Movierulz Website And Best Alternatives In 2023

by Regina Sutton

We all have different things we love to do in our spare or lonely time. Whether it is watching TV, Dancing, singing, reading, hangouts are also some of the activities.

The Rise of Movierulz

It is safe to say that watching movies or TV series is high up on the list. There are two different ways one can watch a movie or TV series. One can either watch the movie or show on TV; the other is to stream it. Streaming today is quite impressive. There is hardly anything you can't stream online. All you need is to go to the right place, a stable internet connection, a streaming device and you are good to go.

The rate at which we are all switching to streaming content online rather than paying for cable subscription is not surprising. Cable subscription fees are so high the switching was always going to happen. It was not a matter of if it would happen; it was a matter of when it will happen. Every one of us has some set of streaming websites or services that we access as soon as we want to start streaming . There are lots of streaming websites and services. Each one of them come with their own perks and drawbacks. Some of them offer content for free while others charge a little fee. The fee compared to cable is a steal which makes a lot of us subscribers to a streaming service.

There are a lot of superb streaming services and websites where you can access any content you want. While a lot of them try as much as possible to stay on the right side of the law, some are in-between . One very good streaming website notorious for video piracy is MovieRulz.

MovieRulz is a very good streaming website, there is little one can argue here. It is notorious for providing movies that have just been released in theaters or cinemas. No movie from any of the big movie industry can escape MovieRulz . From Hollywood newly-released movies to Bollywood movies blockbusters, it is a source you can pass up. The owners of the site keep adding more content which means it has a very large database. This means there are tons of movies available for free on the website.

Features of Movierulz Website

There are lots of features on the website that makes it worth using. A few of them will be highlighted below.

1. It is easy on the eyes: The website is well designed . It has a freshness about it that makes you comfortable using it.

When you click a movie you want to watch, it will take you to a landing page. This page, you can also refer to it as the movie page, provides details and information about the movie. The details include decryption, stars in the movie cast, genre, release year and some other details.

2. Easy user interface: The user interface is superb and the movies are well organized . Finding the movie you want to watch depends on how you want to locate it. You can find the movie you want by sorting the database based on genre, release year and quality.

A lot of the movies are in CAM print. There are HD and Blu-Ray qualities too for older movies that are no longer in the cinema.

There is also a search bar which allows you to search the title of a movie. There is a movie list on the site which itself is sorted alphabetically. Summarily, how you a movie on the website is left to your discretion.

3. Proxy Site and incredibly fast streaming speed: This is something that cannot be overlooked . The website provides newly released movies as well as other content, it is only right that it has some copyright issues. MovieRulz has some proxy sites that are in place to throw government off their scent.

While this means it is illegal to use the website, it is not worldwide. The website is still legal in some countries. That aside, having a proxy site means the traffic is more or less evenly distributed between multiple sites. This means that there is no room for buffering or lags when streaming.

4. Stream and Download Movies: MovieRulz is not just a streaming website. it also allows you to download the movie for offline viewing. This is very good if you are someone who prefers watching movies offline.

When downloading, there are a couple of links you can choose. The site even has Torrent links which you can use to download your movie. Using Torrent links means the download speed will be very fast , it's as simple as that.

Also when you are streaming, MovieRulz provides a number of tweaks that you can use. Some of the cool features include:

- option to change the speed of the movie;

- ability to add subtitles to the movie;

- Option to change the movie's quality; etc.

5. Language and other general features: This is perhaps the best feature about MovieRulz . There are tons of movies site and they are available in a variety of language. From English to Telugu to Marathi, there is a variety of language to choose from. You can watch any movie you want in the language you select without using subtitles for it.

The website has a request section where users can request for a movie. The said movie usually takes 48-72hrs before it is uploaded .

MovieRulz is illegal to use in some countries . And while the streaming website is good and okay, it also internet ISP rules, government copyright issues and lots of other problems. Thus if MovieRulz is banned in your country, there are different websites you can turn to. The other websites provide an alternative so that you are not left with no website to stream movies from.

List of Best Movierulz Website Alternatives In 2023

We will look at Five (5) below with a few highlights of their features.

Tubi TV - Site Link

Tubi TV
Tubi TV

Tubi TV is the closest streaming website to MovieRulz that you can use to stream or download movies. It has TV shows too but the movies database is quite large. It is legal to use and has a couple of cool features. Tubi TV allows you to use the website whether you sign up or not . However, it has a feature that you can only use by creating an account.


  • Easy to use
  • Syncing feature that allows you continue a movie exactly where you left off on any device your account is logged in on. This feature is only available after creating an account.
  • A mobile app is available for Android and iOS users. Tubi TV is also available on Roku

123movies - Site Link


123Movies is a popular streaming website. it has a very large content library and has movies uploaded everyday . Simply put , there is no genre of movie you are looking for that is not on the site. Just like MovieRulz , it also has newly-released movies still in theatres and cinemas. You can watch them for free as long as you are okay with camera quality resolution.

All the movies on the site have their video resolution indicated . This makes it easy to decide whether to proceed to the movie's landing page or not. There are ads on the site though so you need to activate your browser's adblocker . Most of the ads are pop-ups and can be a little annoying without an ad blocker. The website provides similar features like MovieRulz that allow users to find movies faster.


  • Video resolution of movies varies
  • User-friendly website
  • Newly-released movies are available for streaming on the website

Putlocker - Site Link


There is hardly any movie you want that is not available on Putlocker. It is also an alternative to MovieRulz that you will definitely enjoy using. One major talking point about Putlocker is that it is legal to use. This is because while it has a large movie database, the website does not host them. The movies and show files are hosted on other third-party websites. Putlocker only put up links that lead to them.


  • No copyright issues
  • An intuitive user interface that is very easy to use
  • Few ads
  • Video quality of Movies are available in High Definition (HD)

Popcorn Time - Site Link

Popcorn Time.    SiteLink
Popcorn Time. Site Link

Another streaming site that allows you to stream and download movies. Movies library of the site is pretty decent, and they all are in good quality. Ads are present on the website and it also has apps for mobile devices. The best thing about the website is its incredibly fast streaming speed.


  • Has a very fast streaming speed with little to no buffer
  • All movies are in HD video resolution
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS device available

FMovies - Site Link


This is the last alternative you can use if you do not have access to MovieRulz. FMovie itself has a very content library. It is one of the largest among streaming websites. Like MovieRulz, it also has movies that are just in the Cinemas and the ones that have been released . The video quality depends on whether it is newly released or not .


  • Lots of movies in very high video resolution
  • Easy to use interface
  • Not less than three servers available to reduce buffering when streaming and lagging when downloading
  • Few ads that are pop-ups and necessarily not annoying

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