How to Get Paid to Advertise in 2023

by Regina Sutton

According to Statista, 672 billion US dollars were spent on advertising in 2019, which is expected to rise to almost 800 billion US dollars by 2023! Advertising is globally an inevitable component when it comes to selling a product or service. Experts say that what looks better, sells better. And it is only possible through advertising that you make your product visible to the consumers.

Advertising has evolved over the past years in many ways. From flyers and pamphlets to TV advertisements and now digital world, it has been a long ride. Every day new domains of advertising arise to exhibit the product in the best way. Companies across the world put their best foot forward to advertise their products.

Advertising and Advertisements

Advertising means paying people to promote your product in a particular space. These promotions are called advertisements, adverts, or ads displayed on the selected medium. Advertisements in today's time, allow you to reach your targeted audience, along with making an impression on the maximum people.

Many modes of advertisements have been used in the past to attract potential customers. Some of the widely used advertisements outlets include

  • Billboards
  • Newsletters
  • Product packages
  • Event bulletins
  • Kiosks
  • Stores
  • Restaurant placemats
  • Websites
  • Social sites

Advertising in 2023

Advertisingin 2023
Advertising in 2023

Advertising in 2023 is vast than in past practices. The traditional methods of advertising that included newspapers, pamphlets, brochures, and TV advertisements are not used much now. It is not because of one, but many reasons that the modes of marketing have changed. The change can be linked to the increase in the audience at one medium and decrease at the other. Some of the most used advertisement platforms and methods include

Social Media Advertising

From being an extra tool to being the core source of advertisement for many businesses, social media has made its benchmark. Different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube enable the sellers to advertise their products. Not only this attribute makes social media marketing popular, but social websites also let you boost your ad.

The idea of sponsored content is not new as businesses old as 1922 have been using this business tactic. Yet, the technique and platform of advertisement were different. Any popular website or social media channel can advertise sponsored content without even making it visible. If you see a cooking tutorial and a brand is being displayed in the video, it means that that particular brand might have sponsored the video.

Display and Banner Ads

Another online tool of advertising utilized in the 21st century involves banners and display ads. You can see these kinds of ads on several websites, just like search ads. Banner and display ads are also reported to engage a large number of audiences. They are displayed quite prominently on the site to catch the visitor's attention.

How to Get Paid to Advertise?

Now, as you know that there are several mediums for advertisements that advertise products of some other company, you must know that you can do this too. Yes, in this quarantine period, where everyone is searching for more ways to mint money, this can be an excellent opportunity. Among the several options available to get money by advertising, you can select the one convenient for you and earn some bucks.

Blogging has become a prominent business now. A lot of people who started blogging as a hobby are now earning excellent through their blogs. It is quite easy to make cash by advertising a product if you have a well-running blog. Blog advertising works in several ways. One of them is to mention those products in your blogs in one way or the other without being obvious. The other way is to place an ad on your blog for the product or service.

Website Advertising

Website advertising is among the most utilized modes of advertisement now. The easiest way to earn through website advertisement is to make an account on Google AdSense. The procedure is quite simple:

  • Make an account on Google AdSense and verify it
  • Create an ad according to the given template with the specifications
  • Note down the code that is given to you for the ad
  • Put that code on your website for an ad to appear
  • Clicks on these ads generate money

Once you put that code on the website, an ad is shown to the visitors. Every time a visitor clicks on the ad, you can earn between a few cents to $50 per ad. But, be sure not to click the ad by yourself as AdSense would ban your account.

Advertise on YouTube
Advertise on YouTube

With a population of 2 billion users, YouTube has made its name in the advertising industry. It is not used solely as an advertising platform. But YouTube has leveled up its advertising offers in the past years. There are several ways to earn on YouTube.

Make Sponsored Videos

Sponsored content is a real thing that can be beneficial for you to earn some extra money through your channel. Many huge brands approach people with a massive following on YouTube to promote their product. Studies have shown that products endorsed by our favorite celebrities affect our liking for that product positively. People are inclined to buy that product since the product is advertised by somebody they trust. These brands pay YouTubers to produce a video featuring their products.

YouTube Ads

Initiated in January 2019, advertisements in the middle of videos have grown popular and generating significant revenue. If you qualify for YouTube video ads, you can earn between $1 and $3 per view. Though one thing to keep in mind is that you only get paid for the number of ads that are played.

Review Products

Whenever you plan to buy something, you have a look at the reviews, right? Reviews on the page or website of any product or service have a considerable impact on the buyers and influence their decision, notably. A good review means more chances of the visitor buying your product, and vice versa.

However, it does not mean that you have to give false or fake reviews. Many companies pay people to try their product and then provide honest feedback. The sellers value both the positive and negative reviews equally as they give them a chance to improve their product. Positive reviews are published on the website to take the customer in trust. Some companies might not pay you in cash, instead, send you some free stuff. It's a win-win deal anyway!

Content Writing for The Brands

Do not worry if you are not a YouTuber or do not own a website. You can still earn by advertising products. Advertisements do not only mean view or graphic ads. Instead, well-written content for the product's homepage adds immense value to it. Content writers are an essential part of any kind of advertising, whether it is a printed ad in a newspaper or a website. Experts say that a well-written sales copy can be a significant influence on the customer as it can convince the buyer to try your product. If your writing skills are up to the mark for them, you can definitely get a chance to write for big companies and make some money.

Guest Posting

If I own a website about product A, but you see me mentioning product B on my website, you might prefer product B while making a selection in that category. Right? This strategy is widely adopted by companies to market their products. Guest posting is like content writing with one primary difference. Content writing usually involves posting about a product on their website. In contrast, guest posting means that you mention a product in a blog and post it on some other site. This way, the product reaches more people, and you get paid for your writing services.

Some of the famous guest posting websites in different domains include

Blogging, Entertainment and Lifestyle

Finance, Business and Marketing

Technology, Gadgets and Computers

Web Design, Development and Wordpress


Business Insider


Creative Bloq

Huffington Post


Tech Crunch

Smashing Magazine



The Verge


Daily Blog Tips


CSS Tricks

Affiliate Marketing

It won't be an exaggeration if we say that affiliate marketing is the most effortless way of making money online. Making money through affiliate marketing is very simple and convenient.

Affiliate marketing means to advertise somebody else's product on your website. This is dissimilar to ad placement on the website as the affiliate link takes you directly to the company's website without any graphic ad shown. When a visitor on your site clicks the ad and goes to the website, you get a commission depending on the rules of the website. The best part is that most websites do you restrict your bonus to the sale of the product, and you earn by clicks.

Some of the affiliate networks and websites include

How Much Money Can You Make by Advertising for Companies?

If you are wondering how much money you can earn through these marketing and advertising techniques, there is no specific answer to it. Each mode of advertisement, whether it's YouTube, reviews, or affiliate marketing, pays a unique amount of money. If you want to earn more through your website, blog, or YouTube channel, increasing your followers and subscribers can be quite helpful.

With the right amount of effort in your domain, you can earn anywhere between a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars monthly by advertising for companies.

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