Pablo Escobar Mansion Tulum Hotel

Pablo Escobar Mansion Tulum Hotel

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  • On our last day in Tulum, we went to visit the infamous ” Pablo Escobar Mansion” also known as Casa Malca – which is now a hotel. This place is literally a hidden gem.(More…)
  • Pablo Escobar, you know the one, took over this mid-century beachfront mansion in the 1980s at the height of his reign as an infamous Colombian drug lord, making the luxurious location his playground.(More…)
  • Visit Pablo?s Escobar’s Mansion and have a nice dinner at Philosophy, one of the house restaurants at Casa Malca (Pablo’s mansion).(More…)


  • I LOVED my stay at Casa Malca!(More…)
  • We stopped here during our trip to Tulum to tour the hotel and have lunch but mostly to get a photo in that amazing swinging couch out front.(More…)



On our last day in Tulum, we went to visit the infamous ” Pablo Escobar Mansion” also known as Casa Malca – which is now a hotel. This place is literally a hidden gem. [1] That’s right the “King of Cocaine” Pablo Escobar’s Mansion in Tulum Mexico has now been turned into a luxury boutique hotel, Casa Malca. [2]

Our next stop was Casa Malca, a stunning boutique hotel in Tulum — about an hour and 20 minutes away by cab — converted from the mansion of late infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar (from $490). [3] I didn’t stay at this hotel during my visit to Tulum, but I had heard that this was rumored to be one of Pablo Escobar’s mansions, so we wanted to visit. [4]

Pablo Escobar, you know the one, took over this mid-century beachfront mansion in the 1980s at the height of his reign as an infamous Colombian drug lord, making the luxurious location his playground. [5] In case you aren’t aware of who Pablo Escobar was, he was Colombia?s most notorious drug lord during the 1980’s and 1990’s. [2]

Rumor has it that the late Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar, set up shop in Tulum sometime during the 1980s. [6] Late drug lord Escobar’s Tulum mansion is now a design-savvy boutique hotel, Casa Malca, which also serves great food. [3] If you’re a Narcos fan, you’ll probably want to check out Casa Malca, Pablo Escobar’s former mansion turned into a boutique art-filled hotel. [7] This is one of Pablo Escobar’s Mansions (drug lord) turned into a gorgeous boutique hotel. Paintings, sculptures and furniture by some of the most revered contemporary artists and designers are displayed here. [4] Pablo Escobar’s mansion turned exclusive boutique hotel. This spot took us a minute to find, as they don’t mark it super clearly. [8]

Though few traces remain of its former self, Casa Malca, a stunning 42-room art-filled boutique hotel set along a private beach in Tulum on Mexico?s Yucatan Peninsula, was once the mansion of Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. [9] The History: Did you know that this former mansion turned five-star luxury boutique hotel was once owned by Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar?! Yes you read that right: Pablo Escobar; the world’s weathiest-ever drug lord owned this mansion among many. [10]

Pablo Escobar Mansion Tulum House Pablo Escobar Mansion Tulum Hotel [11]

After becoming the trio?s key lender and advisor, Malca has found the best way to express his passion for contemporary art is through his Tulum hotel. [6]

Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, whose Medellin cartel once supplied 80 per cent of the cocaine that was smuggled into the U.S., reaping around $22 billion per year in profits, is reported to have owned a house here, a compound that served as a discreet Caribbean getaway. [12] Make the jump below to read about an art-filled luxury villa once owned by Pablo Escobar, Tulum’s best spa with copper bathtubs, Mayan ruins that are worth a visit, and a restaurant that makes campfire cooking into a culinary experience. [13] A prominent art dealer has turned an estate once owned by infamous drug baron Pablo Escobar into luxury accommodation filled with items from his collection. [14] Once the home of infamous drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, Casa Malca is now a private estate turned art-filled sanctuary. [13] Lio, who deals works by the likes of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Kaws, bought the property that once belonged to Pablo Escobar, the world’s most powerful drug trafficker of 1980s and early ’90s. [15]

This is a hotel now but once upon a time it was Pablo Escobar?s mansion. [16] As we stayed the first portion of our trip at Nomade Tulum Hotel, it was our opening introduction to a vacation that will be centered around connecting our mind, body and soul to mother nature and all that it has to offer. [17]

This place is also just a must visit in general because it was Pablo Escobar’s old Tulum mansion that has now been renovated into a hotel. The house was bought by a famous art dealer and the decor is a direct testament to that. [18]

Tulum is famous for its soft white sandy beach, laid back vibes, evergreen scenery and oh yea how can I forget Pablo Escobar’s mansion. [19]

Find pablo escobar tulum hotel awesome wallpapers every week on Unsplash. [20] This post is called HD pablo escobar mansion tulum booking. [21]

Pablo Escobar?s luxurious Tulum, Mexico mansion was purchased by a well-known New York art collector and gallery owner, Lio Malca, in 2012. [22]

Spend an afternoon having lunch at Be Tulum hotel and their beautiful beach side restaurant. [19] Many Tulum hotels have an eco-luxe vibe, but Mi Amor is as contemporary as it gets. [23]

Visit Pablo?s Escobar’s Mansion and have a nice dinner at Philosophy, one of the house restaurants at Casa Malca (Pablo’s mansion). [19] CASA MALCA Like Hartwood, Casa Malca is pretty hyped and had mixed reviews so we checked it out mainly because it used to be Pablo Escobar’s hideout mansion. [24]

Located 93 miles east of Medellin, Pablo Escobar house Columbia included a Spanish colonial house, a zoo, an airport, and kart-racing track. [22] Pablo Escobar house Miami was built in 1948, the four-bedroom house sat right along the waterfront of Biscayne Bay. [22] Escobar?s son, Juan Pablo Escobar, also wrote a book about his famous father, Pablo Escobar: My Father, in 2016. [22] Back in 2015, Pablo Escobar was the subject of the first season of the Netflix series, Narcos. [22]

Needless to say, with the iconic “I love Tulum so Matcha” sign, it is highly Instagrammable! This cute place is a little bit further down the road but if you ever end up going there, I think you should visit Casa Malca, too, which used to belong to Pablo Escobar back in the day. [25] Find pablo escobar restaurant tulum awesome wallpapers every week on Unsplash. [26]

These two ?? are from #casamalca a hotel with a story. it was supposed to be one of many houses owned by Pablo Escobar ? #takemeback #memories #tulummexico #pabloescobarmansion. [27] Casa Malca – Previously Pablo Escobar’s mansion and now a hotel with 35 rooms directly on the beach. [28] We had a delicious breakfast at Casa Malca one day (Pablo Escobar’s old mansion) and a super fresh lunch at Hotelito Azul’s restaurant another day. [29]


I LOVED my stay at Casa Malca! Such a wonderful property in the Tulum jungle with direct beach access. [30] Tulum has a lot to offer but you could easily stay only at Casa Malca and be completely content. [30] Casa Malca, the now five-star boutique design hotel sits along one of the most desired oceanfront stretches in Tulum and is filled with pieces from Malca’s own art collection, including works by Keith Haring, KAWS, and Marion Peck. [5] Though design hotels are nothing new to those of us coming from New York or L.A., in the big-box resort-dominated atmosphere of Tulum, Casa Malca is a welcome addition. [31]

Took a Sunday(Dec 3rd) drive from Riviera Maya to discover Tulum for the first time and found Casa Malca. [30] Casa Malca sits just south of Tulum at the northern edge of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, a natural paradise of tropical forests, mangroves and marshes. [31]

We had lunch at the restaurant and the food was the best we had in tulum (tacos and ceasar salad amazing!). [30] If you have been to Tulum before, you would probably hate this place. [30] Located in a secluded corner of Tulum which is known for its vivid blue seas and spectacular coastline. [2]

After being rediscovered in 2003, Lio Malca – a New York based contemporary art dealer bought the mansion and turned it into a luxury hotel then renamed – Casa Malca. [1] A few years ago art dealer Lio Malca took over the abandoned house and turned it into a 35-suite luxury boutique hotel, stocking it with Keith Harings and Jean-Michel Basquiats from his own collection. [32]

Even it?s I guess the most expensive hotel I tell you folks it?s worth it! Great beach, best view ever! Amazing food! We would love to come back. [30] The hotel perfectly captures the essence of Casa Malca’s earthy charm with an all-white and eco-friendly construction which contrasts with the contemporary paintings and sculptures. [2] The hotel is really beautiful and it has only a few very exclusive rooms. [30] Always on the lookout for the newest hotels, restaurants and destinations. [2] Since we were not staying at the hotel, we told him we had reservations for the restaurant and he opened the gates to let us inside. [1]

It was the best hotel on our trip! Everything was just perfect. [30] Majority of us are guilty of binge-watching Narcos and to all the Narcos fans out there we have just found the hotel you would want to add to your bucket list. [2]

Operated by Design Hotels, the five-star resort is set on 180 metres (591 foot) of pristine beach and boasts just 42 rooms, with 9 located in the original house and the rest in an architecturally similar, two-storey buildings built as add-ons for more space. [33] The price you found is 15% lower than this hotel’s average rate of $560/night. [30]

When Escobar died in 1993, the property was abandoned, and it sat largely forgotten until 2012 when Lio Malca, the New York-based art aficionado, rediscovered it. [31] Many places down Tulum Beach have signs with the names of the property but Casa Malca does not. [1] It’s located pretty far down Tulum Beach and is very ducked off. [1]

Malca bought the mansion shortly thereafter, working feverishly to inject it with new life, and after several years of fruitful toil, Casa Malca opened to guests in 2015. [31] If you didn’t know the history that lies within the mansion prior to your visit it would be very difficult to guess who the property previously belonged to. [2] We walked around, checked out the mansion, then went to have breakfast at the restaurant “Philosophy” inside. [1]

We stopped here during our trip to Tulum to tour the hotel and have lunch but mostly to get a photo in that amazing swinging couch out front. [4] During a trip to Tulum in 2012, Malca, who was looking to buy real estate, stumbled upon the Escobar compound which had since been abandoned. [6] On a recent visit to Tulum, we got to experience the “insane” property firsthand — and it?s exactly as breathtaking and one-of-a-kind as Malca describes. [34]

Tucked away near the end of a long, winding dirt road in the picturesque town of Tulum, Mexico sits what can only be described as every art adoring, beach going, international crime aficionado’s dream. [34] Many of the beach clubs you can access in Tulum, will require you to order drinks to be able to stay there. [8] Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Drew Barrymore, Al Pacino and Miranda Kerr are among the many actors, models, designers and artists said to have visited Tulum to get away from it all or live it up in recent years, spoiled for choice with places to stay. [12] Tulum has so much to offer! Don’t be afraid to venture off the main street you’ll find more authentic places to eat the farther you go from the main street. [7] Tulum Travel Tip: Carry cash! Almost every place we ventured to in Tulum was cash only. [8] The menu was a bit pricey compared to other places in Tulum however the service is 5 Star. [4] The restaurant was probably our best experience in Tulum – great service, great attention to detail, food was AMAZING, and the staff made you feel like royalty. [4] Boutique digs La Zebra Tulum keeps visitors fat and happy with ceviche aplenty at its palapa-roofed restaurant. [3] Gitano is one of the best known restaurants in Tulum, known for it’s modern jungle atmosphere and delicious drinks. [8] There tend to be two schools of thought when addressing Tulum, Mexico as a destination: those who have been there and done that, and those who dream of the tiny hotel-lined street sat between calm seas and a dense jungle. [35]

Remarkably, Casa Malca, situated along Carretera Tulum Boca Paila (aka Route 15), should appeal to both. [35] Tulum is a gorgeous town in the Mexican Riviera Maya, south of Cancun and Playa del Carmen. [7] From trendy clothes, to fruit stands to all sorts of Mexican souvenirs, you can find it all in Tulum. [7]

Mix those outings with cultural experiences — like scrambling through the Tulum ruins, what?s left of an intact Mayan city on a cliff by the sea — and you?ve got a killer trip with an educational component to boot. [3] If you’re not convinced about planning a trip to Mexico, check out my 12 reasons why you should add Tulum to your bucket list. [7]

Tulum is growing quite quickly so check it out I would recommend having a car or at least bikes for your entire stay if you decide to stay in this area. [7] The cenotes in near Tulum as straight up magical, and you absolutely cannot miss going to at least one! Grab a bike, swimsuit, a book and some snacks and you could spend an entire day at just one cenote. [7] As the first art-inspired accomodation in Tulum, it is just as much a design destination as it is a five-star getaway. [6] We then rented an Airbnb home (about $375/night) hidden behind a sturdy gate with its own pool near central Tulum. [3] Take a colectivo/bus: This is the least expensive way to get to Tulum. [7]

The Tulum beach road is lined with an oasis of trendy, chic yet rustic and eco-friendly hotels. [7] There are more surprises next morning back at the hotel. We eat breakfast in Casa Malca?s restaurant Philosophy, which has arrangements of baby dolls high up on the walls, religious statues on the bar, and a small room filled with mirrors at the end of a corridor, alongside a graffiti-filled wall painted by Kenny Scharf. [12] First of all, finding the hotel proved to be difficult because there is no signage for the hotel! We drove up and down the main street at least 4 times, stopping to ask many people for directions along the way, before we FINALLY found the unmarked gate that would lead us onto the property. [4] Locals, though, remember a time, just a few decades ago, when there was little in the way of luxury here, and little of much else, just 1-2 hotels and a beachfront house with an infamous owner. [12] Today, the original nine-room main house has expanded into a 41-room luxury hotel known as Casa Malca. [6] Casa Malca officially downplay the house?s infamous past, instead preferring to highlight the hotel as an intimate, private getaway, remarkable now for the artworks from Malca?s collection and a unique style that makes the hotel stand out on the Riviera Maya. [12]

“Mr Malca decorated everything,” we?re told by Jorge, the friendly concierge, who shows us around the hotel. The bathroom is almost as long as the bedroom, with a central sink, a large mirror and L?Occitane products, plus two showers at either end of the suite. [12] Fabulous hotel we toured all of the nice upscale hotels on the beach trip. [4] The beach road has gorgeous hotels, but they range from $200-$1,000 or more per night. [7] The hotel is burrowed between a dense, verdant jungle and azure seas–filled top to bottom, inside and out, with Malca?s own art collection. [6] Hotel owner Lio Malca is an art collector with galleries in Manhattan and Ibiza who has an eye for the extraordinary. [3]

The town has budget options like hostels form $8/day, as well as hotels in various price ranges and Airbnb’s. [7] Of equal importance, it’s the first and only art-centric hotel in town, and after one is greeted by a KAWS in the lobby, an array of contemporary artworks are visible shortly thereafter. [35]

We eventually moved our party to the pool area, which was really nice because we got a chance to meet some of the hotel guests. [4] It doesn?t hurt that the hotel is perfectly situated in a tourism hotspot that is also filled to the brim with world class dining, shopping, and a famous cenote — a naturally-occurring limestone pool — just across the street. [34] The hotel features a dramatic pool with an underground part that kids love and incredible views from the roof. [3]

If you’re not willing to dish out $1,000 for a night at this extravagant hotel, you can still visit them to have lunch and explore the location. [7] Part of Malca?s personal success has been bringing emerging artists into the spotlight and with his hotel, it?s an opportunity to dictate who deserves recognition. [6] Again, all that incredible detail is happening before you even step foot inside the actual hotel. It?s no wonder then that it?s become the secret getaway for all your favorite supermodels. [34]

Having apparently been abandoned since Escobar?s death in 1993 and seized by the Mexican government, that house now forms the basis of Casa Malca, a luxurious, new boutique hotel from Colombian art dealer Lio Malca, who?s best known for his New York City galleries. [12] Over two decades later, the beach property now stands as an art-centric boutique hotel owned by famed New York gallerist, Lio Malca. [6]

For the former, this unique Design Hotels -certified destination offers 180 meters of beachfront property relative to only 35 rooms (at present), so there’s no crowding. [35]

After numerous failed attempts at purchasing the property, Malca came to learn that it had actually belonged to the original owner before Escobar, due to the fact that the house was seized by the Mexican government after Escobar?s passing. [6] The “Malca Suite” which can be considered the hotel?s cre de la cre boarding option, is located on the second floor and wishful thinking will have you believe that this is the room in which Escobar himself slept. [6]

Notorious for cocaine trafficking and countless private properties around the world, Escobar?s Mexican megamansion was said to have bulletproof walls and a secret tunnel in the event “Don Pablo” needed to make a timely escape. [6] To get there, drive from Tulum town towards the beach, and turn LEFT once you get to the crossroad. [7] It’s made up of two different main areas Tulum Town and Tulum Beach. [7]

A luxury hotel on the beach, Nomade Tulum offers suites and villas with beautiful decks, hammocks and pools. [13] Partnered with Yaan wellness spa, this trendy hotel and restaurant sits just beside Be Tulum on a stretch of beach that’s quiet and serene. [13] Eight rooms on the edge of the Caribbean, this small hotel in Tulum is a total delight. [13] For future visitors of the “City of Sunrise”, we share our three favorites and break down what makes them the best hotels in Tulum, Mexico. [17] The hotel suites at Sanara Tulum are modern and easy to lounge in and around. [13] From the team behind chic hotel Be Tulum, Yaan Wellness is a beautifully designed center of wellness and healing. [13]

Conveniently located along the main strip of Tulum’s hotel and restaurant area, Coco offers cabanas, stacked residences and plenty of sleeping options for the exhausted traveler looking to zen out. [13] Located at Sanara Tulum, this restaurant offers wholesome, nutritious foods for travelers looking to stay healthy while on vacay. [13] A collection of nest-like treehouse huts with luxurious accommodations inside, Azulik offers guests one of the most unique stays in Tulum. [13] A favorite of the culinary highlights of Tulum, Casa Jaguar offers a jungle setting that’s romantic, moody and a bit mysterious. [13] As the place is equipped with (only) 41 rooms and is not too far away from the protected Sian Ka?an Biosphere Reserve (towards the end of the Tulum strip), it offers a more mellow and discreet atmosphere, that is nonetheless thrilling through its grand and funky interior and unique cocktails at the beach-front bar. [17]

New York -based Lio Malca bought and renovated this beach resort of Tulum, Casa Malca. [15] Driving into Tulum is like entering a new and sacred world, one that is filled with natural wonders and a sustainable lifestyle, that popular beach town resorts still have to catch up onto. [17] Bedrooms at this holiday villa in the Mexican resort of Tulum open onto expansive terraces overlooking the tropical forest and beach. [14] This white-concrete guest house in the Mexican resort of Tulum is surrounded by dense tropical foliage, which can be viewed from above thanks to a large roof terrace. [14] Guests at an eco-hotel in Tulum, Mexico, can spend the night in a sculptural treehouse that overlooks expanses of green jungle and turquoise sea. [14] Head to this place if you’re after a great cocktail, a good bite to eat or just wanting to explore the jungle side of Tulum. [13] A perfect spot for a late night cocktail with your amigas, Gitano is the spot in Tulum where you’re most likely to find a jungle disco going down. [13] I just wrapped up my Casa Malca trip in Tulum Mexico and it was nothing short of amazing. [10] That just about includes everything we did on our trip! I could go on and on about Tulum but I thought it would be best to stick to the bullet points. [36] Para Iso is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Tulum! Unfortunately, our trip was scheduled for the weekend after they were hit by a tropical storm and that brought a lot of seaweed to the water/beach front. [36] Planning to make trips to Tulum a more regular occasion? Consider purchasing a condo at Saasil. [13] On an all-girls trip with our closest friends, we were hyped to experience the magical and sweeping views of Tulum. [17]

Visitors line up to jump in and feel the crystalline blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, but the little Bohemian town of Tulum offers more than just a conventional escape for vacationers. [17] The bohemian vibes of this restaurant are what describes Tulum best. [36] The great-grandson of art collector Peggy Guggenheim has opened a gallery at an eco-resort in Tulum, where wave-like cement walls and undulating vine floors provide an unusual backdrop to artwork. [14] Nomade Tulum turns out to be a sanctuary that encourages personal transformation through a unique program of the healing arts, varying from yoga sessions to shamanic ceremonies. [17]

There’s a sauna, a steam room, crystalline water pools, copper tubs, and some of the best spa treatment offerings in Tulum. [13] If you’re a design lover with a penchant for swimming in pools, Be Tulum will not disappoint. [13] If you’re after a Tulum stay with all the perks of home, Ana y José may just be your jam. [13] Tulum is located on the Caribbean coast of Mexico’s Yucat peninsula, known as the Riviera Maya. [15] When you travel to Tulum, leave all your pre- conceived notions of Mexico behind. [15] For those who love smoothies, fresh fruits and grains, acai bowls and the like, Raw Love is going to be your best breakfast spot in Tulum. [13]

Because Casa Malca doesn’t have hundreds of rooms like a traditional hotel would you feel like you have the entire mansion to yourself. [10] After Malca bought the mansion in 2012 he turned it into a five-star hotel. Casa Malca opened with nine bedrooms in 2014 and today includes 41 rooms and 3 restaurants. [15]

With more than its fair share of hidden designer hotels, gastronomy-focused restaurants and amazing spas, this small coastal town along the Riviera Maya is the kind of place you’ll want to visit time and time again. [13] Part nightclub, part restaurant, part beach club, and part hotel, Papaya Playa is an awesome hangout day or night. [13] The beach behind the hotel is very quiet with minimal guest making you feel like you own it. [10] With big beach swings, lots of loungers, hammocks, plunge pools, and a zen den, this hotel has relax and recharge written all over it. [13] A collection of traditional Mexican beach huts and villas, Hotel El Pez is a fab destination if you’re traveling with a big crew. [13] Outstanding service throughout the hotel and the most comfortable beach cabanas. [15]

As you pull to Casa Malca hotel, pretty much take of your shoes off and forget about them until it’s time to leave. [15] In between doing all of the above, we had plenty of time to sway in the hammocks at our hotel, lounge around the pool, enjoy pitas (virgin pina coladas), etc. [36]

With 8 rooms in the main house and another 33 around the property, this hotel is flashy, sophisticated and one-of-a-kind. [13] Although it is classified as a 3-star hotel on the higher end, Azulik combines impressive details of Mediterranean-luxury inside it?s bath interiors with a complex exterior design of a gigantic tree house. [17]

The hotel has four restaurants and a lot of healthy and delicious food options, encompassing all kinds of exquisite dishes. [17] With delicious food, that encompasses tasty options for vegetarians and vegans and a unique selection of recreational activities, that range from rejuvenating workshops to bike rentals, the hotel delivers an extraordinary service to its guests. [17] The art is often rotated throughout the hotel so that returning guest can enjoy different works. [10] As guest approach the hotel they are arrive at a forecourt covered in beautiful persian rugs. [10] Get a Coco Link to share not-available-to-the-public rates with your guests at hotels near your event. [13] Simply text, email and share your Coco Link with your guests to pass along exclusive hotel deals and make $5 off every reservation through August 4th. [13]

If you happen to be planning a trip way far ahead, Hotel El Pez is one of the best spots to witness sea turtle nesting season from May through October. [13] All of these factors contribute to a mindful connection with the environment and give way to listen and feel what the natural world holds out for you Azulik Resort is therefore not merely a hotel but rather a lifestyle concept that empowers environmental solutions. [17]

There are so many amazing hotels to choose from but we were more than happy with our pick! Our hotel was basically a luxury tent with an outdoor shower/restroom. [36] An ocean-front paradise, the hotel joins Moroccan-inspired interior with contemporary architecture, cultivating a refreshing atmosphere of bohemian luxury. [17] An easy cab or bike ride from the central hotel zone, these Mayan ruins are easy to get to so it doesn’t have to be a whole day affair. [13] Your experience starts when you approach sandy entrance to the hotel. Massive wooden wall with double doors and front court covered with Persian rugs greet you first. [15] First of all, never have I ever taken a vacation for the hotel but that was pretty much the mission for this particular vacation. [10]

The Exclusivity: This was my first time staying in a boutique hotel and now I’m hooked. [10] Each room at this small boutique hotel has its own plunge pool and there’s an awesome glass infinity pool deck outside on the beach. [13] This boutique hotel has just 9 rooms and a 4 bedroom private villa, each beckoning a chic guest or two. [13]

From a personal residence of the most infamous drug lords ever, to a 5-star boutique hotel with staggering wall art and sculptures, Casa Malca is the perfect getaway for anyone who fancies a more private but quaint vacation. [17] The fusion of luxury boutique hotels with an environment-friendly approach towards their natural surroundings does not only give you a new outlook on how to live a more viable existence, but it also enables you to genuinely connect to the enchanting scenery around you and relax more than anywhere else in the world. [17]

A five-suite oceanfront villa, Casa de Las Olas is one of Tulum’s best small luxury stays where you can bring along a handful of friends and have the place entirely to yourselves. [13] For the budget traveler, a stay at Tubo Tulum’s concrete pods in the jungle will only set you back about fifty bucks. [13] One of Tulum’s most famous restaurants, entering Hartwood is like entering a jungle world all its own. [13]

Tulum’s high season runs from about January to March, making now the perfect time to book that beach vacation you’re always talking about taking in the middle of winter. [13]

Whether you?re having breakfast surrounded by a Keith Haring mural in Pablo Escobar?s former mansion, or waking up in Cologne surrounded by Le Corbusiers, expect the unexpected at these five extraordinary properties created by art collectors. [9] The Art and Decor: This beautiful mansion was bought in 2012 by Lio Malca, renowned New York art collector and gallery owner. [10]

If not opened the entrance can easily be mistaken by a giant wall covered in tree bark but this is actually two giant doors! Inside the building paintings, sculptures, and furniture from some of the most famous contemporary artist and designers can be found throughout the mansion. [10]

Those cenotes wow!!! And Escobar?s mansion is a hotel now?! That?s so interesting haha. [37] Casa Pueblo is all the reason you need to skip the beachfront hotels and stay in downtown Tulum instead. [23] BE TULUM After checking out Casa Malca, we walked north and started hotel hopping. [24] Cathy and I stayed at Coco Limited (sister hotel of Coco Tulum) and while the pool itself wasn’t the most extravagant of resort pools in Tulum, it was still a nice little spot to relax at. [37] Mi Amor, an 18-room hotel located just a few minutes? drive from the Tulum ruins, attracts a sophisticated crowd looking to relax and indulge. [23]

A convenient four-hour flight from New York City, located on the Caribbean side of Mexico, Tulum offers escape on a tropical level with its pristine beaches, jungle-shrouded restaurants, treetop yoga classes and New Age vibe. [38] Hartwood’s chef, Eric Werner, started his career in New York and while on holiday in Tulum in 2009, Werner and his wife had a sudden lightbulb moment to quit the fast-paced restaurant life on the east coast and start from scratch in Mexico. [37] Tulum is a beautiful place, unfortunately for us though it rained the whole time we were there! The only time we had rain in the 4 weeks we were in Mexico. [37] Wow, you take beautiful pictures! We visited Tulum some time ago, but obviously missed some really cool places! Your post makes me want to go back. [37] It was my first time traveling to Tulum, but had heard so much about this magical place. [39]

The 16 minimalist rooms at this design-forward property feature floor-to-ceiling windows that face onto a plant- and light-filled atrium, luxury bedding by Parachute Home, air-conditioning, walk-in rain showers, and all-natural bathroom products; in other words, it’s an exceptionally peaceful place to rest after a day of exploring Tulum. [23]

I’m happy to hear that, Pablo! We actually met a lot of other Mexican travellers who were visit Tulum and the surrounding towns. [37] I’ve had my eyes on Tulum for quite a while and recently had the chance to treat myself to a trip to visit this beautiful town. [19] Tulum is a vacation destination first and foremost, but if you?re a digital nomad, remote worker, or have business to attend to while you?re in town, stay at Sanara. [23] Sure, you won?t be steps from the sea, but you will be in the heart of the most authentic food and cultural experiences Tulum has to offer – and it?ll cost about a quarter of what it would to stay on the beach. [23] To do Tulum on a budget, stay downtown, a five-minute drive or 10-minute bike ride from the beach. [23] For those of you who can, Tulum Bike Tours offers fantastic tours whether you are looking to learn more about the culture and traditions of rural Mayan communities or you simply wish to ride through forest paths, beach roads, and local streets of Tulum. [37] Whether it be the beach strip or downtown Tulum, this vacation hotspot is filled with darling little shops that will literally make you wanna buy everything. [37] I’ve stayed just north of Tulum at a beach that’s perfect for snorkeling but I haven’t really explored the area. [37] I’ve been to Tulum many years ago when it was a dreamy, secluded stretch of sand with a couple of huts on the beach. [37]

Caffeine Fix & Drinks: A daily visit to Coffee Tulum Art Club is strongly advised, if only for their golden milk (a concoction of homemade coconut milk, tumeric and other healing spices). [38] Launched in 2016, Tulum Art Club is a contemporary art and culture space. [37]

I would say that Tulum does offer more of an authentic Mayan experience if you’re looking to get to know Mexico and its culture better. [37] I would not know what you mean by Tulum is the new Cancun because I haven’t been to either! I don’t know a lot about Mexico except the food is amazing, the beaches are gorgeous and there are lovely cenotes as well as Mayan Ruins. [37] About two hours south of Cancun, Tulum Mexico is becoming a destination hot spot for a lot of us. [19] Tulum is perfect for you then, Maggie!!! You’ll for sure have to check it out if you’re ever in Mexico. [37]

There’s something about these aesthetically pleasing Tulum bars and restaurants that just draws you in. [37] This is an excellent guide to Tulum, and it’s brought back some excellent memories for me! I wish I’d visited that treehouse restaurant, it’s absolutely stunning. [37] I have been to a lot of different Mexican cities and I feel like it’s safe to say that Tulum is one of my faves, if not my favorite. [18] For dinner, guests are directed across the road to Nu Tulum, a relaxed open-air spot serving casually elegant Mexican fare. [23]

Where is Tulum located, I need to book a flight ASAP! Reading your awesome reasons makes me convinced how much I should visit this destination with my gals. [37] This is a popular one that’s much closer to Tulum located half-an-hour-drive north. [37]

ADO charter buses are new/clean, air conditioned and cost about $8USD/person one way compared to taxis/shuttles costing $50-250USD. Passengers are dropped off at the ADO station in the town of Tulum. [24] Okay, let’s get all the basic Tulum itinerary items out of the way first. [37] I loved Tulum! Although I wouldn’t say it is the next Cancun, it is way better than Cancun! The cenotes were my favourite thing to do in Tulum, I went diving in a couple of cenotes which was awesome, but snorkelling was very cool too. [37] There’s no better way for me to explain Tulum, but by two words, and two words only; good vibes. [39]

Tulum is one of my favorite places ever! I’ve never done most of the things on this list (being on a budget makes it a lot harder), but I’m totally happy to just stop at #3. [37] Tulum is so beautiful! I want to do all of these things so bad! I’m definitely adding Tulum to my bucket list after reading this. [37] I had no idea how much there was to do in Tulum! Or how beautiful it is. [37]

While Cat and Mon didn’t really like Tulum all that much, I personally quite enjoyed it. [37] Tulum is like Bali on steroids haha! I love all your amazing photos and this has certainly put it on the map for me. [37] Just like what you pointed out, Tulum Ruins can be too crowded. [37]

Despite Tulum being an expensive resort town, rental cars are actually dirt cheap. [37] Aww Well, Tulum isn’t as much of a party town as Cancun so it’s the perfect destination for all ages. [37]

Not sure where to stay? Michelle has a detailed explanation on ” How to Decide Where to Stay in Tulum “. [37] Perfect for those who are looking to plan a long-term stay in Tulum. [37]

For that reason, we?ve uncovered the best boutique?s Tulum has to offer. [23] Between the sparkling Caribbean sea and the evergrowing tropical jungle, Tulum claims to be an eco friendly focused destination sans commercial anything. [24] The one thing you hardly hear about when it comes to Tulum is food. [19] Everything you can potential ask for, great food, ambiance, views and vibe, Be Tulum gives it to you. [19]

In contrast to our Tulum portion of this trip, we arrived to Oaxaca with no structured plans. [24] This could easily take up one day so a closer/shorter-trip alternative is the Tulum Ruins (pictured below). [37] I spent last week in Tulum, Mexico and it was truly magical. [18]

A bonus of staying in Tulum town, rather than on the beach, is the plentiful options for authentic, affordable food nearby. [23]

We luckily found this place because it was across the beach cove from our hotel. They were doing a soft open while finishing renovations. [24] The spacious, eco-chic rooms (choose from accommodation on the sand or further back surrounded by jungle) aren?t equipped with desks, but there are communal spaces to set up your laptop and get through your to-do list, like beachfront restaurant The Real Coconut or the rooftop area (it goes without saying there?s fast, reliable Wi-Fi throughout the hotel). [23] MARIA DEL MAR is where we stayed and would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a quiet, private, carefully designed hotel. Our room was massive with a balcony and private rooftop area viewing both the ocean and jungle. [24] Ginger Hotel offers a leafy pool area and is praised by visitors for its clean rooms featuring local art, comfortable beds, powerful showers, air-conditioning, flat-screen TVs, and strong Wi-Fi. [23] Stay: We love Be Hotel ?s aesthetic, which features details including live walls constructed from native materials and copper tubs in every room. [38] Wi-fi is available throughout the hotel. Hot tip: the second-story rooms have breath-taking oceans views. [23]

Close to the center of Oaxaca, we checked in at Hotel Casa de la Tia Tere for 6 nights. [24] In 2012, renowned New York art collector/gallery owner Lio Malc purchased Escobar’s estate and turned it into a luxury boutique hotel (Casa Malca) filled with amazing artworks from Keith Haring, KAWS, and Marion Peck. [37] Malca turned the mansion into a boutique hotel and named it Casa Malca. [22] For drinks visit Casa Malca, one of Pablo Escobar?s mansions. [38]

Except for two films, Escobar (2009) and Killing Pablo (2011) that have yet to be made, an American-made biopic about the Columbian drug lord has yet to be released. [22] Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria was born in Rionegro, Colombia. [22]

Escobar also owned a large mansion on Isla Grande located in the Caribbean. [22] This home, known as Escobar’s vacation/party mansion, has a long history. [22]

Owned by the Colombian drug lord, was a 6,500-square-foot mansion in Miami Beach. [22]

Ginger Hotel is conveniently located amongst bars, restaurants, and shopping, and is a 10-minute walk to the ADO bus terminal for coaches to Cancun and Playa Del Carmen. [23] Dine: For lunch try Macando, located inside the beautiful Hotel Nomade where guests sit on Moroccan style poufs with circular tables. [38]

The hotel is filled with Malca?s art pieces and other works by Keith Haring and Marion Peck. [22] PPP is a great place to meet other travelers and potential creative collaborators and has a social atmosphere the hotel encourages. [23] In terms of dining, the hotel offers a complimentary breakfast, while lunch is available to purchase. [23] Dinner in the magical Azulik hotel, where dinner tables are separated into the forest like nests. [39] Most hotels looked like they had bike rentals, but if not, there are little rental shops everywhere on that road. [18]

Explore: Be sure to visit the walking grounds of the Azulik Hotel, which are suspended on branches above man-made riverbeds. Attached to Azulik is the Ik Lab Museum designed by Santiago Rumney Guggenheim, the great grandson of Peggy Guggenhiem. [38] The only luxury hotel inside Mexico?s UNESCO-protected Sian Ka?an Biosphere Reserve, Mukan is reached via a 45-minute private boat ride or 90-minute drive on a dirt road. [23] I visited a few years back and booked directly with my hotel literally a day or two before. [37]

The best boutique hotels are packed with personality, and Casa Malca has it in spades. [23] Luxury boutique hotels and must-visit hot spots each offer a small slice of paradise. [38] Mi Amor has everything you?d expect of a top boutique hotel: a sleek infinity pool overlooking the ocean, a spa with an array of treatments, and a world-class culinary offering. [23]

It included a gym, a billiards room, a bar, a disco where Escobar even hosted wedding receptions, a sauna, a jacuzzi, a waterfall, big screen TV?s, and a life-sized dollhouse for when Escobar?s young daughter would visit. [22] Wow! Have visited some of these places years ago but your post gave me a new perspective! Didn’t know the infamous Escobar had a property there. [37] After 5 years of construction, the Escobar family spent a lot of time relaxing here. [22]

Tulum town obviously has its own charms, but Tulum beach strip is where you’ll find a lot of beautiful murals and fun photo ops. [37] Tulum is essentially separated into two main areas: the Tulum beach strip (where all the luxurious resorts are located) and Tulum town/downtown (where the locals actually live). [37]

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