What Is Wind Energy?

What Is Wind Energy?
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  • A trip throughout the western portion of the United States unveils large-scale wind farms full of large turbines designed and built to trap wind energy for the purpose of producing large amounts of electric power.(More…)
  • The planner tool is designed to help wind energy developers reduce potential impacts to wildlife and ecosystems during the planning and development of projects in these states.(More…)
  • Those factors have fueled incredible growth in the industry, which the American Wind Energy Association says operates more than 54,000 turbines in 41 states, Guam and Puerto Rico.(More…)
  • Dominion Virginia Power won the right to develop the first wind energy farm off the Virginia coast in a federal lease auction Wednesday with a bid of $1.6 million.(More…)


  • Larger, more costly turbines generally have geared power trains, alternating current output, flaps and are actively pointed into the wind.(More…)
  • Over the past two decades, wind development’s impact on birds has been greatly reduced by improvements in turbine design and particularly through improved project and turbine siting.(More…)
  • While this is not the norm, it shows that the improvements in technology (especially larger and larger turbines xsqwbxsuvuveuevv ) along with a well-developed supply chain, advances in installation and operation and maintenance strategies and experience (along with very low cost of capital) has made offshore wind a competitive source of power going forward in Europe.(More…)
  • WindEurope CEO Giles Dickson said : “Onshore wind is now the cheapest form of new power generation in most of Europe, and offshore wind is not far behind with costs having fallen over 60% in three years.(More…)



A trip throughout the western portion of the United States unveils large-scale wind farms full of large turbines designed and built to trap wind energy for the purpose of producing large amounts of electric power. [1] Today we are focused on utilizing wind energy to meet our planet’s critical energy needs through the use of turbines. [1] If the height of a rooftop mounted turbine tower is approximately 50% of the building height it is near the optimum for maximum wind energy and minimum wind turbulence. [2] A study of the material consumption trends and requirements for wind energy in Europe found that bigger turbines have a higher consumption of precious metals but lower material input per kW generated. [2] Turbines can be placed on ridges or bluffs to maximize the access of wind they have, but this also limits the locations where they can be placed. 72 In this way, wind energy is not a particularly reliable source of energy. [2] The rotor, which is approximately 20% of the wind turbine cost, includes the blades for converting wind energy to low speed rotational energy. [2] There is no competitive market for wind energy, as it does not cost money to get ahold of wind. 72 The main cost of wind turbines are the installation process. [2] Wind turbines convert wind energy to electrical energy for distribution. [2] Wind energy too has huge potential to generate power for us. [3] The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), a trade association representing the global wind power sector, has appointed Ben Backwell its new CEO. [4] Wind energy currently meets a mere 1.5% of global electricity generation. [3] Wind energy in the 21st century: economics, policy, technology and the changing electricity industry. [2] A quantitative measure of wind energy available at any location is called the Wind Power Density (WPD). [2] The U.S. Department of Energy website provides wind energy maps. [5] O jornalista especializado em energia elrica Ben Backwell o novo executivo chefe do Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), associao que representa o setor de energia eica no mundo. [4] Among one of the best alternatives to using non-renewable resources for our country’s energy consumption is wind energy. [1] “Critical and precious materials consumption and requirement in wind energy system in the EU 27”. [2]

The power produced by wind has taken the energy industry by storm in recent years, but there is still much work to be done to fully leverage this renewable resource. [1] The maximum theoretical power output of a wind machine is thus 16/27 times the kinetic energy of the air passing through the effective disk area of the machine. [2] Unlike other methods of harnessing energy, wind does not harm the environment and is recognized as one of the cleanest and safest methods of generating renewable electricity. [1] When I heard of this project, I found it curious because I did not realize that sufficient wind to produce energy is available in central Virginia. [5] At the American Wind Society conference, I learned that the best winds for producing energy in the U.S. are from North Dakota to West Texas and off the eastern U.S. coast, not in the Appalachians. [5] This is not too surprising because industrial wind facilities, at best, only produce 30 percent of their rated energy capacity. [5] It’s an expert estimation that the total energy stored in wind is 100 times higher than actually needed by humans on this earth. [3] Energy harnessed by wind turbines is intermittent, and is not a “dispatchable” source of power; its availability is based on whether the wind is blowing, not whether electricity is needed. [2] Small wind turbines may be used for a variety of applications including on- or off-grid residences, telecom towers, offshore platforms, rural schools and clinics, remote monitoring and other purposes that require energy where there is no electric grid, or where the grid is unstable. [2] Over 1,500 tons of carbon dioxide per year can be eliminated by using a one megawatt turbine instead of one megawatt of energy from a fossil fuel. 74 Being environmentally friendly and green is a large advantage of wind turbines. [2] Wind turbine design is a careful balance of cost, energy output, and fatigue life. [2] A wind turbine is a device that converts the wind’s kinetic energy into electrical energy. [2] Wind power is produced by using wind generators to harness the kinetic energy of wind. [3] Wind power has recently received a nice boost as one of the hottest forms of energy on the market. [3]

Arrays of large turbines, known as wind farms, are becoming an increasingly important source of intermittent renewable energy and are used by many countries as part of a strategy to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels. [2] They will produce electricity at between two and six cents per kilowatt hour, which is one of the lowest-priced renewable energy sources. 72 And as technology needed for wind turbines continues to improve, the prices will decrease as well. [2] Wind turbines provide a clean energy source, emitting no greenhouse gases and no waste product. [2] Backed with a $3 million assistance from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) Wilbraham-based FloDesign Wind Turbine Corp. will expand its operations in the state. [3] Apex Clean Energy plans to build an industrial wind facility, the Rocky Forge Wind Farm, on North Mountain in Botetourt County. [5]

The planner tool is designed to help wind energy developers reduce potential impacts to wildlife and ecosystems during the planning and development of projects in these states. [6] As wind energy projects are proposed in Kansas and other states where Greater Prairie Chickens and other grassland birds are now of conservation concern, conservationists, wildlife agencies, and wind energy companies are collaborating to study possible impacts from such development. [6] They include recommendations on: 1) preliminary screening of proposed wind energy projects, 2) pre?construction study design and methods, 3) assessing direct, indirect, and cumulative impacts to bats and birds in accordance with state and federal laws, 4) developing avoidance and minimization measures, 5) establishing appropriate mitigation, and 6) post-construction operations monitoring, analysis, and reporting methods. [6]

This website provides information about wind energy development and wildlife in Nebraska and tools that can be used to minimize potential impacts of wind energy development on wildlife. [6] These guidelines provide information to help reduce impacts to bats and birds from wind energy development in Arizona. [6] This comprehensive peer-reviewed study provides the most detailed analysis to date of the impact of bird fatalities at wind energy facilities in North America and is the first to measure the relative impact of those fatalities on populations of small passerines, including songbirds. [6]

AWEA is the voice of wind energy in the U.S., promoting renewable energy to power a cleaner, stronger America. [7] Telco giant AT&T has inked one of the largest renewable energy deals in recent U.S. history, securing a deal with NextEra Energy Resources to deliver 820MW of new wind energy capacity. [8] The U.S. market for offshore wind has been enjoying fresh momentum due to a sharp drop in costs, and policies in several northeastern states that require utilities to enter into contracts for wind energy generated off their coastlines. [9] Jeff Fox with Renewables Northwest says it answers a question about whether the state had an electricity transmission system capable of carrying new wind energy westward if it were developed. [10] The planner allows you to select the state where the wind energy development will be located to display a list of priority resource concerns. [6] The project is intended to facilitate decision-making on a regional basis, per the recent federal guidance policies, through spatially-explicit and transparent decision-support tools for wind energy development and conservation. [6] These guidelines are non-regulatory statewide recommendations designed to help developers assess and minimize potential environmental impacts that could result from development of wind energy facilities. [6] This report examines the actual and potential impacts of wind energy facilities on grassland and shrub-steppe avian species. [6]

As more wind turbines have been put in place, the cost of wind energy has gone down. [11] While wind energy is often perceived as controversial, that may be due to the tyranny and power of unrepresentative anecdotes. [11] The Fish & Wildlife Service released guidelines designed to help wind energy project developers avoid and minimize impacts of land-based wind projects on wildlife and their habitats. [6] These guidelines are intended to provide permitting agencies and wind project developers with an overview of the considerations made by Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife in the review of wind energy project proposals. [6] The American Wind Wildlife Institute (AWWI) facilitates responsible development of wind energy while protecting wildlife and wildlife habitat. [6] Wind Energy and Nebraska’s Wildlife: An index of the sensitivity of wildlife habitats to wind energy development, based on selected at-risk species. [6] This map was designed to aid in planning for wind energy development by identifying areas of Nebraska that are considered relatively more sensitive or less sensitive to such development, with respect to selected species of concern. [6] The Wind Energy Technologies Office (WETO) focuses on technological development to improve the reliability and affordability of wind energy and addressing barriers to wind energy deployment. [12] Energy Departments Competitiveness Improvement Project Hits First Certification Milestone; Opens Next Round of Applications The latest request for proposals under the Competitiveness Improvement Project for distributed wind energy was released. [12] WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A U.S. House committee will kick off debate next week on three new bills aimed at boosting offshore wind energy leases in federal waters. [9] South Australia’s electricity price shock in July showed that Australia hasn’t worked out how to put large amounts of wind energy into the grid. [11] South Australia’s recent blackout raised questions about the role of wind energy in Australia’s electricity network. [11] South Australia is leading the way on wind energy – but that’s posing problems for the electricity sector. [11] An annual report published by the American Wind Energy Association for 2017 shows that Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa and South Dakota achieved that mark for the year. [13] An annual report published by the American Wind Energy Association for 2017 shows that Oklahoma is still second in the nation in wind generation capacity. [13] Colorado was dubbed a national leader in the wind energy industry by the America Wind Energy Association’s annual report. [14] The Division of Wildlife issued these guidelines for responsible siting of wind energy facilities in Ohio. [6]

Energy Department Awards 6 New Distributed Wind Component Development and Testing Projects DOE announced six new contracts totaling $1.49 million under the Distributed Wind Competitiveness Improvement Project. [12] “With this effort we?re boosting the opportunities for more energy development in Montana and making Montana wind more attractive for west coast buyers,” he said. [10] The administration views offshore wind as an element in its goal for U.S. energy dominance. [9] The House Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources will hold a hearing on Tuesday on three bipartisan offshore wind proposals. [9] Large-scale solar and wind tend to push energy prices down, which sounds great as a consumer. [11] Coal powered energy does not behave like wind and solar energy. [10] “As long as the wind blows, we?re producing energy that we?re able to profit from. [14] CBS News reached out to Perry’s office, which said Perry does take credit for promoting wind in Texas — and still promotes it as energy secretary. [15] In El Paso County, three families have blamed a wind farm with 145 turbines built by NextEra Energy for health problems and the deaths of more than a dozen of their animals since the turbines began rotating in 2015. [14] Leading the charge toward a wind-driven energy grid in Colorado is Xcel Energy, which owns the 30 wind turbines on the Kochises? farm and an additional 270 in Elbert, Cheyenne, Lincoln and Kit Carson counties as part of the Rush Creek Wind Project. [14] Since 2014, passionate college students from across the country have learned the ins and outs of the wind industry by participating in the Energy. [12]

Those factors have fueled incredible growth in the industry, which the American Wind Energy Association says operates more than 54,000 turbines in 41 states, Guam and Puerto Rico. [16] Dale Carlson spoke in opposition to the project out of concern that the wind farms would be “a prelude to wind energy systems in Knox County,” which he felt would impact the usage and aesthetics of the farmland. [17] The case study simulated the impact of land use policy on wind energy potential and biodiversity in the Southern Carpathians, even though no such project is in the pipeline for the moment. [18] Their aim is to provide the local authorities with a model they can use to simulate in a given landscape the wind energy potential in the long term, taking into account the evolution of the landscape and its biodiversity: the model allows to integrate for instance the role of agricultural land use. [18] For authorities interested in building a wind farm, the model provides data on how much wind energy can be produced and how heterogeneous the landscape has to be in order to preserve local biodiversity. [18] State lawmakers are working to amend 2014 legislation they believe has caused wind energy development to stall in Ohio. [19] Medina County Economic Development Corp. Director Bethany Dentler said it is “certainly possible” that the 2014 law change discouraged potential wind energy development in Medina County. [19] More information: Jiannong Fang et al. Shifts in wind energy potential following land-use driven vegetation dynamics in complex terrain, Science of The Total Environment (2018). [18] Wind energy has been remarkably successful in providing an increasing share of cheap renewable energy. [18] Steve Sawyer joined the Global Wind Energy Council as its first Secretary General in April 2007. [20] “I was also able to look at how the landscape and surrounding forest could be developed and how this would impact wind energy potential.” [18]

Tradewind Energy, Inc. is one of the largest utility-scale wind and solar project development companies in the U.S. We deliver long-term projects that tap in to nature’s resources to produce sustainable energy for our nation – real power that will keep our energy costs low. [21] The French energy company said it reached a sales agreement that lets a Norwegian aluminum producer draw power from onshore wind. [22] Another advantage of this multidisciplinary coupled model is that it quantifies the wind farm’s energy production throughout its useful life. [18] “I think that there are a lot of different energy issues that we are looking at and the wind setback is certainly one of them.” [19] Strong partners for the energy transition in India: HUSUM Wind and Intersolar are formi. [20] July 2 (UPI) — French energy company ENGIE said Monday it reached an agreement with Swiss asset manager SUSI to help develop what will be one of Norway’s largest wind farms. [22] Craig Sundstrom, manager of government and regulatory affairs for Apex Clean Energy, said his company has plans to build six wind farms across the state, none in Medina County, which would generate 1,500 megawatts of energy, enough to power more than 530,000 homes. [19] GALESBURG — Orion Renewable Energy Group’s plan to bring a wind farm to Knox County took its first step in the development process Wednesday. [17] SUSI, through a renewable energy fund, takes an 80 percent stake in Project Tonstad, a planned 208 megawatt wind farm in southern Norway. [22]

Located in North Shade and New Haven Townships in Gratiot County, the project will include up to 75 wind turbines and is expected to have a capacity of up to 150 megawatts of wind energy once fully constructed. [23] George Tschetter confirmed the colony is supportive of a wind energy project and would be agreeable to wind turbines being erected on some of the colony’s land in the St. Lina area if NextEra decided the project was feasible. [24] NextEra Energy Canada, which is a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources, LLC, an American-owned company with head offices in Florida, has 51 wind turbines operating as part of its Ghost Pine Wind Energy Center in Kneehill County in southern Alberta. [24] AT&T signed a new deal with a NextEra Energy Resources subsidiary to purchase 300 megawatts of wind energy from two new wind farm projects in Wilbarger and Hardeman Counties, Texas. [25] The County of St. Paul has approved a permit to erect a meteorological tower on private land in the St. Lina area, one of the first steps in determining if a wind energy project is viable. [24] At least two landowners in the St. Lina area are not onside with a wind energy project in the neighbourhood. [24]

The U.S. wind energy industry is poised for an aggressive upward trajectory over the next 5-10 years, driven by ambitious announcements in offshore wind and buoyed by sustained interest in onshore developments. [26] “Tilting at Windmills – The emerging U.S. offshore wind energy industry”. [26]

The UK has the largest offshore wind energy market in the world with 35.2GW of capacity in operation, development and planning, a new report shows. [27] The global offshore wind energy capacity, both operational and upcoming, currently stands at 104GW a 10% increase over the past year. [27]

Wind energy is providing the world with clean, affordable power. [28] Wind energy suffers from the same intense price competition to gain market share that has whacked the power unit. [29] It is a day for discovering wind energy, its power and the possibilities it holds to reshape our energy systems, decarbonise our economies and boost jobs and growth. [28] Whether it’s providing local jobs and investment in the supply chain or wind farms contributing taxes to local municipalities, wind energy is having a positive impact in communities across Europe”. [28] Two new planned wind energy parks are set to go up in Michigan and will produce up to 250 megawatts of clean, renewable energy. [23] “We?ve made initial investments in wind energy because it is a clean, abundant, home-grown source of energy that delivers significant environmental and economic benefits,” Taylor continued. [25] MAYVILLE – The Chautauqua County Planning Board decided to table its decision regarding a proposed amendment to the Ball Hill Wind Energy Project in the towns of Villenova and Hanover. [30] Under the agreement to acquire the wind energy park, Tradewind Energy will continue to perform studies, secure permits, acquire real estate and carry out other functions needed to develop the project to the construction stage. [23] Alberta is investing 5.4bn of investment in new wind energy projects in the province. [28] This isn?t the first time a wind energy company has expressed interest in the St. Paul area. [24] With price tags in the range of hundreds of millions of dollars, well-informed investment decisions will be crucial to success in the wind energy sector on both the development side and the investment side. [26] The commitments to purchasing 820 MW of wind energy is expected to offset 22% of AT&T’s current electricity consumption, Joe Taylor, VP of global tech optimization and implementation at AT&T told Energy Manager Today. [25] Global Wind Day is a coordinated action between WindEurope and the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and the national associations to introduce the general public to wind energy through a series of activities. [28] From niche technology, wind energy is now a global success story. [28] The agreement builds on AT&T’s previous investments backing two wind energy centers in Webb and Duval Counties in Texas and Caddo County, Oklahoma, the telecom says. [25] A group of wind energy companies have asked the Iowa Supreme Court to intervene after they were found in contempt of court for failing to remove the structures built in violation of county zoning laws. [30]

CEO Hugh McNeal said: “Our industry is already delivering for the UK and we want to go further, with offshore wind as the backbone of a clean, reliable and affordable energy system. [27] “Offshore wind is a global growth opportunity and a major energy source. [27] “Wind energy is already one of the fastest-growing energy sources in the world, with an annual economic impact of about $20 billion on the U.S. economy,” he concluded. [25] Many major energy players have stayed the course of investing in onshore wind, reflecting strong demand and lessening levelized costs (anticipated to be reduced by up to 47% by 2040). [26] The South Dakota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) conducted the hearing on the permit application for the proposed Prevailing Wind Park Energy facility. [30] In June, Consumers Energy also announced its plans to increase renewable energy to 37% by 2030 and 43% by 2040 through additional investments in wind and solar energy. [23] The M&A market continues to show strength and shape the wind sector, with total clean energy asset and corporate M&A activity in 2017 reaching nearly $105Bn. [26] In 2016, Northlands Energy Inc. was exploring opportunities for a wind turbine project through the Shamrock Valley/Chicken Hill area. [24] Clym Atkin of LandSolutions confirmed to the Journal the Calgary-based company, acting as land agent, had applied for a permit on behalf of NextEra Energy Canada to erect a tower on SE-19-61-10 W4M to collect weather data pertaining to wind speed, temperature, humidity, rain and weather conditions that may impact a proposed wind development project. [24] In February, the company signed agreements to purchase 520 megawatts of wind power from two NextEra Energy Resources subsidiaries: 300 MW from Next Era wind farms in Texas and 220 MW from the Minco V Wind Farm in Oklahoma. [25] Duke Energy ( DUK ), the largest U.S. electric utility, has expanded into renewables with investments of almost $6 billion in 60 solar installations and 20 wind farms. [29] Consumers Energy, the principal subsidiary of CMS Energy, has entered into an agreement to own, construct and operate the Gratiot Farms Wind Project being developed by Tradewind Energy, one of the largest independent wind and solar project development companies in the United States. [23] The Jackson-based utility said Consumers Energy has agreed to own, build and operate the Gratiot Farms Wind Project in North Shade and New Haven townships in Gratiot County. [31] Consumers Energy is expected to assume ownership in May, and will be responsible for constructing and operating the Gratiot Farms Wind Project when it goes into commercial operation, expected in late 2020. [23]

A Development Asset Acquisition agreement will be executed where Consumers Energy will acquire a development package and then manage the wind farm construction. [23] German energy company Innogy has its largest market in the UK, where it accounts for 1GW of the country’s offshore wind power. [27] It’s now getting easier and cheaper to integrate wind power into the energy system. [28] CMS Enterprises, a subsidiary of CMS Energy, also has signed an agreement to purchase a 105-megawatt wind project in Haviland in northwest Ohio. [31] CMS Enterprises has agreed to commit the renewable energy from the Northwest Ohio Wind project to General Motors as part of a 15-year renewable energy purchase agreement. [23] Citing information from the Business Renewables Center, AT&T says that altogether the agreements will deliver 820 megawatts of wind power, making this one of the nation’s largest corporate renewable energy purchases. [25] “We are excited to support all three by increasing the renewable energy we supply using wind power,” Poppe said. [23]

Dominion Virginia Power won the right to develop the first wind energy farm off the Virginia coast in a federal lease auction Wednesday with a bid of $1.6 million. [32] The Missouri Public Service Commission voted 5-0 today to allow Liberty Utilities Empire District Electric to move forward with various regulatory measures to add wind energy to its sources of power. [33] Seagreen Wind Energy Limited, a joint venture partnership between SSE and Fluor, was awarded by The Crown Estate the exclusive development rights for the Firth of Forth Zone of the UK’s Round 3 offshore wind farm development programme. [34] In October 2014, following submission of a comprehensive Environmental Statement and further detailed consultation with the relevant statutory bodies to complete the Habitats Regulations Assessment process, Seagreen Wind Energy Ltd received consent for Phase 1 of the development from Scottish Ministers for two offshore wind farms, Seagreen Alpha and Seagreen Bravo. [34] Virginia offshore wind energy development has been discussed for at least a decade. [32]

Wind energy represents the best of what we do in Minnesota, using ingenuity and innovation to harness our natural resources — in this case, powering our homes, farms and businesses. [35] The wind energy industry is the fastest growing segment of renewable energy production. [36] The unfortunate 18-month moratorium on new wind energy projects further cripples the industry’s potential. [37] The General Assembly’s current moratorium on wind energy projects is a roadblock to corporate clean energy investments. [37] Charlottesville-based Apex Clean Energy also bid for the wind energy area in the Atlantic Ocean about 27 miles from the Virginia Beach shoreline. [32] Wind energy is increasingly being used as an alternative energy source. [38] While solar has thrived in North Carolina, however, wind energy remains largely untapped. [37] By making wind energy more accessible, North Carolina can become an even more attractive destination for these companies as they decide where to expand their operations. [37] The company wanted an additional 800 megawatts of wind energy by the end of 2020. [33] In October of 2017, Empire District filed with regulators to expand its wind energy resources. [33] Allowing the state’s nascent wind energy industry to grow and flourish is a prime example. [37] Floating Wind Energy is an emerging industry in which much has been accomplished in a relatively short time. [39] “The reality is that wind energy comes at a great cost, particularly to nearby homeowners. [40] “Offshore wind has the potential to provide the largest, scalable renewable resource for Virginia if it can be achieved at reasonable cost to customers,” said Mary C. Doswell, senior vice president for alternative energy solutions at Dominion Resources Inc., the parent company of Dominion Virginia Power. [32] “Today is another great step forward in ensuring Virginia is the “Energy Capital of the East Coast? and in the development of offshore wind off the coast of the commonwealth,” McDonnell said in a statement Wednesday. [32] “We must utilize all of our energy resources, from wind to oil to gas to coal to nuclear, to create good jobs for our people and provide greater energy security for our country.” [32] It is critical that Dominion look to wind, solar and energy efficiency as the primary sources to meet our future energy needs.” [32] Goals are being reached ahead of schedule and many records broken due to the economical and technical capabilities and the entrepreneurial determination of many sharing the same ambition. 80% of the world’s most intense wind areas lies in waters beyond 60 meters depth, making floating wind a key player to contribute to the Globe’s Energy Transition. [39] The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates the cost to build a commercial-scale offshore wind farm at $6,230 per kilowatt of generating capacity, while the installed cost for a modern natural gas power plant is about $1,000 per kilowatt. [32] Like solar, wind can play an important role in growing North Carolina’s clean energy economy. [37] The innovation of modern wind turbines will move us past the burning of fossil fuels and are already a part of the energy revolution. [35] New construction from wind farm development brings high-paying jobs and a reliable source of income to rural communities and small businesses who need it most, while also helping diversify the state’s energy portfolio and increase its energy independence. [37] North Carolina’s only wind farm, the Amazon Wind Farm U.S. East in northeastern North Carolina, is a perfect example of how a large-scale renewable energy project can bring enormous economic benefits to a local community. [37] North Carolina can only build on the success of the Amazon wind farm and take advantage of additional clean energy opportunities with the right policies in place. [37]


Larger, more costly turbines generally have geared power trains, alternating current output, flaps and are actively pointed into the wind. [2] GE, the U.S. industrial group, is promoting and showing confidence in offshore wind technology by buying ScanWind, which makes direct-drive turbine components. [3] These turbines have the main rotor shaft and electrical generator at the top of a tower, and must be pointed into the wind. [2] Despite these advantages, upwind designs are preferred, because the change in loading from the wind as each blade passes behind the supporting tower can cause damage to the turbine. [2] Small turbines are pointed by a simple wind vane, while large turbines generally use a wind sensor coupled with a yaw system. [2] “Wind Turbine – Materials and Manufacturing Fact Sheet”. psu.edu. [2] One advantage of this arrangement is that the turbine does not need to be pointed into the wind to be effective, which is an advantage on a site where the wind direction is highly variable. [2]

A local group wrote Apex and requested their wind data so the expected power output for this project could be calculated. [5] Wind has a much smaller share in the U.S., where it contributed just under 6% of power generation in 2017; and in China, where wind provided just under 4% of power. [41]

By the 1930s, wind generators for electricity were common on farms, mostly in the United States where distribution systems had not yet been installed. [2] Wind has become an important contributor to European electricity generation. [41] We have all followed with great interest the extraordinary breakthrough in European offshore wind over the past few years. [4] Throughout the year in this area, winds are typically light and intermittent. [5] In high winds, the blades can also be allowed to bend which reduces their swept area and thus their wind resistance. [2] The cycloturbine variety has variable pitch to reduce the torque pulsation and is self-starting. 33 The advantages of variable pitch are: high starting torque; a wide, relatively flat torque curve; a higher coefficient of performance; more efficient operation in turbulent winds; and a lower blade speed ratio which lowers blade bending stresses. [2] Typically, the glass/epoxy composites for wind blades contain up to 75 weight% glass. [2]

The organization reports that ancient mariners sailed to distant lands by making use of winds, while farmers used it to pump water used for grinding grains. [1] China leads the world in terms of installed wind capacity (164 GW), and in 2017 China recorded the largest addition of new wind capacity (15 GW), followed by the U.S. (6 GW), Germany (6 GW), India (4 GW) and UK (4 GW). [41] Their feasibility study shows they plan to connect to the Rocky Forge wind facility with a line having a capacity of 10.1 MW. [5]

Land, whbich might not be considered a material, is an important resource in deploying wind technologies. [2] Therefore, an increase in wind production would increase the demand for these resources. [2]

Notably, the relative available output from wind and solar sources is often inversely proportional (balancing) citation needed. [2] Wind is defined as the movement of air from high pressure areas to low pressure areas and is actually caused by uneven heating of the earth’s surface by the sun. [1] ” 11 years of wind data shows surprising production decrease ” (in Danish) Ingenien, 1 November 2013. [2] A forerunner of modern horizontal-axis wind generators was in service at Yalta, USSR in 1931. [2] Turbines used in wind farms for commercial production of electric power are usually three-bladed. [2]

It can form part of the energy mix, which also includes power from other sources. [2] There is no reasonable way, with today’s technology, to store AC power on a scale that would meet our country’s energy needs. [5]

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. 13 (5): 1082-1088. doi : 10.1016/j.rser.2008.03.008 via Elsevier Science Direct. [2] It is gaining worldwide popularity as a large scale energy source, although it still only provides less than one percent of global energy consumption. [3] Its most important characteristic as an energy source is that is does not produce emissions during operation. [1]

According to the conservation group Conserve Energy Future, windmills have been in use since 2000 B.C. and were first developed in Persia and China. [1] Scientists believe that natural resources can meet the energy needs of the entire human population. [3] Back in 2013 Google purchased a company called Makani, creators of the Energy Kite. [3] This is similar with other critical and valuable materials required for energy systems such as magnesium, silver and indium. [2]

Renewable energy is one of the hottest things on the market right now but until recently, solar power has been getting most of the attention. [3]

A few localities have exploited the attention-getting nature of wind turbines by placing them on public display, either with visitor centers around their bases, or with viewing areas farther away. 59 The wind turbines are generally of conventional horizontal-axis, three-bladed design, and generate power to feed electrical grids, but they also serve the unconventional roles of technology demonstration, public relations, and education. [2] Environmental impact of wind power includes effect on wildlife, but can be mitigated if proper monitoring and mitigation strategies are implemented. 76 Thousands of birds, including rare species, have been killed by the blades of wind turbines, 77 though wind turbines contribute relatively insignificantly to anthropogenic avian mortality. [2] The world currently longest wind turbine rotor blade, the 88.4 m long blade from LM Wind Power is made of carbon/glass hybrid composites. [2] Materials that are typically used for the rotor blades in wind turbines are composites, as they tend to have a high stiffness, high strength, high fatigue resistance, and low weight. 46 Typical resins used for these composites include polyester and epoxy, while glass and carbon fibers have been used for the reinforcing material. 47 Construction may use manual layup techniques or composite resin injection molding. [2] Materials for wind turbine parts other than the rotor blades (including the rotor hub, gearbox, frame, and tower) are largely composed of steel. [2] Large three-bladed horizontal-axis wind turbines (HAWT), with the blades upwind of the tower produce the overwhelming majority of windpower in the world today. [2]

In July 2016, Siemens upgraded its 7 to 8MW. 81 Largest vertical-axis Le Nordais wind farm in Cap-Chat, Quebec has a vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) named. ole, which is the world’s largest at 110m. 82 It has a nameplate capacity of 3.8MW. 83 Largest 1-bladed turbine Riva Calzoni M33 was a single-bladed wind turbine with 350kW, designed and built In Bologna in 1993. 84 Largest 2-bladed turbine The biggest 2-bladed turbine is built by Mingyang Wind Power in 2013. [2] That means they have determined through either Apex’s information or their own, that the 75 MW wind farm would produce no more than 10.1MW or 13 percent of the rated capacity of the 25 turbines. [5] “Optimal turbine spacing in fully developed wind farm boundary layers”. [2]

For large wind farms distances of about 15 rotor diameters should be more economical, taking into account typical wind turbine and land costs. [2] On most horizontal wind turbine farms, a spacing of about 6-10 times the rotor diameter is often upheld. [2]

Therefore, power companies continue to operate the natural gas or coal-fired power plants even when the wind turbines are spinning so that they can immediately replace their power when the wind dies down. [5] Largest capacity conventional drive The Vestas V164 has a rated capacity of 8MW, 79 later upgraded to 9 MW. 80 The wind turbine has an overall height of 220m (722ft), a diameter of 164m (538ft), is for offshore use, and is the world’s largest-capacity wind turbine since its introduction in 2014. [2] Offshore wind turbines are built up to 8MW today and have a blade length up to 80 meters (260ft). [2] Wind turbines can be very large, reaching over 140 metres (460ft) tall and with blades 55 metres (60yd) long, 75 and people have often complained about their visual impact. [2] Currently, digital image correlation and stereophotogrammetry are used to measure dynamics of wind turbine blades. [2] Modern turbines use a couple of tons of copper for generators, cables, and such. 52 Smaller wind turbines have begun incorporating more aluminum based alloys into these components in an effort to make the turbines lighter and more efficient, and may continue to be used increasingly if fatigue and strength properties can be improved. [2] Since it is the most widely used material for reinforcement in composites around the globe, the expansion of end use applications such as construction, transportation and wind turbines has fueled its popularity. [2] Small wind turbines may be as small as a fifty-watt generator for boat or caravan use. [2] The generator, which is approximately 34% of the wind turbine cost, includes the electrical generator, 38 39 the control electronics, and most likely a gear box (e.g. planetary gear box ), 40 adjustable-speed drive or continuously variable transmission 41 component for converting the low-speed incoming rotation to high-speed rotation suitable for generating electricity. [2] Step-up gearboxes are being increasingly replaced with variable speed generators, increasing the demand for magnetic materials in wind turbines. 46 In particular, this would require an increased supply of the rare earth metal neodymium. [2] For every bird killed by a wind turbine in the U.S., nearly 500,000 are killed by each of feral cats and buildings. 78 In comparison, conventional coal fired generators contribute significantly more to bird mortality, by incineration when caught in updrafts of smoke stacks and by poisoning with emissions byproducts (including particulates and heavy metals downwind of flue gases). [2] Permanent magnets for wind turbine generators contain rare earth metals such as Nd, Pr, Tb, and Dy. [2]

Iowa State Aerospace Engineers Anupam Sharma and Hui Hu are exploring the possibility of adding a smaller, secondary rotor to wind turbines. [3] One of the predominant ways wind turbines have gained performance is by increasing rotor diameters, and thus blade length. [2] In Germany, wind turbine blades are commercially recycled as part of an alternative fuel mix for a cement factory. [2] In his book Machinae Novae (1595) he described vertical axis wind turbines with curved or V-shaped blades. [2]

Despite these diverse developments, developments in fossil fuel systems almost entirely eliminated any wind turbine systems larger than supermicro size. [2]

A fresh-water wind farm is taking shape at Lake Erie and when completed will provide 20 megawatts and get on to about one gigawatt power by 2020. [3] When a turbine is mounted on a rooftop the building generally redirects wind over the roof and this can double the wind speed at the turbine. [2] As of 2011, The Empire State Building, one of the world’s largest buildings has achieved the distinction of becoming the largest buyer of green renewable wind power. [3] A report by the United States Geological Survey estimated the projected materials requirement in order to fulfill the U.S. commitment to supplying 20% of its electricity from wind power by 2030. [2] Wind power generation grew by more than 17% in 2017 to reach 1120 TWh, or 4.4% of total world electricity generation. [41]

An alternative is repowering, where existing wind turbines are replaced with bigger, more powerful ones, sometimes in smaller numbers while keeping or increasing capacity. [2] In the autumn of 1941, the first megawatt-class wind turbine was synchronized to a utility grid in Vermont. [2] The first automatically operated wind turbine, built in Cleveland in 1887 by Charles F. Brush. [2]

Inside view of a wind turbine tower, showing the tendon cables. [2] It has a total height of 230m, and a hub height of 164m on 100m concrete tower bottom with steel tubes on top (hybrid tower). 88 Vestas V164 was the tallest wind turbine, standing in terild, Denmark, 220 meters tall, constructed in 2014. [2]

Vertical-axis wind turbines (or VAWTs) have the main rotor shaft arranged vertically. [2] A French company called New Wind is installing tree-shaped wind turbines at the Place de la Concorde in Paris, France. [3] “Industrial wind turbine post-construction bird and bat monitoring: A policy framework for Canada”. [2]

To protect components from undue wear, extracted power is held constant above the rated operating speed as theoretical power increases at the cube of wind speed, further reducing theoretical efficiency. [2] China was the largest wind power producer last year, growing by 21% and contributing 30% of global growth in wind power. [41] Wind power was probably used in Persia (present-day Iran) about 500-900 AD. 2 The windwheel of Hero of Alexandria marks one of the first recorded instances of wind powering a machine in history. 3 4 However, the first known practical wind power plants were built in Sistan, an Eastern province of Iran, from the 7th century. [2] Wind power first appeared in Europe during the Middle Ages. [2]

Wind power generating capacity grew by 10% in 2017, with capacity increasing by 47 GW to reach 515 GW by the end of 2017. [41] In Denmark wind power provided more than 48% of power generation in 2017: and wind power now provides 15% or more of power generated in Ireland, Lithuania, Germany, Portugal, and Spain. [41]

Google Inc. has invested $38.8 million in two North Dakota wind farms. [3]

It is heresy for an environmentalist to argue against a renewable energy project. [5] In the United States, the results of the above calculation are included in an index developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and referred to as “NREL CLASS”. [2]

Over the past two decades, wind development’s impact on birds has been greatly reduced by improvements in turbine design and particularly through improved project and turbine siting. [6] “Rush Creek is a terrific project that has employed hundreds during construction and will continue to employ wind technicians, many of which are from our local communities,” said state Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg, R-Sterling. [14] Last month, three Massachusetts utilities were awarded the largest ever U.S. contract for offshore wind, and New Jersey’s governor signed a law that commits his state to procuring 3.5 gigawatts of offshore wind. [9] U.S. Conditions Drive Innovation in Offshore Wind Foundations This blog is part of a series that explores offshore wind technical challenges that are different in the U.S. than in other countries. [12] Experts expect the wind business to remain brisk in the U.S. and abroad, on land and offshore. [11]

Annual water requirements of a PHES-supported 100% renewable electricity grid would be much less than the current fossil fuel system, because wind and PV do not require cooling water. [11] This regional collaborative includes entities such as the Colorado Renewables and Conservation Collaborative and the New Mexico Wind and Wildlife Collaborative. [6] This resource document of the Wildlife Workgroup is intended as a guide to persons involved in designing, conducting, or requiring wind energy/wildlife interaction studies. [6]

OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma is among four states in the nation where wind generated at least 30 percent of the electricity produced inside its borders during in 2017, an industry update released this week reported. [13] Since agriculture is suffering right now, the growth of wind is pumping development into areas that desperately need it.” [14] El Paso County has asked NextEra for clarification on a report the company commissioned on the wind farm’s sound levels, spokesman Matt Steiner said. [14] Once the company provides the county with additional information, it will hold another public meeting for residents concerned about the wind farm’s effects, Steiner said. [14]

Statoil Wind has already won a bid for 80,000 acres of offshore leasing rights off of New York’s coast. [9] The Conservation Biology Institute, through a grant from the David and Lucille Packard Foundation, is working with BLM, CDFG, and USFWS to develop a science-based regional planning framework for the high wind resource region of the eastern Tehachapi Mountains and southeastern Sierra. [6] “I?ve been approached by plenty of wind and solar companies about leasing my land, but I?m just not in enough of a hurry to take that risk on my land.” [14] Ross said he approved wind and solar because it’s affordable. [15]

Jan and Virgil said the disturbances caused by the turbines to their land and cattle have been minimal and that the damage to crops, roads and other parts of their farm was paid for by Xcel Energy. [14] The report follows a meeting last December when energy developers and utility companies from across the Northwest met in Helena to talk about Montana’s energy future and the growing demand for less carbon emitting power. [10] “We are committed to working with the Trump administration in pursuing an ‘all-of-the-above’ energy strategy, which includes a robust offshore renewable component,” according to a committee statement. [9] One proposal would require the Interior Department to develop a leasing plan or schedule for federal offshore leases, a second would create a federal grant for educational or career programs for the offshore industry, and a third would give Interior the authority to manage the federal submerged lands off of territories such as Guam for offshore energy. [9]

Once completed in October, the project will be the largest wind-generating facility in the state, distributing 600 megawatts of energy to an estimated 325,000 homes. [14] Thirty-two will be employed full time once the farm is producing energy. [14] Building energy infrastructure that keeps wildlife safe is a key concern at the U.S. Department of Energy, which is why we have funded six teams to. [12] The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) currently owns two AXYS WindSentinel buoys that collect a comprehensive set of meteorological and oceanographic. [12]

The coils winding facility building in France, where a global effort to build the ITER fusion energy reactor is underway. [11] Australia has some of the world’s best ocean energy resources. [11] “We?re able to do major shifts in the energy system without increasing the cost to customers,” said Xcel Energy’s Executive Vice President for Utilities David Eves in January. [14] The report says the cost of delivering renewable energy from Montana to the west coast could compete with other renewable resources in the Northwest, but several uncertainties remain about how that power would be transmitted that could limit that potential. [10] Montana could play a significant role in meeting the demand for renewable energy in the Pacific Northwest, according to a new study from the Bonneville Power Administration and the state of Montana. [10] It also says Montana’s capacity to send renewable energy to the west coast will grow after the closure of two units at the Colstrip coal-fired power plant. [10]

Although other studies have estimated the total amount of potential wind-energy production available in the United States and globally, this is the first to examine if renewable energy goals can be met on disturbed lands that could reduce conflict with wildlife. [6] The Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy invites input from the public regarding a potential funding opportunity. [12]

Xcel Energy’s Rush Creek Wind Project, including the turbines on Kochis? farm, will begin producing enough electricity to supply 325,000 homes beginning in October. [14] Turbines dot the landscape along U.S. 60 at a wind farm west of Pawhuska. [13] A wind farm that generates up to 1.5 gigawatts of electricity can power roughly 1 million homes. [9] The study estimates that wind farms are responsible for roughly 0.27 avian fatalities per gigawatt-hour (GWh) of electricity while nuclear power plants involve 0.6 fatalities per GWh and fossil-fueled power stations are responsible for about 9.4 fatalities per GWh. [6] The report also showed Oklahoma still ranks second in the nation for its 7,495 megawatts electricity generating capacity provided through wind farms, led only by Texas, which has 22,599 megawatts. [13] The report said the electrical generating capacity of wind farms grew by 9 percent nationally in 2017. [13]

As part of this report, GAO assessed (1) what available studies and experts have reported about the impacts of wind power facilities on wildlife in the United States and what can be done to mitigate or prevent such impacts, (2) the roles and responsibilities of government agencies in regulating wind power facilities, and (3) the roles and responsibilities of government agencies in protecting wildlife. [6] This page summarizes publicly available information about the adverse impacts of land-based wind power on wildlife in North America and the status of our knowledge regarding how to avoid or minimize these impacts. [6] This fact sheet summarizes what is known about bird and bat interactions with land-based wind power in North America, including habitat impacts and remaining key questions and knowledge gaps. [6]

GAO reviewed a sample of six states with wind power development for this report. [6]

Farmer Virgil Kochis stands in front of one of the 30 wind turbines on his family farm last week east of Matheson. [14] An old windmill pumps water for cattle in front of a wind turbine Thursday on Kochis Farms east of Matheson. [14]

Wind Turbines in Extreme Weather: Solutions for Hurricane Resiliency Offshore wind turbines on the Atlantic coast (as well as the Gulf Mexico) have several challenges to contend with–including hurricanes. [12] When crop prices started to plummet, the Kochises turned to a resource that is breathing new economic life into eastern Colorado: wind turbines. [14] Labor department figures show solar panel and wind turbine technicians are the two fastest-growing careers in the country. [15] Birds and bats are occasionally killed in collisions with wind turbines. [6]

Like any form of development, wind projects can also negatively impact wildlife by altering habitat. [6] The wind industry, in partnership with environmental organizations, is also taking action to reduce wildlife impacts through the efforts of the American Wind Wildlife Institute. [6] AWWI was created and is sustained by a unique collaboration of environmentalists, conservationists, state wildlife agencies, and wind industry leaders. [6]

The Trump administration has thrown its weight behind the nascent offshore wind industry by streamlining permitting processes and working to open up more areas for lease. [9] Floating Wind Power is Becoming a Reality This blog is part of a series that explores offshore wind technical challenges that are different in the United States than in other countries. [12] If history is a guide, policies that promote wind power expansion will lead to lower prices – potentially beating fossil fuels in the U.S. by 2030. [11] Wind farms are pushing down the price of electricity in the electricity market. [11] “I?m all for wind farms in the county, but my dad taught me to never take the first offer that I?m given,” he said. [14] The human health impacts vary in severity, from nausea and headaches to cardiovascular problems, said Sandra Wolfe, who lives near the wind farm. [14]

From an environmental standpoint, Colorado’s wind power generation saved 4 billion gallons of water that coal and gas plants would have used and avoided 8 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. [14] This document explains the organization’s role in the wind project review process and issues to be considered during project development. [6] This page outlines the Department’s position on and recommendations for wind project siting in the state. [6] These guidelines were drafted for wind project stakeholders to use as they consider potential project sites in Kansas. [6]

“Rather than continuing to export our best local resource — our children — the growing wind industry is providing new opportunities that are allowing more of them to stay local.” [14]

Cape Verde’s renewable energy resources account for about 25% of total energy production. [11] Montana’s largest utility provider announced Wednesday it is looking for small-scale renewable energy projects that it’s required by law to buy. [10] The report says that there is a push by the state government, developers, and public interest groups in exporting renewable energy from Montana, but for that business to work there needs to be a corresponding pull from energy purchasers. [10] The traditionally conservative state is leading the way for renewable energy across the nation. [15]

The price of renewable energy will fall significantly relative to new-build coal in coming decades, making an all-renewable electricity system more desirable, both economically and environmentally. [11] Connecting renewable energy across Australia will help generate reliable electricity. [11]

Utilities uses 9 percent renewable energy, a mix of mostly solar and hydropower. [14] OpenEI is developed and maintained by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory with funding and support from the U.S. Department of Energy and a network of International Partners & Sponsors. [6] Economists at the University of Montana say this means extra costs are tacked on to renewable energy as demand for it grows. [10]

While this is not the norm, it shows that the improvements in technology (especially larger and larger turbines xsqwbxsuvuveuevv ) along with a well-developed supply chain, advances in installation and operation and maintenance strategies and experience (along with very low cost of capital) has made offshore wind a competitive source of power going forward in Europe. [20] The wind component of the renewable power sector is the lowest of all low-carbon resources. [22]

This exciting new technology is still at the early stages, but with the first commercial project installed off Scotland last year, it has many supporters; and would dramatically increase the potential market for offshore wind in places like Japan and the U.S. West Coast, where the continental shelf slopes off steeply into deeper water. [20] Michael Cressner, project development manager for Orion, said the towers — which will be called the western tower and the eastern tower — will be up for two years at minimum to gather data on the speed of the winds. [17] On the back of the GWEC-led FOWIND project, India has now launched a program aimed at receiving requests for proposals for up to 1,000 MW of offshore wind off the coast of the western state of Gujarat as early as the end of 2017. [20] On the top of the turbine, there are two wind sensors, or anemometers. [42] Key advantage: you can put the turbine where the best wind is, not constrained by the suitability of bottom topography and water depth. [20]

“Grid-connected wind and solar systems are currently parasitic, in the sense that they exist on top of and depend on a host system from which they siphon resources.” http://www.theene. ductions “Renewables are popular but parasitic on a stable electricity supply [18] Now the all important question: How is the wind turned into electricity? The blades collect the wind. [42] The amount of electricity generated by wind has grown more than fivefold from a decade ago. [16]

“When the Legislature changed the setbacks in 2014, they moved the property line setbacks to a level that essentially shut down any wind development in the state of Ohio,” Sundstrom said. [19] Some wind developments are still moving ahead, especially in sparsely populated areas, but the success of opposition groups shows that when residents put up organized opposition, they often win. [16] Some wind supporters believe that fossil-fuel industries help fund organizations that oppose wind developments. [16]

The permits are for two temporary meteorological towers in Henderson Township and Ontario Township to gauge the wind resource. [17] “(It would) supplement national and regional data to get a localized idea of what the wind resource is doing. [17]

The blades actually pitch 90 degrees to catch more or less wind. [42] Wind and solar are parasites on other reliable/weather-resilient forms of energy(hydro, geothermal, nuclear, biomass, fossil fuels), it’s why parasitic people love them because they identify themselves with these useless placebos. [18] Wind technicians working on the tower say it’s like being on a ship. [42] The towers can withstand 200 mph winds, but automatically shut down when the wind gets too strong. [42] When a developer sought to put up dozens more of the 400-foot towers in southern Minnesota, hundreds of people in the heart of wind country didn?t celebrate. [16]

The simulator developed by EPFL aims to determine how the landscape can be used effectively for wind production while also preserving the region’s current biodiversity. [18]

Turbines are also more reliable, making wind-generated electricity an increasingly important part of our nation’s energy mix. [21] Solar energy has become the fastest growing power generation source in the United States, due to a variety of factors including declining costs in manufacturing, installation, service and financing. [21] From there power lines transfer the energy into the grid and the grid powers America to the tune of 345,000 megawatts of power each year. [42]

As energy industry news stories tout record lows in utility-scale solar prices in a han. [20] Push-pull factors leave oil prices lacking direction early Friday 1 hour ago ago July 13 (UPI) — Oil prices lacked clear direction ahead of the start of U.S. trading on Friday as a handful of market watchers said the situation for energy was very volatile. [22] Volatile world means volatile oil prices, Russia’s energy minister says 2 hours ago ago July 13 (UPI) — Volatile crude oil prices reflect a volatile geopolitical climate as well as concerns about global trade tensions, Russia’s energy minister said Friday. [22] “SUSI’s investment mandate is dedicated to financing the global energy transition,” Marco van Daele, the chief investment officer at SUSI Partners, added in a statement. [22]

That force gets sent to the gearbox and generator which converts that mechanical energy into electricity. [42] Senate President Larry Obhof, R-Montville Township, said House Bill 114 is a more comprehensive approach to energy reform in the state. [19] Two major Duke Energy solar programs are rolling out this month in North Carolina, both of which should help increase. [20] UPI also provides insightful reports on key topics of geopolitical importance, including energy and security. [22] The French energy company keeps a 20 percent stake in a 51-turbine facility. [22]

Danish company Vestas Wind Systems A/S says it has been awarded a 1.1 billion euro ($1.2 billion) deal to supply 278 wind turbines for Norwegian power company Statkraft and its partners for a wind power project in central. [18] Ken Springer, president of the Knox County Area Partnership for Economic Development, spoke “in strong support” of the wind farm project and the towers, due to the millions in property tax revenue that Orion estimates the project will generate for the county. [17] While there are no wind farms in Medina County, Dentler said there is a wind turbine in Liverpool Township on the property of Three D Metals, 5462 Innovation Drive. [19]

The state’s Mid-Biennium Budget Review, passed in 2014, nearly tripled the distance a turbine in a wind farm application was required to be from an adjacent property line. [19] The wind industry says there are no independent studies proving the turbines cause health problems. [16] The wind industry is growing quickly around the world, especially in China and the U.S., where the total amount of electricity generated by wind turbines nearly doubled between 2011 and 2017. [18] In the past decade, 466 wind turbines have popped up across Wisconsin on 18 different wind farms. [42] Since that time, no new applications for commercial wind farms have been filed with the Ohio Power Siting Board, Dolan said in his Senate testimony. [19]

The company produces aluminum and edged copper strip that are used to build transformers used in wind turbines. [19] Each blade is 134 feet long, and when it is straight up, the wind turbine is 397 feet high. [42] According to Dolan’s Senate testimony in January, the minimum wind turbine setback distance to a residence prior to 2014 was 1,125 feet plus blade length, which amounted to 1,300 feet, and the minimum setback requirement to a property line was 1.1 times the height of the wind turbine. [19]

Wind turbines have become as commonplace in parts of the rural Midwest as tree-sheltered farmhouses, gray-metal grain bins and deeply furrowed fields. [16] Cats don’t kill eagles; but aside birds and bats and other endangered species, wind turbines (bird-choppers/landscape-destroyers) also kill cats. [18] “Lots of folks in Portland in their BMWs and fine dining restaurants are OK knowing those country bumpkins are getting those wonderful wind turbines so we can have a clean, green conscience,” O?Neil said. [16]

“Would you be surprised to learn that the oil and natural gas companies are perfectly aware that solar and wind lock-in their main product? That’s why they are only all too happy to invest in and promote solar and wind.” http://www.forbe. pensive/ “You Can’t Have Offshore Wind Power Without Oil” http://www.forbe. troleum/ http://dailycalle. -of-oil/ “If you have interests in the coal / natural gas industry then by all accounts promote solar panels / wind turbines.” [18] Wind power only accounts for 3 percent of We Energies’ electricity production, but it is a huge boost to help reduce their carbon emissions by 40 percent below 2005 levels by 2030. [42] The aluminum company will use wind power at its plants in Norway. [22] When the wind power company collected signatures and put the matter on the ballot, opponents easily prevailed in the vote. [16]

According to the study, if the surrounding area is predominantly woodland, the wind farm will produce only 60% of its maximum capacity and biodiversity will be moderate. [18] These areas used to be very biodiverse, and the strong winds would have made them an ideal spot for a wind farm. [18] If the area is totally cleared for pasture and intensive farming, the wind farm will be at full production but biodiversity will be considerably reduced owing to the mundane landscape. [18] Group spokesman Christopher O?Neil said he knows wind farms remain popular with many people in distant, more populated areas near Portland or elsewhere in New England. [16]

“Whether it was the 2014 setback requirements or the need for local governments to update their own regulations regarding wind farms that discouraged those developments, it’s hard to say, but the 2014 law could have been a factor,” Dentler said in an email. [19] Dentler said there were some inquiries into developing a wind farm in the county several years ago, but nothing ever came of it. [19] “We shouldn’t be turning our back on the new wave of industry and new wave of technology, and that is what wind farms can do,” Dolan said. [19] In many cases, they argue, wind farms boost property values because developers pay to upgrade surrounding roads, and tax revenue generated by the industry offsets property taxes for homeowners. [16]

When the right balance is struck between agricultural land and forest, the wind farm can maintain 70-80% of its production capacity, and biodiversity remains high because of the heterogeneous landscape and diverse habitats. [18]

Opponents have banded together to block wind projects in at least half a dozen states, including Nebraska, South Dakota, Indiana and Michigan. [16] Contrary to what you might suspect, a higher wind speed does not rotate the blades faster. [42]

Nearly all of its electricity, however, comes from renewable energy resources and hydropower is the main contributor. [22] The new government’s aggressive renewable energy policy calls for about 12-13 GW of offshore to be installed by 2030. [20] Sandra Roche, the head of ENGIE’s regional subsidiary, said the partnership marks a first step for the French company in the Nordic renewable energy market. [22]

WindEurope CEO Giles Dickson said : “Onshore wind is now the cheapest form of new power generation in most of Europe, and offshore wind is not far behind with costs having fallen over 60% in three years. [28] This year WindEurope and GWEC launched a global photo competition to capture the power of wind in the run up to Global Wind Day. [28]

Going beyond the wind farm’s current 104 turbines “is not compatible with the relocatable over-the-horizon radar system” at the Naval Support Activity Hampton Roads-Northwest Annex in Chesapeake, Virginia, according to the study completed last month by a military siting clearinghouse, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory, and others. [30] Four U.S. states get more than 30% of their electricity from wind, as does Uruguay and the state of South Australia. [28] Major capital investment will be targeting U.S. wind assets and projects in the very near future. [26] Key stakeholders are also racing to build an initial tranche of offshore wind (OSW) projects on the East Coast. [26] “At the same time, the growth in offshore wind has created an industry of manufacturers and suppliers that are becoming increasingly innovative and expert, and are helping positioning the UK as a world-wide hub of offshore expertise.” [27]

After a record year of wind installations in 2017, Europe has an installed capacity of 169 GW. Wind now provides 12% of Europe’s electricity and 44% in Denmark and 22% in Germany. [28] U.S. wind capacity is expected grow by 40.5 GW over the next 5 years. [26] Over the years, we?ve heard different types of things around the impact of vibrations and wind currents from these windmills. [24]

This trend provides much needed development funding to fuel wind market growth. [26] Published by Business Network for Offshore Wind (www.offshorewindus.org). [26] As a local resource, wind also means much less money spent on fossil fuel imports. [28] New investments in U.S. wind surpassed $19.2Bn in 2017, accounting for 19% year-over-year growth and the second highest annual figure to date. [26] Global Wind Day is a worldwide event that occurs annually on 15 June. [28] The first half of 2018 has shown a robust and dynamic wind market. [26] SYCAMORE – Property values and setbacks have yet to be covered in the DeKalb County wind ordinance draft, but residents eventually may be able to sleep better at night because of some components that were passed Thursday. [30] Yereimentau district is also considered a priority region with high wind potential. [43]

Its director of offshore investment and asset management, Richard Sandford, said: “The UK has demonstrated true transformational growth, from the early days of our North Hoyle project, the UK’s first commercial scale offshore wind farm, to the modern technologically ground-breaking turbines being installed today. [27]

Realising green projects in the Akmola region will significantly increase the share of electricity generated by alternative energy sources in the coming years, reported the regional internal policy department. [43] “This is a very early stage development project and we do not have the meteorological data to propose further details about what we might propose in the future,” Tara Tyson, communications specialist with NextEra Energy Resources, said Monday. [24] The company reports putting more than 65,000 energy efficiency projects in place since 2010, resulting in annualized savings of $427 million. [25] The project is under construction by subsidiaries of Starwood Energy Group Global. [23] Green projects near the capital will increase the share of energy generated by alternative sources around Astana up to 46.2 percent. [43] Some landowners went public in their opposition to the initiative in an attempt to derail the proposed energy project. [24]

North Kerry has become the “renewable energy capital of Ireland?, by default rather than strategic design. [30] This will mean delivering 30GW of operational capacity up from the current 7.1GW, which not-for-profit energy trade association RenewableUK, responsible for the report, claims will double jobs in the sector to 27,000. [27] Implementing these operations will double the share of alternative energy resources by 2021. [43] Akbota Public Fund has installed new green technologies such as a water-heating battery using solar energy, LED lighting, pyrolysis furnace and drip plant irrigation in greenhouses in Arshaly district. [43] Right now it’s a race against time for both the energy company and the township. [30] Kazakhstan’s share of alternative energy sources must reach 30 percent in 2030, said President Nursultan Nazarbayev in his state-of-the-nation address. [43]

“The Ohio project will play a key role in offsetting carbon emissions from seven GM plants in the Midwest and help enable GM to use renewable energy to power 20% of our facilities globally, demonstrating GM’s commitment toward meeting our goal of 100% renewables by 2050.” [23] General Electric ( GE ) caught some investors by surprise with its announcement that the “GE of the future” will include renewable energy, in addition to power and aviation. [29]

Projects will provide up to 250 megawatts of clean, renewable energy. [23] “CMS Enterprises’ ownership of the Ohio project enhances the longstanding relationship between GM and CMS Energy,” said Rob Threlkeld, head of global renewable energy for General Motors. [23] The work is being completed by CAPEC Green Energy LLP, established in 2014 to execute investment projects in renewable energy. [43]

CMS Enterprises, a subsidiary of CMS Energy, also takes a leadership role in development, ownership and operation of renewable energy, with its clean and lean strategy. [23] Earlier this year, AT&T signed on to the Corporate Renewable Energy Buyers? Principles led by the World Wildlife Fund. [25] It owns and operates more than 1,100 megawatts of generation nationwide, including solar plants in Michigan and Wisconsin, natural gas and co-generation facilities, and two renewable energy biomass plants in Michigan and one in North Carolina. [23]

North country assemblywoman Addie Jenne says politics played a role in scuttling a law she proposed that would have limited state subsidies to wind turbine farms in much of northern New York. [30] No more wind turbines should be added to the Amazon Wind Farm U.S. East that straddles Pasquotank and Perquimans counties, a new military study recommends. [30] “That data allow the developers to determine if the site is economically viable for a wind farm, and to choose wind turbines, optimized for the local wind speed distribution.” [24]

The potential precedent-setting decision has come under intense opposition from some area residents who fear taller wind turbines would mean increased shadow. [30] Jenne’s bill would have discouraged the construction of wind turbines near Fort Drum, in part of Lewis County and in a wide swath of St. Lawrence County, by eliminating subsidies in some cases. [30] EDP Renewables isn’t letting anything stand in its way of building a wind farm in Douglas County, even though some don’t want it there. [30] “Before developers construct a wind farm, they first measure the wind resource on a prospective site by erecting temporary measurement towers. [24] As highlighted above, financing activity primarily assesses the risks and rewards of the construction of new wind farms, refinancing transactions for wind farms under construction or operation, and project acquisition activity. [26] A number of wind power plant construction projects are expected in the area. [43]

In the U.S. as a whole, wind turbine technician is one of the country’s two fastest growing jobs. [28] Most recently, MidAmerican announced that it will invest $922M in building a 591MW wind farm in the state of Iowa with commissioning due in late 2020. [26] In the run-up to 15 June, hundreds of public events will be held all over the world from family outings and wind farm visits to seminars with experts and leading industry figures. [28] It also involves auxiliary facilities for maintenance of the wind farm operation and storage of large spare parts. [43]

Upon completion, the wind power station can meet the needs of more than 10,000 families, thereby reducing the use of fossil fuels. [43] Today is Global Wind Day, an opportunity for citizens around the world to learn more about and show their support for wind power. [28] Within the Industrialisation Map, First Wind Power Station began operating a 45-MW wind power plant in the district. [43]

The wind industry in the U.S. is rapidly expanding with major policy announcements and state-wide targets bolstered by strong corporate demand. [26] The wind industry provides 260,000 quality high-skilled jobs in Europe. [28]

AVON–With both supporters and opponents getting their way, the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission heard public testimony Thursday about the 61-turbine, $297 million wind project proposed for the Avon area. [30] Typically, they mount anemometers (wind meters) at a range of heights and they log the wind speed data at frequent intervals (e.g. every ten minutes) for a period of up to five years,” according information from LandSolutions. [24]

ENERGY GOALS: Earlier this year Consumers Energy announced major clean energy goals, including ending its use of coal by 2040 and reducing carbon emissions by 80%. [23] “We will continue to explore renewable energy solutions for our business and work with industry groups to help advance a clean energy future.” [25] Taylor points out that AT&T is also is a member of the Business Renewables Center initiative that, along with the Buyers? Principles, forms part of the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance. [25]

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