Top Prezi Alternatives in 2023

by Regina Sutton

Presentation, best known to man, is the most interactive and effective way of displaying acquired ideas before a group of people. Presentations are used from corporate bodies down to education institutions in the society we live in today. In the midst of several digital presentation tools, Prezi is one of the most used and outstanding amongst them.

List of Top Prezi Alternatives in 2023

Making use of its distinct user interface allows you to make outstanding, alive-looking presentations before a group of people. With Prezi, a user is exposed to cloud saving feature which lets he or she save presentations online, image editing tool and multi-user collaborations.

As unique and interesting Prezi has turned out to be, there are a lot of other Prezi alternatives, web and desktop based. With these Prezi alternatives, smooth, engaging, mind-blowing presentations can be attainable. Below, is a list of other interesting and possibly, preferable top Prezi alternatives.

1. Slides - Alternative Link


This is a presentation program, also known as Google Slides. Developed by Google LLC and released in March 9, 2006. This program was written in Java Script and supported by operating systems such as Android, iOS, macOS, windows, black berry and chromeOS

This is a well equipped online Prezi Alternative which lets you create presentations, meant to be displayed to your audience of different fields. The user is presented with the choice of making their presentation public or private, exporting presentations for offline purposes such as broadcasting them real time, etc. A user is also allowed to export presentations in PDF format. This search engine also has features such as forked presentations, Google Analytic support, revision history, etc.

2. Haiku Deck - Alternative Link

Haiku Deck
Haiku Deck

This is known to be a cloud-based app, designed to let users create presentations. It was first founded by Adam Tratt and Kevin Leneway in Seattle, Washington on 2010.

Haiku Deck is an impressive but yet a simple Prezi alternative. This online Prezi alternative is well equipped with different types of presentation templates. These templates, exists in various forms such as Press Releases, social media reports and Professional Profiles. The user is also allowed access to more than 40 million creative common images, to be used in making presentations. The user is also allowed to save multiple presentations and also attach playable YouTube videos. There exists an iOS app for Haiku Deck which is used for making presentation for your iPhone or iPad.

Paid plan for this Prezi alternative starts from $5 for a month.

3. Emaze - Alternative Link


Formally known as Visual Software Systems ltd, was first released in 2009 by Motti Nisani, Shai Schwartz and Arie Livshin. Led by First Time Venture, Emaze raised $2,000,000 in Series A in November 2014 and in May, $800,000 from The Time.

The difference between Emaze and other Prezi alternative, is its unique collection of impressive templates/themes, which includes video background and 3D zoom animations. Presentations created using this Prezi alternative can be downloaded as PDF file and vodeos.

Emaze has a customize brand templates, multi user collaboration and analytic support for created presentation. With Emaze, the user is being given the option of sharing his presentation on popular social networks, import existing power point presentation.

However, there paid plans for this Prezi alternative starting from $9 per a month with an available 14 day free trial plan.

4. PowToon Slides - Alternative Link

PowToon Slides
PowToon Slides

Powtoon Slides whose headquarters is located at 28 church road London, United Kingdom, was founded in January 2012 by Ilya Spitalnik,Sven Hoffman, Oren Mashkoviski.

It is accepted amongst many as one of the only Prezi alternative with the most features, it lets the user create presentations, relating to greeting cards, marketing/sales training etc. PowToons Slides basically has hundreds of templates to aid its user experience when creating and making a presentation. Video, audio, graphs, shapes and a lot more can be added to its user's presentation. The user gets to chose animation type and transition duration for his or her slides. Slides (as videos) created can be uploaded to video sharing services such as YouTube, Vimeo and also lets the user download these slides in different formats such as MP4 and PDF.

Subscribed accounts for this Prezi alternative lets, its users download slide shows as HD videos, including other features such as third party transfer rights and royalty free music.

Subscribing an account starts from as low as $19 for a month, plus a free plan available.

5. SlideBean - Alternative Link


This presentation program was first founded in 2013, with a company size of about 11-50 employees. It has its headquarters at 25 Broadway 9FL New York, New York.

What differentiate the SlideBean from other Prezi alternatives is, its unique, well detailed templates, aside having the normal elements such as background images, it also has a content placeholders for a long length presentation outline. In addition to creating a presentation, the user can input customized elements such as line charts, tables, videos and quotes. SlideBean has other interesting features such as PDF exports, dedicated account manager and real time protection.

Subscribing for a plan on SlideBean will cost you, starting from $8 per a month and a free plan that limits the user from creating more than one presentation.

6. SlideDog - Alternative Link


This is a presentation program, which aids users in creating display presentations, designed for Microsoft Windows was released in 2012.

With SlideDog, its users are allowed to combine element formats such as PDF document, Prezi exported presentations, PPTs and images into simple multimedia presentation. This Prezi alternative lets its user access these files irrespective of their different formats, without having to compress or convert. SlideDog allows its users stream live presentations online. This Prezi alternative has a dual-screen support feature, which lets its user (the presenter) easily control what will display on the screen for his or her audience. Another unique feature is that, it aids its user make more interacting presentation with the use of elements like questions, polls, feedback and comments which viewers can actually interact with.

SlideDog subscription plan ranges from $9.90 per a month.

7. Focusky - Alternative Link


This program was established in 2008 in China, being a professional science and technology company for software. With Focusky presentation a user can get; beautiful zooming presentation with rich media, life-time liscence without extra fee, free upgrade and technical support and 30 days money back guaranteed.

Aside having all the features on Prezi, foscusky has a lot of unique and extraordinary features to successfully aid its user attain a successful presentation. Slides created by Focusky can easily be rearranged by dragging and dropping them on desired area. With Focusky, a user can create presentations that are freely zoomable. During slide shows of a presentation, the 3D transition effect feature makes viewing worthwhile. This Prezi alternative allows the user add to presentation; music, text, videos, layers and many much more. It also accepts downloads of a vast number of online templates, animated characters and video background. This software lets the user encrypt his or her created presentations, for security purpose. These created presentations can be exported in different formats such as EXE and MP4. Another interesting features possessed by focus sky are; voice narration, royalty free vector art and search engine optimization.

Focusky subscription ranges from $8.33 per month, plus available free plan.

8. Pixxa Perspective - Alternative Link

Pixxa Perspective
Pixxa Perspective

This is a presentation software program for presenters whose presentation basically has to do with charts. When it comes to presenting acquired data in charts, it is the best a user could actually try out. To get the most out of this presentation software, one requires a subscription.

Pixxa Perspective has a super dynamic charting feature that a user can include to his or her presentation, the disadvantage of this app is that it does not exist as a full presentation tool and it also has expensive upgrades. Its slide feature is the best alternative for chart-crazed presenters.

9. Zoho Show - Alternative Link

Zoho Show

Zoho Show is known to be slide creation and presentation creation platform, with a simple, clean and basic user interface, making it easy for anyone with minimal design skills.

With a free version, a user is exposed to over 17 prebuilt themes with a gallery of slide transition effects and animation. Just like Prezi, Zoho also allow its user present his or her content to the audience through slides. In real time, it lets multiple users view and edit their presentation. Zoho is compactible and working on all desktops and android devices.

Zoho supports individuals working in teams, it is free for 25 users, any number of users above may require a premium plan, which cost $4 - $6 for a user.

Zoho is a great alternative to Prezi, as its user interface is friendly and easy to use, also accessible for free to a small team.

Making Presentations without the use of Prezi

Presentation has never been this simple without the invention of these unique nine presentation creating platforms. Despite their differences in features and pricing, they all function for the purpose of improving its user presentation experience, making it easy for the user to create, or assemble ideas for public display in modernized and simplified way.

It has already been made known to you that Prezi isn't the only presentation creation platform in existence, the good news is that all these alternatives listed above are open to tryouts.

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