Best Hidden Google Games You Are Missing Out On!!

by Regina Sutton

Who knew that Google, the top tier of search engines, the grand master of information will have some games up its sleeves? Yup, Google has hidden games that you do not know about. They don't even advertise it. Only the mages and sages of our generation know of this priced information. But there is love in sharing.

List of Best Hidden Google Games in 2023

Since we know about this, why not tell you too? We would love for you to enjoy these benefits as well. Here is our list of Google Games you need to start playing now. Beside each one is the Google app/site you can find it in:

1. The Falling Cute Cloud. (Google App)

This fun, mildly addictive game has a striking resemblance to the game 'Flappy Bird'. In Flappy Bird, you had to pass the little bird through several pipes, without touching any of them. If it touched the pipe, you would lose. You also had to avoid other evil birds and calamities that may come your way when playing. The Falling Cute Cloud is like this. It is about a happy, white cloud holding an umbrella, falling through the sky. You need to tap the screen to prevent it from falling on the ground. If it falls, it would be game over. While floating through the air, you need to avoid evil clouds full of thunder and lightning. The evil clouds are smart. They catch you unawares. There are also evil birds that will attack the happy cloud. You need to avoid them as well. Meanwhile the happy cloud completely oblivious to the danger, joyfully keeps floating away. After a while a storm arises. You need to also save it from the storm.

Playing this game is quite easy. You can find it on the Google App. It is only available when you are offline. On the top right corner of your screen, you will see a yellow icon. Inside it is the happy cloud with its umbrella. There is a play button right underneath this icon. Click on it to begin your game. If you are still unsure how to play it, watch the YouTube tutorial here:

2. Garden Gnomes ( Google Doodle Archive ) - Game Link

Google created this game in commemoration of Garden Day. This German holiday celebrates garden gnomes locally created by their craftsmen. These gnomes were said to protect the gardens in which they are kept. It is also believed they bring good luck to the owners of the gardens. Google turned this history into a fun, entertaining game, allowing you to decorate the garden with the gnomes you have made!!

To play the game, launch your desired gnome very high into the atmosphere. It will enter your garden. The farther you go, the more points you earn. There are a few features that can help boost the distance of your throw. These includes a butterfly, a lucky log boost and a mushroom bounce. Once your gnome has found a resting place, it will take on a unique shape or pose. It is fun to play, maybe a little addictive. You can see for yourself how to play the game: 

3. Solitaire - Game Link

Who loves Cards? Who loves defying the odds? This card game is for you. Nope, you do not have to download it to play. Yep, all you need is to type it on Google Search. And it is found!! But you don't need to do that, because we have already provided you a link for that. The game is like any other Solitaire. Same rules, same guidelines. But this one has a bit of Google twist to its design. It's quite pretty to look at. Plus you have a timer for your game. When you first enter, you can choose to do the easy one, or the hard one. This depends on your level. If you don't know how to play the game, but would like to learn, here is a video for you: 


4. Flight Simulator ( Google Earth ) - Game Link

Google Earth also has a hidden in-built flight simulator game up its sleeve. The game makes you a virtual pilot, allowing you travel wherever you please. Using features of Google Earth, the flight simulator lets you see cities as they are in real life. Especially if you turn on the 3D feature. The view get be a bit blurry sometimes. But it is worth it! You also have the added advantage of choosing the airplane you want. It can be an SR22 or an F-16. You also experience flying as though you were inside the plane. Now that is cool!!

The game is not found online unlike the others. You need to install it on your laptop. But it is still free. You can download it here from Google Earth. It is compatible with most laptops. So you can download it on your Windows, Mac, Linus or any other model that you have. Remember to read and accept the terms and conditions. After downloading, click on the Tools icon at the top. Select 'Enter Flight Simulator'. That's it. You are now an online pilot. You can observe the whole world from the comfort of your home, in 3D!!

5. T Rex, Run!

If it is not the T-Rex run, would we even have a list of Google games? T-Rex Run is that game that appears when your internet connection is not working. It keeps you busy while the problem is getting fixed. Much more, it is actually entertaining.

The game is about a T-rex running a race in the dessert. On its way, it encounters several cacti. In the beginning, it they are few, with one showing up every few seconds. But as you progress, they begin to increase. The point of the game is to jump over the cacti each time you encounter one. If the T-rex touches it, game over!! The speed also increases as you progress, making it more difficult, but not less interesting! You also have to avoid touching pterodactyls that suddenly appear. The aim is to make you fail, don't fall for this trap!!!

The game continues to go on until the internet connection returns. That being said, you can only play the game when you are offline. So, if you deliberately want to be offline, turn off your Wi-Fi. But you need to visit a google Chrome page first. When you have landed and you see an 'Unable to Connect to the Internet', you will also see the game waiting below it. Press a key on your keyboard to begin. If you have a touch-screen device, touch the screen. You can play for as long as you want. Or till you are ready to have your internet back. Here is a video showing how to play the game:

Also earn more points by applying hacks from this video: 

You may now brag to all your friends. But don't tell anyone the secret! Only you and I should know!!!

Pac-Man is a most interesting game. It gets you laughing while taking it serious at the same time. It is very popular, and needs no introduction. But if you've never heard of it before, we have an explanation right below for you.

The game originated in Japan, under the name Puk-Man. It is made up of a blue maze in which are some tiny, yellow dots. There are also big dots as well. You, the player are Pac-man, the yellow protagonist of the game. You need to go around the maze, eating these tiny yellow dots. Meanwhile, you must avoid the colorful ghosts who have set out to eat you. But if you eat the bigger dots, you can eat the ghosts and earn good points. Eat as many ghosts as possible during that time. By now, they will be running away from you. Unfortunately this power does not last long, and they go back to eating you. Funnily enough the ghosts have names. They are Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde. But not being eating is more important than knowing their names.

To play the game, click the link provided. You will see the Pac-Man Doodle immediately below. Google made it available to celebrate its 30th Anniversary of the game. Plus, it is completely free!!

7. Snake - Game Link

Who remembers this game?? Especially if you are a 90's kid. This famous game was present on All Nokia Phones. And now Google has brought it back for us. As we all know, the snake keeps moving. You have to direct it towards the food they put up on the screen. Meanwhile, you must not hit the wall. Or it will be game over. The more food you eat the more points you earn. And the longer your snake gets. The Google snake looks quite innocent. It has a very huge mouth, with eyes that are ever towards the meal. It's always hungry.

To access the game, follow the link provided above. You can also search " Google Snake Game " on your own anytime you want to play. If you want your snake to be multi-coloured, learn how to do so here:

Conclusion of Best Google Hidden Games

Here is the list of Google Games you can play for free. If you're bored, or need something to keep you company, these games are there for you. The list comprises both online and offline games. Whether or not you are surfing the web, you have something at your disposal. And if you're unsure of how to play the game, there are YouTube links provided for that purpose. Thanks for staying with us again. We hope you do find what you like, and love it. See you soon. Until next time!!

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