Netflix Error Code M7111-1931-404 – Best Ways to Fix

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Best Methods to Fix Netflix Error Code M7111-1931-404 - Life is incomplete without entertainment! This is why people are always looking for something that'd help them in living a good time. This often led them to the world of music and movies. If you are also one of the people who understand how important it is to take a break from your hectic routine life, you must be looking for entertainment, too.

There are many websites and applications where you can find music, eBooks, movies, etc. But, are all the websites reliable? Are all the entertainment-related applications worth it? No! Definitely not! But, there is one network that you can trust with your eyes closed! Yes, we are talking about Netflix.

There is no part of the world where the youth is not addicted to Netflix and chilling. Netflix is a streaming service that allows its users to watch the great award-winning shows of all-time. Although it doesn't come for free, and you have to pay a certain amount, each penny is worth the experience!

If you are new to Netflix, it is important for you to know basic information about this streaming service.

Netflix With Error Code M7111-1931-404

Let us talk about some advantages and disadvantages of using Netflix.


· Simple and Easy to use

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, Netflix is super easy to use! Otherwise, such big applications require a lot of effort to get operated.

· No Commercials

On Netflix, you don't have to worry about being bothered by annoying and irrelevant commercials. Netflix has taken care of your comfort zone!

· Original Content

Netflix is popular for streaming its original content such as TV shows and series that you will not find anywhere else. If you do, that is more likely to be pirated streaming.

· Download and Watch offline

While using Netflix, you can also download your favorite program, and then watch it later offline. Isn't that amazing?

· Different Membership Plans

Different membership plans are what make Netflix affordable. You can become a member according to how much you can pay.


· Availability of Latest Content

If you are following a show for a long time on Netflix, and its new season has just released, you must be excited to watch it as soon as possible. But, the truth is that it is not going to be available right after it has been released. You have to wait for a certain time, not too long, and then you can enjoy your most awaited show on Netflix.

· Region Restrictions

If you are living in the United States of America, that's great! But if not, you might face certain region restrictions against the streaming of a certain program. You can't help it! However, there are many other TV shows that you can enjoy without any barrier!

· Error Codes

Due to some system-wide problems, you might face the same errors on Netflix as well. If you do, this is going to be really hectic for you!

Talking about the error codes, the most common error code faced by the users of Netflix is M7111-1931-404. However, it can be fixed easily.

If you want to know how this error can be fixed easily, read the guide, because we have gathered some of the best, yet easiest ways of fixing the error code M7111-1931-404.

Best Ways to Fix Error M7111-1931-404 on Netflix?

Follow the methods mentioned below and you would be able to get rid of the bothersome error code M7111-1931-404 easily.

To implement method number 1, follow the simple steps mentioned below.

1.Navigate to

2. Since navigating to the respective page, you will be signed out of the Netflix account, enter your account details including password, and sign in again.

3.After you are signed in, try to reload the desired content. It shall stream without any difficulty.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial video of this method. Click on the link below:

Restart your Home-Network

If the above method didn't work for you, try restarting your home network. To do so, follow the upcoming steps.

1.Disconnect your device from the mains power outlet.

2.Consider removing the plug of the modem and the router too.

3.Wait for around 2 minutes. Now, plug in the modem again.

4.Once the blinking lights stop, connect your router as well. Now, wait again till the blinking lights stop blinking.

5.After following all the steps mentioned above, switch on your device, and retry Netflix.

Update Google Chrome

If you are still facing the same error after restarting the home-network, you shouldn't lose hope and try out this next amazing method of updating Google Chrome. To do so, follow the steps mentioned below.

1.Launch the web browser.

2.On the top-right corner of the screen, locate the Menu icon. Click on it.

3.After clicking, further, click on Help.

4.From the next three options, choose About Google Chrome.

5.This will display the current version of Google Chrome. Now, enable the update option by clicking on Relaunch.

6.Try browsing Netflix. Check if the error still exists. If it does, follow the next method.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial video of this method. Click on the link below:

Restart your Device

If you are willing to get rid of the error code M7111-1931-404, but none of the above methods worked for you, restarting the device that you are using might help you! Let's try restarting your device by following these easy and simple steps:

1.On your device, there is a sleep/awake button. Locate it, and then click on it. Hold the click until the red slide appears on the screen of your device.

2.Now, you have to drag the red slider. This way, the device would be turned off.

3.Once done, wait for around 20 seconds, and then turn the device on again by holding the sleep/button on your device.

4.Now that you have successfully restarted the device, launch Netflix on it. Let's see if this method worked for you or not!

Restore ISP's Default Settings

ISP refers to Internet Service Provider. If you are facing the error code M7111-1931-404 while streaming Netflix, this might be happening because of a few unknown changes in the ISP's default settings.

However, this method is only for iOS users.

As tricky as this method may sound, it is easy than what you can think of! You don't need to be a software engineer to implement this method on your device. All that you have to do is follow these steps:

1.Firstly if you have made changes and customized the connection settings of the device on which you are streaming Netflix, then restore the default settings of your ISP.

2.If you have customized the streaming device to the DNS setting, then reset it so that it acquires the DNS automatically.

3.Try to disconnect your device from Virtual Private Network. If you are connected to such a network, then disable it and try connecting directly with a home network.

4.If any of these steps seems confusing and difficult, then you can reach out to the manufacturer of the device. Expert support or professional help is always welcome.

Disable Netflix Extensions

Many Netflix extensions have been lately discovered. Although, they might seem to be working wonders for you, what they are actually doing is a violation of the terms and conditions set by Netflix.

If you are also one of the people who have used external extensions for a better experience, you should disable each of the extensions. This might result in getting rid of the error code M111-1931-404.

To do so, follow these steps:

1.Open Google Chrome on your device.

2.In the navigation bar, type chrome://extensions/, and hit Enter.

3.A list of extensions would be displayed on the screen of your device. Click on the Remove button present with every extension listed.

4.To uninstall the sideloaded extension, click on Next at the proceeding prompt.

Verify the Netflix Servers are Online

If the above method didn't work for you either, you shall consider making sure that Netflix isn't generally down in your respective region.

If Netflix servers are offline in your area, you might face several error codes. Error m111-1931-404 can be one of those errors, too.

To check whether Netflix is online in your area or not, click on this link:

Disable Ad-Block

You might have been bothered by unnecessary and irrelevant advertisements that are usually displayed on most of the websites. This might have led you to add an ad-blocker to the system of your device.

Indeed, ad-blockers are the best way to prevent bothersome ads from popping up on the screen of your device, interrupting you. But, if you are facing an error code such as M111-1931-404, you should consider removing any ad-blocker from your device.

1.If you are using Google Chrome, open it

2. Type chrome://extensions/ in the navigation bar. Press Enter. This way, you have successfully opened the extension tab.

3.In the Extension tab, scroll through the extensions list and locate the ad-block written. It can also be an ad-block plus.

4.In the bottom-right corner of the listing, disable the toggle.

That is it for today! If you liked this guide, and found it helpful, share it with your friends and family who would love to stream Netflix without being bothered by any code.

Thank You!

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