Is there a best option?: Pros & Cons of Working from home and the office

by Regina Sutton

Much of the world will have had the experience of being able to have a taste of what so few in the world had once had the luxury of doing and was once considered a dream for many: the ability to work from home.

Indeed, there are a number of positives that can be drawn from the "dream" of being able to work remotely and not in a dedicated office space for many, with things such as saving money on not having to fork out on expensive commutes and potentially paying for an overpriced coffee to start the day, whilst some may feel they are more productive when working in their own space and work environment due to the lack of distraction from work colleagues.

However, there will have been some who may have wished to "live the dream" at one point, who may have found it is nothing but a nightmare for them as it made working extremely difficult to accomplish. Indeed, other distractions could be had whilst those that strongly lack the skill of discipline would find it hard to concentrate when working in their own household.

Naturally, there are a number of different benefits and drawbacks that can be associated with working from the home or an office. So, what are they and why are they seen positively or negatively?

Working from home

 Working from home
Working from home

Starting with what most people will have experienced recently, working from home has a number of benefits that it can provide those who do it, whilst it can also provide a number of drawbacks that will not be found when working in an office environment.

Benefits can include being able to sleep a little longer as well as saving money as mentioned above. Employees will essentially be able to roll out of bed just minutes before they have to start their working day, instead of potentially hours when travel is taken into account.

In addition, the relaxed environment has proven that productivity can be improved for many, with several studies have shown results of individuals being up to 47% more productive when working from their home. This could be because there are no social distractions, such as work colleagues or managers continuing to talk about various things throughout the day and week that may have happened, thus leaving more time for work tasks to be completed.

Drawbacks, though, can be experienced as well, though, with some of them easy to suffer and fall into.

There could be an expensive cost element to consider when working from home, as electricity bills could increase, whilst the right setting will be needed, including a high-performance computer. These machines will need to be able to handle all of the work tasks that could be needed to be completed, such as using spreadsheets and word documents, whilst also allowing for individuals to use them for personal entertainment such as streaming movies, playing video games and enjoying live casino sessions when taking time out of work.

Additionally, a lack of social interaction could have a negative effect on someone as they may struggle not being around people when they are used to it, whilst some individuals may feel affected by the lack of interaction for a while that may never be recovered from.

Working from the Office

Although there is evidence that productivity can be increased whilst working from home, many will feel a higher level of comfortability when working in an office environment as they will be able to process in their minds that they are there for that one sole purpose.

Indeed, those that do not have strong discipline skills may benefit greatly when working at an office instead of the home as well, as they will not be able to go and sit in another room and watch the TV or play video games whilst at the workplace, thus ensuring that they concentrate and make the most of the time they spend at the location.

Additionally, the social aspect that has been discussed will also be great for some as it may be the only social interaction that they get in their lives. Making jokes, talking about the latest current affairs and sporting events can help build friendships whilst also helping the working day go by quicker, although this can be a drawback.

Sometimes conversations can run on for too long and become distracting, whilst office politics can also take over the workspace and make life a little more difficult at times in certain settings. Other drawbacks can include longer and more expensive days, thus leaving little personal time for hobbies and family time.

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