Is Tesla the Best Electric Car Company?

Is Tesla the Best Electric Car Company?
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  • That difference between Tesla’s battery tech and rival car companies could become increasingly relevant as electric cars make up a bigger share of total vehicle shipments; companies using cobalt-dependent battery tech will be stuck with material margin squeeze from the rising cost of cobalt while Tesla sidesteps it.(More…)
  • That hurts all automakers, but if you’re trying to become the dominant electric car maker in the world you need to sell cars in China.(More…)
  • Sales of GM’s lower-range Volt vehicles fell 16% year-over-year to 1,782, but obviously the company’s overall sales of electric cars rose significantly in March 2018 versus 2017.(More…)
  • That’s impressive for such a new car company, but Tesla just signed a deal in China allowing production to increase by another 500,000 a year.(More…)


  • Most of the cars Tesla sells today are priced to compete with luxury models made by Mercedes, BMW and Porsche.(More…)
  • Bulls believe Tesla will enjoy strong demand for its cars given a loyal customer base and market share gains for Model S and Model X vehicles and a solid backlog of orders for the Model 3.(More…)



That difference between Tesla’s battery tech and rival car companies could become increasingly relevant as electric cars make up a bigger share of total vehicle shipments; companies using cobalt-dependent battery tech will be stuck with material margin squeeze from the rising cost of cobalt while Tesla sidesteps it. [1] Tesla has accomplished something no other automaker can claim: It’s made a relatively affordable electric car, the Model 3, that hundreds of thousands of people are lining up to buy. [2] Bold promises have been met with skepticism, but after driving the Tesla Model S we?re left wondering if the era of the electric car has arrived. [3] Tesla’s first effort, the Tesla Roadster, was somewhat crude, but provided massive thrills in a working package and proved that the idea of an American-built electric car could be not only feasible, but fun. [3]

If Tesla can?t figure out how to make more cars soon, it could open a lane for rivals from Detroit and overseas to establish the high-volume market for a $35,000 electric car–one that Tesla has had in its sights from its very beginning. [2] If Tesla falters that’s bad for all of the international car company’s investments in electric vehicles: GM, Ford, Mercedes, all of them. [4]

Tesla CEO Elon Musk wants his electric-car company to become a dominant mass-production player that eventually extends its reach to electric trucks and beyond. [2]

Tesla is an automotive and energy storage company that designs, manufactures, and sells electric cars, electric vehicle powertrain components, and battery products. [5] General Motors Company (NYSE: GM ), BYD Company Limited (OTCMKTS: BYDDF ) and Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft (OTCMKTS: BMWYY ) are good options for longer term investors who want to profit from the electric car phenomenon but don’t want to deal with the uncertainties and volatility of Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA ) stock. [6]

Time is running out for Elon Musk and his electric car company, Tesla. [7]

That hurts all automakers, but if you’re trying to become the dominant electric car maker in the world you need to sell cars in China. [4] Electric cars accounted for nearly 3 percent of all passenger vehicles sold in Canada in June, thanks to a surge of Tesla Model 3 deliveries. [8] Tesla is feeling the heat as it endeavors to ramp up production of its Model 3 electric car, for which it’s taken around half a million orders. [9] As of June2016 update, cumulative global sales of the top selling plug-in electric cars were led by the Nissan Leaf (over 228,000), followed by the Tesla Model S (129,393), Volt/Ampera family (about 117,300), Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (about 107,400), Toyota Prius PHV (over 75,400), BYD Qin (56,191), Renault Zoe (51,193), BMW i3 (around 49,500), Mitsubishi i-MiEV family (about 37,600) and BYD Tang (37,509). [10] Cars 10 of the most expensive electric cars in the world 10 of the world’s most expensive electric cars from the likes of Rimac, Faraday, Rolls-Royce and, of course, Tesla. [11] When you think about electric cars, chances are your mind conjures up the coyly, charming face of Elon Musk, founder of Tesla. [12]

In March 2018, the company, which also makes batteries for electric cars, had the second, fourth and fifth best selling electric vehicles in the country and had its second best month ever, selling over 13,000 vehicles. [6] Sales of GM’s lower-range Volt vehicles fell 16% year-over-year to 1,782, but obviously the company’s overall sales of electric cars rose significantly in March 2018 versus 2017. [6]

General Motors Company (NYSE: GM ), BYD Company Limited (OTCMKTS: BYDDF ) and Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft (OTCMKTS: BMWYY ) are good options for longer term investors who want to profit from the electric car phenomenon but don?t want to deal with the uncertainties and volatility of Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA ) stock. [13] This includes an accusation that Tesla shipped Model 3 cars with damaged batteries, something the company vehemently denies. [9] Launching a boutique car company is a rocky road, but we thought twice about including it here just because it is starting to look like vaporware. [11]

Depending on the model, a car with combustion engine can go two to four times farther than an electric car today. [12] There are problems for sure, the charging network, the service industry, the speed of charge, the cost etc etc, but it’s so incredibly obvious electric cars are so vastly ahead as a mass market product, there’s simply no question where the world will be in 30 – 40 years. [14] If the number of electric cars were to grow only five-fold, then the payback period would be five years – but only if operating costs can be cut by half and investment costs by 30%. [12]

This is a list of production electric cars, classified by type of vehicle according to its speed capabilities: highway-capable, urban or city car, low speed or neighborhood electric vehicle, and supercars. [10] It’s head and shoulders above any other electric car on the road when it comes to performance. [11] Of all the expensive electric cars out there, Rimac is our favorite because the high price tag comes with equally high performance. [11] In that case, the number of electric cars in Germany would have to be ten times higher to ensure enough capacity utilization to make even the existing charging infrastructure profitable. [12] The Leaf is the top selling electric car in history, with global sales of more than 250,000 units through December 2016. 34 2016 LEAFs have an optional 40 kWh battery. [10] In March, the last month that GM released sales figures for its electric cars, the automaker sold 1,774 Bolts in the U.S., up 81% year-over-year. [6] These are the only plug-in electric cars so far with over 100,000 global sales. [10] The BYD Tang SUV was the top selling plug-in electric car in China in 2016 with 31,405 units sold, followed by the BYD Qin with 21,868 units sold, and ranking third overall in 2016 was the BYD e6 with 20,605 units. [10] Speaking of China, BYD is the leading electric car maker in the country, according to Cleantechnica. [6] GM, BYD and BMW have avoided most of these issues, and all three appear to make high-quality electric cars (or be poised to make high-quality electric cars) that will resonate with consumers. [6] He tells us how humans should become a multi-planetary species and how, yes, somewhere along the way, we will drive chic and clean electric cars. [12] When electric cars will drive us into a clean mobility future, and whether the German car industry will play a prominent role in it, will not only be decided in the corporate head offices of Stuttgart or Palo Alto. [12] The German tuning scene has taken a while to catch up with the electric car craze, partially because there’s just no way that they can extract more horsepower from the electric motors. [11]

The Tesla Model 3 already has a performance version on the way, but if you don?t want to wait around for that, you can get a lot more out of the electric car just from upgrading the tires, brakes and suspension. [15] I think Tesla has huge head starts in batteries, software, perhaps even electric motors, sales channels, charging, and electric car demand. [16] The post 3 Alternatives to Tesla Stock in the Electric Car Space appeared first on InvestorPlace. [13]

Tesla is an electric car company with a goal and vision, which is to make quality electric vehicles affordable to average drivers. [17] The company is now looking to slide into the more affordable realms with mid-range (~150 mile) electric cars. [16] Though, enough of a market may remain for its internal combustion engine (ICE) cars for years to come that the company quickly rises to 70-80% electric sales but maintains its ICE business for 20-30% of its customers. [16]

According to the China Automobile Dealers Association, Tesla exported about 17,000 cars to China last year, making it the company’s second-biggest market. [18]

These delays led Tesla to burn through a worrying amount of cash and risked stripping the company of its first-to-market position for mid-priced, long-range battery electric cars as competitors begin launching rival offerings. [19] In the email, Musk claimed that the achievement made Tesla “a real car company” and expressed his confidence that production delays are now a thing of the past. [19]

Sales of GM’s lower-range Volt vehicles fell 16% year-over-year to 1,782, but obviously the company’s overall sales of electric cars rose significantly in March 2018 versus 2017. [13] This year, the first manufacturers will hit cumulative sales of 200,000 plug-in electric cars in the U.S., which triggers the phaseout of the $7,500 federal tax. [20] The Netherlands closes first half of the year at high gains of plug-in electric car sales – 131% year-over-year at average market share of. [20]

The question then arises: Why not going fully electric? If you can quickly have demand for 5 million electric cars per year, perhaps it’s time to put polluting, non-electric offerings in the memory bank. [16] While the I-PACE has long range and better charging capability than most electric cars, it doesn?t have superfast charging or a solid network that would provide that. [16]

The Tesla Roadster, a $99,000 electric sports car powered by laptop computer batteries, is 100 percent electric, can go from 0-60 mph in four seconds and the electric car gets an equivalent of 135 mpg compared to a gas powered vehicle. [21] Tesla workers say that the assembly line to produce electric cars moves so quickly that the vehicles later require many fixes. [22] Electric car sales are growing in China, but the United States comes the second and in 2017 Tesla Model S topped the list of top selling EV sales per unit sold in the United States. [17] A new National Transportation Safety Board report on the fatal Florida crash of a Tesla Model S highlights the unique fire safety challenges posed by the batteries that power electric cars. [23] Since they began deliveries in 2014, Teslas Model S has been the most affordable and practical electric car available. [17] Tesla boss Elon Musk says Apple’s plans for an electric car are an “open secret.” [22]

VW says its new business model is in electric cars: The company will be rolling out 31 electric vehicles in the coming years. [22] The company is located in California and its top cars include Roadster, Tesla Model S, and Model X. This page features the latest Tesla news and updates as well as reviews of Tesla vehicles. [17] Despite the hype from Tesla, the company delivered less Model 3 cars last month than it did the month before. [17]

Tesla Inc. ( TSLA ) rolled out 7,000 cars during the last week of its second quarter, including 5,000 Model 3 electric sedans. [19] Porsche has announced that the recently named Taycan electric sports car will be on the roads in 2019 – in the same price bracket as the Tesla Model S. [17] Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, poses with a Tesla car in front of Nasdaq following the electric automaker’s initial public offering on June, 29, 2010, in New York. [21] Tesla Inc. will face the first true test of its position in the electric vehicle market in 2019, as competition from legacy car makers, including Jaguar, Porsche, BMW and Mercedes, heats up. [24]

Tesla just barely missed its goal of producing 5,000 Model 3 electric cars a week, according to Reuters, which says that the company reached the mark “several hours after the midnight goal,” while Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter that the company manufactured 7,000 vehicles in a week. [25] San Jose/New Delhi: US-based electric car major Tesla plans to enter the Indian market during this summer, according to company’s Chief Executive Elon Musk. [26]

The electric car company hopes the cheaper vehicle will be widely adopted by consumers, and thus help bring the company to profitability and realizing Musk’s dream of wide-spread adoption of electric vehicles. [25]

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Tesla is speeding up the production rate on its most affordable electric vehicle, hitting CEO Elon Musk’s goal for the final week of the second quarter even as questions linger about the company’s ability to hit that pace consistently. [21] The electric car manufacturer met its Model 3 production goals after erecting a new assembly line in a huge tent outside its main factory and getting staff to work extra shifts. [19] Assemblymember Phil Ting says that the best way for California to meet emission-reduction goals is to set a deadline to increase the number of electric cars on the road. [22] Northampton, England About Blog A one-stop shop for fully electric cars and plug-in hybrids. [27]

That’s impressive for such a new car company, but Tesla just signed a deal in China allowing production to increase by another 500,000 a year. [28] If you?re still anticipating that the arrival of any new electric vehicle will undo a 15-year-old car company, it’s time to let go of that fantasy. [29]

At the beginning of July, Tesla announced that electric car production had reached 7,000 a week, taking the yearly total up to 364,000. [28] Athens? first Tesla Supercharger station recently opened in Epps Bridge Centre, giving Tesla owners the opportunity to quickly charge their electric car within minutes. [30] Tesla, the biggest-selling electric car maker in the U.S., had to raise its China price list after Beijing imposed the additional tariff. [31]

With one decade passing since Tesla Motors begin selling its first production car, the trendy all-electric luxury vehicle company is now considered part of the motoring mainstream. [32] Sure, news about Tesla cars and other electric vehicles commonly reach the mainstream media, but seldom without a significant delay. [33] Perhaps it ? s because Teslas are fascinating vehicles, or maybe it ? s because electric vehicles, in general, are more than just a means of transportation, but most Tesla owners want to know what ? s happening in the electric vehicle world and what the future holds for Tesla as a company. [33]

At the moment, though, it has no competition, even though there’s no actual electric-car market in the U.S. Jaguar just announced a deal with Waymo’s Google’s self-driving car company, to provide 20,000 vehicles. [34]

Because of what’s quite literally, and noiselessly, coming down the road, there’s no guarantee that the I-Pace will win out in the electric car market. [34]


Most of the cars Tesla sells today are priced to compete with luxury models made by Mercedes, BMW and Porsche. [2] In an I-Pace, you owe it to yourself to storm along a dirt road, crawl up a steep hill, ford a stream (not too deep), and then ask your Tesla-chauvinist friends, “Can your car do that? By the way, have you read the Tesla warranty exclusions?” That will make your day, if not theirs. [35] The I-Pace combination of ACC and lane centering assist is not as encompassing as Tesla Autopilot; you can’t, for instance, let the car change lanes for you. [35] While the domestic market continues to be its most important target market, Tesla was able to successfully tap into the Chinese and European markets, as well: The Model S became Norway’s most popular car in March 2014, ahead of second-ranked Volkswagen Golf. [36] This week Tesla said it will open a plant in Shanghai to eventually build 500,000 cars a year without the import taxes. [4]

Globally, Tesla delivered around 26,000 vehicles during the third quarter of 2017, after fiscal year 2016 deliveries amounted to around 76,000 units. [36] Ever since, Tesla has been on top of the trend towards alternative powertrains in the passenger vehicle industry. [36] Tesla CEO Elon Musk dropped a bombshell on the industry earlier this spring when he revealed that the battery cells in the Model 3 use less than 3% cobalt, a fraction of the amount that other state-of-the-art battery chemistries are using. [1] One of the biggest challenges to Tesla Inc.’ s ( TSLA ) long-term growth has nothing to do with the company’s Model 3 production line in Fremont, CA, or with competition from traditional automakers. [1] We will continue to make adjustments to the model as Tesla publishes new production figures at the end of each quarter. [2]

Tesla is pioneering the American development of electric vehicles, and founder Elon Musk went as far as to purchase a factory to build the brand’s Model S luxury sedan. [3] Sperling: Well certainly in the near term it’ll be fine for China and maybe even good because it means that it favors their domestic companies making electric vehicles and that means that it makes it more difficult for companies like Tesla. [4] Tesla also has its own powertrain segment, and Toyota’s RAV4 electric vehicle is equipped with a Tesla-produced battery and electric powertrain. [36]

Now its market value rivals Ford and General Motors, companies producing orders of magnitude more vehicles than Tesla. [2] The 2019 I-Pace is a compact four-door crossover, 12 inches shorter than the Tesla Model S, with a 240-mile range that equals the Model S 75D. In our tests, it showed outstanding performance on racetracks, dirt roads, through water, and on public roads. [35] The Model S 75D and I-Pace are roughly equivalent on range, but the Tesla also goes as far as 335 miles miles with the 100D. Tesla also has a great one-hour charging network already in place and the 17-inch portrait display in the center console. [35]

As of 2016, Tesla’s model range includes the Tesla Roadster, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X and Tesla Model 3. [36]

In the meantime, Tesla raised prices in China — a Model S now costs about 70 percent more there than it costs in the U.S. Dan Sperling is the founding director of the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Davis. [4] Back in 2010, Tesla became the first publicly traded carmaker to emerge in the U.S. in 54 years. [2] Those figures, and the charts below, represent Bloomberg’s latest estimates and will automatically update to reflect changes in the data. (Tesla reported on July 2 it had made 5,031 Model 3s over the previous seven days, the first time it passed the 5,000 milestone.) [2]

Jaguar thoughtfully, and for the sake of inviting comparison with Tesla, laid out a drive route that included the racetrack (photo above), dirt roads, a hill-climb (photo right), and a stream about a foot deep (main photo). [35] These are the roads a Tesla should not or cannot traverse, and the Tesla warranty expressly forbids going on unpaved roads. (To be fair, some other automakers have the same prohibition.) [35]

Head-to-head against Tesla, the Jaguar I-Pace is the choice today for most premium, sporty EV buyers, especially if they want to go off-roading. [35] The 2170 battery cells being produced by Panasonic at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Nevada were designed by both firms and the intellectual property behind them is reportedly exclusive to Tesla. [1]

We built our own model to estimate weekly output of the car that could make or break Elon Musk’s master plan. [2] It’s a crude way to track the rollout because not all VINs are produced sequentially, deliveries can be delayed, and even the most enterprising Model 3 sleuths will inevitably miss some newly released cars. [2] In terms of range, Tesla’s Model S remained the cream of the crop in April 2017, and it is little surprising that the Model S was one of the best-selling all-electric cars in the United States in 2016. [36] With two seats, a high sticker price and a range that is still somewhat limited, Tesla’s sports car isn?t a mainstream solution to high-emissions motoring. [3]

The Model S has been a hit since day one, and the forthcoming Model 3 will provide a more affordable electric sedan. [3] The price will be $70,000 to $95,000 when it arrives late summer or fall 2018 in the U.S. And you want one, even if the I-Pace center stack display is smaller than Tesla’s, the back seat is not as roomy, and there is no 300-plus-mile version yet to match the 100D. [35]

As of December2016 update, the Nissan Leaf is the world’s best-selling plug-in car in history with more than 250,000 units delivered, followed by the Tesla Model S with over 158,000 sales, the Volt/Ampera family of vehicles with 134,500 vehicles sold, and the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV with about 116,500 units sold through November 2016. [10] If Mercedes is the most incompetent car brand of all time at post sales, Tesla is the very best there ever was. [14] That kind of launch power in a petrol car is a major event, it means launch control, good grip, no wheelspin, good weather, dry road, even road surface etc. In a Tesla it’s business as usual, all day every day, every time you floor it you?re flying, you don?t even think about it, it feels like you?re playing an unrealistic PC car game. [14] Tesla cars cannot run over 130 MPH for extended periods of time (like 30 minutes) without having to slow down to 100 cool the battery. [14] With a Lambo/McLaren/F Car, you know you spent the money at all times, and at all speeds, it just feels amazing and even going to the supermarket is an occasion, in a Tesla it’s just too boring, which makes buying a top end Tesla even more unjustifiable. [14] Production started ahead of schedule, and on July 28 of last year, Tesla delivered the first 30 cars during a special event at its headquarters. [37] I predict that the resale value of a Model 3 after three years is going to hold up extremely well, assuming that the car itself has the same quality build as Tesla is known for. [14] Regardless of their theoretical performances, Tesla cars are not performance sports cars on par with Ferraris, Porsches, BMW M’s and the likes. [14] This explains why Tesla show acceleration performances on par with cars that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars more. [14] Tesla says the service will “cost less than the price of filling up a comparable gas car,” though rates haven’t been announced yet. [37] You won?t get a fancy car, if that’s what you?re after don?t spend that kind of money on a Tesla, ever, go half the price and get a Lexus hybrid instead. [14] The Tesla is pretty spot on at all times, and I?ve done 2000 miles plus in a single journey on autopilot, taking over only for roadwork areas, where lane markings are confusing, and I?ve done it at 95mph/150kph, the car can be trusted. [14] On a 700 mile journey in a petrol car, you might do 1000+ in a Tesla, not even accounting for the charge time. [14]

The first cars went to reservation holders who work at SpaceX or at Tesla. [37] Torque ratio evaporates at higher speeds. Basically, beyond 60mph, it takes a lot more power to reach higher speeds. In that scenario, the good old sports cars will easily outperform a Tesla. [14] Not really the biggest problem in the world, but if you buy a toy for the entertainment value and smiles per gallon, Tesla is the very last car you should ever buy. [14]

Musk said in his email that there’s a “long list” of organizations that “want Tesla to die,” among them competitors in the auto industry, Wall Street short-sellers, and oil and gas firms who “don’t love the idea of Tesla advancing the progress of solar power and electric cars.” [9] The German car industry will only be able to compete in the electric mobility future, if the country as a whole decides to tackle the transition head-on and become a shaper of the change to come, not an object of it. [12] This is the future of the world’s most luxurious car manufacturer, though: traditional craftsmanship with electric power. [11] Classic cars that have been converted to electric power are about as cool as it gets. [11]

As electric vehicles become much more popular in many different countries, Buffett’s connections around the world should enable the Chinese automaker to start selling cars and batteries in many foreign markets, further boosting its profits and revenue and causing BYD stock to rally further. [6] Charging an electric vehicle takes longer than filling a gasoline tank (unless you?ve stopped for a meal in which case charging is faster since you don?t have to stand by the car while it charges). [14]

The all-wheel drive, dual-motor model will arrive when production reaches 5,000 cars per week. [37] Current reservation holders who don’t want a rear-wheel drive car will be first in line to get an all-wheel drive model. [37] Three BYD Auto models topped the Chinese ranking of best-selling new energy passenger cars in 2016. [10] You will drop $10,000/year on a typical Model S/Model X. It is just what cars do, with or without the gas. [14] Musk’s company had originally aimed for a weekly production run of 5,000 Model 3 cars by the end of last year, but failed to hit the target. [9] The analyst says that new cars the company is launching in the second half of this year will qualify for higher subsidies, enabling its results to recover. [6] It’s not possible to call your service technician directly, they never have a replacement car, and when they do it’s not even supplied by Mercedes, but a third party company, etc. If you want to get things done fast, they tell you to come at 8AM, you turn up and you?re casually told service technicians are not in until 11AM, things like that. [14] It’s a technical masterpiece, a car that challenges the way you think about cars, and a tiny company in Croatia made it all work. [11]

Mercedes put the car into production in 2014, and it’s a stark indication of how far the technology has come in just two years. [11] On most new mid-range price cars, you would easily expect to lose 60% of the value in five years, which means that if you can sell the Model 3 for anything north of 14k, you beat the net cost of whatever other new gas car you could have purchased. [14] What a sales pitch to the new owner! If they buy it for 16k, and keep it 8 years, they would have saved the entire cost of the car in gas savings alone. [14] With low gas prices and consumers thinking about summer road trips, June was not a banner month for plug-in car sales. [8] Mercedes was brave enough to go public with this car and actually put it on sale at a time when Audi was teasing us with R8 e tron concepts and BMW could only offer hybrids. [11] The performance is inconsistent, after you floor it a few times and accelerate all the way to motorway speeds, the car will cut you back significantly to prevent battery overheating. [14] Unlike Model S and Model X owners, they need to pay every time they plug their car into a Supercharger. [37] He’s also been trying to anti-sell the car, worried it will cannibalize Model S sales. [37]

Musk expected his employees would be more tolerant of the issues that often plague new cars early on in the production run than customers coming from brands like Audi and Mercedes-Benz. [37] Wired adds production totaled 9,766 examples during the first quarter of 2018, which averages out to about 800 cars per week. [37] They?ve just revealed the first pictures of the Concept One S. That car will have 1384bhp, it will hit 60mph in 2.5s, top out at 227mph, and it will be even more expensive. [11] The first all-electric car from General Motors after the GM EV1. [10] The sound system is pretty bad too, in spite of the Dolby Digital surround sound etc, it’s not on par even with the entry level sound systems in cars of similar price(S Class Coupe, Range Rover Autobiography, Aston Martins, Bentleys etc etc). [14] If you?re in a busy city it’s a dream, you have on tap the launch power of a 1m+ exclusive hyper car for run costs of a Toyota Prius. [14] This car is not just sexy, it has the power to take on plenty of race cars, and it is said to be quicker than any street-legal production car to-date. [11] Green Cars July 11, 2018 BMW iX3 production, Fisker solid-state batteries. [8]

At this rate, and even calculating a more rapid degradation after 8 years, I think this battery could potentially last 12-15 years, essentially the life of the car. [14] Bloomberg noted that next year China, motivated by its desire to deal with the country’s massive pollution problem, will start requiring manufacturers to produce a certain number of zero and low emission cars. [6]

This car knows no weather, and does not care much for road conditions either, you can floor it all the way whenever you feel like it. [14] The car feels like its made of cardboard entirely, and the door feels like it weighs 500 grams, but not in a good way. [14] Driving a Lambo like car through the city at that speed of flow is impossible, any car with anywhere near the performance to 60mph would be too low and too compromised to compete. [14]

Like in no other car, you get to feel first hand how changes in weather conditions, elevation/incline, road surface changes, affect “fuel economy”, because Tesla is kind enough to give you a live rolling chart. [14] You get used to it after 1 – 2 months, but 0 – 60 in 2.28s seconds or whatever makes all other cars obsolete in city driving, and unlike sports cars, it doesn?t cost you a small monthly fortune to be naughty in a Tesla all the time. [14]

The Tesla Model 3 is one of the most anticipated vehicles of all time. [37] Considering the Model 3 weighs 400 pounds less than the Model S, the right battery could make the Model 3 even faster than the fastest Model S. Tesla previously confirmed the P100D’s 100kWh pack will not be available in the 3 because its wheelbase is too short, but the 3 will be available with the Ludicrous mode that cemented the Model S’s spot as one of the quickest vehicles on the planet. [37] The Tesla Model 3 benefits from advances in battery technology that were recently inaugurated by the ultra-quick P100D versions of the Model S and the Model X. The company’s newest battery pack is much denser than its predecessor, and it gets a comprehensively updated cooling system. [37]

To keep things simple, Tesla will only manufacture the rear-wheel drive variant of the Tesla Model 3 for the first year of the production run. [37] The Model 3 should already be crisscrossing the nation’s roads, but significant production problems have forced Tesla to delay volume production. [37] Tesla Model 3 production target reached but did automaker cut. [8] Tesla Model 3 production, VW diesel deadline, EPA administrator. [8]

According to Autocar, CEO Elon Musk has confirmed the Tesla Model 3’s battery packs 50 kWh and 70 kWh. [37] The Tesla Model Y has been under wraps for quite some time, but it may not be too much longer before we get more information about the upcoming EV. [11] The Tesla Model 3 is the company’s most important model because it will make or break the brand; getting it right the first time is crucial. [37] According to a new EPA document (via Electrek), the Model 3 achieved an EPA-cycle range of 334 miles, meaning Tesla might be underselling the vehicle’s performance to keep its customers happy with their real-world results. [37] Although this may have made sense a few months ago, the executive is likely changing his tune, and sources have told Electrek that Tesla is “starting to build” its test drive fleet across North America, and offering incentives to dealers that are selling the Model 3 in Performance trim. [37] Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, Tesla Model 3 set June sales records. [8] The entry-level Tesla Model 3 costs $35,000 before the $7,500 federal tax credit and local incentives are factored in. [37]

Over the longer term, GM should be helped by the fact that it can spend much more money than Tesla on electric vehicle R&D and production. [6] GM stock, BYD stock, BMW stock are better electric vehicle investments than Tesla stock. [6]

Designer Richard Kim is the man behind the BMW i3 and i8, the company has poached staff from Tesla and BMW, and it has 550 staff working at the company now. [11]

The newspaper also quoted GM CEO Mary Barra as saying that GM is “committed to an all-EV future,” and noted that the company plans to increase production of its long-range electric Bolt vehicle in the fourth quarter of this year in order to meet higher demand. [6] The fact that 1,774 Bolts were sold in the U.S. in March, up from 1,424 in February, along with the report that the company plans to increase production of the vehicle in the fourth quarter, indicate that demand for the vehicle is still quite strong. [6]

The company noted in a statement, “it is important to emphasize that there are no fundamental issues with the Model 3 production or supply chain. [37]

Sources told The Wall Street Journal many of the Model 3’s parts were being built by hand because the assembly line was not ready, while insiders pointed to difficulties with battery pack production in the company’s Nevada Gigafactory. [37]

The production tricks Tesla used to build 5,000 Model 3s may not be sustainable, at least not yet. [8] Of course, in just the last several months, Tesla has had production issues, an episode of weirdness by its CEO, liquidity issues and bad accident issues. [6] News that Tesla had tracked down what it claimed to be a rogue employee first emerged at the start of this week after several news outlets came into possession of an email sent by Tesla CEO Elon Musk to employees on Sunday. [9] If you skid in a Tesla, you?ll be the first, that’s how insane the power delivery/traction system is. [14] A lot of it applies to all the Tesla range, but it’s a review coming from someone after easy to own sustainable performance, not an economically sane family sedan, where I honestly think the Tesla would come off a lot better. [14] In a Tesla, it’s the same cardboard box with slightly more range and acceleration. [14] It’s probably a matter of time before Rimac tops that record, or even Tesla if it wants to turn up the wick on the P100D. [11] It’s a straight up vanity purchase, no two ways about it, especially in the higher echelons of Tesla pricing, but it’s missing any kind of excitement whatsoever. [14]

In the three years since my purchase, Tesla has added five charging stations within 150 miles of my home. [14] Tesla has finally ramped up production to 3,500 units per week, and now, we’re getting a look at how it managed to increase production numbers. [37] Tesla has some major bottlenecks to address before hitting its previously stated goal of 5,000 Model 3s per week. [37]

Tesla motors, for its part, reported that the P100D battery is ready, able to travel 600 km. [14] Tesla and BMW, on the other hand, decided to develop their own battery technologies — to some extent or another. [12]

Of course, Tesla has never been one for flashy marketing or ostentatious offers, and generally depends upon its stores and word of mouth to drive sales. [37] First reported by CNBC, the lawsuit claims that Tripp has “thus far admitted to writing software that hacked Tesla’s manufacturing operating system (‘MOS’) and to transferring several gigabytes of Tesla data to outside entities,” including “dozens of confidential photographs and a video of Tesla’s manufacturing systems.” [9]

A typical gasoline car has longer range between refueling stops (500+ miles vs 300+ miles). [14] Amazing to drive, very poor quality car in terms of luxury, compared to other cars in its price range. [14] Other cars in this price range will always have soft close, so you?ll never ever slam the door. [14]

The magazine claims that the vehicle does not accelerate quickly compared to vehicles with similar prices, but BMW buyers aren’t looking to race; they’re paying for luxury, the brand name and the car’s green bona fides. [6]

The electric Mercedes sportscar actually made it into production, briefly, but there are almost certainly less than 20 of these plug-in SLS in private hands. [11] GM is an extremely popular brand in China, where nearly four times as many electric vehicles were sold as in the U.S. last year and where the government is taking many steps to ensure that electric vehicle sales continue to grow rapidly. [6] BMW does not plan to start mass producing electric vehicles until 2020 because it wont be able to do so profitably until then, Reuters recently quoted the company’s CEO as saying. [6] One of the aspects that most emphasize the users of electric vehicles is the savings, since the price per 100 km round the euro, whereas in the case of a vehicle of fuel would be between 6 and 8 euros per 100 km. [14]

Other cars for the same money would either give you serene luxury you would enjoy every time(S Class, Audi A8, Porsche Panamera etc), or full on boy racer noise and performance, as well as insane luxury(Mercedes C63S/E63S/S63 Coupe). [14]

In order to up manufacturing, Tesla has at times encouraged workers in other areas of manufacturing to move over to the Model 3 line to produce cars faster. [18] Tesla would need to average closer to 360 cars per shift to hit Musk’s weekly goal. [7]

Oh yeah, there are also the electric models Jaguar is bringing to the table, in case you want a more traditional luxury car from a legacy automaker. [16] As electric vehicles become much more popular in many different countries, Buffett’s connections around the world should enable the Chinese automaker to start selling cars and batteries in many foreign markets, further boosting its profits and revenue and causing BYD stock to rally further. [13] Siemens AG CEO, Joe Kaeser, issued a stark warning to the industry: if the German car makers don’t grab proverbial bull – representing the electric vehicle. [20]

A lot of people claim that large automakers can compete with Tesla whenever they want, whenever they feel like it’s time to go electric. [16] While the entire automotive industry is scrambling to get electric vehicles out by the end of the decade, Jaguar will begin delivering its new EV crossover before the end of this summer with the performance, style and range to challenge Tesla and everyone else. [15] The increase to production drew Tesla ever closer to the ceiling for the $7,500 electric vehicle tax credit that customers can take advantage of. [15]

For instance, Tesla reportedly had to borrow workers from its Model S and Model X lines, and push Model 3 vehicles ahead of the two flagship vehicles for painting in order to hit its Model 3 production target, according to Reuters. [38] Tesla expects sales of the Model S and Model X to hold steady at approximately 100,000 per year (combined), whereas it soon plans to hit a production run rate of 20,000/month for the Model 3. [16]

During this time frame, Tesla produced 1,913 Model S and X vehicles. [38] Tesla put up big numbers in the second quarter of 2018, having delivered a total of 40,740 vehicles to Model S, X, and 3 customers. [15]

Tesla now wants to build a factory in China with an annual production capacity of 500,000 vehicles, according to reports. [15] The gain in Tesla ( NASDAQ:TSLA ) stock on Monday morning, following the company’s announcement of its first-quarter vehicle delivery and production figures, proved to be short-lived. [38] This week, Tesla appeared to be behind schedule, despite the company’s running two 12-hour shifts per day to make the vehicles, assembly line workers told Reuters. [7]

Musk first promised Tesla would roll out 5,000 Model 3s per week before the end of 2017, but in the last week of the year, the company made just 800. [7] Tesla is laying off approximately 9 percent of its staff across the company, CEO Elon Musk said Tuesday in a staff-wide email, which he characterized as “an effort to reduce costs and become profitable.” [15]

Tesla stock fell as much as 7.6% on Tuesday as investors and analysts questioned whether the company’s surge in Model 3 production is sustainable or not. [38] Tesla came closer to achieving its Model 3 production goals. [18] Musk needs to reach his production goals to keep Tesla profitable, something it has achieved in only two quarters since going public eight years ago. [7] Tesla now has its sights set on a production target for its Model 3 of 6,000 units per week by late August. [38] Tesla targeted production of 5,000 Model 3s per week by the end of Q2. [18] Elon Musk insisted Tesla would roll out 5,000 Model 3s per week by the end of June, but it’s not looking good. [7] The serial entrepreneur promised investors that Tesla would be making 5,000 Model 3s per week by the end of June, and now all eyes are on Musk. [7]

Even though the more pricey Tesla Model S saw plenty of aftermarket tuning action, the Model 3 may take over the bigger brother’s crown real soon. [20] You may know YouTuber DAErik (Erik Strait), from his recent attempt to beat the Tesla Model S hypermile record in a Tesla Model 3. [20]

Tesla nearly met its 5,000 a week Model 3 goal over the weekend, but it’s unclear if it can continue the pace. [18] On Sunday Tesla announced it just barely missed its goal to produce over 5,000 Model 3s in one week. [18] Despite nearly meeting the Q2 goal, it’s unclear if Tesla can continue producing Model 3s at the same pace or faster moving forward. [18]

Tesla was burning through about $1 billion per quarter last year and ended 2017 with about $3.4 billion in cash, The Wall Street Journal reported. [7] Thanks to rapid growth of sales, Tesla is now beginning to overtaking other car brands that doesn’t have such ability to. [20] As we wave goodbye to the second generation of the “new” Volkswagen Beetle, a car that never quite reached the astronomical sales of the original car, we?re already getting indications that VW may be planning a revolutionary new electrified model that would return to its rear-wheel drive roots. [15] China had previously planned to reduce its existing imported car tariff from 25 percent to 15 percent, but these new tariffs will now add to a total 40 percent tariff for American-made vehicles. [18] Bloomberg noted that next year China, motivated by its desire to deal with the country’s massive pollution problem, will start requiring manufacturers to produce a certain number of zero and low emission cars. [13]

The company will continue to burn through the same amount until it reaches its goal of 5,000 cars per week, which would generate about $1 billion in capital in the short term. [7] A lap at this racetrack is only 2.9 miles long, which in turn means that the car lasted only about 4.5 miles at full power before Needell had to pull over to the. [20]

He later revised his target down to 2,500 per week by the end of the first quarter of 2018, but Tesla built only 2,020 during the final week. [7] As it turns out, model year 2018 of the Jaguar I-PACE — Jaguar’s first fully electric vehicle — is already sold out, and deliveries of the 2019 I-PACE apparently won?t begin till April 2019. [16] Last year, DHL announced its commitment to net-zero emissions for its logistics operations by 2050, and the company has been slowly making the switch to hybrid and electric vehicles for years. [15]

The company met its Model S and Model X production targets, producing 7,000 total vehicles for the week. [18] Scaling up production of Model 3s has created a host of issues for the company, as it missed several manufacturing goals in past months and pushed critics to question its future viability. [18]

In terms of sales, it still blows away other electric-car companies in the U.S. And on Monday, the head of Panasonic’s automotive business, Yoshio Ito, said the company would “consider additional investment” in Tesla’s Gigafactory. [18] ” In addition, Tamberrino noted that Tesla’s mention of 420,000 reservations for Model 3 represented the first time Model 3 reservations had declined. [38] Panasonic said Tesla’s Model 3 push had created battery cell shortages. [18]

There’s another hill Volkswagen intends to climb, and just like it did at Pikes Peak a few weeks back with its electric I.D. R, the automaker is looking to set. [20] I do think the future is electric and that many automakers will switch 100% to electric vehicles in time. [16] BMW does not plan to start mass producing electric vehicles until 2020 because it wont be able to do so profitably until then, Reuters recently quoted the company’s CEO as saying. [13]

It’s interesting to note that Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE: BRK.A, NYSE: BRK.B ) invested $230 million in BYD in 2008 in exchange for a 10% stake in the company. [13]

Bulls believe Tesla will enjoy strong demand for its cars given a loyal customer base and market share gains for Model S and Model X vehicles and a solid backlog of orders for the Model 3. [24] With the introduction of the new executive car, the Tesla Model 3, combined with the dynamic of the aging of the first generation of the current flagship sports saloon, the Tesla Model S, Tyler Hoover of YouTube’s Hoovie’s Garage capitalizes on this dynamic to find an excellent example of a 2012 Model S for a small fraction of the price of a Model 3. [17] Tesla reaches 5000+ goal weekly production numbers on Model 3, invites all North American reservation holders for Model 3 to order their car now. [17] Elon Musk CEO, Cofounder, Chief Product Architect for Tesla with a new Model S car outside the Tesla customer delivery area at the Tesla Fremont factory on June 21, 2012. [21] This image from video provided by SpaceX shows Elon Musk’s red Tesla sports car with a dummy driver named “Starman” which was launched into space during the first test flight of the Falcon Heavy rocket on Feb. 6, 2018. [21] This forces luxury car makers like Audi, Porsche, Mercedes and Jaguar to finally give Tesla a real competition. [17] Investors will now be eager to ascertain whether Tesla can consistently manufacture such a high volume of cars over a longer time frame. [19] Bulls point to a still open playing field for self-driving technology that Tesla may dominate given its large fleet of cars that are collecting data on the road. [24]

Tesla founder Elon Musk presenting the new Roadster electric sports vehicle (on background), presented to media on Nov. 16, 2017 at Tesla’s Los Angeles design center. [21] After a few delays and setback over the last year, Electric GT, the Tesla racing championship, is now pushing ahead for the first season to start at the end of the year. [39] Fremont, CA About Blog Following the electric transportation industry and green ecosystem, Tesla, SolarCity and more. [27] Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle output reaches 5,000 for a week, pleasing Elon Musk Tesla is speeding up the production rate on its most affordable electric vehicle, hitting CEO Elon Musk’s goal for the final week of the second quarter. [21] In a recent email, Teslas Elon Musk stated that skeptics who doubted that the Model 3 would have strong production were “in for a rude awakening.” [17] Here you can watch the live recording of Teslas 2018 annual shareholder meeting in which Tesla showed a new image of model Y. Lots of investor eyes, Tesla owner eyes and Model 3 reservation holder eyes were on CEO Elon Musk who faced scrutiny at the shareholder meeting. [17] Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk speaks about the Interplanetary Transport System which aims to reach Mars with the first human crew in history, in the conference given by Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk during the 67th International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico on September 27, 2016. [21] Tesla Motors president and CEO Ze’ev Drori, left, and Tesla Motors chairman Elon Musk, right, pose in the Tesla Motors development facility in San Carlos, just south of San Francisco next to a Tesla Roadster on Feb. 19, 2008. [21] Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk unveils the Model X at a launch event in Fremont, Calif on Sept. 29, 2015. [21] CEO and Chief Product Architect of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk shows of his throwback t-shirt of the “Tesla” heavy metal band on January 24, 2015 in Park City, Utah. [21]

The Tesla Motors X is an all-wheel drive SUV featuring a 90 kWh battery providing 250 miles of range and will be able to go from 0 to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds. [21]

The Tesla Model S is an all-electric luxury sedan and the first vehicle developed from the ground up by Tesla. [39] Tesla is under pressure to accelerate its vehicle production to boost revenue and thus offset big losses. [21] Tesla updated its online design studios overnight to make some changes to its performance vehicles. [39] “The last 12 months were some of the most difficult in Tesla’s history, and we are incredibly proud of the whole Tesla team for achieving the 5,000 unit Model 3 production rate,” Tesla said in a statement. [21] “With the widespread productivity gains throughout Tesla and the new production lines spooling up, we are on track to reach 6K/week for Model 3 next month,” he said. [19] Teslas upcoming Model 3, the which has already been delayed in delivery, has been further hindered in production by employee sabotage. [17] Tesla Model S and Model X can be unlocked and started without the key fob using just a smartphone, but it’s not on par with the keyless entry system that Tesla included in the Model 3. [39] A few weeks ago, we reported on Tesla introducing a few minor updates to the Model S and Model X interior with a new finish option. [39]

The battery pack of a Tesla Model S caught on fire yesterday in Los Angeles. [39] Tesla offers many of those same warnings to first responders in its Emergency Response Guide (PDF), in which the automaker advises that battery fires can take up to 24 hours to extinguish. [23]

“Hitting this milestone is a win for Tesla, but the real accomplishment will be if the company can keep up this pace,” said Jeremy Acevedo, manager of industry analysis at Edmunds, according to website TheStreet. [19] Tesla says the new Roadster will cost $200,000 and will be released in three years. [21] Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, discusses new technologies before an event for Tesla owners and the media held at the Hawthorne Airport. [21] President Trump talks with Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, center, and White House chief strategist Steve Bannon during a meeting with business leaders in the State Dining Room of the White House in Washington, Feb. 3, 2017. [21]

Like the EV contender Tesla, Porsche has been making substantial promises about future developments. [17] Its followed by Chevy Bolt, Tesla Model X, Nissan Leaf and BMW i3. [17]

A new all-electric race series is being developed – the Electric GT Championship – and the first car has been delivered. [17] Each week we review components and techniques you can use to convert any car to clean, quiet, powerful electric drive. [27] Los Angeles About Blog Chelsea Sexton started selling cars at age 17 to put herself through college, but soon found her passion for electric vehicles (and her lead foot) as part of the General Motors EV1 program. [27] Guernsey, C.I About Blog EV Guernsey exists, primarily to inform people in the Channel Islands and about electric vehicles including cars, bikes, e-bicycles and other electric powered powered transport innovations. [27] Reports detail new cars including hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and electric vehicles. [27]

About Blog Tracking down plug-in car sales all over the world. [27] About Blog The Truth About Cars is dedicated to providing candid, unbiased automobile reviews and the latest in auto industry news. [27] UK About Blog Charge Your Car is a network of EV charge points all over the UK. This includes Energise, GMEV, Source West and ChargePlace Scotland. [27]

The challenge of lithium-ion batteries in cars is that there hasn?t been nearly as much time to study the unique properties of battery packs, Risser said in an interview with CR. And when things go bad, there’s a chance for them to go bad in a dramatic fashion, he said. [23] It provides information to consumers about the latest green cars in a quality, informed and engaging way, to help them save money on rising fuel prices and CO2 taxation. [27]

Your EV guide provides a quick resource to the latest available model information so you can source the right EV (electric vehicle) for your needs wherever you are in the UK. [27] The goal is to provide the best information to help convert vehicles to electric power from gasoline or diesel. [27] United Kingdom About Blog Autovolt magazine is the UK’s premier electric and hybrid vehicle publication. [27] About Blog Schneider Electric invents technologies that transform the places where we live, work and play, empowering people to do more with less.The goal of this blog is to bring together a fun and engaging community of people who, like Schneider Electric, have made efficiency a priority in the way they work and live. [27] Currently in Indonesia About Blog An electric road trip from the Netherlands to Australia. [27]

About Blog Go Ultra Low is a ground-breaking joint government and industry campaign which aims to increase purchase consideration of electric vehicles by helping motorists and fleets understand the benefits, cost savings and capabilities of the wide range of electric vehicles on the market. [27] About Blog China-EV offers insightful takes on various aspects of China’s electric vehicle industry. [27] About Blog Electric Forum is an online community of like minded individuals having a conversation about electric vehicles, electric bikes, battery technology, and electric power. [27] Telford, England About Blog Solisco was founded with a mission to inspire and support the emerging electric vehicle market with innovative solutions that harness the power of the sun. [27] Eugene, Oregon About Blog Arcimoto is a technology company developing ultra-efficient electric vehicles & vehicle platforms for the mass market. [27]

Overall, the company made 28,578 Model 3 vehicles and 24,761 Model S or Model X vehicles. [21] In previous quarters, the company failed to meet its self-imposed production targets due to an overdependence on factory automation lines and battery production issues. [19] While Chief Executive Elon Musk insists the company will not need to tap the capital markets this year, both bulls and bears expect it to do so. [24] It gets 215 miles on a charge, and Elon Musk says his company has already sold 115,000 of them. [22]

The company’s Model 3 production rate tripled from the first quarter to the second quarter. [21] Musk has established a pattern of pressing his Fremont, California, assembly plant aggressively to hit production goals toward the end of the company’s fiscal quarters. [21]

Tesla’s Model S and X vehicles have some of the most advanced air filter systems to the point that the automaker has been making some incredible claims about it. [39] Toronto, Ontario About Blog Plug?n Drive is a non-profit organization committed to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles (EV) to maximize their environmental and economic benefits. [27] Danville, CA About Blog EV evangelist, contributor to CleanTechnica – analyzing & writing about the key variables that will drive mass adoption of electric vehicles. [27] Florida, USA About Blog Blink Charging Co. (OTC: CCGID) (“Blink Charging”) is one of the leaders in nationwide public electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment and services, enabling EV drivers to easily charge at locations throughout the United States. [27] Atlanta Georgia About Blog The purpose of the AEVDC is to help advance electric vehicle ownership and EV charging infrastructure and EV ownership in the 11 county metro Atlanta area. [27] HQ in Maryland About Blog SemaConnect is an international leader in commercial electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and management software for commercial real estate, hotels, hospitals, universities, and more. [27] Maryland, USA About Blog Maryland EV is an electric vehicle education and outreach resource serving Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic. [27] Los Angeles, CA About Blog EV Connect developed and operates the industry’s most robust and flexible cloud-based platform for the management of the Electric Vehicle (EV) ecosystem. [27] About Blog Drive Electric is a not-for-profit with one goal – making electric vehicle ownership in New Zealand mainstream. [27] Toronto, Ontario About Blog Plug’n Drive is a non-profit organisation that promotes electric vehicles for their environmental and economic benefits. [27] United States About Blog Plug In America is the leading U.S. association promoting awareness of electric vehicles and programs such as National Drive Electric Week. [27] Fort Collins, Colorado About Blog Drive Electric Northern Colorado is a first-in-the-nation initiative to establish a comprehensive electric vehicle deployment community. [27] Auckland, New Zealand About Blog is rolling out a robust charging infrastructure of DC (rapid) and AC (standard) charging stations to encourage the uptake of Electric Vehicle technology in New Zealand. [27] Isle of Man About Blog A blog site dedicated to Electric Vehicles, charging infrastructure and clean energy on the Isle of Man. [27] Blog features news, thoughts & rants about Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. [27] Amsterdam, North Holland About Blog EVBox is the leading global manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations and charging management software. [27] United States About Blog The web’s premier site for reviews, user forums, and guides about purchasing and owning a plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle. [27]

It may take years, but the effects of the electric vehicle industry will be devastating for many countries. [22] With an installed base of over 50,000 charging points across more than 980 cities worldwide, EVBox drives sustainable mobility, by bringing leading electric vehicle charging solutions to the world. [27]

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