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by Regina Sutton

Xbox is one of the most popular game consoles in the world. A gaming console created by Microsoft, the simple truth is that it is only rivaled by Sony's PlayStation.

Why a Need for Xbox Live Codes Free in 2023?

Of course one of the reasons the console is popular is because of its designers and creators, Microsoft. That, however, is just one of the reasons. The fact that the console is an incredibly good device is another reason for the large community of users it has. Xbox is not just for offline gaming, it also offers a platform for online gaming with people all around the world.

Microsoft launched Xbox Liveabout a decade ago making it one of the best platforms when it comes to gaming needs. It provides excitement while offering plenty of features and fun. The best thing about it is that entry is free and you can simply sign up for it. However, there is another package that offers, even more, features called Xbox Live Gold . The entry for this premium status is not free and you have to subscribe. This is no surprise considering almost every service in the world now has free packages as well as premium packages that require a subscription. From streaming music to shopping online, there is nothing that does not require a subscription. You even require a subscription to get ad-free smartphone bible apps! While there is indeed subscription for everything, it does not mean you literarily have to spend your hard-earned money all the time to get these premium features.

How to Get Free Xbox Live Codes 2023

How to Get Free Xbox Live Codes 2023
How to Get Free Xbox Live Codes 2023

The subscription fee for Xbox Live Gold is $7 per month. Not everyone can afford that every month. For instance, people whose national denomination has lesser value than dollars still have to pay the $7 equivalent in their currency. Thus, someone from Africa could end up paying thousands of money in their denomination. So, if you are on the lookout for ways you can get free Xbox Live gold membership , you are in the right place.

There are some websites and apps that purposely give out Xbox live codes for free . However, getting the codes can sometimes be difficult. This is because you could end up searching for hours on end without finding codes that work. There are even some that trick you into doing surveys to get these codes only to find out there are more surveys at the end of the first survey.

This article is a comprehensive guide that will help you get free Xbox live codes in 2023 . There are four legit working ways to get Xbox live codes for free and we will take a look at all four ways. Before proceeding, you must know how to recognize potential scammers that claim they offer free Xbox Live codes.

Xbox live codes don't just work for the sake of it. These codes only work when activated. The only way Xbox codes get activated is by purchasing it i.e. paying for it. In other words, the codes will not work if nobody paid for it. Microsoft is one of the biggest tech and software companies in the world there is just no way around paying. Their system is so perfect breaching it with an ordinary online code generator is laughable. Many websites are only making claims about having a working Xbox Live code generator because they want to profit from you. For instance, a scammer could earn as much as $2 and as little as $0.2 if you spend time on his or her website. How? All the online websites claiming they have code generators only allow you access to the " fake Xbox live codes " after you complete a survey. The truth, however, is that you would only get referred to do more and more surveys without receiving the code until you are too annoyed to continue. Below are ways you can recognize sites that only want to exploit you:

Ø If you see a generate now button on the website, it is not a legit website. Sadly, A lot of people get drawn into thinking the website has their best interest in mind

Ø When you click the generate now button, you see certain animations that make it seem like there is an algorithm working to get you the codes you need. This is all an act and there is absolutely nothing working expect cool animations.

Ø If you see a blurry code that looks the same way Xbox Live codes generally appear in, it is not a legit site. When these sites show you the blurry code, you will receive prompts saying you have to prove you are human. At times, you even get prompts to complete a quick survey so that you can get the code. All of these are lies. The human verification process you have to undergo involves asking you to download a third-party app and playing to a certain level. The first survey you get is quick and fast to go through, then you start receiving more and more surveys to complete. When you do any of the two, only the scammer that created the website makes money.

4 Ways to Get Free Xbox Live Codes

Get Xbox Live Free Trial by Creating a New Xbox Account

For a lot of reasons, this is by far the easiest way to get free Xbox live. Whenever a new user joins or creates an Xbox account, he or she automatically gets a 30-day free trial. The free trial allows you to all the features of a premium Xbox account. Here is how to get it:

- Visit the Microsoft website and click signup to create an account.

- Once the menu loads, you have to fill in the necessary details including your billing address and credit card information. The credit card information is only added so that once your free trial ends, you automatically get billed. After that, you should be able to use all the features available to an Xbox Live user,

Below are two things you should know about the free trial:

- One Xbox console can only allow three free trial accounts. This means that if you bought your Xbox console second hand and the previous owner already created three free trial accounts, you will not be able to get the free trial. Once an Xbox Console has three free trial accounts, the next time you register, you will have to pay to use the Xbox live gold features.

- If you do not plan on paying for the Xbox live membership, then you have to cancel your subscription before the 30th day. This is because Microsoft will automatically charge you for the premium features you want to continue enjoying.

Reddit Giveaways

Reddit is one of the biggest communities featuring people from all over the world. People help another on the site by providing information and answers to issues and questions other people have. It is also a good place to get an Xbox Live account for free. Not just Xbox Live codes, there are many other codes Reddit users give away for free. Many generous Xbox users postcodes they bought and paid with their money for other people to use. You just need to know the right place to look which is why the following links are provided:

you can get Xbox Live codes for free on any of those links through a giveaway.

Activate Xbox Live Gold Trial Account for 14 Days

This option only works if you already have an Xbox live account and if you have not paid for the gold version before. If you do not have an Xbox live account or already paid for the gold version before, there is nothing you can enjoy.

Activating it is very simple once you have an Xbox live account. Simply log in to your account and click on Xbox Gold Trial . This will bring another window where you have to enter details such as your payment or credit card details as well as your billing address. There are some instructions you also have to follow after which you can click done. Just like the normal free trial, you need to cancel the subscription before it ends. Failure to do this means you are okay with Microsoft deducting the free for activating the subscription-based service for another month.

Use Different Emails and Credit Cards to Bypass Microsoft 3 Trial Account Limit

Once you create three free trial account on an Xbox console, you cannot create another one. The only way you can is to create a new Microsoft account and add the credit card information of your family member. The new account will also be eligible for three trial accounts.

Get Free Xbox Live Codes by Redeeming Swags on Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the few legit and trustworthy survey platforms that pay. After completing surveys and earning enough points, you can convert your points to cash or gift codes. All you have to do is sign up for Swagbucks and complete surveys to get enough points to exchange for Xbox live codes.

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