Bookboon. But, if you are not willing to be a part of this amazing plan, you can still download free eBooks that are related to academics, etc.

If used properly, this website can help you in grooming your personality, mentally and physically.

The websites mentioned above can be used just like This list is considered as the top 10 alternatives of Make the most of it!

Happy Reading!

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