8 Free Spy Apps for Your Android

by Regina Sutton

Spy apps gain popularity these days. Parents often use them to keep an eye on their kids.

8 Free Spy Apps for Your Android

Businesses use them to monitor their employees. Moreover, spy apps can help to protect your device from being stolen. Also, spy apps are popular among those who want to spy on their partners. Let's make a dive into the world of spy apps for Android and review the best ones.

TruthSpy - App Link


It is a comprehensive spy app for Android smartphones that grants almost limitless access to a cell phone remotely. You won't find this application on the Play Market. To install it, you need to get the smartphone that you want to spy on first.

After this, you will need to do some actions to disable the Play Protect feature, allow installing third-party apps from unknown sources, and set some permissions. Hopefully, there is a step-by-step instruction on how to install this app on their website. Also, there is a video guide to follow for those who hate reading long instructions.

After installing the application, you will access the smartphone's storage, camera, call history, popular messaging apps, and even battery status. In truth, there are more features that you will get access to after installing the app.

GuestSpy - App Link


It is not only a simple surveillance app. The application is a background manager that allows blocking inappropriate activity on a target smartphone.

When the app is installed, you can find a stolen device and track its GPS coordinates, monitor a target smartphone, and even stop unwanted activities. Parents highly appreciate this feature as they can check their children's activity and prevent them from using a particular social media, for instance.

Also, it foresees almost limitless access to a web browser on a target smartphone. It helps monitor Internet activity, trace browser history, and even watch deleted history. Above that, the application can bring remote control so that you can use a target device as your own.

Kiddie Parental Control - App Link

Kiddie Parental Control
Kiddie Parental Control

It is a simple and good spy app for parents. It doesn't have rich functionality, but it's 100% safe and available on the Play Market. It allows monitoring the children's activity and protects them from inappropriate content.

The app allows avoiding installing apps without permission, adding time limits for particular applications, and tracking network activities. Therefore, you will easily discover if your kid is surfing the Internet, trying to find an answer to the question, "Who can do my science homework for me?" trying to get rid of homework.

Prey Anti Theft

If you're looking for a free and advanced app to protect your smartphone and data on it, you will hardly find a better application. Merely download it on Play Market and get the ability to trace your phone's location remotely.

The application also foresees the ability to check nearby WiFi hotspots and take photos from the camera remotely to catch thieves.

Free Android Spy - App Link

Free Android Spy
Free Android Spy

In case you want to know as much as possible about a target device, download this application from the official website. It requires you a few minutes to install. The instruction implies nearly ten steps.

The app works on the background and allows users to trace location, view multimedia files, access the entire contact list, etc. This app's main perk is that it encrypts all the data on a smartphone before transferring it to your side. Consequently, you can be sure that information is 100% safe.

LetMeSpy - App Link


It is a leading application that allows spying to target smartphones with ease. It records all phone call logs, SMS, collects browser data, and stores geolocation. When the device is connected to the Internet, it transfers all the data using an SSL connection.

There are different pricing plans to choose from. The free plan is also available. It allows you to check up to five last records on a target smartphone.


This one is a top-notch spy application for parents. Its inbuilt functionality allows them to block apps on a kid's smartphone, avoid access to 25 million websites with adult and violent content, and filter search. The application also sends reports on Internet usage and foresees the ability to block access to the Internet remotely.

Therefore, if your children's friends ask them, "Can you pay someone to do your homework to hang out?" they will hardly do that because their smartphone is under complete supervision.

It is a very popular spy app by Google. Mostly it is used by parents to monitor and control the digital activity of their kids. The app provides detailed reports on used apps and screen time. With the Google Family Link, a child cannot install a new app from the Play Market until you approve it.

The application also foresees the opportunity to trace a smartphone's location, set screen time limits, and even lock a smartphone remotely.

Final Thought about Spy Apps

8 Free Spy Apps for Your Android
8 Free Spy Apps for Your Android

Some people think that it's disagreeable to spy on someone's smartphone without their permission. However, in some cases, ethical spying can help find a stolen smartphone, protect children from kidnapping, and detect cheating. Consequently, spy apps' benefits are valuable when you have red lines that you won't cross in any case.

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