What Should I Do If My Car Was Hit While Parked?

What Should I Do If My Car Was Hit While Parked?
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  • My car was parked and it was hit by another car (car b) which I later realize doesn’t have insurance.(More…)
  • A company hits my car and their insurance refused to pay damages.(More…)
  • A semi truck hit my car and I had a witness that I was not at fault, even the insurance company stated I was not at fault.(More…)


  • If you hit a car in a parking lot, and you file an insurance claim, then this claim will be treated like any at-fault collision.(More…)
  • Door guards typically only extend about midway up the door, but the bottom of a door on a taller vehicle could hit higher on your car and still cause damage.(More…)



My car was parked and it was hit by another car (car b) which I later realize doesn’t have insurance. [1] Hi my car that was parked my garage in the alley way was hit by a van, because he avoid another car that was baked up and hit my car and did damages to my fence too. [1] I was parked near a driveway and the guy who hit my car is blaming be because I was parked” too close” to his drive way. [1] I parked my new mini cooper 4 door and when I came out at night my car was hit when parked and was moved at least 6 ft back! The alignment is def off and worried about the brakes as this was moved with the e-brake engaged. [1] My car was legally parked on the street and someone hit it. [1] My car was parked at my neighbor street and someone drove a new car, not used from a dealer (no license plate, but the Dealer logal plate) and hit my car (ball joint broke). [1] My car was parked on the street.in Richmond CA,two cars were involved in an accident don’t know who was at fault,one car hit the other on the side in an intersection,then as a result the car spins and hits my car in the rear. [1] My car was parked near my house on road and hit by someone who ran away.car has been damaged badly. [1] This person hit a car parked behind me and pushed it over my car, so there was one car on top of the other both were total losts. [1] My car was parked outside my apartment when this girl hit my car and fled. [1]

My parked car was hit and the other insurance accepted full responsibility but their coverage isn’t high enough to cover my car. [1]

If your car was legally parked and someone hit it, their insurance should pay for it. [1] My daughters car was parked on the street in front of our house when a drunk driver hit it and totaled it. [1] I drove my boyfriends car to work the other day and someone hit his car while it was parked on the street and took off. [1] You are automatically at fault any time you hit a car that is legally parked. [2] Giovanni, We’re sorry your car was hit while it was parked. [1] My mom’s car was hit overnight while parked, we didn’t know what happened. [1]

I had a strong suspicion of who it was because I remembered who parked in front of me as I have had run-ins in the past with this person where she hit my car twice trying to parallel park. [3] I have had a couple of incidents of minor hit/run incidents where the cars parked beside me hit my car as they reversed, or parallel parked resulting in minor dents, scratches, dings and none left any notes. [4]

The person left there all there info (insurance, drivers license) and a note saying they hit my car. [1] Can I go after her homeowners insurance to pay for damages or at least go after her homeowners insurance for the diminished value and my deductible? The person that hit my car didn’t have insurance and he was arrested for Felony Malicious Mischief DV first degree. [1] Is the driver’s insurance company responsible to pay all the damages to my car even if it is more than $2000? Cause I want the car to be fixed the way it was before the idiot hit it. [1] A woman hit my car and damage my front and two second she run away. [1] I had my car involved in a hit and run.The man was caught, owned up to it, and gave me his insurance. [1] My car was hit in my employers parking lot while I was working the girl that hit me did stay and called police they responded as well as the security officers of my employer, I filled a claim with her insurance company and they set me up with a rental car however after they decided to declare it totaled.They told me I had to return the rental car. [1] The girl called me back and we played phone tag all week, when finally talked to her, she claims she did not hit my car. [1] My car was hit I do not know when or where, it has a small dent in the back passanger panel, and a long deep scratch, with some scuff marks around the bumper. [1] Around evening time, i was in my house, when i heard a knock on my door by a lady who told me thats she accidentally hit my car while backing out from the house opposite mine. [1] He then backed into to the front of my car again. my police report says he hit my car and he admitted it. [1] My car was hit lastnight by a person who works for the owner of this trailer park. [1]

A person drove into my car and neighbor’s car that were parked on the street outisde my house, neither of us have insurance. [1] I parked my car on a private property, not driving it because the insurance had expired because I travelled to Africa. [1] My car was parked and was totalled by someone under the influence they were caught after trying to flee and gave insurance info that said valid ins. [1] Since my car is a 92 honda only had liability insurance and my car was towed because it couldnt stay parked on public st. [1] I had my car parked in a space on a studio lot right in front of a security booth. [1] My car was parked in front of my house overnight of course and there was nothing wrong with it cause I had just washed it the previous day. [1] My car was parked legally at a visters parking spot at an.apartment complex. [1] I parked my car at a Payless parking facility next to an airport in Pennsylvania for vacation. [1]

My car was parked and an older gentlemen backed up into it gave me his information. [1]

Her jobs company vehicle hit my car and does not want to give me their information of their insurance. [1] I tracked down her car got her tag number and gave it to the officer doing my accident report. He found the vehicle and traced evidence off it and informed me that vehicle hit my car. [1]

She told me that I can go through my insurance and say that i was parked and it was a hit and run. [1] My boyfriend’s van was parked in front of my house, and a young lady hit and caused damage to his axle. [1] Does Car Insurance Cover Damage Done By a Shopping Cart? So a shopping cart hit your parked car. [2] James, if someone hit your legally parked car, and they had valid insurance, they should pay for damage to your truck. [1] Someone hit my 2 month old truck while it was parked outside my home. [1] If someone hits your parked car in a parking lot, then the other person’s insurance policy may cover any damages to your vehicle. [2] If you hit a parked car, for example, then you?re automatically at-fault for that collision. [2] A box truck hit my parked car and there was a police report w the driver’s info. [1] One car crashed into the other and that car hit my parked car and my parked car was pushed back into another parked car. [1] Their customer admits to them that they were clearly at fault (e.g. hit your parked car, rear-ended you at a stop light). [1]

A company hits my car and their insurance refused to pay damages. [5] That means she either saw the damage and just left, or literally didn’t even care that she hit my car. [3] In the past this person has hit my car HARD while trying to park – luckily with no damage. [3] I’m pretty much banking on the honesty and morals of a person who hit my car, damaged it, and didn’t leave a note or attempt to notify me in any way. dang. lol. [3] Driver was not paying attention to the road and hit my car without slowing down or paying attention to road. [6] Once I passed her out of nowhere my car is hit and I spun into the opposite side of the street into traffic and stopped by head on collision with the bridge. [6] I reported a claim since my car hit the fallen rocks so both wheel and tire of the front right needs to be replaced. [6] He hit me at the front of my Jeep Grand Cherokee and I had my car towed home, never released title, all work was cosmetic, they found him at fault for 75 percent. [6]

Never had any accidents other than a couple of minor claims for a scratch to the front spoiler with the sidewalk as I moved my car and a dent to my door caused by a careless driver who opened their door in my car while it was parked unoccupied. [6] When I park my car, I always ensure that I am parked in the middle of the lane as possible. [4]

Geico poor claim handling – A Geico insured driver hit my parked vehicle – causing major damage to my door frame – almost killing me. [6] I was parked on the right side of the street, the scuffs appear to going towards the rear of my vehicle, and if anyone hit me head on I feel like there would be more damage, so I assumed if the other car had damage, it would be on their right rear. [3]

When “someone hit my parked car” is your concern claiming for insurance becomes a crucial step. [7] If you are struggling with “someone hit my parked car and left,” there are different ways to collect information. [7] When questions like ” what to do when someone hits your parked car ” troubles you, remember to maintain your calm. [7] When you notice that your parked car has been hit, don?t freak out. [7] Surfing around for “Someone hit my parked car what do I do” would be the first step you take in such a situation. [7] Now that we answered what to do when someone hits your parked car, you would know how to move along the process. [7]

A semi truck hit my car and I had a witness that I was not at fault, even the insurance company stated I was not at fault. [8] It is suggested that when you hit another car that is parked, you wait for the owner for at least 15 minutes, then try to locate the owner. [9] If you?re driving down a suburban street, and hit a car that’s parked in front of an expired meter, that doesn?t make it the fault of the parked car even though it is illegally parked. [10] Did you know hitting a parked car and driving away is also a hit and run? And leaving a note may not be enough. [9] A Pineville man has been arrested for drunk driving and leaving the scene of a accident after he hit parked car and a pedestrian early Friday morning. [11] The Missouri State Highway Patrol tells News Talk KZRG 22-year-old Ramon Alvarez was westbound on Palameno Lane at Highway 71 in Jane around 1:30 when he hit a parked car and a pedestrian. 34-year-old David Carte of Centerton, Arkansas was transported to the VA hospital in Fayetteville with minor injuries. [11] Not only should you protect yourself if you hit a parked car, you should protect yourself when you are a victim of a hit and run. [9]

If you crash into another car or another car crashes into yours while parked or you hit a stationary object or wind up in a ditch, this type of coverage kicks in to pay for damages to your vehicle. [12] I passed the first car parked in the bike lane, and was about to pass the second car parked in the bike lane, when an SUV, driving in the lane on my left, cut across in front of me, maybe to pull in the alley, maybe to park in the lane as well, and hit me and my bike on my front tire, pushing me into the parked car, making me lose my balance, and have no point of exit in front of me, as the two cars created no space for me to go forward. [13]


If you hit a car in a parking lot, and you file an insurance claim, then this claim will be treated like any at-fault collision. [2] Unfortunately if you can’t identify the person or vehicle that hit your car, you’re going to have to either pay for it yourself or put in a claim under the collision coverage of your auto policy. [1],I filed a claim against the insurance of the person who hit the car in the fist place,but they denied my claim because they said there insures did not file any loss against her car. [1] If you can’t identify who hit your car, you have little recourse but to use your own insurance. [1] Asad, if you canceled your insurance, and you don’t know who hit your car, I’m afraid you’re out of luck. [1] A hit and run takes place when a driver involved in car accident impacting a pedestrian or another vehicle leaves the scene without prior identification or offer of assistance. [14] Some states also include a hit and run category when a car hits another in a parking lot and the driver fails to leave contact information in a note on the windshield. [14] The driver that hit us left, but it continued to hit several cars so the police stopped him/her. [1] I hit a car when i was parking but i only scraped it and it didnt dent she didn’t report it we just trade #s do I still have to pay even tho she didn’t report it. [1] We know we will be paying a deductible because the person who hit the car took off but I’m unsure how to go about this. [1] Radek, that’s a most unfortunate situation! When someone hits your car and has no assets or insurance, your only option is to use your own auto insurance policy. [1] Apparently two cars were involved in a Collison and hit my mother’s car also. [1]

Sheila, If your son’s car was parked in a driveway and a vehicle pulled in and smashed it, we don’t understand how that vehicle’s driver wouldn’t be liable. [1] We’re not sure where you are located, but most insurers in Maine do not surcharge you for a claim due to a crash when your car was legally parked. [1] Bee, if your car was legally parked, you were not at fault. [1] You should have no liability if your car was parked legally. [1] If the accident was clearly the other driver’s fault (e.g. you were legally parked), try their insurance first. [1]

My car does not have insurance because I was fixing it and my husband was inside the car putting the diagnostic computer when he here and feel the hit.The van guy states that my husband was baking up but he was not. he was also speeding in a alley, police came and took are information but my husband does not have a license he told the police that he was inside the car. [1] Is there a way too speed up the process so i can get the money i am owed to buy a new car? I did have gap insurance which pays my car off. [1] Car B doesn’t have insurance and I don’t have collision or full coverage on my car. [1] The other insurance adjuster has not paid the towing nor solve any situation regarding my car. [1] The following morning her ex boyfriend decided to come over and before he left he decided to smash into the back of my car and do $7000+ in damage. [1] My car was a total loss but only minor damage on their car. [1]

If that is the case, I do not want to have my rates go up and my record marked for something I did not do or caused, but at the same time, I have only had my car for only 7 months, and want it fixed. [1]

I live in a apt complex when a vehicle hit 4 cars and two of them were mine. [1] All vehicles that was hit was parked. Will my insurance be liable for The vehicle my vehicle was pushed into.Thanks. [1] Dajah, if you have no insurance on your vehicle and can’t identify who hit you, you’re not going to have any recourse against anyone. [1] Most auto insurance policies contain many elements that may apply in cases of hit and run. [14]

A driver hit one vehicle then hit my vehicle then my vehicle was pushed into another vehicle. [1] The driver that hit you is responsible for all the damage from that point on. [1]

You will likely be found at-fault if you hit a vehicle from behind in a parking lot. [2] If a car backs into you, then the front of your car technically hit the back of the other car, which typically means you?re at fault. [2] My boyfriends car and 3 other cars were hit in front of our house at 3:00 am by our neighbor. [1]

The incident becomes even more stressful when it’s a case of hit and run. [14]

I had my vehicle parked at a friend’s house in her driveway. [1] Keep in mind my vehicle was parked in her driveway on private property. [1]

Your case is certainly weaker because you parked in a “no parking” zone. [1] I parked close to his drive way but no where near in blocking his driveway. [1]

Today, we?re explaining everything you need to know about auto insurance coverage and hitting a parked car. [2] Hitting a parked car in a parking lot can be an expensive mistake – but your insurance policy will likely cover the incident just like they would cover a collision on a road. [2] Unless the driver of the parked car was parked illegally, your insurance company will determine that you were at-fault for the collision. [2] If you have basic liability insurance, then your insurance company will pay for damages you cause to other property – like someone’s parked car. [2] My parked car was backed into by a family friend (on accident) and he has PLPD. His company won’t pay out until he files a claim per their internal policy. [1]

Checked my bumper and there was a little damage from what was obvious the car that was there tapping my car. (I took a picture of their plate and the damage on scene It was lined up perfectly with the screws on her license plate and her car was 0.5-1 inch from my bumper) It is really small, but it was also a brand new car (2 weeks old) and it angered me! I left a note on the other car. [1]

I was parked on the street and the next morning I had a lot of scuff marks on the left of my front bumper, some black paint (my car is silver), a crack in the bumper, a separate dent, and because of the dent my headlight is now loose. [3] That’s not exactly a bargain if your car is parked in a hotel lot most of the time. [15] For instance, today while going grocery shopping, the vehicle beside us (the red car) is not parked straight in the lane. [4] Charles Candiano’s answer Your car being parked has nothing to do with it. [16] Last night, as I got home, I noticed this person’s car parked near mine again. [3] If you are saying that you misjudged the speed of a car which had the right-of-way and you got hit, the accident is clearly your fault, irrespective which gear you were in. [16] Your friend is responsible for any damage that occurred when he hit your car, up to the fair market value of the car. [16] If you swerve, you are at a higher chance to hit another car, a tree, or a road block. [17] Coming to your parking lot and noticing that someone has hit your car. [7]

Sometimes the parking lots are small and I can’t do anything about it but I will re-adjust my parking to make sure that the cars surrounding me can get in/out with enough room because I don’t want any damages to my car. [4] I?ve also had issues in the past with you hitting my car while parking if you remember correctly. [3] I have essentially no proof of her hitting me aside from the paint on my car and her’s. [3] I pretty much plan to approach and say something along the lines of: “Hey, I believe you caused the black paint, large scuffs, crack and dent in the bumper of my car over there. [3] I am in a total limbo with GEICO. I let my son use my car, and he had an accident. [6]

I live in Chicago, IL. l had Geico insurance, I was driving westbound on North Avenue, there’s a cross section there’s no left turn signal where l was attempting to make a left turn going south bound, so l waited for the light to turn red and was making my turn when an oncoming Range Rover was trying to get through the light and hit me. [6] I was hit by a SM. truck that was traveling fast in a left turn lane, and there was no turn for 900 ft. [6]

Never had an issue until my son was hit on 2/6/18 by an unlicensed driver in a landscaping truck. [6] Recently my husband got hit by a driver who was going fast and hit him on the driver side and messed up his door. [6]

Now that I think of it, filing a police report for hit and run may help smooth things over with your insurance anyways. [3] If you are trying to run for cover during a tsunami or tornado episode and you hit something along the way, you are covered by the optional collision part of your policy. [17] I did not have collision on it and they claim it was a collision as he did hit a street sign going off the road. [6]

Charles Candiano’s answer It has nothing to do with WHETHER you were liable in the “hit and run” but a subsequent Reckless Driving will make it a heck of a lot more difficult for your attorney to negotiate a plea, in BOTH actions. [16] Assuming that does not happen, then it would be nearly impossible to develop probable cause to arrest her for hit and run, let alone find her guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. [3]

For instance, all-terrain-vehicles (ATVs) might be covered by homeowner’s insurance while parked in a garage, meaning they would be covered if a garage falls and damages them. [18] I know it was you because you parked in front of me last and the damage wasn?t there before you arrived and left. [3]

Maybe you were parked at the mall, and the SUV next to you put a little bump in your side panel when the driver opened his door. [15] Once you try your best to gather all evidence, just file the claim and do your best to accurately report what happened at the time and where it was originally parked at the time before its disappearance. [17]

My car insurance agency told me that the other car insurance company is bankrupt. [5]

Door guards typically only extend about midway up the door, but the bottom of a door on a taller vehicle could hit higher on your car and still cause damage. [19] Underinsured Motorist Property Damage (UMPD) coverage pays for damages to your car if you?re hit by an uninsured or underinsured driver. [20] The woman told the operator that no one was in her car or the second car that was hit. [21]

Underinsured Motorist Property Damage (UMPD): If you?re hit by an uninsured or underinsured driver, this type of coverage will pay for the damage to your vehicle. [20] CURRITUCK Co., N.C. A man is suffering life threatening injuries after being hit and dragged by a vehicle. [22] A vehicle has reportedly hit a building on Liscum Drive this morning. [21]

If your pet happens to be in the car (we don?t encourage anyone to leave their pet in their car while parked) while it is stolen and your pet is not recovered then you can receive up to $1,000 in compensation. [20] My car was damaged in a rear end collision by a State Farm Insurance policyholder. [8] I called State Farm and told them about the problems and refuse to have AutoNation Collision work on my car a third time. [8] After my accident I immediately called State Farm and I was very happy with the process of handling my car damage. [8] I called North Miami Lexus who is in the State Farm program and they will not work on my car either because the damage was done by AutoNation. [8]

I have full coverage on my car with only a $100.00 deductible and my renters insurance is only $10.00 a month for $25,000.00 coverage. [8] The day a 100 pound chunk of metal fell off of a truck striking another car and then mine, because I couldn’t chase down the culprit (due to a blown radiator), the “comprehensive” claim is being partially denied. next time I will drive at 100 MPH (just kidding) to catch the perpetrator and destroy my car in the process. [8] Then my second time I had to file a claim I was caught in a hail storm and it took chips of paint off of my car and put dents in my car they gave me a little over $600.00 to get it fixed and my monthly payment didn’t go up a dime thank God. [8]

My car antenna (looks like a shark fin) was damaged by debris that flew off a truck on the highway. [8] The State Farm Rep met me at JM Lexus in Pompano refused to repair my car because AutoNation worked on it. [8]

It is like having a neighbor who deals in illicit activities and hurts you! My Mercedes got hit and was “TOTALLED” by State Farm and they have offered me less than $3,000/- for it. [8] I was trying to describe how someone hit me in the wrong and she did everything she could to trip me up in her questions to make me sound like I was in the wrong. [8]

Before you hit the road, you must adjust your side and rearview mirrors so that you have clear visibility in each of them. [23] Imagine you?re driving down the road and then suddenly and out of nowhere-screech and crash-someone hits you. [20]

When making turns, watch the mirror to the inside of the turn to ensure that the trailer’s wheels do not hit the curb. [23]

We’re working to find out more about an RTA bus accident on Troy Street early Monday where the bus damaged at least three parked vehicles. [21] LISTEN: 911 call released after RTA bus slams into parked vehicles on Troy Street in Dayton. [21] A video taken from the camera aboard the bus shows the coach as it slams into the rear of one parked vehicle in the 700 block of Troy Street about 12:30 a.m. Monday. [21]

The coach continues on, forcing the first vehicle on top of the next vehicle parked in front of it. [21] The closer to the entrance your vehicle is parked, the more traffic in the area. [19]

The fact that you parked in a fire lane probably did not contribute to the accident. [24]

The RTA bus driver who crashed into several parked cars on Troy Street in the early morning hours Monday is on paid leave following the crash, according to The Greater Dayton RTA. [21] New video released to this news organization shows the driver of an RTA bus does not appear to be on a phone prior to a crash into multiple parked cars, despite a 911 caller reporting to dispatchers that she was. [21]

A RTA passenger was taken to Miami Valley Hospital after the bus crashed into several parked cars on Troy Street early Monday morning. [21] There are several vehicles parked on the side of the road from breakdowns or whatever, no triangles, just a car in the “emergency lane”, I call it the shoulder, some have been there a week. [10] Hi there, I’ve dreamed about parking a car in the car park of 2 lanes and I felt it’s wasn’t parked properly but still I left it as is but when I got out the car still tried to park it correctly by itself then it drove forward, engine stalled and ended up parralel parked properly next to the kerb. [25]

A second car was parked several feet away and sustained damage to its roof from a second brick crashing more than 12 stories. [26] JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)– A WJTV news car appears to have been struck by a stray bullet while parked at our news station. [27] If you can’t remember where you parked your car, you may be feeling lost in life and not only uncertain where to go but even where to start. [25] Since the car is parked and not moving, perhaps it relates to a feeling that you are going nowhere. [25]

This explains why some fairly extensive studies have discovered that speed is not a factor in killing squirrels, rabbits, and chipmunks: they are as likely to get hit by a slow-moving car as one going like a bat out of hell, simply because they zig-zag in the wrong direction, mis-guessing which way the driver will swerve. [28] About the same time frame, 5 am, I was running on I-95 on the right lane, all the lights on, cruise control, when I?ve got hit in the rear bumper by a car. [10] Maybe it will be better if I stay inside the car – but what if the door won’t open?” as the moment got close to make a decision before the car hit the water – I woke up. [25]

Hitting a car, pedestrian, or cyclist while in traffic, then driving away, is a hit and run. [9] Driving in the “fast lane,” zooming up to about 90 miles per hour to pass the pickup, a small dark blue car, perhaps a BMW, hit the buck broadside without even visibly braking before the impact. [28] Just wait till the next accident happens when a truck hits a car in the same manner and they try to use the same exact excuse bet they won’t get away with it. [10] Now, if the truck had been going down the road in typical CRST fashion, I’m willing to bet that the car would have hit the truck anyway. [10] Animals who fall into roads usually survive the fall itself, only to be hit by cars moments later. [28] Most are chasing somethinga ball, a child, a cat, a squirrel, a bicyclist or jogger, even the cars that hit them. [28] “Deer whistles” are just one more sound that a car makes, quite meaningless to a deer until unless the deer comes to associate the sound with danger which requires that the deer have already had at least one close call, and could happen with any sound that a car makes, but usually does not happen before the deer gets hit. [28] Imani- watching someone else get hit by a car on purpose may relate to anger associated with your direction or clash of ideas. [25] Nearly a year after starting production of the car, it has yet to meet that goal, which CEO Elon Musk originally said Tesla would hit before the end of 2017. [29]

The percentage of these being hit and run is also due to various reasons, including not having or not having enough auto insurance. [9] Speak with your provider about supplemental insurance that will help cushion the financial burden if you are hit by someone who drives away. [9]

Last i heard in over 40 years of driving is that if you hit another vehicle in the rear end it is that drivers fault. [10] Four wheelers do strange things I?ve been hit by three all determined to be “no driver error” one of them overtook me on the right, hit my front tire, spun around, wrapped himself around my bumper, and then spun away across the 3 lane highway. [10] It was the driver that hit him for not maintaining his lane. [10] Been there, done that! When Crashley hit the truck, the drivers woke up and a story was concocted.and the court suspects that. [10] That being said: Crashley hit the truck, not the other way around. [10] If A fella named Crashley hit my truck and killed himself without ever touching the brakes, I’d be worried it was a sign. [10] The article doesn’t say how long the truck was in the emergency lane before it was hit. [10] Let’s suppose the 4 wheeler was stoped in the emergency lane and CRST hit the civilian. [10]

If you or your vehicle are hit by someone who drives away, ask witnesses for their help in documenting the event. [9] If you’ll need assistance while inside one of our parking decks, hit the “i” button, located on the entry/exit lane readers to reach a live enforcement officer. [30] If a cop pulls you over in the emegency lane to give you a ticket for something and gets hit from behind then what. [10]

Studies indicate that up to 70% of all deer/car crashes occur when a driver slows for one deer, then steps on the gas and hits another. [28] Good thing he didn’t drive off the road like a moron and hit a tree instead. [10] Both pigs and bears may be hit on narrow roads because they are focused on the acorns or berries, not the traffic. [28] All the difference?? Really so he would of gone of the road hit a tree and die. [10]

Walked out this morning to find my front bumper and quarter panel hit, along with a note from a witness. [31] Rear-enders are almost always the fault of the person who hits someone from behind. [10] Unfortunately, deaths, as a result of hit and run, have also climbed. [9] She flew 20 feet through the air, hit her head on landing, and was already dead when Beth ran to her side moments later. [28]

I had a dream last night that I was being forced to drive faster by the car behind me and as we took a wide turn too fast, my car went over the edge into a steep fall, heading for a massive strength of water and certain death. [25] Oh wow this has been so helpful and amazing. I am constantly dreaming of my car being stolen. [25]

“The next thing I know – it looked like the Hulk smashed my car,” she said. [26] My friend dreamed my husband rolled out my car while i was driving. [25]

Anyone who rear ends a parked semi on the shoulder on a good day with a functional motor vehicle, is probably driving with their focus elsewhere like a phone or dashboard screen or a GPS, and is flying along keeping red lights in their peripherals to maintain their lane orientation. [10] Now they want you to continue driving even though you’re tired? If it was an emergency and the driver made the judgement call to switch, was he really illegally parked? What if he drove that one mile, fell asleep and killed his co-driver in the accident, or himself? Too many variables to be a clear cut case, but we all know it will always come down to the driver being wrong, always and everytime. [10] The lawsuit claims that the drivers illegally and negligently parked their truck in the emergency lane. [10] The truck was parked so the shoulder was used properly by the truckers. [10]

He was in the path of a parked semi legally with 4 ways flashing. [10]

Sitting in the parked car sounds like a place in which you have stalled and are working things out so you can go again. [25] Have you been waiting for things to come to you or land in your lap? A parked car is rather passive and may relate to you being too passive in your life. [25]

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