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  • The Hollywood A-listers hired the era’s most visionary architects to design sleek, modern Palm Springs homes that embraced the desert environment.(More…)
  • Fans of mid-century modern architecture flock to Palm Springs for the swoon-worthy homes set against a gorgeous desert backdrop. The stark beauty of these modern houses is a perfect match for the four mountain ranges bordering the community.(More…)
  • This is the cutest place to stay in Palm Springs!(More…)
  • Our tour guide, Kurt, took us into three mid century houses dotted in various neighborhoods throughout the city, all while providing a fascinating narrative about the history of the homes, the architects involved, and the design elements used.(More…)


  • “Palm Springs is seductive,” writes fashion designer Trina Turk in the foreword.(More…)
  • Tickets go on sale Nov. 1 for Palm Springs? 13th annual Modernism Week celebration Feb. 15-25 — 11 days of sunshine, concerts, parties, art shows, vintage car shows, lectures and home tours.(More…)
  • Since this is a getaway house, Kell made sure to create enough space for up to eight guests, with plenty of options for lounging and vegging (Palm Springs is prime Vacationland, after all).(More…)



The Hollywood A-listers hired the era’s most visionary architects to design sleek, modern Palm Springs homes that embraced the desert environment. [1] Several tour companies in Palm Springs feature modern architecture. [1] Del Marcos Hotel was architect Bill Cody’s first Palm Springs commission, setting the tone for post-war modern motels. [1] Our trip to Palm Springs coincided with Modernism Week, which presented an amazing opportunity to check out some of Palm Springs? famous midcentury modern homes. [2] Historic, original, and spectacular, this 1956 home in Palm Springs is a midcentury modern dream. [3] PALM SPRINGS: Even the visitor center in Palm Springs reflects the midcentury modern vibe the city is known for. [4] The Palm Springs Modern App, for example, is difficult to navigate with, and it hasn?t been updated since 2014. [1] The word “modern” often comes up when people talk about Palm Springs. [1] If you’re a Mid-Century Modern nerd like I am, you will be in awe as you drive through the many neighborhoods of Palm Springs. [5] In Palm Springs, mid-century modern styling isn’t a return to anything; it’s honoring a style that never really left. [6]

If you were a movie star in the middle of the twentieth century and wanted to escape the hustle and bustle for the weekend, Palm Springs was the place to go. [1] Palm Springs Art Museum?s Architecture and Design Center is in a 1961 savings-and-loan building crafted by pioneering desert architect E. Stewart Williams. [1] Among the highlights are Wexler’s iconic accordion-folded steel houses and E. Stewart Williams’ savings-and-loan building, which now houses the Palm Springs Art Museum?s Architecture and Design Center. [4]

Palmer & Krisel, Donald Wexler, and Roy Fey were some of the architects who designed the high-end homes found in this part of South Palm Springs, South of La Verne Way and East of S Palm Canyon Drive. [5] Just north of Indian Canyons, North of La Verne Way but South of E Palm Canyon Drive, is the first neighborhood in Palm Springs where Alexander homes were built. [5]

What’s an Alexander home, you ask? The Alexander Construction company built about 1,200 Palm Springs Alexanders between the years of 1957-1966, which were designed by architect William Krisel. [5] Designed by local architect Walter S. White, the 1955 home will be auctioned Feb. 24 at the conclusion of Palm Springs Modernism Week. [7]

Although it’s been decades since the Rat Pack called it home, Palm Springs still embodies that nostalgic mid-century glamour. [6] Now, people flock to Palm Springs year-round to relax, rejuvenate, and tour some of the most unique homes and streets. [5] Tract homes were such a big hit in Palm Springs that more than 2,500 of them were eventually built, about 90 in the Twin Palms neighborhood. [1] Fun fact: In the residential areas of Palm Springs, homes cannot be built higher than one story. [5] Palm Springs is home to estates previously owned by Frank Sinatra (1145 E V’a Colusa), Dean Martin (1123 N Via Monte Vista), and Cary Grant (now Copley’s restaurant). [2] Homes and businesses weren’t the only things under construction in Palm Springs during the 1950s and 60s. [1] Perhaps no other photo has captured the spirit of Palm Springs as accurately–and it was taken less than a mile from this home. [8] Frey also designed the buildings at the Palm Springs Tramway just up the road, and you could take a side trip to ride the tram before continuing your tour. [1] The Palm Spring Art Museum offers an architectural icon walking tour, but dates are limited. [1] The new book Palm Springs: A Modernist Paradise ( $75, Rizzoli ), with text and photographs by Tim Street-Porters, brings readers on a tour of the city?s iconic properties, many of which have been impeccably restored by their new owners. [9] After walking through the world-class Palm Springs Art Museum, we headed out from the Camp on our tour through North Palm Springs. [2] Twin Palms Estates is one of the most exciting mid-century neighborhoods in Palm Springs. [1] The Alexander House was built in 1956 and is located in the Little Tuscany neighborhood of Palm Springs. [3] Albert Frey House II. The Swiss architect Albert Frey, who studied under Le Corbusier in Paris, came to Palm Springs in 1934. [9] Other Hollywood stars followed suit, and soon architects like Richard Neutra, Albert Frey, and John Lautner were busy working on Palm Springs homes. [9]

For David Kearney and Chip Graves, the allure of Palm Springs was in the weather and the landscape, not the midcentury architecture that helped make the region famous. [8] If you are planning a trip to Palm Springs, definitely set aside a few hours to admire some of its incredible architecture by bike or on foot. [2] If you ask any architecture enthusiast where to find the best midcentury-modern architecture in America, there?s a good chance you?ll get Palm Springs, California, as your answer. [9] Modernism Week is the annual mid-century extravaganza in Palm Springs. [1] If you walk about two blocks south from the museum, you’ll pass several other mid-century buildings that are marked on the Google map, or you can find out more about the iconic Palm Springs bank buildings at Modtraveler. [1] Palm Springs Visitor Center: 2901 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs; [4] If you drove into Palm Springs from the north on Palm Canyon Drive, you went right past this unusual structure. [1]

John Lautner’s Palm Springs creations, the Bob Hope House and the Elrod Circular House are both tucked away behind an entry gate that keeps visitors from getting in. [1] The glossy white blades of more than 4,000 wind turbines spin a hypnotic spell on the approach to Palm Springs, a desert oasis where even the road signs whisper memories of a glittering past. [4] Back in the 1950s and 1960s, Palm Springs became a desert hideaway for many stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age. [5] The Camp gave us a bike tour map of North and South Palm Springs. [2] With a flat roof and colorful door, this Palm Springs home embraces its architectural roots. [6] Between its Frank Sinatra past and its modernist present, Palm Springs is simply sublime in March. [4] Palm Springs has historically attracted a huge range of stars, from Frank Sinatra to Liberace. [6] You can even rent Frank Sinatra?s first Palm Springs residence (if you can afford it). [1] Palm Springs is not a huge town but the neighborhoods are fairly spread out. [5] Pair it with gold-accented chairs and tropical floor-to-ceiling drapes and you’ve got Palm Springs style nailed. [6] If you look at lists of the most important modernist structures in Palm Springs, it’s easy to get excited. [1] Palm Springs: A Modernist Paradise, with text and photography by Tim Street-Porter. [9] Though all of Palm Springs is quite peaceful, Deepwell Estates felt especially calm and charming. [5] Palm Springs can play it cool, too, like in this more subdued living room. [6] Plus, there’s a great view of the pool, a key player in Palm Springs yards. [6]

This classically restored Mid Century Modern Palm Springs Vacation home with the iconic Butterfly roof built by Alexander Construction Co. in 1960 is a work of art. [10] We love Palm Springs for the weather and outdoor activities, of course, but also for the iconic mid century homes and fun interior design. [11] This tour takes you into three mid century Palm Springs houses. [12]

Fans of mid-century modern architecture flock to Palm Springs for the swoon-worthy homes set against a gorgeous desert backdrop. The stark beauty of these modern houses is a perfect match for the four mountain ranges bordering the community. [13] Mid-century modern architecture in Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, and Palm Desert has been famous because of the big names attached to their design and build; From the 1950s and on, architects and home builders have been responsible for making the desert cities so rich with what we call today the mid-century modern architecture. [14] An icon of midcentury modern architecture, Palm Springs City Hall was designed in 1952 by the father of desert modernism, Albert Frey, together with his team of Palm Springs architects Robson Cole Chambers, John Porter Clark, Albert Frey, and E. Stewart Williams. [15] From February 15 to 25, the Greater Palm Springs area celebrates midcentury modern design with 11 days of talks, films, architecture tours, exhibitions, and events. [15] Focused primarily on modern and contemporary art, the Palm Springs Art Museum?s Architecture and Design Center is worth a visit. [13] Palm Springs is an undisputed mecca of midcentury modern architecture and design. [16] Modernism buffs worldwide know that Palm Springs is a major destination for midcentury modern architecture. [17]

Not only does Palm Springs boast a bevy of stylish mid-century modern homes; it’s also infused with the glitz of celebrities who’ve lived–and partied–here over the years. [13] The mid-century modern architecture of Palm Springs has been photographed so much it all starts to blend together after a while. [18]

The Palm Spring Art Museum?s Architecture and Design Council are hosting tours of Frey House II, Swiss-American midcentury desert-modern master Albert Frey?s second home in Palm Springs. [15] Frey House II is the second of two personal homes designed and constructed in Palm Springs. [19]

The Sunmor Estates neighborhood in central Palm Springs is a treasure trove of remarkably well maintained mid-century homes built by the Alexander Construction Company, Robert C. Higgins, and Jack Meiselman in the late 50s and early 60s. [20] Twin Palms was Frank Sinatra’s first getaway home in Palm Springs; and it’s equally well-known for its gorgeous design by E. Stewart Williams and the celeb-studded parties hosted there by Ol’ Blue Eyes himself. [13] Architecture and Design Center building at the Palm Springs Art Museum. [16] No round-up of midcentury-modern architecture in Palm Springs would be complete without a mention of the house Albert Frey designed for himself. [16] Designed by Albert Frey specifically as the Palm Springs City Hall, the building hasn?t changed much over the years. [16] An example of Palm Springs architecture designed more than 70 years ago by John Porter Clark. [19] There is no shortage of modernism examples to enjoy in Palm Springs proper, but what about the remaining cities that span the oasis? Modernism and other unique forms of architecture can be found on each end of the 111 and at point in between. [17] On February 22, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., you can take a tour of Frank Sinatra?s beautiful “Twin Palms” estate, located in Palm Springs Movie Colony neighborhood. [15] Frank Sinatra?s Palm Springs home — a haven for poolside entertaining during the Rat Pack days — is open for tours during Modernism Week. [21] During Modernism Week, style and design aficionados enjoy the stylish beauty of Palm Springs homes with their classic cars. [13]

The Paul Kaplan Group represents home for sale in Palm Springs. [20] Frey House ll, his long-time second residence in Palm Springs, completed in 1964, is perched on the hillside at the west end of Tahquitz Canyon Way. [16] Swiss Miss houses are rare, with only about 15 of them in Palm Springs, so keep your eyes out for one on your tour. [15] The Alexander Construction Company, which was founded by George Alexander and his son Robert, built over 2,200 houses in the Greater Palm Springs area between 1955 and 1965. [15] On February 17, from 5 to 7 p.m., those lucky enough to get tickets can visit the interiors of the Dinah Shore House, also known as the Dinah Shore Palm Springs Estate. [15] Alex Dethier, REALTOR® – BRE 01926911 Palm Springs, CA, Real Estate, Palm Springs Homes: [14] Real estate listings held by brokerage firms other than Palm Springs Homes / Alex Dethier / The Paul Kaplan Group, are indicated by detailed information about them such as the name of the listing firms and agents. [14] This Charles Dubois-designed, Palm Springs home has been renovated and restored to its original floor plan. [19] Gypsyland Palm Springs is a great spot for vintage furniture and design pieces. [13] If you like to enjoy the finer things in life with a modernist twist, Palm Springs is the place for you. [13] The Studebaker Avanti, designed by Raymond Loewy, couldn?t possibly be more Palm Springs, even if it. [19] Right smack in the middle of downtown Palm Springs sits the Cork n’ Bottle liquor store, a fine example of Depression Era Art Moderne with its double and triple bands of molding and symmetrical façade. [17] By signing up below, you’ll receive updates on Palm Springs & new listings in the Palm Springs area. [14] CAMEO It?s midafternoon on a weekday in the Movie Colony neighborhood of Palm Springs and self-portrait. [19] Close to the border between Palm Springs and Cathedral City resides the Parker Palm Springs —known as a chic getaway for the stars. [17] Boutiques and vintage shops are stocked with everything you need to inject a bit of Palm Springs style into your own decor. [13]

A tour conducted by a knowledgeable guide is one of the best ways to appreciate Palm Springs’ mid-century modern offerings. [13] The building itself fits beautifully into Palm Springs’ mid-century modern architectural landscape. [13]

The Australian photographer Kate Ballis  and frequent Palm Springs visitor was looking for a way to reinvigorate a landscape she was deeply familiar with. [18] The owners, Chris Lucas and Paul McCreesh, are principals of the Palm Springs firm GreenGuys Construction. [20] “Healthy plants emit infrared light and take a certain color through the process, so I started viewing Palm Springs as a lush oasis, where succulents and palm trees thrived and synthetic grass can be identified through the viewfinder from 100 meters (328 feet) away,” Ballis tells  Co.Design in an email. [18]

Included with Modernism Show & Sale admission is entrance to the Palm Springs Modern Design Expo, a new event showcasing cutting-edge modern design and technology, such as dynamic and energy efficient building materials, home appliances and electronics, smart home technology and security, hand-crafted furniture and design accessories, contemporary art and photography. [22] Modern architectural design finds its home in Palm Springs. [12] Love midcentury modern design? Love art? Well you?re in luck, because it?s just about that time of year where modernist design and fine art intersect in the desert, with Palm Springs Modernism Week and the Art Palm Springs Fair happening simultaneously in Palm Springs. [22] Led by knowledgeable guides, this open-air experience offers unique, exterior perspectives of Desert Spanish and Midcentury Modern architecture, two predominant styles found in Palm Springs. [22]

This tour focuses on the six architects that made Palm Springs the modern city it is today. [12] The mid-century modern style is found scattered throughout the city and these properties are easily spotted as you tour throughout the many exceptional Palm Springs communities. [23] Palm Springs mid-century modern homes for sale are some of the most sought-after types of properties in the area. [23] Continue down the page to begin browsing Palm Springs Mid-Century Modern real estate, or find more information on property types and the surrounding community. [23] A Palm Springs Mid-Century Modern residence once owned by billionaire film and aviation mogul Howard Hughes has sold for $1.3 million. [24]

The Premier Double Decker Architectural Bus Tour provides guests with an overview of significant civic and commercial buildings, as well as residential properties located within notable Palm Springs neighborhoods, including the midcentury “leisure lifestyle” communities in south Palm Springs. [22] This self-guided bike tour begins at the Saguaro Palm Springs hotel, which features colorful hues by Dunn-Edwards Paints, and then continues through the Indian Canyons neighborhood where docents at each stop will share information about the homes? architecture and front door colors. [22] Come explore the colorful and unique doors of the Indian Canyons neighborhood during the Palm Springs Door Tour, presented by Dunn-Edwards Paints and curated by Palm Springs Style. [22]

I created MidMod Design Tour to marry my two loves: Architecture and Palm Springs. [25] If you have special interests, let us know and we’ll design the perfect tour of Palm Springs for you. [12]

Property is a fabulous authentic mid-century home right in the heart of Palm Springs. [10] There are no specific neighborhoods where these homes are exclusively located within Palm Springs. [23] The home is in close proximity to downtown Palm Springs, yet far enough away to enjoy peaceful relaxation. [10] Both Art Palm Springs and the Modernism Show & Sale feature opening night parties – Art Palm Springs on Thursday, February 15, and the Modernism Show & Sale on Friday, February 16. [22] You can view all Modernism Week events with tickets still available here, and Art Palm Springs tickets are available online here or at the door at the Palm Springs Convention Center. [22] Modernism Week has expanded to an 11-day affair, happening on February 15-25, 2018, while Art Palm Springs coincides with the first weekend, on February 15-19, 2018. [22]

Mid Century Splendor is also convenient to Palm Springs favorites, like popular restaurants and entertainment, while still maintaining its tranquility on a private quiet street in North Palm Springs. [26] Mid-Century or Midcentury ? Any way you spell it (and both are correct), the modern designs of world class architects from the “middle” part of the 20th century continue to define Palm Springs, California. [27]

This is the cutest place to stay in Palm Springs! The house is clean, large and decorated so cute! The pool is amazing, my favorite part is the tanning deck. [11] I plan on recommending this house to friends traveling to Palm Springs and will definitely be back in the future. [11] With a maximum of five individuals per tour, Palm Springs Mod Squad tours are intimate, personalized experiences. [12] This exciting tour that takes you into the heart of the 1960’s where Palm Springs meets Las Vegas. [12] “My girlfriend and I did the Interiors Tour and it was the highlight of our trip to Palm Springs. [12] In a town like Palm Springs, al fresco party areas are all but required. [28] You will be transported through the eyes of Coco Chanel, Emilio Pucci, Christian Dior, Pierre Cardin and more as Mitchells Palm Springs collaborates with M Vintage to present a vintage fashion show at Temple Isaiah?s Grand Warsaw Ballroom. [22]

Our tour guide, Kurt, took us into three mid century houses dotted in various neighborhoods throughout the city, all while providing a fascinating narrative about the history of the homes, the architects involved, and the design elements used. [12]

Starting today, the city is offering interested buyers private tours of the home, but during next month’s Modernism Week, the annual celebration of modern architecture in and around Palm Springs, the property will be open to all for tours. [29] New Beazer homes in Palm Springs offer sleek, mid-century, modern homes against striking desert views within the Coachella Valley. [30] Built in 1959 by the Alexander Construction Company, the home is one of 2,200 houses that helped propel Palm Springs into an enclave of mid-century modern architecture. [31] Palm Springs, California is a virtual museum of Mid-Century Modern architecture with possibly the world’s largest and best-preserved examples of elegant homes and landmark buildings constructed during the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. [27] Modernism Week is an annual ten-day celebration in Palm Springs that celebrates the area’s rich mid-century modern art, architecture, and design elements. [32] They live in Los Angeles and wanted a mid-century modern home in Palm Springs that would be a quick drive away. [31] The Modern Tour is THE architectural luxury tour of Palm Springs. [33] Palm Springs has the largest concentration of mid-century modern architecture. [32] Revered as a luxury destination for Hollywood elite’s and captains of industry, Palm Springs is also well known for its annual celebration of mid-century modern design. [32] “With mountain views, a celebrity history, swimming pool and sunny mid-century modern aesthetics, it?s the quintessential Palm Springs home.” [31]

Favored as an oasis by the 20th century Hollywood elite, Palm Springs has been revitalized into a thriving desert resort city that includes all of the amenities you desire. [30] Several beautifully restored hotels in Palm Springs, California recreate the experience of mid-twentieth century living, complete with reproduction fabrics and furnishings by major designers of the period. [27]

As the center of Mid-Century Modernism, Palm Springs, California hosts many architecture conferences, tours, and other events. [27] We are the official tour of the Palm Springs Art Museum Architecture and Design Center. [33]

A renovated Mid-century home situated in the historic Racquet Club Estates neighborhood of Palm Springs hit the market today for $665,000. [31] William Cody (1916-1978): No, not “Buffalo Bill Cody,” but the Ohio-born architect William Francis Cody, FAIA, who designed many homes, hotels, and commercial projects in Palm Springs, Phoenix, San Diego, Palo Alto, and Havana. [27] Alexander Homes : Working with several architects, the George Alexander Construction Company built more than 2,500 homes in Palm Springs and established a modernist approach to housing that was imitated throughout the United States. [27] Albert Frey (1903-1998): Swiss architect Albert Frey worked for Le Corbusier before moving to the United States and becoming a Palm Springs resident. [27] Twin Palms Estate (1947) in Palm Springs, CA, designed by E. Stewart Williams for Frank Sinatra. [27] Donald Wexler (1926-2015): Architect Donald Wexler worked for Richard Neutra in Los Angeles, and then for William Cody in Palm Springs. [27] Four artfully appointed studio apartments surround a crystal clear pool in a stunning and historic mid-century structure located just minutes from the village of Palm Springs, close to great restaurants, impressive shopping and entertaining nightlife. [34] Residents and visitors alike can also enjoy rich arts and culture through nationally-recognized, annual events like Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Stagecoach Music Festival, Palm Springs International Film Festival, Palm Springs Walk of Stars, and VillageFest. [30] Nestled in the Coachella Valley and surrounded by mountains and deserts, Palm Springs, California is only a few hours drive from the bustle and tinsel of Hollywood. [27] Whether you’re looking to relax from everyday stresses or to adventure amongst the California desert, Palm Springs offers something for everyone. [30] Whether you’re looking for a fun and relaxing weekend getaway, or a longer stay, the Desert Star in sunny Palm Springs is the perfect vacation rental. [34] Unlike other midcentury stunners in Palm Desert and neighboring Palm Springs, this one is relatively affordable. [29] The particular architecture that subsequently developed in Palm Springs is notable for its use of glass, clean lines, natural and manufactured resources, and indoor/outdoor spaces. [32] Palm Springs is one of only 12 cultural tourism destinations for architecture, as designated by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. [32] As is common in the travel industry, the writer was provided with complimentary accommodations for the purpose of reviewing architecture in Palm Springs. [27] Just a two hour drive from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, Palm Springs celebrates the art of leisure with more than 115 world-class golf courses, 130 luxurious hotels and resorts, and 100 cutting-edge dining options. [30] Given the popularity of Modernism Week and the Fall Preview, it’s best to make advanced reservations at the Willows Historic Palm Springs Inn, so you can ensure your spot in Palm Springs’ most sought-after lodging. [32] As the entertainment industry enveloped the Los Angeles area during the 1900s, Palm Springs became a favorite getaway for the many starlets and socialites who were making money faster than they could spend it. [27] This “mini-modernism” preview is the perfect way to kick off the active social and recreational season in Palm Springs. [32] Nestled within the Coachella Valley in Riverside County, Palm Springs, California, boasts world-class leisure amenities and entertainment attractions. [30]

The live auction will be held on Feb. 24, during Modernism Week in the greater Palm Springs area, an annual celebration of Mid-Century Modern architecture, design, and culture with companion events, lectures, and tours. [35] Modernism Week ?s signature February festival will take place Feb. 15-25, 2018, highlighting midcentury modern architecture, art, interior and landscape design, and vintage culture in the Palm Springs area of Southern California. [36]

Home to one of the largest concentrations of mid-century modern architecture in the country, the Palm Springs region is a natural setting for this citywide event. [37] No California city is as closely identified with mid-century modern architecture as Palm Springs. [37]

From the hip and modern to the traditional and classic, resorts in and around Greater Palm Springs let you escape to the desert any way you like. [37] For those that want to get their feet wet, a great way to learn about all things midcentury modern is to attend the 18th Annual Palm Springs Modernism Show & Sale at the Palm Springs Convention Center. [38] Buyers hunt for a midcentury modern home in Palm Springs, California. [39] This sleek Palm Springs home also includes an newly appointed and fully-contained kitchen with a lustrous modern dining area. [40] This Palm Springs home is a great example of a Palm Springs Mid-Century Modern style home – yet newly updated with todays must-have luxury amenities. [40]

Fed by underground springs, the desert comes alive here, not only with signature palms, but also with a string of resort communities–Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells, and others, as well as the namesake town of Palm Springs–sporting a cool, mid-century modern vibe and countless ways to relax. [37] Enjoy Modernism Week?s signature Premiere Double Decker Architectural Bus Tour and spend two and a half hours visiting important civic, commercial buildings and residential properties in notable Palm Springs neighborhoods including the oldest existing structure in Palm Springs–the McCallum Adobe. [38]

On the Fantasy Balloon Flights tour of Palm Springs, the pilot will point out spots like the San Andreas Fault, the Salton Sea, and even celebrity homes. [37] The grounds of this 2 bedroom + 2 bathroom Palm Springs rental are adorned with the same pleasing style as the interior of this deluxe two bedroom, two bath home with a terrific private pool and spa, private grounds and exceptional up-close mountain views! This Palm Springs luxury home is well designed and well appointed – and is available for short-term vacation rental by the week, month or weekend. [40] Designed by E. Stewart Williams, this amazing home was Old Blue Eyes? Palm Springs getaway from 1947-1957. [38] This Palm Springs luxury home is well designed and well appointed – and is available for short-term vacation rental by the week, month or weekend. [40] A doctor and her boyfriend look for a mid-century home in Palm Springs, California. [41] Easily accessed from the end of South Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs, this 15-mile/24-km-long canyon is home to the world’s largest stand of California Fan Palm trees–more than 3,000 palms in all. [37] This homes southern canyon location near downtown Palm Springs shields the area from wind gusts that can sometimes be more common in other areas of town. [40] This is definitely a great home to relax in style! The Homes Locale: Just a few minutes from downtown Palm Springs (about a $6.00 cab ride). [40] The Palm springs vacation home is tucked away in a neighborhood of historic celebrity homes that include the homes of Barry Manilow and Suzanne Sommers. [40] For the last 13 years, Modernism Week in Palm Springs has celebrated and showcased the ultimate in midcentury architecture, fashion, interior design and vintage culture. [38] Knowing that living in Palm Springs requires a lot of electricity for things like air conditioning, Kealoha and Johnson added solar panels to their home. [42] We sat down with the high-flying pair at the home of the BNP Paribas Open, Indian Wells Tennis Garden near Palm Springs, and asked them to serve up their views on everything from how they?d spend a perfect day in their home state to their favorite local place for soft tacos. [37] One of the best ways to appreciate the panoramic desert of the Greater Palm Springs area is to literally get above it–taking in the expanses of citrus trees and date palms, the sagebrush, the spring wildflowers, and even the 100-plus manicured golf courses from a hot air balloon, with the San Jacinto and Santa Rosa mountains as a backdrop. [37] Remarkable desert parklands, including Death Valley, Joshua Tree, and Anza-Borrego, provide an extraordinary chance to explore, while the oasis-like allure of Palm Springs, 3 hours northeast of San Diego, offers sunny resort-style getaways, with golf, tennis, spas, and high-end shopping. [37] The saying “Thursday is the new Friday” is not just a cheeky adage in Palm Springs: Every Thursday evening, this desert city takes on new life for VillageFest, a weekly street fair that brings casual party atmosphere to its downtown neighborhood. [37] Known for its lively pool scene and active events calendar, the Saguaro Palm Springs appeals to anyone looking for fun in the desert sun. [37] A few weeks later, it?s the guys? turn, and time for the dancing and pool parties of the Palm Springs White Party, the area?s biggest annual gay event. [37]

The Ace Hotel Palm Springs brought a mid-century hotel back from the dead and infused it with an artsy spirit that combines the best of Palm Springs cool, both old school and new. [37] Blending the style of iconic architect William F. Cody and the vision of renowned designer Steve Hermann, L?Horizon Resort and Spa is Palm Springs incarnate. [37] Come relax in luxury – Palm Springs style – with a master bedroom suite featuring a king size bed. [40] Staying at L?Horizon Palm Springs is a bit like stepping into a mid-century-modern time machine, with all the luxury trappings of a Hollywood hideaway in the desert. [37] Now those need-for-speed fantasies are available to anyone willing to plunk down a credit card and show up, ready to roll, at the BMW Performance Driving School in the Southern California desert south of Palm Springs. [37] One of the biggest nights for dress-up in the desert, the star-studded Palm Springs International Film Festival attracts not just big. [37] The Hilton Palm Springs Resort, Modernism Week?s official host hotel, is offering a special room rate for a limited time only. [36] Held over three days (Feb. 23-25) at the Camelot Theater in Palm Springs, the series will feature 26 films, documentaries and short films that cross 14 Modernism Week programs. [36] We could not figure out how to turn on the waterfall feature or Netflix, but it wasnt a priority, so we didn’t pursue with ACME. I would have rated the property five stars, but the overly rigid Palm Springs noise ordinance put a damper on our enjoyment of the outdoor spaces. [40] Not the case with this one! It’s exactly as advertised! A beautiful, clean house with immaculate grounds – just around the corner from the main streets of Palm Springs. [40] Design buffs love the Parker Palm Springs for its Jonathan Adler dor, while celebs also adore this intimate inn?s seclusion–especially the one-bedroom villa suites with enclosed patios. [37] Welcome to Palm Springs living! This posh pad has such great design it could be a movie set. [40] This home’s southern canyon location near downtown Palm Springs shields the area from wind gusts that can sometimes be more common in other areas of town. [40] Even though you?re a short distance from Palm Springs area shopping and golf courses, this is the kind of place that invites you to keep a low profile, like a star hiding out from the paparazzi. [37] Palm Springs is constantly elevating indulgence to new highs, with swanky, imaginative do-overs of existing luxe lodgings–such as the splashy Hard Rock Hotel and the Saguaro Palm Springs –and subtler, though no less opulent remakes, like the boutique Colony Palms Hotel and Sparrows Lodge, a rustic-chic gem in the heart of town. [37] Staying at L?Horizon Palm Springs is a bit like stepping into a mid-century-modern time machine, with all the. [37] Robert Trent Jones Jr., Arnold Palmer, Greg Norman, Jack Nicklaus–the list of top pros who have designed championship courses in the Palm Springs region couldn?t get more name-droppy, at least when it comes to golf. [37] “We had a coffee table book on Krisel?s work in Palm Springs, and the Racquet Club neighborhood is featured prominently in it.” [42] When it comes to one particular scene, Palm Springs will not be outdone: The Palm Springs Leather Pride weekend in late October has become one of the nation?s largest events of its kind, culminating in the crowning of Mr. Leather. [37] Some estimates put the local LGBTQ population at over 30 percent, and in November, the Greater Palm Springs Pride event kicks off the season with an eye-popping parade and block party, and games and arts-and-crafts activities for kids of all ages. [37] Majestic mountains surround Greater Palm Springs, luring visitors with a siren?s song of wildflower blooms and incredible rock formations–but these are far from the only treasures hidden within these ancient canyons. [37] Spinning slowly as it ascends–it?s the world?s largest spinning tramcar–the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway traverses 2.5 miles along Chino Canyon in one smooth ascent to 8,516 feet at Mountain Station, on the flanks of towering Mount San Jacinto. [37] Built for Leon and Thea Koerner in 1955, it is located in the Deepwell Neighbourhood of Palm Springs, California. [43] City of Palm Springs TOT tax: 11.5% charged on the total rental rate, cleaning fees, damage waiver, utilities, and pet fees. [40] As real estate agents, the homeowners are always working, even when they?re in Palm Springs. [42] After a private yoga session and a seaweed wrap at the spa–playfully named the Palm Springs Yacht Club–hole up in a cabana alongside one of the inn?s two saline pools. [37] At SpaTerre at the Riviera Palm Springs, dip into a Watsu pool, heated to your body temperature. [37]


“Palm Springs is seductive,” writes fashion designer Trina Turk in the foreword. [9] Architectural historians note that White’s fixation on hypar roofs might have influenced Palm Springs’ 1965 “Tramway gas station” design, now the city’s visitors center that has been given landmark status. [7] The week always includes a few tours that get you inside some of Palm Springs’ modernist icons. [1]

Most of the houses had private swimming pools, and they all had exactly two palms for landscaping. [1]

During the day, the palm trees towering up into the sky and the variety of homes and architecture will keep your head turning from side to side as you drive by. [5] Directly west of Palm Canyon Drive and west of Monte Vista St, these homes are tucked just underneath the beautiful San Jacinto mountains. [5] White was a lesser-known modernist and inventor who designed more than 100 homes in the Coachella Valley, most of them in Palm Desert. [7]

This home blends a mid-century architectural silhouette with modern touches and the surrounding desert landscape. [6] Since the 1920s, architects have been designing modern homes that shaped what we know as Desert Modernism. [5] San Jacinto serve as a stunning backdrop. We couldn?t believe how incredibly well-maintained these historic homes are, and how well the desert landscaping accentuates the clean, modern lines of the homes. [2]

“Livable version? of Philip Johnson?s Glass House hits the market The $7.7M price tag includes Johnson?s 1953-built Alice Ball House, plus the construction of a modern complement designed by Reja Bakh. [3] Sculptural plants make a great foil for the modern lines of the house. [8]

The exteriors still show his style, but interiors are more 21st century modern than mid-20th-century. [1] It’s also a living museum of mid-twentieth century architecture, where homes and buildings look as if they could have been designed last week instead of in the last century. [1] The resort town in the Coachella Valley first drew visitors at the turn of the 20th century, but modernist architecture arrived in the 1930s, when actor Gary Cooper commissioned a home there. [9]

Miracle Manor Retreat is a 1948 motel remodeled by architect Michael Rotondi that is now a bed and breakfast with a pool fed by a natural hot spring. [1] The house is new, but in the style of midcentury modern architecture. [8] Just north of Twin Palms, on the north side of E Palm Canyon Drive and west of Sunrise Way, you’ll find Deepwell Estates. [5] Just a few blocks west of Palm Canyon Drive, the busy strip gives way to manicured lawns and towering Palm Trees. [2]

The neighborhood got its name due to the two palm trees that were planted on each property. [5]

The city of Palm Desert is offering $50,000 to a buyer who will restore a midcentury-modern residence celebrated for its singular undulating roof. [7]

Earth-friendly features include solar energy, water-saving systems and appliances, and low-VOC paint–things nearly unheard of in the middle of the 20th century. [8]

Tickets go on sale Nov. 1 for Palm Springs? 13th annual Modernism Week celebration Feb. 15-25 — 11 days of sunshine, concerts, parties, art shows, vintage car shows, lectures and home tours. [21] Designed in 1947 by beloved desert architect William F. Cody, the Del Marcos Hotel sits in Palm Springs’ historic hotel and shopping district. [17] The Architecture and Design Center building at 300 S Palm Canyon was also designed by Williams and offers a wealth of information on Desert Modernism. [16]

Today, you can capture some of this old-time charm by renting the Twin Palms estate. [13] Designed by William Krisel and Dan Saxon Palmer and built by the Los Angeles-based George Alexander Construction Company, Twin Palms is so-named for the two palm trees located in front of each house. [16] The Leonard Firestone estate, designed by William Pereira in the 1950s, still holds regal court today at 73155 Fiddleneck Lane in Palm Desert. [17]

Hope Springs Resort is also an enclave of great architecture: large overhangs, zigzag roof lines, and. [19] The 13th annual Modernism Week will kick off with a keynote presentation by former Dwell CEO Michela O?Connor Abrams and include nightly parties; talks about architectural preservation, Frank Lloyd Wright, and legendary women in design; on-site design consultations; walking, cycling, and bus tours; and rare opportunities to look inside iconic midcentury modern homes. [15] The introduction this year of the Modern Design Expo will give Modernism Week enthusiasts the best. [19]

The City of Indio wanted a place that would attract youth so the architects used Googie architecture, a modern style accentuated most prominently by the 1950’s Los Angeles fast food restaurant chain Norms. [17] The historical midcentury modern property was designed by famed architect, John Elgin Woolf, known for his Hollywood Regency style that includes 10-foot ceilings with wall to wall glass, walled courtyards, Mansard roofs and Pullman entries that exude charm. [17]

Book a stay at Desert Oasis by Welk Resorts to stay close to all the mid-century modern action and find your home away from home to truly relax. [13] This stylish home features new and vintage mid-century modern furnishings, original art and beautiful lighting to create a hip yet relaxing environment all on one level. [44] These easy-to-build affordable middle-income vacation homes feature varying rooflines (butterfly, a-frame, flat) giving what is essentially a tract neighborhood the look of custom mid-century modern homes. [16]

Mid-century modern design lovers have more ways to enjoy their favorite architectural style here than almost anywhere else. [13] Once you’ve satisfied your craving for old-Hollywood gossip and had an eyeful of mid-century modern architecture, head to the Uptown Design District for some serious shopping. [13]

The mid-century modern vibe is very much alive in this Coachella Valley community where architectural tours, vintage stores, and cultural events evoke the spirit of a more glamorous time. [13] Specializing in architectural and midcentury modern properties. [20] The design motif of midcentury modern and the buildings created here in that aesthetic are now. [19]   The midcentury modern masterpiece was built with a signature Mayan-style pink roof on vast greens at the corner of Gerald Ford and Bob Hope Drive behind a creamy pink wall. [17] The midcentury modern community of Sandpiper is a Palm Desert landmark. [17]

One aerial shot shows the palm trees exploding between the flat roofs of homes. [18] Frey designed a corrugated metal canopy with an opening through which palm trees peek out. [13]

Continuing into the mesa neighborhood from the bend where Palm Canyon turns into Highway 111, one will find the Ship of the Desert. [17] A grand example of this is the Miles Bates House in Palm Desert. [17] The tale of the Miles C. Bates House in Palm Desert, is at once precedent-setting, inspiring,. [19]

A magnificent palm tree soars through an opening cut in the portico overhang in front of the building. [16]

One could argue that “Star Trek?s” delta-shaped Starfleet insignia could be the most enduring artifact of midcentury modernism, knowing as we do, that it exists in the 24th century. [21]

Since this is a getaway house, Kell made sure to create enough space for up to eight guests, with plenty of options for lounging and vegging (Palm Springs is prime Vacationland, after all). [28] Follow the MidMod Design Tour (left), or do this one all by itself with visits to the Lautner Hotel (originally Desert Hot Springs Motel, 1947) by John Lautner, and the Institute for Mentalphysics, by Frank Lloyd Wright, Jr., in Joshua Tree. [25]

Understand how design legacies of international modern masters, Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies van der Rohe, and LeCorbusier, influenced the Desert Modern architecture of this Coachella Valley resort city. [25] Inside you’ll find soaring tongue and groove ceilings, tile floors, walls of glass and original Mid-Century and modern furnishings. [10] Victoria was super helpful with any questions we had. the house was super cute and modern just like the pics. [11]

Traditionally, mid-century modern homes were built in the 1940s-1980s, hence the name alluding to being in the middle of the 20th century! The idea behind the floor plan was to bring the indoors and outdoors together as one space. [23] With such beautiful weather there’s not much that will keep you from playing golf every day! There are also many local markets and artisan shops for you to find those one-of-a-kind items to personalize your new mid-century modern home. [23]

The average size of these mid-century modern houses is about 1,500+ square feet and they have anywhere from 2-4 bedrooms and 2-3 bathrooms. [23] This city has a terrific collection of well-preserved Mid-century Modern buildings. [25] These are just a few of the areas that have these magnificent luxurious mid-century modern properties. [23]

Signature events include the Modernism Show & Sale, Signature Home Tours, films, lectures, Premier Double Decker Architectural Bus Tours, nightly parties and live music, walking and bike tours, tours of Sunnylands, fashion, classic cars, modern garden tours, a vintage travel trailer exhibition, and more. [32] The kitchen is updated with modern appliances perfect for creating gourmet meals, and provides a professional-style grill for dining al fresco at home. [26]

We visit private residential interiors of Mid-Century Modern homes on ALL of the tours that we do. [33] Unfortunately, finding one that retained its original mid-century modern details was more difficult than they?d anticipated, as many homes in that area were totally redone in the 80s. [31]

City officials in Palm Desert, California are auctioning off a 1,900-square-foot, city-owned house designed by Walter S. White, an architect who built more than 50 experimental homes in the Coachella Valley area from the mid-1950s to the mid-1960s. [29] E. Stewart Williams (1909-2005): The son of Ohio architect Harry Williams, E. Stewart Williams built some of Palm Spring’s most significant buildings during a long and prolific career. [27] The building boom in the United States after World War II enticed LA architects to Palm Springs–architects go where the money is. [27]

The house sits on a 10,000-square-foot lot and features a sparkling pool, drought-tolerant landscaping, including palm trees and an orange tree, and grass in the backyard. [31] Here you will discover a mid-century modern oasis offering an initmate, adult, relaxing experience surrounded by towering palm trees and stunning mountain views. [34]

A California city is offering $50,000 to buyers willing to restore a stunning midcentury modern home by an eminent local architect. [29] Though it?s changed hands three times since then, the home?s mid-century modern features, like post-and-beam ceilings and clerestory windows, have been beautifully preserved. [31]

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