Samsung to Use Fully Renewable Energy

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  • In Korea, Samsung Electronics fully supports the government’s national strategic plan to increase the country’s renewable energy use by 20% by 2030.(More…)
  • Other companies that have joined the renewable energy pledge, dubbed RE 100, include automakers General Motors Co. and BMW AG and a handful of other manufacturers.(More…)


  • South Korea gets 6 percent of its energy from renewable sources.(More…)


Samsung to Use Fully Renewable Energy
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In Korea, Samsung Electronics fully supports the government’s national strategic plan to increase the country’s renewable energy use by 20% by 2030. [1] “Samsung Electronics is fulfilling its duty as a corporate citizen by expanding and supporting the use of renewable energy. [1] SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Samsung Electronics Co., the world’s biggest smartphone maker, joined on Thursday a growing list of companies that are promising to increase their use of solar and other renewable energy to help curb global warming. [2] SEOUL, Korea – June 14, 2018 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced today its commitment to build on its strong progress of energy efficiency and operational emissions reductions to expand the use of renewable energy in its operations. [1] Samsung Electronics is making a concerted effort in the United States, Europe and China – markets that are well-equipped with infrastructure for the development and transmission of renewable energy – to increase its use of renewable energy. [1] With these efforts in place, Samsung Electronics is positioned to increase its use of renewable energy globally to match the equivalent amount of energy created by an average 3.1GW solar power plant by 2020. [1]

Beginning next year, Samsung plans to work with its top 100 partner companies to help them set their own renewable energy targets, in partnership with the Carbon Disclosure Project Supply Chain Program, which the company intends to join next year. [1] As part of this effort, Samsung plans to source renewable energy for 100% of the energy used for all of its factories, office buildings, and operational facilities in the United States, Europe and China by 2020. [1] Samsung gave no renewable energy target for facilities in its home country of South Korea, where about three quarters of the energy comes from coal and nuclear power. [2] Samsung Electronics? renewable energy goals are part of its ongoing efforts to demonstrate its commitment to environmental responsibility. [1] “We welcome Samsung Electronics? declaration to expand the roll-out of renewable energy across its global sites,” said Jochem Verberne, Global Partnerships Director, WWF. “This is an important step and we look forward to working with Samsung on further measures to reduce the company’s climate impact across its value chains.” [1] SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Samsung Electronics, the world’s biggest smartphone maker, has pledged to convert its operations in the United States, Europe and China to using only solar and other renewable energy by 2020. [3] The South Korean tech giant said it would use more renewable energy at factories and other operations in the United States, Europe and China but still would rely on local power grids that use fossil fuels and, to compensate for that, would buy credits from outside renewable energy suppliers. [2] The effect of that would be largely symbolic because the portion of renewable energy in Samsung’s South Korean business still would be minimal. [2] Apple, a major customer for Samsung’s chips and display panels, said in April it would push its supply chain to switch to renewable energy. [2]

Further details regarding the company’s renewable energy plans will be available in the Samsung Electronics Sustainability Report 2018 on June 15. [1] In line with this commitment, Samsung Electronics has joined the World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF’s) Renewable Energy Buyers’ Principles and the Rocky Mountain Institute’s Business Renewables Center. [1]

Samsung Renewable Energy, Inc. (Samsung) and Pattern Energy Group LP (“Pattern Development”) announced their 100 megawatt (MW) Belle River Wind power facility has completed construction and is fully operational. [4] Samsung has quite a few goals that it wants to achieve by the year 2020, but perhaps the most important goal among those is the company’s move towards renewable energy as its only source of energy. [5] Samsung is joining the WWF’s Renewable Energy Buyers? Principles and the Rocky Mountain Institute’s Business Renewables Center as part of this move to go green. [6]

Other companies that have joined the renewable energy pledge, dubbed RE 100, include automakers General Motors Co. and BMW AG and a handful of other manufacturers. [2]

As climate change becomes a more pressing threat, Gallaway said, our energy use must shift from reliance on fossil fuels to renewable sources. [7] Newsvoice: Samsung aims to use 100 percent green energy by 2020 The news item has been added to your reading list. [6]

The company has announced that it plans to generate 100 percent of the power required for its factories, offices, and facilities in the U.S., China, and Europe from renewable energy sources by 2020. [5] It could be the future of distributed renewable energy, putting that power in the hands of the consumers. [8] A zero energy community is a community with zero net energy consumption, meaning the total amount of energy used by the community on an annual basis is roughly equal to the amount of renewable energy created on the site or in other definitions by renewable energy sources elsewhere. [9] News @ Northeastern Homepage Batteries Renewable energy needs better batteries. [7] The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), which runs government renewable programs, and established energy company AGL Limited started to look into blockchain and peer-to-peer trading, with their first trial to take place in Melbourne. [8] The annual overall electricity production from the installed renewable energy system should be equivalent or more than the required demand of the community. [9]

With its subsidiary NuCellSys and in cooperation with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Power Innovations (PI) and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the company has now developed a solution for the use of such energy sources in stationary power supply systems. [10] Samsung Electronics made a significant commitment to renewable energy Thursday. [11]

“Over 880,000 people in the UK already use solar panels and this fully integrated solution brings a fresh opportunity to grow this number exponentially over the coming years”, Francisco Carranza, Managing Director, Nissan Energy, Nissan Europe stated. [12] Greatcell Solar, the Australian materials company formerly called Dyesol, has been awarded a AUS$6m ( 4m) grant from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) for the Perovskite Solar Cell Technology – Large Area Module Development Project. [10] Energy storage projects provide operational flexibility to enhance system reliability, reduce costs associated with meeting peak load, and facilitate better integration of renewable energy it’s a key tool for meeting New York’s bold vision for a cleaner, more resilient and more affordable electric system for all New Yorkers.” [13] The world-class residential energy system developed by Nissan is a comprehensive renewable energy solution for UK homes. [12] Solar energy, notably, is the most widely utilized form of renewable energy. [12]

Samsung has committed to using 100 percent renewable energy to power key facilities in the United States, Europe, and China by 2020. [14] This is more than any other renewable energy source, but not comparable to oil, gas and nuclear power. [15] An abundant and renewable energy source is also sustainable. [15] Assuming carbon capture and storage (CCS) doesn?t emerge as a white knight, we need a lot more renewable energy. [16] Ontario government The government of the Canadian province of Ontario signed off one of the world’s largest renewable energy projects, signing a deal worth $6.6 billion for an additional 2,500 MW of new wind and solar energy. [17] We are here to answer your questions on solar panels and other renewable energy systems. [15]

Samsung Electronics plans to install 63,000 square meters of solar panels in its campuses in South Korea by 2020, and it will source renewable energy for 100 percent of energy use in U.S., Europe, and China. [18] Civilization 0.000 is a futuristic floating power station designed by Dimo Ivanov that takes advantage of our renewable energy sources to generate electricity. [19] Residential battery storage systems also enable energy independence and provides a means to generate and store your own renewable energy. [20] The plan is the most ambitious emissions reduction and renewable energy plan of any state in the country. [21] Vodafone and Iron Mountain have announced 100% renewable energy targets and committed to joining RE100, an initiative spurring corporate renewable energy targets around the world. [21]


South Korea gets 6 percent of its energy from renewable sources. [2] This amount of electricity is comparable to the annual energy consumption of about 115,000 four-person Korean households. [1]

Samsung, part of South Korea’s biggest corporate group, is the first Asian electronics manufacturer to join a movement spearheaded by Apple Inc. and other Silicon Valley companies. [2] Samsung, also a major producer of computer chips, said its plans include installing 42,000 square meters (450,000 square feet) of solar panels this year at its headquarters in Suwon, South Korea, and two other cities where it operates major semiconductor plants. [2] Beginning this year, as an initial commitment, Samsung will additionally install approximately 42,000? of solar panels in Samsung Digital City, its headquarters in Suwon. [1]

As part of its extended strategy, Samsung Electronics will also engage its partners across the supply chain. [1] As demonstrated by our expanded commitment, we are focused on protecting our planet and are doing our part as a global environmental steward.” said Won Kyong Kim, Executive Vice President and Head of Global Public Affairs, Samsung Electronics. [1]

FILE – In this Jan. 31, 2018, file photo, an employee walks past a logo of the Samsung Electronics Co. at its office in Seoul, South Korea. [2]

“Samsung’s commitment represents a big step forward in reducing the impact that our technology is having on the planet,” the environmental group Greenpeace said in a statement. [2]

The company said it had not determined which providers it might use. [2] With its announcement Thursday, the tech giant joins Apple and other Silicon Valley companies in making such a commitment, but it faces bigger challenges due to its vast factory network, while other companies use outside contractors for manufacturing. [3]

According to the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) State of Industry Report 2016, more than 32,000 villages in the country continue to remain without access to the electricity grid, forcing the residents to use traditional sources of energy, including firewood, kerosene and diesel, for meeting their lighting, heating and cooking needs. [9] Batteries can store electricity, capturing the energy produced sporadically by wind and solar and saving it for later use. [7] He favors the home batteries many people already use in places like India where the energy grid is spotty. [7] Belle River Wind is expected to generate enough clean energy to power approximately 35,000 Ontario homes each year, based on average annual residential energy use in Ontario. [4] To track the energy your solar panels produce, Power Ledger installs software that uses blockchain into your power meter. [8] It’s not a top-to-bottom solution for our energy needs, rather it’s designed to mitigate the costs of peak consumption times by storing energy throughout the day for use in the evening. [22]

The need is to encourage people and government institutions to invest in renewable based power plants in order to develop zero energy communities which will greatly help to achieve sustainable energy infrastructure in the country. [9] The concept of zero energy communities is to install renewable based power systems according to the power requirements of individual communities. [9]

Due to dependence on imported energy resources in the country, it is very difficult for the state to supply electricity to the consumers according to their daily needs. The other problem is the shortfall (8 – 14 hours per day) in power supply to meet the required load in areas which are already connected to the grid. [9] Before you can trade energy with your neighbor, you need to buy “Sparkz,” a digital currency, from your power company, sold at a flat rate of 1 cent each. [8]

Gareth Dunsmore, electric vehicle director for Nissan Europe, said: “Nissan Energy Solar enables UK homeowners to make significant savings on their household electricity bills, and become champions of sustainability and green technology. [22] The Nissan Energy Solar launch, announced this morning, follows partnerships with E.ON and Ovo Energy last year and has homeowners looking at a potential energy bill savings of 66%. [22] Following its official launch, we break down the key elements surrounding Nissan Energy Solar. [22]

“We want Power Ledger to be the ubiquitous energy trading platform used around the world,” Martin says. [8] It has the backing of the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), which manages Australia’s largest gas and electricity markets and power systems, and has partnered with AGL Energy, among others. [8] This is part of ” Fight The Power,” a series about the people, organizations and countries transforming the way we think about energy for the better. [8] In the United States, nuclear power plants have been closing, priced out of the energy market in an era of cheap natural gas. [7] The power demands in remote areas is normally not much high and utilization of low-power-consuming appliances can further reduce the overall energy demand. [9] Blockchain was Power Ledger’s answer to keep people using green energy. [8]

Samsung’s Energy Storage system comes with a 3.6kWh battery and costs 5,600. [22] Customers can now purchase the Tesla clean energy stack, which includes roof panels, a home battery and a car. [22] She wanted to give people a way of earning electricity credit for the energy their panels store when they’re not at home. [8] The solar power plant can provide energy in remote areas at relatively better rates as compared to grid electricity. [9] Nissan will enter the UK home energy market for the first time with the retail launch of a new solar power system. [22] According to the results of the energy production for the whole year, it was concluded that the proposed solar power system is capable to provide the required energy to the chosen village. [9] It launched its pilot phase of deX, or decentralized energy exchange, in February this year, through which anyone — including households, companies and utilities — can share energy. [8] The Korean giant says it will be working with its top 100 supply chain partners to help them reduce their dependency on non-renewable energy sources once it has joined the Carbon Disclosure Project Supply Chain Program, which is a UK-based organization that helps companies take account of their impact on the environment. [5] The Japanese car manufacturer’s package is said to be an all-in-one solution that combines solar panels with a battery to store the energy they generate, and a management system which allows residents to precisely control their energy consumption. [22] When the battery is switched on, charged atoms called ions are transported into layers of cobalt oxide, where they sit, in a low energy state. [7] Reverse the current (i.e. recharge) and the ions disperse, like bees fleeing the hive, returning to a high energy state. [7]

The popularity of Nissan’s electric vehicles will provide a healthy dose of consumer faith and give the company a boost in the competitive home solar energy market, which comprises well-established tech giants like Samsung and, more recently, Tesla. [22] Can it take out other top-tier flagship phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus? We put all three phones. [23] That is what makes Li-ion batteries flammable, as was highly publicized back in 2016 when so many Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones with faulty batteries were spontaneously exploding. [7]

Samsung has chosen these specific markets/regions because they are “well-equipped with infrastructure for the development and transmission of renewable energy.” [5] The larger picture for batteries has to do with the existing sources of renewable power: nuclear, hydroelectric, solar and wind. [7] The renewable based power systems once installed and operated over a period of 1 to five years, can be compared with the currently installed fossil fuel based plants to understand the benefits of the proposed system and at the same time find out the advantages and the disadvantages in terms of economic and environmental concerns. [9]

With the average UK household paying about 1,000 in energy bills per year, Nissan’s package is an investment for the long-term for those wanting tangible financial returns on their purchase. [22] Bloom Energy, the Silicon Valley fuel cell unicorn, raised mounds of capital courting sovereign funds such as the Kuwait Investment Authority, New Zealand Superannuation Fund and Alberta Heritage Fund (managed by Alberta Investment Management Company). [24] The problem is this: People want batteries that have a long cycle life, produce high energy, and don?t cost a lot. [7] By preselling energy, the companies can pay the operator who maintains the grid. [8] She started working toward a Ph.D. in disruptive technology looking at peer-to-peer energy trading. [8] Even the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) has exposure to Bloom Energy through convertible promissory notes. [24] After capital raising more than US$ 2 billion, Sunnyvale-based Bloom Energy Corporation has filed for a US$ 100 million initial public offering (IPO). [24]

Nissan’s announcement comes two years after Tesla acquired Solar City – a California-based company which specialises in solar energy in the name of providing zero emission power generation options, according to CEO Elon Musk. [22] Samsung’s calculations say the power it will generate from solar energy by 2020 will be similar to the yearly energy consumption of 115,000 four-person Korean households. [5] Power Ledger had pitched an app: If you have solar energy panels, you can download the app and enter a marketplace for selling excess energy directly to your neighbors. [8] He crossed paths with Jemma Green, his future Power Ledger co-founder, through various solar energy conferences. [8]

Korean electronics giant, Samsung, is aiming to go completely green in office buildings, factories and operational facilities across the U.S., Europe and China by 2020. [6] Singapore’s Mapletree Investments Pte Ltd. and the Blackstone Group have made bids for Samsung CT Corporation’s office building in Seoul. [24] The 32-storey building has 81,117 square meters of space and is one of three buildings in Samsung Town, which is in the Gangnam part of Seoul. [24]

Dell’s project Januss is a dual-screen computer that could arrive later this year, even before Microsoft unveils its long-rumored Surface Phone! Januss will use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor and comes with an LTE modem. [23] It was a year before companies began popularizing the use of blockchain for applications outside cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. [8]

Zinc alkaline batteries–like those Duracell batteries you use in small appliances around the home–power a wide range of electronics. [7] Nissan offers the choice between a new battery and a “second life” pack which uses old cells from electric vehicles but can still function for the task in question. [22] Google Duplex is a new technology that uses Google Assistant to make phone calls and book appointments. [23] Owners may soon be able to use their phone to unlock NFC-enabled doors, as well as ride transit in a greater number of locations. [23]

“More than 880,000 people in the UK already use solar panels and this fully integrated solution brings a fresh opportunity to grow this number exponentially over the coming years.” [22] The sun shines throughout the year and can easily fulfill, if not fully for sure partially, the power demands of individuals and communities. [9]

World Bank survey found that 30 to 45% of households use kerosene as a primary or secondary source of lighting. [9] Many of us need to use Office apps from time to time — but we may not want or need to pay for a constant subscription. [23]

Efforts begin at Samsung’s Suwon headquarters Samsung’s first step in its efforts to go green will begin at the Digital City, its headquarters in Suwon, where the company will install solar panels in an area that spans 42,000 square meters in the coming months. [5] Martin, the co-founder, had been working in the solar energy business for 20 years. [8] In 2005, while flying around Western Australia’s countryside for the government, connecting solar energy batteries to microgrids, he encountered a major problem: Cheaper batteries encouraged people to go off-grid, hiking up prices for everyone else. [8] The tiny Australian startup was at the forefront of a trend in solar energy: using blockchain technology in solar energy trading. [8]

Agility Fuel Solutions, a leading global provider of clean fuel solutions for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, and Romeo Power Technology, an energy storage technology company founded by engineers and designers from SpaceX, Tesla, Amazon and Samsung, are partnering for the production of high-performance, modular battery packs for commercial vehicles. [25] Sungrow has proved to be a “one-stop shop” for all commercial and utility-scale energy storage system needs. The company supplies energy storage inverters, Li-ion batteries and advanced battery management systems through its joint venture with Samsung SDI, known otherwise as Sungrow-Samsung SDI (SSEP). [26]

Maxwell Technologies, a leading developer and manufacturer of capacitive energy storage and power delivery solutions, announced a technology partnership with Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (Geely), the parent company of leading brands such as Volvo and Geely Auto. [25] France-based ARTS Energy, a manufacturer of battery-based energy storage solutions using a variety of chemistries, is entering the hybrid-electric vehicle and very high power application markets via a strategic partnership with Hunan Copower EV Battery Co, a subsidiary of the Corun Group. [25]

Sungrow, the global leading inverter and ESS solution supplier for renewables, recently announced winning a set of projects, totaling over 50MWh, following the ESA Energy Storage Conference & Expo held in Boston,. [26] “Nissan Energy Solar is a complete system for home energy generation, management and storage. [12] Nissan Energy Solar includes Nissan Home Energy Management system that allows the consumers to optimize their energy consumption. [12] The cost includes the purchase and installation of a six-panel solar system, the Nissan Home Energy management system, and VAT at 5%. [12] In light of scarce conventional energy sources, Nissan Energy Solar also decreases dependence on national grids and electricity providers. [12] The leading electric automaker revealed the concept of Nissan Energy Solar at the Electric Ecosystem Experience powered by Nissan Intelligent Mobility this January. [12] The price of fully integrated package of Nissan Energy Solar starts from 3,881. [12] The power module has been engineered to provide additional energy to the vehicle so that the operational practicality of the full electric vehicle can be widened to cope with seasonal range variation, working lifetime, and the impact on range when fully loaded – all things that currently limit the range of duties an operator can target for existing for zero-emission commercial vehicles. [10] To fully capitalize on those, next-generation energy storage solutions are necessary. [13]

As the pioneering provider of energy storage solutions for license to lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery manufacturers, Cadenza Innovation offers unique cell design that combines the best properties from wound jelly rolls and large prismatic cells. [13] ION Energy, a startup energy storage company, launched UDYR, an intelligent, modular and portable 48V, 32 Ah lithium-ion battery supported by ION’s proprietary battery management system, software platform, and backend analytics. [25] Kokam Co., Ltd, successfully deployed for Alinta Energy, a leading Australian utility, a 30-megawatt (MW) system / 11.4-megawatt hour (MWh) Energy Storage System (ESS), the largest lithium-ion battery deployed for industrial application in Australia. [25]

The pledge made unprecedented commitments to clean energy technologies, including offshore wind, solar, energy storage, and energy efficiency. [13] The customers have an option to purchase energy storage system that incorporates either new or second life batteries from Nissan electric vehicles. [12] A World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, she has shared insights into energy storage and climate change at Davos and for various United Nations groups. [13] The deal just concluded between Nobel Energy from Texas and Israeli Delek group on the one hand, and Egyptian private company Dolphinus on the other, to provide Egypt with 64 billion cubic meters of gas for a total of $15 billion over a period of 10 years may well turn out to be the first sign that the Mediterranean is about to become a world hub of gas trade. [10] Switzerland-based energy storage company LeclanchSA has secured new additional funding from FEFAM, Leclanchs largest shareholder. [25] The new Electro-Thermal Energy Storage system (ETES) stores large-scale electricity, heat and cold for distribution to consumers. [25] The European arm of the Nissan, the Japanese car manufacturer, claims that average UK customers could reduce their electricity bills up to 66 percent by installing Nissan’s all-in-one energy solution. [12] A pioneer in the electric automobile industry, Nissan is now up for a new revolution in providing the simple and affordable energy solution for homes. [12]

Sungrow's ESS solution is leading the trends in the high-end energy storage market and is quickly becoming tier-one ESS system solution provider in the North American market. [26] Alicia Barton, President and CEO of NYSERDA, said, “Forward thinking demonstration projects such as this one will help begin New York’s progress to meeting Governor Cuomo’s bold goal of deploying 1500 megawatts of advanced energy storage in New York by 2025. [13] Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts that the global storage market will double six times by 2030, with $103 billion in energy storage investment during that period. [13] Cuomo’s commitment to deploy 1,500 megawatts of energy storage represents the largest commitment per capita by any state. [13] We in Europe want to be competitive not only on our own market, but also worldwide, “said EU Energy Commissioner Maros Sefcovic earlier this week after a “Battery Summit” in Brussels, attended by representatives of other EU countries, including Germany’s Secretary of State for Economic Affairs Matthias Machnig. [10] The next-generation battery will deliver higher energy density, smaller packaging and faster charging capabilities for both companies? future products, mainly for the North American market. [25] The system uses atomic layers, or 2D nanosheets, of black phosphorus that generate small amounts of energy when it is bent or pressed, even at the low frequencies of human movement. [10] They also result in the lowest cost and highest yield manufacturing process, using all state-of-the-art chemistries, power, or energy. [13] China will account for more than 60% of the world’s production of wet-process separators for Li-ion batteries, with more than 10 billion square meters capacity, according to China-based market intelligence firm CCM. Now, Shanghai Energy, the largest supplier in the country, will build the largest production base, strengthening China’s leading. [25] Israeli-based Delek Drilling and U.S.-based Noble Energy announced that it has signed two agreements with Egypt’s Dolphin Energy worth an estimated $15 billion. [10]

Akasol is introducing its first cylindrical-cells battery system with very high energy density (221 Wh/kg) at The Battery Show Europe this week. [25] That, in turn, greatly reduces production and manufacturing costs, overcomes safety issues, and improves the energy density of Li-ion batteries. [13] By combining that with technology and design that substantially improves safety and energy density, we?re providing a first-to-market, scalable platform to address today’s energy concerns.” [13] Estimates of the mysterious premium being collected by the state’s refineries range from at least 20 cents per gallon — as calculated by UC Berkeley energy economist Severin Borenstein — to more than 30 cents, as reckoned by the advocacy group Consumer Watchdog. (Neither figure includes the Nov. 1 tax increase.) [10] Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, one of the world’s leading specialists in sealing technologies for the auto industry, has strengthened its position in the energy and electric mobility sectors with an acquisition and a strategic investment. [25] GM is on track to deliver 10 new energy vehicle models in China between 2016 and 2020. [25] From 2021 through 2023, GM will maintain momentum by doubling the number of new energy vehicles available. [25]

The demonstration project will be a unique design delivering high energy and improved safety at low cost. [13] Here are some recent achievements in the nanotechnology of alternative energy sources. [10] That allows for high energy density at low cost for EV, PHEV, and grid markets. [13]

Battery development is being supported under a scheme the government calls the Faraday Challenge and has been selected because making batteries more efficient and renewable is likely to form a cornerstone of a low-carbon economy as batteries are used broadly in cars, aircraft, medical equipment, consumer electronics, and in district or grid storage. [10] “The world is moving beyond fossil fuels and traditional power plant infrastructures, with utility-scale batteries emerging as a core component for renewable electricity,” said Dr. Lampe-Onnerud, who is among the world’s foremost authorities on battery chemistry and design. [13] Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd (“Sungrow”) is a global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables with over 60GW installed worldwide as of December 2017. [26]

“This innovative battery technology will take us another step closer to greater integration of intermittent renewable resources and serve as yet another compelling example of New York State’s commitment to its citizens and a cleaner environment.” [13]

For the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 a key tip was leaked this morning on what’s easily the most important feature for end users: Battery Life. [11] According to a report from Korea, Samsung will announce the Gear S4 along with the Galaxy Note 9 in August. [11] The latter point is important, as Cadenza’s new chemistry and packaging lowers the risk of fires — like the ones that plagued the Boeing Dreamliner, the Samsung Galaxy Note, and a couple of early Tesla Model S sedans. [13] As the owner of a blue Samsung Galaxy S9+, when I went shopping for a case to protect my shiny new behemoth, I ran into a bit of a problem. [11]

Samsung took a similar strategic position with StoreDot in 2013 to work on batteries for smartphones ( Samsung spots startup’s quantum-dot potential ). [10] It is not known that the technology has yet produced any exploitable results for Samsung. [10] The funding brings the amount raised to more than $125 million and includes participation of financial institutions from Israel and China, as well as existing investors such as Samsung Ventures and Norma Investments, representing Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea Football Club. [10]

When Henrik Fisker relaunched its electric car startup last year, he announced that their first car will be powered by a new graphene-based hybrid supercapacitor technology, but he later announced that they put those plans on the backburner and instead will use more traditional li-ion batteries. [10] The company is planning a new electric vehicle – built on an all-new platform – that will use the new batteries. [10] Looking for safe, affordable batteries for the future, the question is: Why don’t we just use water as electrolyte? Water is inexpensive, available everywhere, does not burn and can conduct ions. [10]

“My dream,” Dr. Lampe-Onnerud said during our interview, “is to put 20 years of industry best practice into a battery block you can use. [13] A lithium-air battery that uses air from outside eliminates this problem. [10] Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. (HCC) is licensing from from Silatronix, Inc. the rights to manufacture, sell and use specific organosilicon (OS) compounds for use in lithium-ion battery electrolytes. (Earlier post.) [25] The “classic” high-energy capacity Lithium-sulfur battery is predicated on the use of a sulfur-based cathode and a Lithium-metal anode. [25]

Offshore wind farms typically use expensive underwater cables that convert the turbines’ electric current into a type that electricity grids can use. [10] Paris will encourage commuters who don?t walk, bike or use public transportation to switch to electric cars. [10]

Scientists at the U.S. Space and Naval Warfare Systems Centre in San Diego have developed a way to use wireless charging technology underwater to recharge unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs). [10] Among the issues hampering the commercialization of this attractive technology are the safety and performance issues associated with the use of the lithium-metal anode. [25]

The householders can use it during the night or cloudy days, even to charge their Nissan LEAF. [12] The Bolivian state is creating a value chain to use the deposits of this raw material for industrial purposes. [25]

ULEMCo has developed a fuel cell based unit that will extend vehicle range by supplying additional power to the standard Nissan e-NV200 van; particularly targeting the need from vehicle operators for improved utility of electric vehicles when fully loaded. [10] The SNP leader also said there were plans to make the A9 Scotland’s first fully electric-enabled road and that an innovation fund would be set up to encourage climate-change solutions such as charging vehicles in areas with a high concentration of tenements. [10] BMW i is introducing a factory-fitted, fully integrated inductive charging facility for the high-voltage battery in a plug-in hybrid vehicle. [25] Building cars and testing them in real-world conditions provides immediate feedback and will accelerate delivery of technologies and solutions for highly and fully autonomous vehicles,” said Amnon Shshua, CEO and CTO of Mobileye and soon-to-be vice president of Intel Corp. “Geographic diversity is very important because different regions have very diverse driving styles, road conditions and traffic signs. [10] Mobileye will build a fleet of 100 fully automated vehicles (Level 4) on the roads of the USA, Europe and Israel. [10]

Though the UK has already put £1 billion toward the project, the country’s decision to leave the EU has put its involvement with the Galileo program up in the air — the EU has been clear that the UK might be shut out from the project since fully including a non-member state would threaten the security of the system as a whole. [27] French developer Navya in Lyon has launched a dedicated electric taxi that is fully autonomous without a steering wheel or place for a driver. [10]

CleanTechnica is the #1 cleantech-focused news & analysis website in the U.S. & the world, focusing primarily on electric cars, solar energy, wind energy, & energy storage. [13] Adding a new leaf to its Intelligent Mobility technologies, Nissan announced the retail sale of Nissan Energy Solar in the UK. It is a completely integrated energy solution that combines solar energy generation, management and storage system for UK householders. [12] The solar energy supplies power during the daytime only, but Nissan Energy Solar allows storing the surplus energy produced. [12]

“We try to convert solar energy either to electricity or chemical fuels. [10] New York State has access to some of the world’s most promising wind and solar energy resources. [13]

Samsung Electronics released the Sunrise Gold edition of Galaxy S9 and S9+ shortly after the devices? initial launch. [11]

Samsung Oil & Gas USA Corp., subsidiaries of Samsung, currently owns 20% of Taylor Energy. [17] “Rebuilding after the hurricanes provides our island with a unique opportunity to upgrade our grid using better, more reliable technology like solar and battery storage that can make Puerto Rico an energy leader in the United States and across the world.” [16] A group of solar and energy storage companies, some international in scope, have joined forces to advocate for Puerto Rico as it rebuilds its electric grid. [16]

Better energy storage could overcome the biggest limitation of renewable power: Instead of using it only when the sun is out or the wind is blowing, electricity generated by renewable sources could be held for when it is most needed. [16] Energy storage can overcome the biggest limitation of modern renewable power: Solar panels and wind turbines can only generate energy when the sun is out or the wind is blowing. [16] Taking the increasing population into account — along with a high policy priority to make power accessible across India — renewable forms of energy offer the best solution. [28]

Solaredge power optimizer review is available at starc energy solutions OPC Pvt Ltd. It’s available at best price at starc energy solutions OPC Pvt Ltd. solar edge inverter warranty is Standard 25 more. [29] The Solar Management Unit (SMU) is the new generation of Solar Charging device which helps to convert normal inverter to solar inverter and helps to priories use of Green Energy generated from Solar Array. [29] A water heater can use up energy, even as soon as the water isn’t being used. [30] In more specialized terms, it refers to the technology that allows people to convert and use the energy of the sun for human activities. [30]

In the past week, developer RES Group has just got a front-of-meter battery project underway for a utility company in northern Germany, while storage system provider Tesvolt has just signed a deal with another utility in the European country to distribute energy storage behind-the-meter for commercial customers. [16] The portfolio of 1,001 megawatts of solar capacity and 100 megawatts/400 megawatt-hours of energy storage still needs approval from Nevada’s utility regulators. [16] New Energy, Pura Energ’a, SRInergy, Windmar, Sunrun, Tabuchi and Sonnen are among the founding members of the Solar and Energy Storage Association of Puerto Rico (SESA-PR). [16] There’s an evident gap here and solar companies need to ramp up to convert this need into an active demand by investing time and energy in creating awareness about their products. [28] The energy from solar panels is stored in batteries and retrieved natively in DC power, thus eliminating the need for any further AC-DC and DC-AC conversions.” [28] Indian power minister R.K. Singh recently chaired a meeting with battery-based energy storage manufacturers calling on them to set up manufacturing units in India. [16] Power density, or watt per square meter (W/m), is essential when looking at how much power can be derived from a certain area of real estate of an energy source. [15] “This is a historical moment,” says Stefan Goertz, Director of Development of Energy Services for Saturn Power, the EPC contractor. [16]

As India’s energy demand goes higher, it’s time to bank on solar off grid. [28] Lighting dark regions of your landscape with solar lights is an energy efficient method to boost your house’s safety and security. [30] The U.S. government, similarly to the rest of the world, provides incentives to every major energy production market – not just solar. [15] Re nr. 5: Solar thermal energy convertion today can be up to nearly ten times more efficient than PV the farther north the better (of course depending in several factors). [15] Solar Cells are photovoltaic devices, which convert light energy into electrical energy. [29]

The governments and energy suppliers that govern the network are increasing the renewable quota in the electricity mix but they are raising the cost in the bill. [15] By 2040, India will need 1000 GW of energy and 430 GW must come from renewable forms. [28]

Earlier this month, the California Public Utilities Commission approved a proposal by San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) for five new energy storage projects totaling 83.5 MW. [16] SDG&E’s target under AB 2514 is 165 MW. Between existing energy storage projects and projects under development, SDG&E has about 191 MW of energy storage, according to a tally by Strategen Consulting and confirmed by SDG&E. Not all 191 MW of those projects may qualify for meeting the AB 2514 target because the law caps the contribution of utility owned energy storage at 50% of qualifying facilities. [16] Adding those projects to the utility’s energy storage portfolio “virtually fulfills SDG&E’s energy storage procurement requirement under AB 2514,” spokesman Wes Jones told Utility Dive via email. [16]

Energy storage systems such as batteries will help smoothen out demand and load, making solar power more stable, but these technologies are also expensive. [15] The $20 million Stratford Festival Hydro battery, manufactured (and 50 percent owned) by Powin Energy, was procured under the IESO’s Energy Storage Procurement framework. [16] In 2017, these experts announced a list of energy technologies they believe were both underfunded and extremely promising in emissions reduction: grid-scale energy storage, zero-carbon liquid fuels, micro grids, low-carbon building materials, and geothermal energy. [16] With better storage technology, that zero-carbon energy could be stored for cloudy or windless days. [16] Smil says one technology could change the prevailing trends: energy storage. [16] Mass-scale energy storage already exists, but there is only one mature technology: pumped hydro storage. [16] Energy storage has been widely heralded as the solution here, but are we moving quick enough? Have we done enough to identify the barriers to uptake and how to address them? Perhaps not. [16] One effort involves legislation that calls for an additional 2,000 MW of energy storage in the state. [16] Existing mandates call for California utilities to procure nearly 1,900 MW of energy storage. [16] California established the first energy storage target in the nation in 2010 with the passage of AB 2514, which established a target of 1,325 MW of energy storage by 2020 for the state’s three investor-owned utilities (IOUs). [16] Large scale, decentralised and intelligent energy storage can realistically do so. [16] As California’s investor utilities draw closer to meeting their mandated energy storage targets, work is already underway to up the ante. [16] While India’s large-scale stationary energy storage sector has been temporarily stunted by policy U-turns and tender cancellations, it has thriving deployments of storage in telecoms towers and ATMs among other smaller scale applications across the country. [16]

In 2016, Quartz reported that a group of billionaires–including Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma, Mukesh Ambani, and Richard Branson–launched Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV) to invest at least $1 billion in creating those technologies. [16] 20 million receive less than four hours of electricity a day, as per a report titled “The business case for off-grid energy in India? released by The Climate Group. [28] Convert your existing normal inverter into solar inverter by using SMU and solar panel setup and save energy, also reduce your electricity bill more. [29] Venkat Rajaraman, CEO at Cygni Energy Private Limited, a company focused on Solar-DC microgrids, elaborates, “There is a global trend of distributed energy generation through roof-top solar panels, keeping the generation closer to the consumption. [28] Taylor Energy is an independent American oil company that drills in the Gulf of Mexico based in New Orleans, Louisiana. [17]

It is more and more apparent that we can get energy users to shift the pattern of their demand, but that can only be a part of the solution. [16] That Arizona record is already under threat from projects that utility NV Energy selected as part of its integrated resource planning. [16] The award of RES Deutschland’s 10MW project was announced following a competitive solicitation process from energy supplier Versorgungsbetriebe Bordesholm (VBB) in January. [16]

Our electric grid was broken when I was growing up and is obviously in even worse condition today,” said Alejandro Uriarte, director of SESA-PR and managing partner at New Energy Consultants. [16] In order to make certain that our inner energy doesn’t become frittered away in the external world a veil in the shape of clothes is used. [30] It is the most environmentally friendly source of energy, like wind energy. [30] There are emissions associated with the manufacturing, transportation and installation of solar power systems – almost nothing compared to most conventional energy sources. [15] Solar power is incentivized to compete against other energy sources on the market. [15] Biomass energy is an increasing source of energy in the USA and other nations around the world. [30]

India will add nearly 600 million new electricity consumers by 2040, as per the International Energy Agency (IEA). [28] Nidhi Modi, executive director, Mitva RAL, tells us, “India has a dire need for non-conventional forms of energy. [28] The country’s “Make in India? initiative encourages a need for new infrastructure, which requires more industrial energy. [28] The world needs radical new energy technologies to fight climate change. [16] The energy technologies that can help us get there tend to need lots of money and long lead times to develop. That’s why many conventional investors, who are looking for quicker returns, have burned their fingers investing in clean tech. [16] With professional assistance, you can come to learn how much energy you need to light your house. [30]

Both companies are developing new technologies to store energy, but taking completely different approaches to achieve that goal. [16] Another environmental advantage of biomass energy is the fact that it produces lower levels of sulfur dioxide that is a big part of acid rain. [30] An Indian clean energy firm hopes to bring down the cost of lithium-ion cell manufacturing below INR15,000 (US$222) / kWh by setting up a facility in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. [16] Energy Informative’s mission is to educate and empower homeowners about solar panels and energy efficiency. [15] Solar power is not our first choice when it comes to meeting the base load energy demand. [15]

Under the agreement, a consortium led by Samsung and the Korea Electric Power Corporation will manage the development of 2,000 MW -worth of new wind farms and 500 MW of solar capacity, while also building a manufacturing supply chain in the province. [17] United Arab Emirates government A consortium of South Korean firms, including Samsung, Korea Electric Power Corporation and Hyundai, won a deal worth $40 billion to build nuclear power plants in the United Arab Emirates. [17]

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