New Developments In Science And Technology

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  • We can only give pupils a proper understanding of the role of science in technological developments when we make them aware of the differences between different types of technology.(More…)
  • The way science education now tends to integrate elements of technology by focusing on the application of his knowledge in existing products will stimulate this product oriented thinking about technology.(More…)
  • After teaching and visiting in 15 universities of Pakistan, Voelter wrote that the “scenario of education, science and technology in Pakistan has changed dramatically, as never before in the history of the country.(More…)


  • This relationship is found mainly through the technological products they find all around them and therefore a trend emerged in science education to show how scientific knowledge was applied in technological products ( de Vries, 1994b ).(More…)


New Developments In Science And Technology
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We can only give pupils a proper understanding of the role of science in technological developments when we make them aware of the differences between different types of technology. [1] Developments in science and technology made possible new types of warfare. [2]

The international community weighed in on science, technology and innovation (STI) around last week’s STI Forum at the UN, while UNCTAD’s “Technology and Innovation Report 2018? reviews new developments in the STI space. [3] It highlights platforms supported by UNCTAD and the UN Commission for Science and Technology for Development, which convene dialogues and enable knowledge sharing. [3] In the early days of the development of philosophy of technology as a discipline that reflects on technology, one finds the opinion that technology is applied science. ( Bunge, 1966 speaks about “technology” and “applied science” as “synonyms”). [1] Pakistan has been known internationally for some of its major achievements in science and technology such as successful development of media and military technologies and a growing base of doctors and engineers, as well as its new influx of software engineers who have been actively contributing to Pakistan’s potential in the Information Technology industry. [4] Science and technology is a growing field in Pakistan and has played an important role in the country’s development since its founding. [4] The HEC’s reforms were also applauded by the United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development (UNCSTD) which reported that the “progress made was breath-taking and has put Pakistan ahead of comparable countries in numerous aspects.” [4] The first IT policy and implementation strategy was approved under the leadership of Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman FRS, then Federal Minister of Science & technology, in August 2000 which laid the foundations of the development of this sector The internet prices were reduced sharply from $87,000 per month for a 2 MB line to only $3000 per month and later to $90 per month. [4] The central pillar of the draft National Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy is human development. [4]

Planet Earth About Blog ZME Science features the latest developments in health, environmental sciences, space, technology and many more in a friendly manner. [5] Global About Blog SciDev.Net offers news,analysis and information about science and technology for global development; including agriculture, environment, health, governance, and more. [5] NYC About Blog Live Science features groundbreaking developments in science, space, technology, health, the environment, our culture and history. [5]

A comprehensive resource for scientists, policy makers, the public, students, and other stakeholders on developments in science and technology policy. [6] New Delhi About Blog Science News category of The Times Of India features latest news, top updates and current developments from the world of Health, Science and technology along with tips on physical & mental health and fitness. [5]

The way science education now tends to integrate elements of technology by focusing on the application of his knowledge in existing products will stimulate this product oriented thinking about technology. [1] Even though the academic background for the school subject technology is far less than science education, there is a growing discipline “design methodology” as part of the philosophy of technology that can serve as a resource for determining how we should give pupils a realistic image and experience of design. [1] Apart from traditional subjects like industrial arts or craft, we find elements of technology in science education. [1] Many discussions in literature were fruitless because authors wanted to defend one overall theory on the relationship between science and technology without realizing that one needs to differentiate between different types of technology if one wants to give an adequate description of the role of science of technological innovations. [1] Science and technology teacher training: What training for what type of teaching? Strasbourg: Council of Europe. [1] The current situation with a majority of technology teachers not having a sound science background can make this difficult to avoid. [1] The relationship between technology and science: Some historical and philosophical reflections. [1] In fact there appear to be several possible relationships between science and technology. [1] We should not do so as if science hardly plays a role in technology. [1] To make use of the new knowledge about the relationship between science and technology in the context of Science, Technology and Society (STS) programs, a structural co-operation between technology education programs and academic STS programs is important. [1] Several studies by mechanical engineering students in our Science, Technology and Society program showed the usability of this approach to help business companies determine their products strategy and not only for analyzing historical cases. [1] These types of advancements were discussed and displayed last week at the third annual Multi-stakeholder Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation for the SDGs (STI Forum), held at UN Headquarters in New York. [3] IISD Reporting Services coverage of the STI Forum is available here, and coverage of a Global Science, Technology & Innovation Conference (G-STIC) special event is here. [3]

Technological development and science in the industrial age: New perspectives on the science-technology relationship. [1] UNCTAD’s “Technology and Innovation Report 2018? also proposes strategies that build on experiences in the STI space, noting the increasing importance of education as an enabler of development. [3] It is evident that there is a role for science education here and that science education remains a crucial part of general education even where technology education has gone beyond the “technology is applied science” paradigm. [1] It is evident that we face the challenge to move technology education beyond the “technology is applied science” paradigm. [1] The “technology is applied science” paradigm in the philosophy of technology is reflected in education. [1] None of the previous cases show us that the “technology is applied science” paradigm gives an adequate description of the technological innovation. [1] Gardner (1994) shows how Francis Bacon already defended the thesis that technology should be applied science and that we find this opinion time and again in later literature. [1] Science teachers often are hampered by the fact that they hold the “technology is applied science” idea, ( Rennie, 1986 ). [1] As we saw before, the “technology is applied science” paradigm is challenged now. [1] The example of the steam engine that is often quoted to attack the “technology is applied science” paradigm is suggestive of course, but not sufficient to do away with this paradigm. [1] The abolition of the “technology is applied science” paradigm has caused a variety of new paradigms. [1] When one considers the course material that resulted, one can easily recognize the “technology is applied science” paradigm. [1]

After teaching and visiting in 15 universities of Pakistan, Voelter wrote that the “scenario of education, science and technology in Pakistan has changed dramatically, as never before in the history of the country. [4] Pakistan has a large pool of scientists, engineers, doctors, and technicians assuming an active role in science and technology. [4] In 1967, Professor Abdus Salam led the foundation of the Institute of Theoretical Physics (ITP) at the Quaid-e-Azam University, and the establishment of the Pakistan Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology (PINSTECH) and the Centre for Nuclear Studies ; all were independently established by Pakistan’s academic scientists with financial assistance provided by European countries. [4] The real growth of science in Pakistan occurred under the leadership of Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman during 2000-2008 when he was Federal Minister of Science & Technology and later Chairman of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) with the status of Federal Minister. [4] This attempted dissolution failed to materialise because of a Supreme Court of Pakistan decision on a petition filed by Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman, former Federal Minister of Science & technology and former founding Chairman of the Higher Education Commission. [4]

Karl Deisseroth, professor of bioengineering and of psychiatry and behavioral sciences, will receive the 2018 Kyoto Prize for advanced technology for his role in the creation and use of optogenetics. [7] The most prestigious government prize awarded for achievements in science and technology is Nishan-e-Imtiaz (or in English Order of Excellence). [4] The House Science, Space, and Technology Committee grilled some of NASA’s top leaders on Capitol Hill. [8] In 2003, the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Government of Pakistan and the United States Department of State signed a comprehensive Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement that established a framework to increase cooperation in science, technology, engineering and education for mutual benefit and peaceful purposes between the science and education communities in both countries. [4] It was not until 2012 that Pakistan’s first National Science, Technology and Innovation Policy was formulated: this was also the first time that the government had formally recognized innovation as being a long-term strategy for driving economic growth. [4] Following the change of government in Islamabad after the May 2013 general election, the new Ministry of Science and Technology issued the draft National Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy 2014-2018, along with a request for comments from the public. [4]

From the 1960s and onwards, the Pakistani government made the development and advancement of science a national priority and showered top scientists with honours. [4] Scientific American maintains a strict policy of editorial independence in reporting developments in science to our readers. [9]

In the fiscal year 2012-2013, the Government of Pakistan aims to spend 4.6 billion rupees (Rs.) on information technology projects, with emphasis on e-government, human resource and infrastructure development. [4] In the years 2003-2005 the country’s IT exports saw a rise of about fifty percent and amounted a total of about 48.5 million USD. The World Economic Forum, assessing the development of Information and Communication Technology in the country ranked Pakistan 102nd among 144 countries in the Global Information Technology report of 2012. [4]

The policy was informed by the technology foresight exercise undertaken by the Pakistan Council for Science and Technology from 2009 onwards. [4]

Nashville, TN About Blog Redorbit makes science, space, health, and technology fun and engaging by bringing you the latest news and original content. [5] About Blog SciTech Daily provides science, space and technology news. [5] Brooklyn About Blog Motherboard is an online magazine and video channel dedicated to the intersection of technology, science and humans. [5] New York About Blog Popular Science magazine has been a leading source of science and technology news since its inception in 1872. [5] About Blog GulpMatrix is a Science and technology website dedicated to innovation, tech news, inventions and insights on elements, biology, botany, electronics, computer, software, hydrocarbons, mobile devices and trending tech gadgets. [5] San Francisco, CA About Blog This Week in Science is the kickass science and technology radio show that delivers an irreverent look at the week in science and technology. [5] Directs the Department of Defense to coordinate and advance public and private investment in quantum information science technology by establishing the Defense Quantum Information Consortium. [6] It is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing reliable and authoritative information about science and technology for the developing world. [5] Food Technology Current Issue Food Technology magazine provides deep coverage of critical issues and advances in food science. [10] It is the world’s number one science and technology magazine, and online it is the go-to site for breaking news, exclusive content and breakthroughs that will change your world. [5] We cover topics in the field of life sciences, technology, history, social sciences, and many others. [5] Here you will find News and commentary on puzzling things in life, nature, science, weather, climate change, technology and more. [5] Our aim is to expand our reach and readership in the coming years and provide even more quality science and technology news. [5] Salary Surveys IFT salary survey reports feature data on the compensation of professionals within food science and technology. [10] NYC About Blog is the leading space news site on the web keeping up on the latest space science, technology and astronomy news. [5]

About Blog Australasian Science magazine online is an independent source of news and commentary on scientific developments. [5] Get the latest developments about space, the environment, animal behavior, the brain, genetics, archeology and robots along with the weekly Science Times. [5] The Science category of the website features news about breaking developments in science and explanations of the science of everyday life. [5]

Its mission is to provide the most complete and comprehensive daily coverage of the full sweep of science, technology, and medicine news. [5] About Blog Science Flips provides quality science and technology news from around the world. [5] New Zealand About Blog Science Media Centre aims to promote accurate, evidence-based reporting on science and technology by helping the media work more closely with the scientific community. [5]

A team of scientists from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has proposed a gold-based halide perovskite as a material for high efficiency solar cells, which it says could be both more stable and more environmentally friendly to produce than many existing perovskites which scientists are investigating to boost solar efficiency. [11] We translate the latest advances in science and technology into products and services that make the world safer. [12]


This relationship is found mainly through the technological products they find all around them and therefore a trend emerged in science education to show how scientific knowledge was applied in technological products ( de Vries, 1994b ). [1] Science education for many years used to be a rather abstract subject where it was difficult for pupils to recognize the relationship between the knowledge that was taught in science lessons with their daily life. [1]

Here a lot can be gained from experiences in science education, where many studies into the conceptions that pupils have of scientific concepts and principles have been reported ( de Vries, 1994 ). [1] Here the role of science is limited to knowledge of natural phenomena that was gained by experimentation and not by deriving it from fundamental theories. [1] One of many hats that neuroscientist David Eagleman wears in real life is science advisor for HBO’s science fiction show “Westworld.” [13]

International trends show that the answer to this question more and more is found in the design process as the heart of technology. [1] Teaching quality tools in technology education: A design methodological perspective. [1] Elsewhere, I have proposed to implement simplified versions of quality methods in technology education to make pupils aware of the importance of the quality concept for contemporary technological innovations in business corporations ( de Vries, 1996a ). [1] The organization of the Technology Education Distinguished Lecture of Spring 1996 at Virginia Tech (co-sponsored by the STS program) is a good example of such a cooperation that can help technology educators to build a more sound academic basis for their school subject. [1] How about the other option: making technology education a separate subject? This option is challenged by the question whether or not it is possible to define a body of knowledge and skills called “technology” that we can treat as a separate subject ( Herschbach, 1995 ). [1] An in-depth SDG Knowledge Hub update on institutional finance and technology, particularly as they can inform climate investments, is also available. [3] Specifically on innovations on financial technology (fintech), an article on Nasdaq’s website identifies blockchain’s ability to enable identity and transparency as critical to underscoring and supporting SDG implementation. [3]

On technology and inclusion, writing on the World Economic Forum (WEF) blog, Gudela Grote and Thomas Kochan, of ETH Zurich, and MIT, respectively, call for engineers and scientists to engage more directly with users and consumers of products, noting that new, proactive models of worker representation are needed in order to make the link. [3] IBM pitted a computer against two human debaters in the first public demonstration of artificial intelligence technology it’s been working on for more than five years. [14] As we saw, design is a key activity in technology that illustrates that it is possible to define a body of knowledge and skills called “technology.” [1] This opinion for some time functioned as a paradigm for the philosophy of technology. [1] This is at least partially caused by the way technology is presented in popular magazines, television programs, and so forth. [1] In the training of future technology teachers, all types of technologies may be dealt with and student teachers should learn to understand the differences between them. [1]

The paper titled, “An Agenda for German Development Cooperation,? offering recommendations to the Government of Germany, calls for common data standards, and urges the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) to work with other development actors (i.e. ministries, international organizations) to harmonize data sources, types and principles. [3] Donor governments must support data collection and analysis for the SDGs, and this should be a growing focus of the development community, argue the authors of a German Development Institute (DIE) briefing paper. [3] This new, comprehensive knowledge management platform focuses on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and uses IISD’s network of experts to provide information on SDG implementation and to link to key partners engaged in SDG implementation. [3] In that study it became evident that scientific knowledge had only a very limited influence on the development of the product and the explanation for the great success of the corkscrew is only to a small extent based on clever use of knowledge of natural phenomena. [1] The role that scientific knowledge played differs substantially between the various cases; sometimes it is dominant in the early and crucial stages of the development, sometimes it is almost absent. [1] The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) has consolidated its nine Policy & Practice/Regional Coverage knowledgebases, and the tens of thousands of published articles contained within them, into a single entry point: SDG Knowledge Hub. [3] On blended finance, the Overseas Development Institute’s (ODI’s) Samantha Attridge authored a blog examining the risks and benefits of the strategy, which has been promoted by multilateral development banks as a means of enabling SDG investment in poor countries. [3] On investment, the UN and the World Bank Group signed a Strategic Partnership Framework to implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development through scaled up joint investments to build human capital (including on recent topics such as health), as well as improving national statistical systems and data analysis capacity. [3] Callon showed how the development of the electrical car in France can largely be described as the result of a struggle between various social actors (business industries, scientific laboratories, and government). [1] Last Friday, the Australian government released its first report on our progress towards meeting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. [14] Airway size in rats with a low birth weight is more varied than those born at a normal weight–which Western Australian scientists think may play a role in the development of asthma. [14] A study of the development of the transistor in the Bell Laboratories by Sarlemijn shows the same phenomenon. [1] One can go even further and start up the development of the later phases of the life cycle during the design process, and this advanced strategy is called “concurrent engineering.” [1]

Thought leaders in the international community continued to advance recommendations on data, to measure progress, bridge knowledge gaps and enable more effective development cooperation. [3] An EU publication presents current thinking on how to use development cooperation to promote one specific SDG – that on employment and decent work (SDG 8). [3] Graphing the relationship between the level of altruism in development cooperation and the extent to which a policy tackles the causes, rather than the symptoms, of poverty, he explains that it may be difficult to make highly altruistic forms of development cooperation serve national interests without decreasing their impact on the ground. [3]

The UNCSTD has closely monitored the development in Pakistan in the past years, coming to the conclusion that HEC’s program initiated under the leadership of Rahman is a “best-practice” example for developing countries aiming at building their human resources and establishing an innovative, technology-based economy.” [4] The Government of Pakistan has given numerous favors to IT investors in the country since the last decade, that resulted in the development of the IT sector. [4] This strategy has been mainstreamed into the government’s long-term development plan, Vision 2025, a first for Pakistan. [4]

At first, the core of fundamental science was the Pakistan Academy of Sciences, originally set up in 1953 and moved from Karachi to Islamabad in 1964. [4] This program, which is being implemented by the National Academy of Sciences on the U.S. side, is intended to increase the strength and breadth of cooperation and linkages between Pakistan scientists and institutions with counterparts in the United States. [4] Current policies and programs have failed overwhelmingly to address and prevent the problem, said a report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. [15] The real growth in science in Pakistan occurred after the establishment of the Higher education Commission in 2002 which supported science in a big way and also became the major sponsor of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences under the leadership of Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman FRS. [4] The major boost to science in Pakistan occurred under the leadership of Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman FRS as the founding Chairman of the Higher Education Commission when about 11,000 students were sent to top universities abroad for PhD and postdoctoral training. [4]

The contributions of Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman to uplift science and higher education in Pakistan were internationally acknowledged and a tribute paid to him in the world’s leading science journal Nature that termed him as “a force of nature”. [4] Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman was awarded the high Civil Award of the Government of Austria (the “Grosses goldenes Ehrenzeichen am Bande?) in 2007 in recognition for his contributions for uplifting science in Pakistan, and the Government of China also honoured him with the highest Award for Foreigners (Friendship Award) in recognition of his eminent contributions. [4]

At the second Science Meets Congress event, AI, Robotics and Your Health, experts from academia and the private sector talked with Scientific American Editor in Chief Mariette DiChristina about the future of AI and robotics in medicine. [9]

Further foresight studies were planned on pharmaceuticals, microbiology, space technology, public health, sewage and sanitation, as well as higher education. [4] IBM pits computer against human debaters IBM is pitting a computer against two human debaters in the first public demonstration of artificial intelligence technology it’s been working on for. [16] Its principal focus is on building Pakistan’s technological competence and developing a larger pool of human resources to reverse brain drain, and for integrating the existing technological infrastructure for strengthening of technology institutions, effective governance of S&TR and enhancing the capacity of indigenous innovation systems. [4] In Issues recently, a longtime analyst showed that coal has declined as an energy source over the past century primarily because of technology innovation, social forces, and price decreases of other forms of energy. [17]

Pakistan’s information technology industry has gone through a dramatic change, and the country has taken the lead in adopting some technologies while also setting an example for others in global best practices. [4]

Each country’s positioning in the global economy depends on its ability to absorb knowledge and move closer to the technology frontier. [18] Our countries are also poorly positioned to absorb and participate in knowledge creation in new technology paradigms, particularly in the general-purpose technologies that spread through and influence the entire production system. [18]

Published once a month when the latest issue of Food Technology magazine is released, the New Issue Alert provides you with info on, and links to, the latest feature and column articles. [10]

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The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) will honor 19 individuals with awards in recognition of their extraordinary scientific achievements in a wide range of fields spanning the physical, biological, and medical sciences. [19] Science Papers IFT’s scientific papers address topics of interest to industry, academia, government, media and the public. [10] Its mission is to spread scientific knowledge in an easy and extensive way that does not bore its readers and inspire them with what science can do. [5] IFT18: A MATTER OF SCIENCE + FOOD Join us July 15-18, 2018 for our annual event, featuring the latest trends, cutting-edge scientific advancements, and networking events. [10] TWIS discusses the latest in cutting-edge science news on topics such as genetic engineering, stem cells, cybernetics, epigenetics, space exploration, neuroscience, microbiology, the end of the world, and a show favorite, Countdown to World Robot Domination. [5] About – Latest news and features on science issues that matter including earth, environment, and space. [5] About – This web portal is a novel initiative for the students, particularly from class 6 th to 12 th to have basic understanding of diverse avenues of science and its latest trends in technological applications. [5] It provides the latest science news, opinions, and features from Australia & New Zealand. [5] It provides information on medical science, earth science and much more. [5] It provides news and original insights on science, space exploration, cosmology, astrobiology, and astrophysics. [5]

About – GyanPro aims to create an experiential science education program to make learning fun, inspiring and interactive for children. [5] About – Discover is the leading science magazine aimed at the general public, covering topics ranging from global warming and black holes to Neanderthals and robots. [5] About – Hakai Magazine explores science, society, and the environment in compelling narratives that highlight coastal life and phenomena. [5]

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It provides news about Science Buddies science fair project ideas and student, parent, and teacher resources for science fairs and general K-12 science education. [5] Lausanne, Switzerland About Blog Science Daily Dose has been connecting the global community with the science community and sharing science knowledge by connecting the public to advances in science. [5]

New York About Blog Tapping experts in climate, geology, oceanography, ecology, sustainable development, global health, energy, food and water, State of the Planet captures stories of how the Earth works and how we can sustainably make our lives better. [5] About Blog The UA Magazine delivers news articles, opinion pieces, and long-features on some of the major scientific developments. [5]

Education & Professional Development Gain insights from professionals across industry, government, and academia. [10] Technological trajectories are inseparable from developments in employment and production and it is essential to determine which types of innovation will best serve the region in attaining the threefold objective of economic growth, social inclusion and environmental sustainability enshrined in the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. [18] Original Development Brief – Amends a series of sections throughout the Public Health Service Act to improve the treatment and understanding of pediatric cancers and late effects for survivors and their families. [6] A concise issue of The Year in Neurology and Psychiatry with papers on the role of the gut microbiota in brain health and disease; gene regulatory mechanisms underlying sex differences in brain development; axon structure, function, and disease; and precision medicine for multiple sclerosis. [20]

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